October 8, 2015

Lacelle Jewel

Bausch + Lomb launched Lacelle™ Jewel, a monthly disposable coloured contact lens in Malaysia in a glamorous way. This monthly disposable series has made its first appearance in Asia at the launch event at Sunway Pyramid.

The latest technology integration in Lacelle™ Jewel has a unique lens design that enhances the excellent lens centration. Due to the thin lens design whereby the centre thickness of 0.078mm, this permits great comfort to the contact lens wearer. This lens material with a water content of 38% provide excellent comfort and also minimizes protein uptake from our tears for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.

The design of Lacelle™ Jewel darkens and enlarges the iris to portray naturally bigger eyes whereby the result of wearing Lacelle™ Jewel will make the eyes distinctive and bright, leaving the eyes looking naturally coloured rather than artificial. This is due to its unique and colourful jewel patterns which gives more depth and brilliance. The amazing factor of Lacelle™ Jewel is the integration of colour in the lenses material which is embedded by technology to enable comfort and good eye health.

The aesthetic factor is no doubt a very important aspect for coloured contact lens users and utmost definitely, Bausch + Lomb does not neglect the vital considerations of comfort of wearing the contact lenses when developing, improving, and designing their contact lenses.
Due to the fact that the lenses contain pigment standards which is authenticated and certified by the FDA implies the safety precaution of ensuring protection to its users. So worry-not with Lacelle™ Jewel series! The lenses are likewise resistance to protein deposits by the eye which makes it safe for application which in turn prevents uneasiness to the eyes towards end of the day. Lacelle™ Jewel lenses have been shown to be non-toxic and non-irritant to the eye as Lacelle™ practices safe colour additive.

Welcoming speech by Mr Jake Kim, managing Director of Bausch + Lomb Malaysia & Singapore

Opening act by Soul Krazy Dance Group.
They were crazily good!

With the latest and newly improved integration of colour technology, this has managed to make Lacelle™ Jewel series the most significant coloured contact lens. This component provides an alluring and compelling look. With varieties of 7 colours to choose from, it can match any outfit of the day to enhance your looks altogether whether it’s a date or just to make a mesmerizing impression with radiant sparkling eyes with concentration on implementing excellent vision at the same time. Due to the jewel patterns of the contact lenses, it presents a dazzling outcome.

A fashion show was held to introduce all 7 colours in different outfits. 

Melanite Black - Provides a demure look of a temptress that is bound to intrigue. Modest and yet sophisticated.

Topaz Brown - A natural sparkle that makes the eyes pop instinctively. A highly approachable presentation.

Crystal Gray - Gives a mysterious vibe whilst providing an illuminating look. A balance between dramatic and lively.

Amber Brown - Friendly and down-to-earth that resonates with a degree of sophistication and elegance. Appears to be stylish and classy with that shimmer.

Amethyst Violet - Provides a significant glimmer in the eyes with this shade that states playful and feisty. Creating an extravagant impression.

Sapphire Blue - For those who prefer a bolder look who is not afraid to be seen with a crystal sparkle that provides an idealistic personality. Exhibits confidence and tranquillity.

Peridot Green - Blends very well with any skin tone and gives a pleasant glitter in the eye. Aura that reveals rejuvenation.

Amber Chia was the celebrity model of the fashion show. Her favourite is Peridot Green which is my favourite as well! hehe

Thereafter, artist Atikah Suhaime sang a number for us.

Malaysian youtuber Joyce Chu made famous by her song Malaysian Charbor, tailor-made by Malaysian songwriter Namewee, serenaded us to a screaming crowd of fans.

In collaboration with Bausch + Lomb for a good charity cause, Joyce Chu, Atikah and the VVIPs performed the Bausch + Lomb eye exercise with the enormous crowd that had a splendid response.

For a good cause, Bausch and Lomb launched a contest for charity. It is the Bausch and Lomb Eye Exercise for a charity cause.
Step 1: take a video of yourself performing the Eye Exercise. (Duration: up to you)
Step 2: Upload a video of yourself performing the Eye Exercise on your Facebook/Instagram with a caption.

