December 15, 2017

Celebrate Christmas at Armada

It's that time of the year again to experience the magic of Christmas. Armada Petaling Jaya offers a sumptuous meal in a beautifully decorated venue prepared by the team at Utara Coffee House to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

So pretty I can't

Begin the festive offerings that will definitely build an appetite and satisfy any festive cravings. Feast on an abundance of Christmas delights during Christmas and on New Year's Day at their lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes.

The decoration is so festive. I like!

Hi Mr Snowman.

We started off with Seafood Cajun (Poached seafood with cajun sauce) and smoked salmon with Tuna Rosettes.
Started off very well I must say. Love everything on this plate and wiped clean hehe The sashimi was smoked just nice and the cajun sauce goes very well with the seafood skewer.

Clam Potage Soup with Garlic Flakes and Bread Roll

Now, I must say that this clam potage soup was da bomb and my favourite among all that I can't help but get a second serving. It was creamy, tasty and the clams were generous. The bread to dip in it goes well =)

Spanish Seafood Rice
Unfortunately, there was too much peas in it which is not something I fancy. But do away with it and scoop the rice underneath with the seafood was yummy. I like paella and though it's not an exact Spanish version, the rice is good as the main dish to fill our Asian stomach.

Roast Leg of Lamb with Provencale.
I liked the lamb with the mint sauce combo. Not much of a meaty person but I'm a sauce person hehe. If the sauce is done right, I'm good.

Sliced Roasted Duck with Capers sauce.
It was marinated well and soft and tender but the sauce was not my cup of tea.

Traditional Roasted Tom Turkey with Chestnut, Dried Fruit and Bread stuffing.

Yay! Only when it's Christmas we get to eat turkey. The bread stuffing was quite unique and soft as well.

Mousseline Potato was also another fave. Soft and creamy <3

Estofado Rabo (Oxtail Navarin)
I quite like this Oxtail stew. Among all the meats, this one with gravy was a relief because there was too much cut meat on the table.

Pan Fried Fish Grenobloise

With a combination of lemon, butter and parsley sauce. I'm not a big fan of fish but this was nicely done. And the side Crab Cannelloni was good.

You must be thinking right. They have sashimi, paella, all types of meat and now fish. It's a fushion of everything!

Dessert timee!! Been waiting for this.

Christmas pudding with custard sauce
Fruit Mince Pie
Classic Yule Log Cake
Carrot Cake in glass

Out of all, the log cake and carrot cake was a hit to me.

There were some hits and misses this time as well but their buffet spread has improved this year I must say.

Christmas and New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner (24th December 2017 & 31st December 2017)

RM88+ per adult
RM62+ senior citizen
RM44+ per child

Christmas Day Hi-Tea Buffet (25th December 2017)
12 noon to 4.00pm

RM75+ per adult
RM55+ senior citizen
RM33+ per child

New Year's Day Hi-Tea Buffet (1st January 2018)
12 noon to 4.00pm

RM68+ per adult
RM48+ senior citizen
RM33+ per child

December 8, 2017

Komorebi-Store for law related merchandises

Have you ever thought of what to get that lawyer friend of yours for his/her call to the bar? Or for their triumph in an appeal case? Also, it must be hard to know what to buy for occasions such as opening of a law firm or law events other than the usual bouquet of flowers. I mean there's only so much of flowers one can carry!
For situations like these, Komorebi-Store comes in handy designing gifts which are law related with the added geekiness and wittiness into their unique designs making it extra special =)

Looking at the title, you must be wondering what does Komorebi stand for and why does it relate to law *laughs* Well, first of all, Komorebi originates from the graceful Japanese language used to describe the phenomenon of sunlight filtering through the canopy, bathing the otherwise dark cool forest with gentle light and comforting warmth. 

It is a distinct phenomenon, that anyone who spends time among trees would have enjoyed. Which was what one of the founder encountered during his visit to San Francisco.

The founders of Komorebi-store drew inspiration from the legal industry and its many quirks. They sought for a medium to channel this creativity. And so birthed the legal merchandising idea. Like its namesake, their aim is to brighten up the relatively grey legal industry. 

Launched in April 2017, Komorebi-Store is a one stop solution for law related merchandises for admission to the bar gifts, graduation presents etc for lawyers, students, bosses, colleagues, friends and anyone who enjoys witty art with a legal element.

They have a myriad of designs on various articles- mugs, magnets, T shirts, pillows and coasters. Designs are updated regularly and they will continually expand its collection. Much like that sunlight, Komorebi-Store aims to shed light on the otherwise impenetrable legal practice, bringing to you its various characteristics and quirks, with a personal touch!

Their best sellers are their mugs and I received one myself.

Mine is no ordinary mug. It's actually a magic mug. What kind of magic does it do? Well, I wondered myself ^^

 Did a little experiment on how this magic mug turns colour.

