May 18, 2018

Domino's pizza Together-gether fund

Domino's Pizza launched its Together-gether fund recently in conjunction with the upcoming month of Ramadhan. The fund aims to create a platform for Domino's to join hands with its customers and give back to outstanding individuals through its Domino's Unsung Heroes effort. 

The Together-gether fund will be available from 14 May 2018 to 3 June 2018. Customers can take part in the Together-gether fund simply by purchasing their favourite pizzas through the Ramadhan deals. Each Ramadhan deal contributes to a slice of pizza and every 6 slices of pizza makes up a regular pizza.

The accumulated pizzas will be contributed to Unsung Heroes- an initiative to recognise and appreciate the individuals who sacrifice, contribute and serve the community. A total of 3,000 pizzas is targeted for the three-week period which will be distributed to more than 10,000 Unsung Heroes.

Among the Unsung Heroes include medical staffs from Hospital UMRA, firemen from Kota Anggerik Fire Station, Mr Lex Low, Mr Palani Kumar and his group of volunteers, Mr Kuan Chee Heng, founder of Community Policing Malaysia, caretakers of charity homes as well as En Ahmad Faizal, the inspiration behind the Unsung Heroes initiative. A number of charity homes will also be receiving a portion of the accumulated pizzas through the fund. 

Domino's has acknowledged various Unsung Heroes over the years to recognise their contribution and commitment in the community such as police officers, single moms and dads and RELA officers. This year, Domino's continues the initiative by dedicating the fund to them.

In the spirit of giving during the Ramadhan month, Domino's offers great value for money deals- for you to enjoy with your family as well as taking the opportunity to give back to deserving individuals.

Ramashan Combo features Ssamjeang Buddy Combo and Ssamjeang Super Combo. Additionally, also enjoy the Super Tuesday deal every Tuesday. Personal Pizzas priced as low as RM3.90 for self-collect online orders and RM4.90 for over-the-counter orders.

May 15, 2018

The Prime ProGIGuard- a yeast probiotic formulation to relieve abdominal discomfort

Feeling stressed with sensitive stomach and do you often suffer from abdominal pain, bloating, distension, flatulence with constipation or diarrhea that goes on not just the whole day, but continues to the next day, with no signs of letting up? It is socially embarrassing and you feel self-conscious, anxious and depressed. Eventually, the constant bloating will lead to a bad body image and affect your entire lifestyle. You don't enjoy the food as you used to, fearing that the particular food will add to the bloating, distension and flatulence, as well as the alteration in the stool. Reports show that activities are restricted up to 139 days of the year, and up to 40 days of absenteeism are recorded.

Medically, this condition is called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and you are definitely not alone. Over 800 million people suffer from IBS. This gastrointestinal syndrome is a collection of symptoms mentioned above.

IBS can affect anyone, and up to as high as 21% of adults are affected in certain regions. More women (70%) than men (30%) suffer IBS and all ages are affected, from teenagers to the elderly. However, IBS is most commonly found in the age groups of 30-50 years old. Many people don't realise that this is a condition, with only 30% of sufferers consulting their doctors about this condition. There are many different remedies in the market, but only 8% of patients are satisfied with their particular remedy. The syndrome affects patients both physically and psychologically, impairing the patient's ability to function emotionally. IBS happens all over the world with an average of 15.6% of Malaysians suffers from IBS. 

The Prime ProGIGuard recently hosted a dynamic and memorable event where scientific and clinically sound results supported the use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 in abdominal symptomatic relief such as pain and generalised discomfort.

One way to combat IBS is to consume probiotics, a product readily available in the market. However, The Prime ProGIGuard is the only yeast probiotic available in the market, that can get rid of bad bacteria and bad yeast, especially harmful yeast that can enter the bloodstream.

The Prime ProGIGuard is safe and fast acting, and has strong scientific support and clinically proven efficacy. Anyone from children aged two years and above can consume it. It can relieve gastrointestinal symptoms and is suitable for anyone suffering from indigestion, food poisoning, food allergies or intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea, trapped wind and bloating, overeating, anxiety, depression, stomach flu or even menstrual pain. Studies have shown that sufferers of gastrointestinal pain and discomfort experience a significant reduction in symptoms from the first week onwards of consumption especially within the first two weeks or 15 days of consumption.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 secretes saccharolytic enzymes and assists intestinal floral in generating short-chain fatty acids that accelerates the bowel movements. It also acts as a visceral analgesic, increasing resistance to pain by up to 40%, an anti-inflammatory to combat intestinal inflammation, helps rebalance the bacteria in the gut and reduce the harmful bacteria Enterococcus, E.coli and C.albicans. The result is decreased inflammation, bloating, pain, discomfort, constipation among relief of the other symptoms of IBS.

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules of 250mg before meal, once a day.

