January 17, 2019

Rockaway Grill + Bar for food enthusiast

Rockaway Grill + Bar, located in the heart of the most happening place in Kuala Lumpur- Changkat, Bukit Bintang is a food haven. Not kidding you. Just a scroll of my several food pictures below will leave you salivating.

First of all, their food is inspired by American food. No surprises there because mostly foreigners patronize Changkat area and to cater to those ang mohs white people who are huge meat lovers, Rockaway nailed it with not only their portion but blended Malaysian/Asian taste into it making it great for the Malaysians taste buds and also defining our food in Asia for the foreigners.

 Along the streets of Changkat, you will find this gem of a restaurant.

Now, let's just skip all the long winded intro and just get down and hit straight to the food. There's a long list of very meaty menu and huge portion perfect for sharing.

Pocatello- Brisket cobb salad (RM32)
There's beef brisket, blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and chives in a very filling salad bowl. The brisket beef is braised for 2 hours and grilled in the oven for an additional hour. If that is not passion for food, I don't know what is. The chefs were all so talented and to say that this is only appetizer. You don't know what else is coming. This portion can be shared between 2 -3 people.

And now on to burgers. Boy, their meat patties are humongous. At Rockaway, you can build your own burger. You can choose your desired bun, patty, toppings and sauces. All patties are 100% premium meat.

If you don't want to customize your own burger, let Rockaway present you with their 2 supreme burgers with half a kilo of meat for each burger. Yes, that was not a typo.
Lincoln Burger (RM68)
You wouldn't believe your ears when I say that one of the meat patty is a wild boar meat. Yup, you heard it right. It is in the pork category so actually it taste like pork but the meat texture is more like beef LOL but it was soft and tasty. There is also beef patty, smoked bacon topped with cheese and that is one burger you will be talking for days about.

 Washington Burger (RM68)
Another huge one but this one with dripping cheese sauce..mmm...
This chicken burger is coated with cheddar cheese and jalapeno cheese sauce. Ohh that jalapeno cheese sauce made all the difference with some spice to an ordinary chicken burger.

Yes, their food can only be eaten by the whites as one portion. For Malaysians, it's too much for one so it's a sharing portion for us hehe

Winter Haven- Philly steak and cheese (RM30)
I fell in love with Philly steak and cheese when I was in the States. This one can give the Americans' one a run for their money. Their portion is exactly the same and with the roast beef, sauteed mushroom and their to- die- for caramelised onions, the taste is definitely more flavorful suitable for the Malaysian in me HEHE

Columbus- Traditional fish & chips (RM42)
The fish was crispy on the outside but juicy and soft on the inside. The sour cream sauce topped with the caramelised onion is what I really love about Rockaway blending those sauces with traditional meat making it unique in their own way. Oh those fries, huge chunks of potatoes is a hit among the crowd. Within seconds it was gone haha.

Eugene- Buffalo honey wings (RM42)
You know how sometimes you order wings, and they come in sad sizes? That is definitely not the case here HAHA. The great thing about this buffalo honey wings was that it was not drenched in the honey dressing when served enabling it to maintain its crispiness. The honey ranch dip added a sweet taste to an ordinary wings and of course, I can't get enough of that caramelised onion!

There were two pizza selections- Texas pizza which is a pulled beef pizza...

...and Daddy's breakfast pizza. I am always drawn to food with egg especially when you rarely see pizza with egg on top. So this was my favourite. Especially that the white was not overcooked and was still soft and slightly watery. Perfect!

 Twin Falls- Pork sausages roll (RM30)
Good bites as appetizer. Warm with a crispy crust and sausages in it.

Rockaway special tapas platter. Now, this was the epitome of a meat lover's platter.

That beef ribs drenched in their special sauce was a hit. So tasty and tender.

So much meat for sharing. Crispy meat, sausages, bacon...ohh la la.

  Goldhill- Panko crusted cod fish (RM54)
Served with grilled asparagus, sauteed button mushrooms, chat potatoes and caper butter sauce. For those who are not into red meat and burger patties etc and need something lighter yet filling, this is an alternative option for you fish lovers.

St. George- Tiger prawn and minced crab pasta (RM36)

Please take some time to look and savour at the gigantic prawns! The prawn was definitely fresh and juicy. The pasta is tomato based with chilli flakes so it's sour and spicy cooked with garlic and white wine and minced crab meat. This is for you seafood lovers!

But my favourite had to be the Casper- Spicy clam leek pasta (RM33)
Because it's spicier than the St George with clams and streaky bacon. It's a generous amount so to me, this can also be shared between 2 people.

Asheville- Petite Filet Mignon (RM67)
Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, asparagus & mushrooms with brown sauce. You can't go wrong with meat in Rockaway and among others, this was the smaller portion already. Until you see below.

The Cowboy Ribs & Grill. You can choose your meat either pork, beef or lamb.The ribs are baked & grilled to perfection and served with grilled corn on cob, jacket potato, sauerkraut, roasted garlic prune, apple compote and a sauce of your choice. Get your hands ready to dig in!

Laramite whole slab ribs- Pork ribs (RM90)
Look at that! I don't know about you but I am already half cursing myself on why do I write about food at night that makes my tummy grumble.

The meat was so tender and the sauce was an even mix making it so tasty until the bones. I don't know how to describe it in words but with the seasoning and the meat was moist that when I ate it, my tongue jumped for joy HAHAHA. This was my personal favourite because out of all the meats this was more 'boney' and I love bones more than huge chunks of meat hehe

Greybull smoked spare ribs- Beef ribs (RM95)
The glistening ribs looks so welcoming haha. The meat was so soft that it is easy to cut and was very juicy. 