The original red colour -->added in hot water and it turns whitish --> the side of the mug and wordings turn into white --> splash with normal temperature water and it turns red again

How cool is that? I was absolutely amazed by this magic mug because I never had one before. Was playing with it for awhile and showed to everyone in my house like a small kid HAHA

 I think these gifts are more useful, practical and long lasting rather than the typical flowers that wilts within a week. I received a pen for my call to the bar few years ago and it's still with me til today and it's a very memorable keepsake.

I love that they incorporated the geeky and witty side to law because people usually think lawyers are proud and snobbish people LOL but we are not and we like to find humour in our profession as well^^

The season of gifting is near as Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought what to give your friends in the legal industry?
Komorebi-Store recently came out with their new designs which are in Royale rich purple and Sakura blossom pink themes! *squealsss* My favourite colour and wouldn't mind getting any one of these hehe

They are currently hosting designs on Printcious where you can buy the merchandises from:

Printcious is also currently running a promotion where you can get 30% off and enjoy FREE SHIPPING above RM 60!

Do also follow Komorebi-Store on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new designs.

December 5, 2017

November updates

Wasn't sure I would be doing a post for November because I already did 2 posts on Korea. But, looks like my eating habit will never stop hehe

After I came back from Korea, I made sure the first thing I did when I touched down was eat Nasi Lemak hahaha And then didn't touch Korean food for at least half a month now >.<

And drink anything other than beer and soju HAHA
Dewar's is actually not bad. First time drinking it.

Then, went for Satay Celup in Puchong NOT Malacca hehe
Three Brothers satay celup

They have a variety of skewers and quite cheap. Resemblance of Malacca ones.

Dipped in satay sauce. Will definitely visit again since it's only in Puchong and no need to go so far to have satay celup.

Wedding luncheon at Di Wei restaurant, Empire Subang.

Four seasons. The chi yok was a hit.

My fave- Iberico ribs <3

Also, was recently introduced to this Indian shop, Day to Day restaurant in Puchong which serves a variety of food.

I have been looking for this everywhere at night!
Appam <3

Nasi lemak goreng.

They have some really spicy food and we ate until we burnt our tongue, mouth and lips and probably our esophagus HAHAHA but it was reallyyy good!! Will visit again definitely. 

And they have ice cream goreng and ice cream cake. Whut whut...they literally have everything and it's so cheap!

Back to my fave poke bowl from Poke Bear, Sunway Pyramid. I'm really starting to like my healthy food and also my unhealthy ones hehe

Hojicha from Tsujiri, Mont Kiara
Overpriced ice cream lol

And then went to Jogoya, Starhill after the longest time for their buffet spread.



Tomyam seafood soup

Crabssss. I think I kinda OD on crabs that night.

But I gota say, their food are not that fresh but since there was a promotion might as well OD on everything there lah LOL

Chocolate fountain and there's Haagen Dazs ice cream and New Zealand natural ice cream.

For less than RM100, I think it was quite worth it.

Wine dinner at Ritz Carlton.

Atas dinner. Not everytime can do this haha

Cured Salmon
Shaved Fennel, Avruga Caviar

Free flow of wine

Warm smoked duck with pan seared foie gras..Mmmm

Foie gras again with milky brioche, lemon confit and berries...I was in food heaven literally

Rib eye steak. Such generous portion. I couldn't finish it.

Cheese platter.

Lastly, when it came to dessert, I was so damn full. Such a fulfilling dinner and totally worth it.

But even all atas food also cannot beat my favourite A&W float hehe. Back to childhood drink.

Oh, my Japanese fix always at Jyu Raku.

Mussels soup although my picture taking is very bad can't see the mussels haha

First time drinking it other than sake. It's actually not bad at all.

La Bodega, Bangsar.

Maze Bar for gin & tonic fix. 

Tiger Tiger Sunway for awesome nasi lemak. 
Nasi lemak with baby lobster! RM23.10 (after tax) and the butter sauce was yummy. Sambal was very little but can add on and the whole portion was also rather small. Nevertheless, tasty and I want to try their indomie, maggi goreng and nasi lemak goreng. Sllrrrp!

Watched Justice League the other day and it's one of the best movie this year. The action, the humour, the special effects were all on point. Wonder Woman was the man of this show hehe!

And it's Christmas season!! It's our yearly tradition to put up the Christmas tree and this one has been with us for almost 20 years. Time really flies. In a blink of an eye, it's New Year soon.

FYI, pictures for monthly updates are not good because i. it's taken without good lighting and ii. it's taken with my phone camera and sometimes in a rush not with the intention to blog about it. But, when I compile the pictures and see that I have enough to blog then I'll randomly take from my gallery. So I apologise for bad pictures for monthly updates hehe but for events and reviews I have my trusted Canon EOS M10. But this casual blog is to share good things with readers so I do hope you still enjoy reading albeit with blurry pictures sometimes!