September 19, 2018

Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissues for family hygiene

I don't know about you, but I am quite a heavy tissue user on a daily basis. I use tissue at the dressing table, at the dining table, at the washroom, when I am outside and yes literally everywhere HAHA I am quite OCD like that. Whenever I travel, I make sure I have rolls of tissues packed in my suitcases and bags and let me tell you, as an avid traveller, it really comes in handy. Especially sometimes where Airbnb fails to provide a box of tissue, mine comes to the rescue =)

And now that I am going to get married soon (nervous) and will be making our own household decisions (more nervous), I am no longer relying on my parents' decisions to just use whatever they buy for the house. So, for an OCD person like me, personal hygiene is very important for me and I am quite particular in all these, which sometimes drives my fiance over the wall >.< 

I was introduced to Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissue and I was sold!
You would think that tissue is just tissue, at most you will probably use for a minute and sometimes may throw it within seconds. But let me tell you, once you feel the cottony soft side of this Kleenex tissue, you may never want to touch any others. I've had tissues which tore on me before I even begin using it, had some which were too rough that it caused friction on my skin, some which were too thin, it tore apart while using, leaving it messy while others left tissue residues on my face.

As a frequent tissue user, it is very important for me to get the right one for my household and for my family's hygiene =)

The 3 most significant features of this Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues that got me sold are:

1. The Clean Weave design.

The new specially crafted Clean Weave design on each sheet helps remove dirt for a thorough clean. Developed with advanced technology, the 3 ply sheets with 100% high quality virgin fibre are interweaved for superior strength to help effectively lift away dirt.

2. Cushiony softness.

Woven with cotton extract, it has a luxurious soft touch which feels super comfy.

3. Charcoal fresh
With the addition of charcoal fresh, it helps to absorb odour to stay fresh and clean.

I know tissue rolls are normally used in the washroom after ehem *big business* but because of its cottony soft touch, it is even perfect as a facial tissue and would be good for someone with a runny nose because it will definitely not hurt your skin when you wipe it frequently.

This is the perfect tissue brand for my new household and I can't wait to move in with my Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues =)

Buy the Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissues now at

September 7, 2018

August- almost end of the year

Time really flies. It’s already the end of August and in 4 months’ time, it’s going to be the end of the year. I managed to squeeze in some time for a staycation with friends somewhere near. We had a road trip to Malacca and stayed at an Airbnb which can accommodate all 10 of us haha.

We stayed at Luxury Beachfront bungalow which was huge, there was a pool and it was overlooking the beach which was beautiful. There were so many rooms I lost count haha. 

The pool was nice and we had a swim right under sunset. I think it’s a really nice place for a big group of people to hang out.

So many rooms and beds to choose from.

There’s even a private jacuzzi in the master bedroom.

Never leave Malacca without going to Klebang for its’ food and coconut shake hehe I even had 2 packets of nasi lemak, too much keropok lekor and the famous coconut shake LOL

We went to Wa Zen Japanese restaurant for dinner. Boy, we didn’t know it was so famous and packed. Luckily we booked beforehand.
The food was not bad actually. Very delish and reasonable pricing.

Foie gras <3

Salmon sashimis

Tamago- my fave Japanese omelette!

Made soju bomb the whole night and half of us kong-ed HAHA Luckily the bungalow was big enough for us to make so much of noise and laughters.

We went to a nyonya food stall which was apparently famous but we didn’t like it.

Nasi lemak which was bad. Too much rice, too little sambal. Klebang one is still the best.

Then we went for mango float. It was a food fest #dietdownthedrain

Bottle & Boar again. Their pork bun is very yummy and will always order this here.

Chicken Up, Subang SS15
Lighbulb pink guava with chia seeds drink.
Watermelon soju.

Korean spicy chicken wings..yumm

Stopped by Naj & Belle, SS15 Courtyard for their Nutella meringue. OMG so good!

Cempedak milkshake from Tealive. This latest drink is very creamy and very concentrated with cempedak which is very value for money.

Ordered lunch box from Dah Makan for 2 days consecutively.
This is Thai Red Fish Curry with lychee.. The uniqueness made me to order this haha
But the picture showed something like this. Reality is a vast difference LOL. However, tasted very good. No regrets.

The next day, I ordered honey BBQ chicken. Tasted very well also. I would order from Dah Makan more but the price is on the high side.

Rock Bottom, Bangsar
They had a Jameson event and we had free Jameson that night.