Example of caption: Spread the awareness on how to care for your eyes. Post a video of yourself doing the EyeExercise and #bauschandlombmalaysia & #careforyoureyes plus tag 3 friends to challenge them to do it. I would like to tag _,_&_

Bausch & Lomb will be donating RM5 to the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) for each video posted from 11th to 30th September. Keep your eyes healthy while supporting a good cause!

For more info on MAB, please log onto http://MAB.org.my

Photo session!

With Janice, my company for the night =)

Memorabilia to be brought home!

I'm now wearing Peridot Green as my cosmetic contact lens.

Look at the pattern in the contacts <3

No flash.

With flash.
The jewel pattern is rather noticeable and makes the eyes gorgeous looking!

This is definitely my type of cosmetic contacts because I love colours that pop and together with the beautiful pattern, it makes it all the more gorgeous.

Furthermore, my eyes have been rejecting cosmetic contacts after lasik. However, this one seems so comfortable in my eyes. It's also probably due to the fact that I have been a loyal fan of Bausch + Lomb during my contact lens days before Lasik and I have always only been comfortable with Bausch + Lomb.

So, it's fantastic that I'm now able to wear cosmetic contacts comfortably with Lacelle™ Jewel contact lenses =)

Lacelle™ Jewel contact lenses is made available from 1st September 2015 at all major optical dealers. It is a new line extension to the current Lacelle™ and Lacelle™ Colours.
Lacelle™ Jewel series retails at RM68 per box.

October 6, 2015

Systema 3D Clean

Systema is my favourite toothbrush brand and is Japan's No.1 toothbrush brand! I have been using Systema for a year now and I'm excited to find out that Systema has introduced their latest innovation:


This newest toothbrush cleans every part of your teeth no matter what you eat! How awesome is that? No more cavity, no more gum infection but healthier gums and teeth and fresher breath =)

It claims to remove 63% or more plaque than other tapered toothbrushes!

The great thing about this 3D toothbrush is that it has 0.02mm multi cleaning 3D Bristles.

The launch was held last weekend in One Utama where Systema had promotions in conjunction with the launch of Systema 3D Clean.

Do you find it hard to clean the difficult parts of your teeth and sometimes after much brushing, you still see residue plaque?

Well Systema 3D Clean is designed with multi cleaning bristles to clean every difficult to reach parts of your teeth:


-Spiral power tip to reach back teeth better to scrape away more plaque
-Shorter middle bristles to clean teeth surface better
-Longer middle bristles to penetrate in between teeth to remove stuck food pieces
-Longer outer bristles to penetrate deeper into fum lines to removes 9x more plaque
-Tongue cleaner(the back of the toothbrush) to remove bad breath causing bacteria(This rough surface behind the toothbrush takes some getting use to. Some may like it, some don't)

The different types of Systema toothbrushes.
Now, my favourite is the centre one (Systema 3D clean)

We were each given a sample toothbrush to immediately try and experience for ourselves Systema's 3D clean. So I brushed my teeth and realised it has a good grip and the uneven bristles cleansed my teeth thoroughly. On top of that, I love the tongue cleaner which is the rough surface behind the toothbrush to clean my tongue as well. This is definitely an all in one toothbrush!

They were having some good promotions at the roadshow.

And there was a really long queue to buy toothbrushes. People were buying in bulks! This shows how much Systema is a fantastic brand for consumers. 

There was also a free dental checkup. The dentist used a new technology in a form of a camera to capture the inner part of the teeth. 

I previously have a problem with my wisdom tooth but I couldn't see what is causing the problem but with the help of the camera's capture, I saw what the problem was. Thankful that I managed to see what has been causing the problem for the longest time now. 

Thank you Systema for taking care of my teeth =)

  SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN is available in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide, at RM11.50 (GST incl).

For more information, kindly visit their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/KeepSmilingMY

September 30, 2015

Miacare review (plus giveaways!)

Who has gone through adolescence without a single pimple?
Even if you are one of those with the smoothest skin around, I'm sure there's sure a zit that pops out every once in awhile. I know I went through adolescence with acne problem >.< Even up to now, I still have zits that pop out during that time of the month.

 Though pimples are only temporary, the mere sight of them scattered all over your face is really unpleasant. Acne isn’t just skin deep. Acnes are actually signs of inflammation under the skin. Acnes develop when hormones fluctuate, wrong inventory of certain food we eat, alcohol intake, irregular bowel movements and when you are under extreme stress.

