December 6, 2021

My first business class experience with Cathay Pacific

 Couldn't believe our luck, on the day we were supposed to fly to Hong Kong, we were upgraded to Business Class. Woo-hoo!!

Super lucky and super grateful!

It's our first time sitting business class. It has always been a dream to sit business class but since Covid we couldn't travel anywhere, my business class dream was left idle-until now! 

While we were checking in our bags and getting our boarding passes, the person let us know that we have been upgraded to business class. In my heart, I was jumping for joy but of course, we had to maintain our composure and said sure, thanks! Hahaha First thing first is to head to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

My first time here! Since it's Covid and there's not many people in the airport, the Lounge does not serve self-serving buffet. There's a QR code for you to choose virtually what you want and it will be delivered to your table. And since it'll be our last Malaysian meal, we went all out!

Nasi lemak and roti canai. Very yummy we ordered the nasi lemak twice hehe since you know we might not be coming back any time soon.

Curry laksa where the broth was really good.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio which was surprisingly spicy. Not bad.

Wasabi chicken. Cannot really taste wasabi but spicy la haha

After that, we boarded the plane. At business class, we got to board with priority lane. First time not actually seeing whether the plane was full or not because we were seated in front.

You can't see it behind the mask, but I was really excited hehe

Ordered gin & tonic while watching 'The Spy Who Dumped Me'.

Again, since it's Covid, Cathay did not provide the typical business class food. It's pre packed food. Same food is served for those in economy as well. We were already informed about this before boarding. I don't care, I just want my leg space hahaha Plus, we already ate so much at the lounge >.<

So comfortable with a huge pillow, thick blanket & nice headset.

There's even a hidden compartment for my handbag and laptop.

Free flow champagne all the way.

This much of leg space. Since we are on a short 4 hour flight, the seat does not recline fully til flat. Nevertheless, it's very comfortable and it's definitely an experience to remember. I have never even been on premium economy hehe. The air stewardess here call you by name and attend to your needs immediately.

Thank you Cathay Pacific for the upgrade and great service.

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