May 9, 2017

Facial session at Beaute Library, MyTown KL

So, there's this new mall in town in Cheras called MyTown and when it opened, so many people rushed to see what's the hype in there. It was not bad actually and quite big. Beaute Library also opened it's latest outlet at MyTown and it's new, clean, bright and beautiful.

It is also easy to locate at Level 2.

Came in to the consultation room and was served with a cup of tea.

Then had to fill in a survey form for them to assess my skin condition.

After that we had a scan of my face to see my skin condition underneath.

Results came out as usual oily, with blackheads and whiteheads and congestion on my T zone -_-
Totally need a good facial especially before I flew of to travel.

Recommended treatment: Beauté Floral Essential Hydrating Enriching Facial Treatment worth RM880 (150minutes).

Then I was brought into the facial room.

Cozy room where I had my facial.

Mandatory selfie before facial starts hehe

First step was the welcome massage. My therapist had very strong hands. Normally I do not like strong head and shoulders massages but for some reason, on that day I really needed one coz I was not feeling very well and I was quite stressed up with work. Her magic hands took away the tension in my shoulders and although it was painful, I felt quite good after that. As they said, no pain no gain.

Then she double cleansed my skin. One thing I love about their products is that all had fruity smell. It was not pungent and was very calming and I love it on my skin. 

Then she used scrub and left it on my face while steaming it to open my pores for the next procedure which is the painful extraction.

Face steam,

I am very phobia about the third process. Because of my oily skin, my face do clog up and have a lot of blackheads. The painful extraction process took forever to me but I think it was a good 15-20 minutes of pinching my skin. Poor skin underwent trauma but it had to be done and after it was clear, the therapist applied soothing gel and used an antiseptic machine so that my skin won't inflame. 

Thereafter another round of massage which I love and cooling mask was applied to reduce the redness and swell of my skin. 

Thereafter skin was toned and moisturised and when I saw my face, I will not lie that I was apalled with how red my skin was and so many red spots due to the extraction. It's not my first time doing extraction and it always happens that's why I wouldn't fix any meet up after any facial session unless it's without extraction. 

So I went home, slept it off and the next day the redness has subsided but there were still some red spots and I covered with some concealer. Funny thing was on that day, just the very next day after the facial, I went out for dinner for work purposes and this customer commented that how come your face is glowing? Whoa here I am thinking so many red spots to cover and there's a compliment? Was of course happy that the facial paid off ^_^

The beauticians at Beaute Library were all very friendly and kept asking me whether I was comfortable or not and explaining stuffs to me. Happy with the overall process and even happier that my skin acted well with no pimples popped out during my travels in the US because all dirt has been cleaned and skin felt smooth during travel without needing much makeup =))

Beaute Library
Lot L2-09, Level 2
MyTown Shopping Centre(next to IKEA)
Kuala Lumpur

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