July 16, 2019

Dyson V11 vs Dyson V10 Absolute

I have levelled up in life HAHA. Now I'm a working housewife which means not only I have to be a wife BUT I have to also take care of the house= HOUSEWIFE geddit geddit? LOL

So, as a modern housewife, I have seen and learnt how my mom, as a traditional housewife cleans the house and I have also done much research on how to clean house more efficiently. After learning from my mom's mistakes, seeing how technology has evolved in this modern world, I have decided that Dyson is no longer a WANT in my house. It's a NEED. Ain't nobody has the time to sweep the floor constantly, plug in the vacuum, pull the cord, vacuum the house and throw the rubbish in the bin. If you have used a conventional vacuum before, you will know how hard it is to remove the dirt from its bin and to bend down while vacuuming.

Now, we are in the modern world, and cleaning should not take so much of our time. It should be easy and efficient and makes cleaning fun and not tiring. But all these comes with a hefty price tag of course. Before moving into my new house, I knew that Dyson will definitely be part of my home. So upon moving in, we bought the Dyson V10 Absolute. We were a bit hesitant at first because of its price and we have never used any Dyson products before but heard many rave reviews on it and some outlets were actually sold out! Plus, I read a lot about it and after much discussions, we went ahead to buy the V10 Absolute.

When it arrived, we were so excited. I was indeed very happy with my purchase and it really helped me a lot in cleaning my entire house. It made cleaning no longer a hassle for me. To be honest, I only swept my house once when we moved in after having Dyson because it effectively cleans the house that I no longer need to sweep my floor anymore. Plus, I'm a working wife and I really do not have the time, to go to work, cook AND clean the house if it takes too much of my time.

And then, Dyson launched the V11- the latest vacuum which is the newer version of V10 Absolute. To my surprise, I was one of the lucky ones to review the V11 Absolute. Dammit, I should have waited for that email before buying the V10 Absolute hahaha...but no regrets, no regrets at all because the V10 really helped me a lot during the move in.

And that's how I have 2 expensive vacuums at home =')
The design is simple and sleek. I really like the matte midnight blue colour on the V11.

So V11 Absolute is now my newest toy at home. Basically, it looked very similar to the V10 Absolute as you can see. You can use the vacuum as a full-sized cordless stick vacuum or as a portable cordless handheld vacuum. Using the cordless vacuum is the best way of using a vacuum. It is so flexible that it can be used to vacuum your car, the ceiling etc without pulling a huge cord behind. It apparently traps 99.97% of dust and allergens present in the air that passes through it. Ahh, no wonder my allergies have died down when I moved in #truestory

The many accessories that come with it!

The significant difference is the LCD screen on a freaking vacuum!

Right- Dyson V11 with LCD screen.
Left- Dyson V10

Can you imagine vacuum going digital? Vacuum now has really advanced in this modern world. The LCD screen is quite cool wherein you can change the mode to fit the situation.

Dyson V11 intelligently sense and adapts to changes in floor type. There's 3 available cleaning modes:

ECO for energy saving with maximum run time

Auto for normal vacuuming with optimum balance of power and run time.

Boost designed for quick, intensive cleaning on ground-in dirt.

Unlike the V10 Absolute which I find drains the battery quite fast within 40 minutes (on max)before having to charge, the ECO mode in the V11 preserves battery life and it even shows how much longer you can vacuum using that mode. That was something I find lacking in V10. The V11 can supposedly last for 60 minutes (but also depending on mode change). It may still be not enough for a bigger house. Mine is just nice before having to charge. I use many times in a week before having to charge and I use mostly to suck up the hair that I drop at home LOL. I drop a lot of hair, and to prevent my husband from running away, I need to clean my room on a daily basis hahaha

The V11 is slightly heavier than the V10(less than a kg difference) so there really isn't much difference to be felt. It is quite light when cleaning just don't lift it up because then it can be slightly heavy but if I can carry it upstairs to downstairs you can too ^_^. The dustbin is also exactly the same size. Vacuuming the whole house would not even fill up the entire dustbin so to me it's still good.

The technology however is the most significant. Both the V10 and V11 rely on Dyson’s patented cyclone cleaning system for powerful suction. Additionally, the Dyson V11 also has an intelligent suction mode which is called the Dynamic Load Sensor. This allows the vacuum to increase / decrease suction based on what the cleaning surface requires. The V11 is said to offer the strongest suction for a cordless vacuum to date.

It is very easy to use. Changing its tools is a walk in a park. Just pull out and clasps back. I mean, you can't be spending so much on an equipment but still find it difficult to use. These are all the value that has been included. It's basically plug and play. Nothing fancy. The fancy parts are all in the technology which has been built in. And to clean the bin, just open and shoot the dirt into a dustbin. Don't even need to touch the dirt and debris.

Torque Drive Cleaning Head

Both models use the Torque Drive cleaning head. The Torque drive cleaning head uses a spiral brushroll that is better at agitating carpet fibers, while also being safe for hardwood floors. The visible difference between both models is the Fluffy cleaning head which was designed specifically for hardwood floors and does a better job of cleaning those floors as well as capturing large debris types, but it’s only included with the V10 Absolute and isn’t included with any V11 models. However, I couldn't sense any difference in cleaning. The V11 sucks enough debris and dirt that I don't think the Fluffy is needed for the V11.

The V11 is also quieter than the V10. I realised the V10 has a higher 'pitch' but the V11 is softer. Because V11 offers more run time, it also takes a longer time to charge. But that's not really a worry for me because whenever not in use, I leave it to charge and when I want to use it, it's always charged.

Honestly what is there not to love? Yes, the price (Dyson V11 Absolute costs around RM3,399.00) but I heard a Dyson last for a very long time so I reckon, it is definitely value for money plus it effectively saves cleaning time. As a working wife, this is by far the best product I have ever used in my household =) For around RM200 difference, then by all means, the V11 is better!

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