I hate it when I need to put extra effort to cut my meat. But not at Rockaway. You just need an opening and everything will start falling in place- not falling apart(there's a difference). If due to religion, you can't eat beef, there's another option for you below.

Scottbluff smoked veal wild hogs- wild boar ribs (RM85)
You know what goes super well with this? The Hellfire XXL sauce. Those spicy lovers like me will love this. The spicy sauce adds a little kick to the meat. I am starting to like this wild boar meat. I mean it taste similar to pork but saying that you have eaten wild boar meat and eaten pork does not have the same ring to it LOLZ!! Another plus point is that since 2019 is the year of the boar, if you are sick of Chinese food during the CNY festivities, you can always go to Rockaway for a change of environment yet have wild boar meet to still signify the Chinese culture hehe. Good idea, right?

Wichita lamb steak- Sizzling steak (RM82)
You know how different people love their steak medium rare or well done? Well, this sizzling hot plate is good for those fussy ones. It is served to you sizzling so you can still hear the sizzles and the smoke. If you like it well done, let it cook awhile longer. If medium rare, take it off from the plate. Now, no more complaints from customers anymore hehe! Bright idea.

That's me with the wild boar ribs half cut.
*Mm u delicious thing*

Us girlss

With them guys.
Why so happy?

Because of the alcohol that's being served and bartenders' special cocktails! *laughs*

Strawberry margarita was a hit among us girls.

Pina colada. 

Bacardi rum cocktail.

The Olive Group's own house wine made into a sangria.

It was definitely a night to remember. Fantastic food, awesome companions and alcohols to keep us energetic HAHA

Rockaway is great for parties but also a place just for two. If you love drinks, come to Changkat, but if you love great food to pair with your drinks, then Rockaway is a place to visit.

Rockaway Grill + Bar
20-2 Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call 012-250 7726 for reservations and enquiries

KitKat Pink Ruby Chocolate

KitKat fans and chocolate lovers can now indulge in an all new treat with the arrival of KitKat Ruby in Malaysia, which was unveiled as the brand's newest chocolate variant at the KitKat Chocolatory in Mid Valley.

But first, let me educate you a bit on the history of chocolate *laughs*

The history of cocoa and chocolate goes back almost 4,000 years between 250 and 900 AD. Cocoa became a major part of the Mayan culture and religion as they used it as their currency. Then one day, someone by the name of Hernando Cortes set up the first cocoa plantation in 1519. The rest as they said, is history hehe

The origins of cocoa.

How chocolate is produced:

This is how a cocoa pod looks like. Cannot imagine right?
Ripe pods are cut from cacao trees and split open like coconuts revealing the cacao beans. Beans are then removed and fermented and dried in the sun.

After deshelling the beans, it is known as cocoa nibs. Nibs are sometimes used in desserts as decoration. Nibs are first roasted then they are grounded to produce cocoa liquor.

The pressing of the liquor separates out the fat, resulting in cocoa butter and cocoa cakes. Cocoa cakes are grounded and blended to make cocoa powder.

There are 3 types of chocolate:

Dark chocolate since 1819 (combination of sugar+cocoa liquor+cocoa butter)
Milk chocolate since 1819 (sugar+ cocoa butter+milk powder+cocoa liquor)
White chocolate since 1936 (sugar+cocoa butter+milk powder)

The 4th type of chocolate is...as the title suggest:
  KitKat Ruby! Featuring the iconic four-finger wafer bar, KitKat Ruby is sure to stand out with the distinctive pink hue. It is the world's first new chocolate variant to be created in 80 years following dark, milk and white chocolate.

Why is the Ruby the 4th type of chocolate? Because the colour and taste is not an added on from milk chocolate or dark chocolate unlike green tea or even other inventions. The colour is original from a specially selected Ruby cocoa beans found in major cocoa-growing regions including the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. KitKat is the first to use the Ruby chocolate which was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut. The Ruby chocolate was developed completely without flavouring, colouring additives or genetic modification. 

Chef Andy Van den Broeck showed his talent in chocolate-making process captivating us with Ruby flavoured chocolate types which include pralines with saffron infused white chocolate ganache filling which was super yummy!

There is a slight tinge of berry sourness to balance out the chocolate sweetness which I love. This berry flavour was naturally present in the Ruby cocoa bean. KitKat has always epitomised the perfect break, and with the Ruby chocolate's naturally derived intense fruity flavour and lusciously smooth texture, consumers from all ages are sure to enjoy the KitKat Ruby!

Can I bring this back home??

We also had a tour at the KitKat Chocolatory Store in Mid Valley. First opened to consumers in 2016, the KitKat Chocolatory offers consumers the chance to create their own customised KitKat from over 10,000 different combinations of hand made chocolate and toppings to personalised packaging designs. The new KitKat Chocolatory store now also features an open kitchen concept, where consumers are able to witness the creation process of their customised KitKat products.

We saw so many flavour inventions in the store. From coffee, ice kacang, onde onde and others which you could not even imagine haha 

You can try samples in the store as well.
Clockwise: Ice kacang, durian, nasi lemak and Ruby flavour. Was on chocolate overdose that day. HAHA

 You can also buy hampers and gift boxes for occasions from the store too!

Tried this Cherry Blossom flavour and loved the fragrance of it!

In conjunction with CNY, they also released this new Abundance of Mandarin flavour.

The latest Ruby flavour!

Retails for RM15.99 per box. Head over to the KitKat Chocolatory Store in Mid Valley to get yours today or have them delivered by purchasing online from Lazada, Shopee and 11th Street.

Thank you KitKat <3