But, not to worry because Miacare has introduced a range of Ultra-thin, stick-on pimple patches designed to effectively combat visible blemishes effortlessly. Miacare is wholly owned by the BenQ Group. "mia", in Italian means my, and care means caring, hence miacare gives meaning to the caring and being a guardian to the user, and that has to be all day, all year.

Using a two-fold method, the patch heal pimples without scarring whilst concealing it. Suitable for all skin types, featuring 3 types of patches:

Day 12 - (thinnest for day use) RM10.05
Night 12 - (for maximum pus absorption for night) RM10.30
Day & Night 18 (for whole day total pimple care) RM14.50

Today, I'll be reviewing Miacare Day & Night Acne Patch!

Give complete protection to troubled skin with Acne Patch Day & Night (18 patches), which brings the benefits of both Day (9 patches) and Night (9 patches), all in a pack. Keep skin free from environmental harm during the day, and provide for an intensive healing regime throughout the night for 24hr care. A must have first-aid beauty essential for sudden break outs! Never get caught off guard or worry about zits be it day or night!

The mission of miacare is to resolve concerns effectively with professional, smart and special designed product, bringing confidence and joy into life.

Made from 100% medical grade hydrocolloid dressing used by medical professionals to heal wounds, the acne patch naturally absorbs pus to reduce inflammation and promote a quick drying out of the pimple to reveal skin clearing effects in just 72 hours. Doubling up as a barrier against bacteria contamination from the external environment, the pimple is also thoroughly concealed with an improved ultra-thin technology (the patch centre is thick to increase pus absorption, and patch surrounding is thin to make the patch becomes invisible) that sticks like a second skin for high invisibility. Further, with an UV-Prevention technology, the patch can absorb more than 95% of harmful UV ray. The patches prevent potential acne pigmentation from forming to maintain a flawless complexion.

Highly absorbent and ultra-thin (0.015cm), the Acne Patch Day is made to be inconspicuous for day use. The thinnest patch of the range adheres exactly to the contours of the pimple and matches any skin tone, making it almost unnoticeable. Applicable to be worn under makeup due to the patch being ultra-thin, it guards the inflamed area from chemicals in makeup. This ensures that the skin is given the right environment to heal, free from irritants and bacteria for relieved skin at the end of the day.

Use the Acne Patch Night (0.018cm) to continue your battle with stubborn zits even while resting at night. With a thicker hydrocolloid dressing designed for an accelerated absorption of pus throughout the night, the patch adheres firmly to the skin to prevent it from falling off through tosses and turns.It allows for a fast, overnight remedy where clear and trouble-free complexion is just a sleep’s throw away.

1. Cleanse hands and acne area thoroughly. Dry well before application to create a clean environment

2. For best results, it is recommended to be used on acne with pus

3. Replace with a new patch once current patch turns white in colour as it indicates that pus has been absorbed from the acne.

4. Alternatively, change the patch after using it for more than 12 hours

So, I have this zit which doesn't seem to go off even after 2 weeks. When I pinch it, the pus comes out and when I thought it'll heal, it comes back -.- 

So, I got the help of Miacare acne patch for this stubborn zit.
After cleansing the affected area, remove half of the acne patch and attach the first half to the acne and then remove the other half to release the paper.

Gently press the patch for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion and invisibility.


It's the skin colour and invisible. Use the acne patch before applying makeup.

After makeup, you can barely see any patch on my skin.

It's like you've not put any sticky patch on the skin hehe

Just let it work its miracle while you're out the whole day!

I realised after wearing it out the whole day, the patch became white with the acne pus and after using it at night while I sleep, the next day my acne healed thereafter with no scarring ^_^ 
So finally, I don't need to be annoyed with that stubborn zit LOL

NOW, It's GIVEAWAY time!

I have three Miacare Acne Patch for Day (3 patches) trial packs...

...and 3 Miacare Watsons voucher.

Kindly email me at estherlke@yahoo.com with the title "Miacare Giveaway" and provide your Name and Address and I will post one trial pack and one voucher to the first 3 readers who email me =)

Start emailing now! Good luck =)

Thank you Miacare for curing my stubborn zit!! <3