Indian food for the night.

Spicy juicy prawns. Yums.

Brownie with vanilla ice cream dessert.

Boat noodle.

Mykori <3
Thai iced tea ice shavings.

Honeydew ice shavings.

In an attempt to be healthy, I also joined a family day 3km run and I finished it! Woo-hoo. First run of my life. I have been running to exercise for over a year and a half now just to lose some weight around my neighbouring lake. It all paid off after I managed to finish a 3km run. Wee~

Top of the cherry: my red team won first place. YAY!!

Watched Crazy Rich Asians and I was so embarrassed that I cried my eyeballs out the entire movie LOL The movie depicts Asian family culture which is quite a harsh reality. It was really good. A must-watch!

Got a foot massage one particular day at Empress Spa, Starling Mall. First time doing a massage in Malaysia and in a mall haha… 

As I’m writing now, I’m on a plane for my preweddingmoon. This was planned for months and it’s finally hereee. Did my makeover just in time before I fly hehe

Hair makeover to violet and red highlights.

Nail art on toes <3

..and my nails which was really beautiful just the way I like it =)

Can’t wait for the photoshoot and the honeymoon <3

August 21, 2018

Finding the dream wedding gown

I just want to pen down my experience in finding my dream wedding gown. As you know, the big day is coming soon. Initially, we went to a few bridal expo to just be exposed to different vendors. And then, I found out a few options; that you can either choose a package consisting of wedding gowns, package of wedding gowns with photoshoot, custom make your own wedding gown or just choose your preferred gown ala carte.

But the problem was that when we went to a few bridal expos, they were unable to show me their catalogue of wedding gowns and of course, unable to bring their range of gowns to the expos. Some of the vendors in the expos brought a few gowns for display and that's it. Further, they are super pushy for you to sign their package on the spot. I am not an impulsive shopper and definitely not one who likes pushy saleswoman. I will not be trapped into a super 'good deal' package which is really cheap but not able to see anything but just verbal confirmations. I am someone who likes to touch the things I buy, see it with my own eyes the quality of it and then only decide whether to proceed. I am someone who will take hours to choose something I like. Especially if it's for my big day, I am definitely way more fussy haha

That's why, if you know me, I do not shop much online because it will take me ages to see the description, the reviews etc LOL I like buying things off the rack because I can feel what I buy. So, after going to a few expos, I realised I have a problem. I definitely know that I will not be signing any packages there and then. But so many of those vendors threaten that if I don't sign on that day itself, I will not get a good price and it will be normal price which is way more expensive. Further, I wanted 3 gowns for my wedding and I am not sure if I would be able to find all 3 right gowns in one same shop.

Dilemma right? #firstworldproblems hahaha And if I don't sign any package, I had to make appointments in every bridal shop around Klang Valley, try on different gowns, see if it fits and decide to rent off the rack ala carte. But that is also another problem. What if the gown I like exceeds my budget? I had this dilemma for months. I still kept going for expos though just to shop and look see if any packages suit me but found out none. I was getting a bit frustrated going into a bridal expo and coming out empty handed.

But destiny has its own plans HAHA. I was approached by who happens to have a wedding styling package and it cannot come at a better time! I was kinda relieved when they explained to me their wedding styling package. I just need to list out my budget, how many gowns do I need for my wedding and what styles I wanted. And just like that, I leave it all in the trusted hands of my stylist, Jasmine.

I really heaved a huge sigh of relief because I was having a hard time finding a suitable bridal shop for my gowns. I even knew a bride who set appointment with 10 different shops for 10 different fittings before eventually settling on one or two gowns which suited her!!! I mean, I DO NOT have the time for that and moreover, I would feel so tired after all that and won't even enjoy my fitting sessions anymore. AND I absolutely cannot settle for less for my wedding day haha. I know some brides who just gave up and ended up settling for something less than perfect.

So, I wanted 3 different sets of gowns for my wedding. Off we went to Simply Gorgeous, Kota Damansara for the fitting. By the way, their gowns are really simply gorgeous!

Gown #1
Mermaid style for the church wedding. Of course, it has to be covered because of church restrictions.

This gown (and all gowns below) were picked by the stylist the day before so I didn't need any more consultation to avoid delay of time. This gown was flowy and was actually inspired by Angelababy's photoshoot wedding gown.