I realised that I felt less bloated and can easily pass motion after 1 and half week's consumption. I suffer from bloated tummy especially during menstruation and trapped wind and constipation during travels. However, after consuming The Prime ProGIGuard, I felt my tummy less bloated during the time of the month. I also brought the capsules during my recent travel and I felt that going to toilet was so much easier. I'm pretty sure some of you understand that when we go to travel, our food consumption is not the same during our normal days and may suffer from constipation/indigestion. So, to me, this was a super great supplement for travels. I am even thinking about bringing this during my 2 week travel to Europe soon so that I can enjoy my holiday without worrying about gastrointestinal symptoms =)

The only thing is that I must remember to take the capsules before meal. The first few days when I started consuming it, I forgot and just went straight for meal HAHA..It's a routine to follow but one that you will not regret.

The Prime ProGIGuard retails for RM66.80 for a bottle of 30 capsules and RM111.80 for a bottle of 60 capsules, available at Guardian, Caring, AA and other leading pharmacies nationwide. The Prime ProGIGuard is solely distributed by Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

May 10, 2018

Dr. Rimpler for Sensitive Skin

More and more people suffer from allergic skin reactions. Itching, tenderness and redness are alarm signals for this vulnerable type of skin. The increasing pollutants of harmful chemical substances that envelope us, together with allergies and hormonal changes could trigger skin sensitivity. Itchiness, tenderness, rashes, and redness then flare up on sensitive skin. 

Dr. RIMPLER has developed a range of products in its SENSITIVE skin care line to alleviate the irritations and symptoms of sensitive skin, and at the same time improve the skin’s appearance and strengthen the immune system. 

Is this your first time hearing about Dr RIMPLER? Me too! Dr. RIMPLER was the first enterprise in Lower Saxony, Germany to be certified for achieving top quality and high production standards in the cosmetic line in 1997. Developed through highly scientific means, this skin care concept is to treat individual problem zones accordingly with a combination of natural, purified and biotechnological substances.

I received what looked like a first aid kit from Dr RIMPLER.

Opened it and found my first aid solutions to sensitive skin.

The SENSITIVE range of products and they even added in a hand sanitizer for me as well which is super convenient for travelling =)

The research and development approach behind Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE products is simple and effective. The founder and head of research at ‘Dr. RIMPLER COSMETICS’ – Dr. Christian Rimpler asserted that “The key to treating sensitive skin lies in bringing the skin back to balance. When our skin is balanced, it regulates itself and thereby increases the skin’s resistance. Owing to the strengthened barrier, the skin learns to better its defense against stressful triggers.”  

Dr. RIMPLER SENSITIVE product development has looked into an element which is silver has antibacterial properties which have been used to prevent the infection of injuries for hundreds of years. Utilizing the anti-bacterial effect of silver, Dr. RIMPLER has formulated the MicroSilverBG™ for its SENSITIVE products to combat sensitive skin.

Dr. RIMPLER’s SENSITIVE range consists of three new products: Sensitive Cleansing Gel, Sensitive Tonic and Sensitive Rescue Lotion. . 

The Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Gel is a mild and oil free cleanser for the sensitive skin, including the delicate eye area and is recommended for rosacea as well. This specific combination of silk proteins and Roman chamomile contains extraordinary healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes and heals irritation with a refreshing and calming effect. It is also suitable as an eye make-up remover for water soluble makeup and is highly recommended for all skin types. 

Characteristic: Tenside-free, refreshing, calming, toning and anti-inflammatory

Apply a small quantity of Dr. RIMPLER Gentle Cleansing Gel on a slightly wet cotton pad and you may start, if necessary, carefully with the eye makeup and water dissolvable mascara. I realised that it is too gentle for eye makeup remover. It couldn't completely remove the eye makeup.

Then apply a sufficient proportion either with hands or a cotton pad by
emulsifying and you may take it on face dry or moist.

It smells wonderful! It was also very gentle to my skin .

The Sensitive Tonic has active ingredients such as allantoin and the extracts of the ‘African Rose of Jericho’ to ensure rehydration of dry skin areas and visibly improve the condition of skin which is prone to redness.

The Rose of Jericho is also known as the resurrection plant. During a dry spell, the plant curls itself into a tight ball and enters into a stage of dormancy. It can revive itself in just 2 hours when it is watered or when in the presence of moisture. The miraculous properties of the Rose of Jericho have opened the doors for Dr. RIMPLER's research team to introduce an integrant to rehydrate and revitalize the skin from dryness and sensitivities. The Sensitive Tonic has a soothing effect on hyper-sensitive skin.

-Soothing, anti-irritant, protective, stabilizing and stress-reducing.
-Intelligently controls the osmotic balance between internal and external cell environments.
-Activates an antioxidant protection system and reduces moisture loss in the cells by producing protective proteins.

