April 21, 2023

Italy- Rome & Amalfi

I am so excited to share with you about my trip to Italy in early April! It was the longest trip of 2 weeks to Europe in a single country. We used to hop countries last time but we figured since Italy has so many beautiful places to visit, we might as well, tour around Italy only this time. 

Started off right with business class with Qatar Airways. The stewardess gave the best hospitality and because of that, I arrived Rome with no jet lag. I slept well on flight and was definitely fed well. Will do a separate post on my experience with Qatar.

Then upon arriving in Rome, first things first, a morning cuppa. We arrived really early before check in time so we had to do a morning pit stop before going to our airbnb. But I was not prepared for the weather. First thing that caught me was the super cold weather. It was around 11 degrees whereas on google it stated that spring time was supposed to be 17 degrees or so. We definitely didn't pack for such cold weather and we had to layer on so much clothes like a dumpling haha.

Then after checking in, we were finally free to roam around without our luggage. I already booked a guided tour at The Colosseum beforehand because I didn't want to queue to get tickets. This was also the advice I received before coming to Rome- book your guided tours early! Luckily I did because the line outside all the famous landmarks were crazy. It was not even summer as this is still considered shoulder season yet the queues were long. 

Finally, got to see this with my own eyes. I always saw The Colosseum in pictures but in real life, it was way majestic. It was so huge!

I took the tour that took us to the arena area which was downstairs and we got to see a different perspective and different views of The Colosseum.

This was the spectators' view from the top.

Then after that, we went to the Trevi Fountain. The water was blue, it was really beautiful and we threw coins in there like any other tourists hahaha 

We also couldn't help ourselves to get gelato eventhough it was really cold!

The next day, we visited The Vatican City. Everywhere was reachable by train so it was very convenient. I also booked the guided tour in Vatican and my gawd, it was so huge. 

This is St Peter's Basilica, the biggest church in the world.

When you're in The Vatican, always look up. The entire structure was covered with art.

Inside St Peter's. The church was really huge and majestic.

Then after that, we went back to Rome to eat the famous Tiramisu dessert at Two Sizes.
We got 3 flavours- original, pistachio & salted caramel. MUST TRY when you're in Rome.

Then, we walked to the famous Spanish steps.

After that, we went to Ice Club Rome. This club is unlike any other club. The entire structure is made out of ice. For 15 Euro per person, you can go in and stay as long as you want with a complimentary cocktail. But of course, the trick is that the temperature inside was -5 degrees. We could stay max 20 minutes inside without freezing!

They will dress you up like a penguin before going in so that you don't freeze to death haha

But it was kinda cool. There's a small room for privacy.

The bar area was also made of ice. Even the cocktail cups were made of ice.

Next day, we took the train to Salerno. From Salerno, we took the ferry to the Amalfi Coast.We were lucky because the ferry only starts back in April after winter so we were just in time and taking the ferry is way more scenic and faster.
View from the ferry.

An hour later we reached Amalfi. We stayed in Amalfi in Amalfi Coast for 3 days. It was even more gorgeous than what we saw in pictures. Amalfi was a dream come true. People normally skip the Amalfi Coast during their visit to Italy because it's quite far down south. But I insisted on doing Amalfi because of what I read and saw and it didn't disappoint. 

In Amalfi, lemons were in abundance. Every other shops sell either lemon sorbet in a lemon, lemon souvenir, lemon chocolate and everything lemon basically!
The MUST TRY in Amalfi- lemon sorbet in a real lemon. Their lemons were HUGE!! It was refreshingly yummy but was pricey at 10 Euro.

We also had lemon pasta which was rather unique.

We were in Amalfi during the Holy Week of Good Friday and Easter. Since there were so many churches in Italy, it is bound to be a huge thing in Italy but boy, I didn't know it would be this huge a celebration. They closed the entire Amalfi town on Good Friday night and had a Good Friday procession. It was massive but what a sight. As a Catholic, I was happy I got to join in on it too.

The next day we took the ferry to the nearby town, Positano for lunch. The view was also so gorgeous, albeit you gotta climb a lot more in Positano because it was very hilly.

One of the best pasta we had in Italy was in Positano.
This was Ragu pasta and it was absolutely delicious.

It was also the first time I ate artichoke. I heard it's a thing in Italy so I ordered it.
I didn't mind it- it tasted like cabbage? LOL but the husband who is not a fan of vegetables didn't like it *laughs*

And then we went back to Amalfi and during the evening, we took the bus to Ravello.
I mean all the views were like in postcards. I couldn't even choose which has the better view. There were all different and beautiful on its own.

It was in Ravello I discovered Fried Pizza.
Omo, where have I been all this while and have never tried Fried Pizza? It was crispy yet chewy like mochi kind of pizza. We loved it so much that we ordered Fried Pizza from that day onwards until the end of our Italy trip hahaha.

The next day we took the ferry to Capri. Capri is a name I've only heard in movies and I was very excited to go to Capri.

I was actually most excited about the Chairlift at Anacapri to Monte Solano, the island's highest point. It was in my bucket's list after seeing so many videos on it.

The chairlift was a short 13 minutes up and 13 minutes to go down. For those who are scared of heights, not to be afraid because it was not that high. The view seems high but the view is actually on the right side. The chairlift line itself is quite low in my opinion. But the journey was super breathtaking and you need to experience this once in a lifetime.

At the top, you can be assured of picturesque views. There's really no words to describe the view on top.

We decided to hike down since we took the chairlift up just to see the best of both worlds. It was the best decision and we get to experience both sides.

In Capri, all taxis are convertibles. 
So we took a chance to also use the taxi just to experience what it's like to be in a convertible hahaha

Capri was so fun and we were sad that the ferry leaving to Amalfi was quite early as there's only one ferry to and fro per day but Capri is a place I would like to come visit again some day.

Part 2 is HERE!

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