It is actually a tube gown but with a sash to cover up for church purposes. The stylist with the shop owner styled this look and even gave an idea of sewing the sash on the gown to prevent it from moving so all I had to do was try it on. Everything else all was arranged by the stylist.
I actually really liked this in real life. The silhouette was good and the sash train was the little 'drama' I liked at the back. However, after going home and looking at pictures, I decided that it doesn't look good in pictures and it made me look a bit FAT lol...I don't want to be looking fat in my pictures >.< so unfortunately I had to pass this with a heavy heart.

This was a bit too simple for me. The gown fitted well though but it lacked the 'drama' I wanted HAHA..yes, if you don't already know, I AM a fussy bride =p

Now, another tube dress with a mermaid silhouette but looked better because the material isn't soft so it stays put and have a slimmer figure. Unfortunately, again it is too simple for me plus due to the sweetheart neckline, the sash in the first gown doesn't match this one. But, still this one was close!

Now, this was full with drama! HAHA Fitted me perfectly, had the mermaid silhouette like I wanted and the drama I was talking about LOL was too sexy for church so again, with a heavy heart, I had to pass this. This story of hunting the right church gown will be continued below hehe

Tired of not being able to find the right church gown, we moved to the next gown I wanted.

#2 Cheongsam gown
Red cheongsam long gown for tea ceremony which is elegant looking and not so traditional.

This was good. Red, cheongsam collar with a train. Simple and perfect for tea ceremony.

This one looked a bit old so had to pass this.

We even tried out a qipao because most brides nowadays wear qipao instead of cheongsam I was told. But, oh my, luckily, I didn't even think of wearing this because just doesn't suit me at all >.<

Look #3
A high low gown fitted for walking around during luncheon/dinner.
I know we will definitely need to walk a lot to greet guests so I envisioned an easy to walk in gown instead of people stepping on my train/avoiding my train and my bridesmaid to keep carrying my train everywhere or even worst, me stepping on my own train and fall -.-

This look was casual and super easy to walk with.

This one looked good too but I'm still contemplating that train LOL
Either that or I could use either one of gown #1 from above for the luncheon/dinner.

All in all, it took us around 5 hours for all that fitting HAHA. My fiance almost passed out and I haven't even found 'The One' yet for the church wedding. I had to go back to ask my mom's and MIL's opinions before setting appointment for the next fitting session(which took another 4 hours LOL) That's why I said, if this even took up a lot of time, imagine me doing all of it for myself without a stylist >.<

So, in the first session, after not being able to find the right mermaid gown, I was looking around the shop and saw this huge princess-y style gown and my stylist asked me why not just give it a try? The shop owner also told us that it is a new design and inspired by Gillian Chung's wedding gown.

So I briefly tried this. Alright, know this, I have always pictured myself in a mermaid gown- I don't know why. Maybe because I love the silhouette and I thought princess style was a bit too traditional for modern days wedding and besides, the huge skirt below will be too hard to walk in. Boy, was I WRONG! It was airy, easier to walk in, and guess what? Just this one brief picture and both my mom and MIL loved it *cries*

Then, I tak puas, I did a poll on instagram and 75% preferred the princess gown as well!!

Actually, on the inside I was just bitter that I had pictured mermaid all these while but found out that princess suited me well also HAHA
Somehow the princess style make me look younger whereas the mermaid one made me look mature. But of course, it's not that gown that I chose. I chose something princess-y but a different one. You'll see on my wedding day *winks* Can't give everything away right now, isn't it!

And there you have it, my 'finding the right gown' journey. Morale of the story is that not always how you picture it will turn well. Maybe, it will take a different turn but for the better. But the better outtake is, remember to always have fun in the journey. I had a lot of fun trying out many gowns and to feel like a princess haha..Although people said that you shouldn't bring your fiance to find the wedding gown because it should be a surprise but I needed his nod of approval and also because he provides injections of humour the whole day so that it won't be a stressful fitting session! Fitting sessions can be a stressful and a frustrated one especially if you're unable to find the 'dream' gown but with the right people by my side; my fiance, my stylist, the ever helpful shop owner there, it made the journey a fun one!

Thank you so much for taking a huge burden off my shoulder. Not only that, they have also arranged a hair stylist and a makeup artist and created a suitable style to match the gowns on my wedding day. That's another headache ticked off the list because again, after going through so many bridal expos, I am unable to find the right ones.

Can't wait for the wedding day with my choice of gowns =)