Apply SENSITIVE Tonic on a cotton pad and gently press in with your hands. This removes any residue from your cleanser, stabilizes the skin and optimally prepares it for subsequent care products.

The Sensitive Rescue Lotion, also known as The Silver Spray is a soothing spray lotion with panthenol and antibacterial MicroSilver BG™.  It contains a natural cocktail of oily plant extracts that enhances the calming effect. The spray is specially designed for sensitive, allergic skin and eczema-prone skin. The pure metallic silver ingredient is an innovative form known as the MicroSilver BG™.  It is a natural antibacterial “active” which supports treatment of irritated and inflamed skin. It is extremely effective, even at a low dosage and has a long-lasting effect (depot and time-release effect). It also contains DEFENSIL®-PLUS, a highly effective first-aid kit to alleviate stressed, sensitive and irritable skin. The outstanding properties of Blackcurrant Seed oil and Balloon Vine extract in combination with Sunflower Oil Concentrate effectively reduce inflammatory processes and repair the damaged skin barrier. 

Spray SENSITIVE Rescue Lotion onto the affected areas. Ideally
always have it with you for use several times a day if necessary. It is not lightweight like a spray mist. It is quite dense and more like a lotion texture when it sprays out.

Recommended For: sensitive, allergic skin and eczema-prone skin.

Characteristic: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, antibacterial, redness reduction/anti-irritant and restore and reinforce skin's barrier function

I realised all the Dr RIMPLER SENSITIVE products range have different colours haha. The cleanser is pink in colour, tonic is yellow in colour and rescue lotion is grey. I find that the cleanser and tonic is very gentle and rather very suitable for those with sensitive skin. I like the rescue lotion the best! The thing is, as I get older I don't know why my skin gets more sensitive and I get red dots quite often which look like allergies and it can randomly appear any time of the day >.<. I love the spray because sometimes when it's hot and my neck gets red or when I see any red spots on my body, I will immediately spray and it soothes my skin instantly. I bring it everywhere now so that no more scratch marks anymore!!

Will definitely be bringing this to my beach holiday in a few days time because I'll probably be sunburnt(looking at the merciless sun these days) and will be having red spots due to the heat so I need the Dr RIMPLER SENSITIVE products to rescue my sensitive skin. Packing the entire first aid kit to the holiday now hehe

May 8, 2018

Embrace your individuality with Schwarzkopf

For 120 years, Schwarzkopf is a name synonymous with quality, reliability, expertise and innovation in the hair care, colour and styling industry. Schwarzkopf runway is the birthplace of many styling trends throughout the years. This year, the brand takes a step away from conventional beauty stereotypes and embraces diversity and individual expressions of style, fashion and beauty.

The #createyourstyle campaign embraces individual styles and urges users to have the confidence to wear your favourite style in the best way. Or even, a non-styled; wake up hair style that says “So what? It’s me and I love it”. In this context, Schwarzkopf sets the stage for a clean and healthy head of hair with ever reliable products such as the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Spray. The rest is all up to you. The possibilities are endless, really!

At the launch event held in Talent Lounge, 3 top Malaysia influencers got to flaunt their favourite styles and share personal stories about their hairstyle of choice.

Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity loves wearing her hair in loose, carefree styles that are easy to achieve and reflects her wanderlust and free-spirit. Local celebrity, Mawar Rashid, is a fan of simple, elegant hair styles. Emma Shazleen is a big fan of the high bun. The self-professed petite lady favours the look as it is practical, yet high fashion. Not to mention, it adds some height to her 5-foot frame!

With hair that is well taken care of, it is so much easier to style your hair however you want. Schwarzkopf is honoured to be able to deliver attainable products with the reliability and quality synonymous with the Schwarzkopf brand that everyone can enjoy. Their Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen complex that infuses moisture deep into the hair and locks it in for longer, so that your hair can look shinier and feel softer in whatever style you chose to rock.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range consists of:

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo, offering daily cleansing for normal to dry and coarse hair. Restores the optimal moisture balance, resulting in healthy re-hydrated hair that shines. The state of the art pH 4-5 formula with Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid optimizes moisture absorption and retention, making hair tangibly smoother and shinier.
(200ml at RM 18 and 400ml at RM 28)

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner 
Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner, providing just the right balance of re-hydration for normal to dry and coarse hair. Long lasting hydration and 72-hour smoothness effect. Perfect combability for lustrous shine. 
(400ml at RM 29)

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Spray

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Leave in Conditioner delivers intensive regeneration and moisture that repairs the hair structure and smoothes the hair surface while leaving it completely comb-able.
(150ml at RM35)

Can't wait to try the Extra Care Hydro Collagen range for smooth and silky hair =))

May 4, 2018

Ramadhan buffet with Armada Hotel, PJ

Ramadhan is coming sooon! So means, more bazaar ramadhan is coming up and that also means more FOOODD hahaha...This Ramadhan, Armada Petaling Jaya is once again celebrating this joyous occasion of “Berbuka Puasa” right at Utara Coffee House. 

Themed “CITARASA KAMPUNG”, the team of culinary masters is cooking up a
gastronomic storm of mouth-watering traditional and international favourites. Guests can expect to indulge in only the most authentic method of preparation and ingredients this coming Ramadhan.

With more than 100 dishes available, Executive Chef, Chew Teik Chye and his Sous Chef, Alifah binti Kandar aka Chef Mommy showcased a wide selection of dishes that emphasizes on a variety of flavors and scent that will titillate your palate after a long day of fasting.

Bring back the nostalgia of balik kampung when you start your gastronomic journey with an appetizing assortment of starters from Kerabus, Cincalok to Lemang, Pasembor and Aneka Jeruk. Fire up your palate even more with the variety of classic Sambals, the ones that are rarely seen at urban diners with Sambal Kelapa, Sambal Ikan Masin, Cincaluk, Jeruk Kedondong, Jeruk Mangga, Jeruk Buah Pala

I love authentic Malay dishes and to have lemang, nasi kerabu and its sambals were a mix of heavenly spices as starters.

For the mains, be sure to taste some of the most delicious and authentic Ramadan dishes.

Nasi Kebuli Berlauk.
The raisins in between helped in making the rice an extra flavour of sweet together with all its 'rempah' essence in it.

Ekor lembu masak asam pedas.
The asam pedas was a good combo of sweet sour with not one overpowering the other.

Udang Kelio.
I think I might have overeaten my dosage of prawns for that day *laughs* The 'kuah' has seeped into the prawns making it super tasty that the first suck makes your taste buds excited. Now I feel like my mouth is watery thinking about it ^^

Siput sedut masak lemak cili padi.
Another favourite. Only that, you need skills to eat this to take the 'meat' out. Nevertheless, the kuah lemak is spicy and yummy and I don't mind just pouring the kuah on rice haha

Oh my! My favourite seafood of all seafood.

Ketam masak berlada.
This was the first I attacked >.< I love my crabs cooked dry and the lada sauce is a combo of spicy with its sweet crab meat making it taste heavenly.

Bubur lambuk dengan daging cincang.
I'm not really much of a fan of porridge but this one took me by surprise. It was very flavourful and the congee thickness was just right without making it 'jelak'.

Daging Kicap Berempah.
The daging was so soft and the rempah also seeped into the meat making it juicy..Mmmm

Pisang Muda Masak Lemak Ikan Masin.
The banana with the ikan masin taste was outworldly. Something I have not eaten before and I kinda like it.

Kari kepala ikan.

Ikan Bawal Masak Terutup.
The fish was also a fan favourite. 

Itik Kerutub.
The duck meat was soft and succulent and it didn't disappoint.

Sambal hijau terung pipit dengan belacan.
It was a lot of spicy in between so this belacan added to a different kind of spicy altogether. I mean I love spicy so all those spicy food was tickling my taste buds in a good way.

Ayam Palembang.
Chicken fans, you will love this. Now, this one is not so spicy to me.

If you're not a rice fan, this is definitely a great alternative for you. 

Diners can also enjoy favorites prepared ala-minute like Roasted Lamb, Apam Balik, Assorted Satay, Murtabak, Lidah Sapi with Air Asam, Ayam Percik Panggang, Roti Durian and loads more at the many stalls set up around the Bakar-Bakar area.

Desserts include traditional Malay Kuih, French pastries and tempting sweet delicacies such as Pengat Nangka with Sago, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Ais Kacang and Serawa Durian with Pulut all prepared specially for the sweet tooth. There’s also a variety of beverages prepared for you to quench your thirst: Cincau, Kelapa Muda, Jagung, Kembang Semangkuk, Selasih and more. 


Pengat Nangka Dengan Sago.
The nangka was sweet and juicy and together with the sago, it was also a fan favourite.

Serawa Durian dengan Pulut.
This is for durian fans, like me! I love this. The durian taste was pekat and it was very filling. Yummeh!

Head on over to Utara Coffee House this Ramadhan to savour your festive favourites at the ‘Citarasa Kampung Ramadhan Buffet Dinner’ priced at:

RM88.00+ per adult
RM45.00+ per child 
from Tuesday, 15th May 2018 – Thursday, 14 June 2018.

To mark the end of the fasting month and welcome the joyous festival of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Utara Coffee House will also be celebrating the occasion with a wide selection of goodies through the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Hi-Tea Buffet priced at:
RM68.00++ per adult, 
RM48+ for senior citizens 
RM33.00+ per child
on Friday, 15th & Saturday, 16th June 2018, from 12noon to 4.00pm.

For reservations, please call (03) 7954 6888 ext. 4557 Utara Coffee House.