January 19, 2018

NYX Cosmetics @ Sunway Pyramid

Yup, you read that right!!

NYX Cosmetics' third store opening is at Sunway Pyramid. Woo hoo!! I'm so excited. When I was in Houston, US I bought some NYX Cosmetics matte lip cream and until now, I still have it handy in my handbag coz I bring it everywhere and I wana re-purchase it at the opening haha

Are you as excited as me?
The store opening at Sunway Pyramid will be on 1st February 2018 (lucky all you KL people because it's a holiday!). You can queue from 8am and the ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 10am.

Follow NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia at @nyxcosmetics_my & like their FB Page! Screenshot this post and show it at counter, to receive an instore voucher of RM40 with minimum purchase of RM200 and a free mini lippie during the store opening! (Limited number of vouchers available)

Be among the FIRST 500 in queue to receive a MYSTERY GIFT and First 300 in queue will receive a lucky draw ticket with any purchase.

*Only on 1/02/18 at NYX Cosmetics Sunway Pyramid.
* NYX Malaysia reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions herein without prior notification

Good luck and see you there!

January 18, 2018

CNY buffet at Armada PJ

Another celebration and that means more foooddd!

Utara Coffee House at Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya will be featuring a wide variety of buffet line from 1st February til 2nd March 2018 to celebrate the Year of the Dog. 

They have a few yee sang selections such as marinated scallops yee sang, king salmon yee sang, tiger prawns and clams yee sang and for the vegetarians fruitti veggie yee sang. Priced from RM78+ per portion.

After raising our chopsticks and Loh Hei for good luck, we digged in to this colourful and tasty yee sang. It was very fresh and I loved it! My first yee sang of the year hehe

Prosperity Chinese New Year Hor d'oeuvres

Braised seafood broth with dried fish roe and crabmeat.
My favourite was the fish roe haha. It was definitely a different twist to the soup. I love eating ebikko sushi in Japanese restaurant and to have it in my soup was heavenly.

Steamed Chicken with Ginger & Scallion.
This is a must have during my CNY reunion dinner. It has been the Chinese tradition to have this dish and I'm glad they have this in their menu.

Chinese assortment meaty rice.

Deep Fried Grouper with Onion and Ginger gravy.

Braised mushroom, broccoli with mustard plant in Fatt Choy Sauce.

Stir Fried prawns with salted egg yolk.
This was the people's favourite. Once it came, one by one was off the plate hahaha

Sauteed top shell in yam savarin.

Dessert- Mochi and Deep Fried Nian Gao.
I love the Nian Gao. Not many restaurants offer this as dessert but this one does.

Chilled Sweet Apple with Gingko and Red Dates
This was a great ending to the night. The apple was sweet and the drink was chilly <3

Chinese New Year Buffet Reunion Buffet Dinner 

RM88+ per adult
RM62+ senior citizen
RM44+ per child

For guests who prefer a more private setting, they have set menus as well priced from RM1188+.

You may call 03-7954 6888 ext 4557 or email at armada@armada.com.my for reservations and/or enquiries.

January 15, 2018

Mentholatum Lano Soft and Lip Crayon

Mentholatum is always coming up with new innovations for better lip care and to make our lips beautiful. Great looking lips requires care and nourishment and it’s effortless when you have the right product! Mentholatum has just the lipbalm for your every need whether it’s for dry and chapped lips, dull, sensitive or any less than perfect lip conditions. This latest edition, does not only deeply moisturises the lips but it also helps maintain soft lips.

Lano Soft – the latest Mentholatum lipbalm edition offers consumers a unique experience with its new formulation that uses Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Essence Extract that is purified using Japan’s cutting-edge purification technology.

The secret is Lanolin which is also known as wool fat or wool wax - a secretion from the sebaceous of glands sheep. A typical high purity grade Lanolin is composed of a predominantly long chain of waxy esters (approximately 97% by weight) with the remaining mixtures being Lanolin Alcohols, Lanolin Acids and Lanolin Hydrocarbons. Lanolin is a popular moisturising agent in skincare, haircare and especially in lipbalm products. It is an effective moisturiser. The waxy texture allows easy application with just a glide and upon application, the Lanolin seals-in moisture naturally thereby preventing it from drying out. It also absorbs moisture from the air, thus moisturising the lips while rejuvenating it.

There is no animal cruelty associated with harvesting of the Lanolin. The use of Lanolin in cosmetics and skincare has a history longer than almost any other ingredient.

With Lano Soft, you can enjoy the following:

Moisturising – Apart from Lanolin, it also contains superior natural moisturising ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract that deeply moisturise lips and improve the appearance of fine lines.

High Protection – No matter what the weather condition is, your lips are protected with Lano Soft. Lanolin contains cholesterol which is especially important for the skin’s barrier function. It forms a protective barrier on the lips to nourish and protect it from the dry, cold and harsh weather conditions.

Gentle and Soft – Not only does Lano Soft feels gentle and soft on your skin, it also helps your lips stay soft and moisturised. It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant and also mild with low irritation.

I must say, among all Mentholatum lipbalms, this is quickly becoming my favourite because you only need one swipe and it's super moisturising. Perfect for travelling to cold countries which I will be soon and will definitely be packing this into my handbag as it comes in handy.

 The Lano Soft Lipbalm is priced at RM19.50 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

Now, if you're looking for a mix between lip care and lip colour then the new Lip Crayon Lip Balm serves not only as a lip enhancer, but also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture! Whether it’s for an everyday look or for a special occasion, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just the right pick for you; all you need is only an easy glide to instantly transform lips into a glowing healthy, pink and moisturised looking lips.             

It is formulated not only to add a subtle pop of colour to the lips, but its moisturising properties also ensure that lips remain moisturised throughout the day. Contrary to any other ordinary lip crayons, this Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with moisturising ingredients that include the Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application.

Left to Right- Shades 01 to 04

Designed to enhance your overall makeup look, the latest Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in four different gorgeous pink shades to suit different skin tones. With just a simple glide, this super nourishing lip crayon instantly gives you a truly beautiful, sheer and soft lip colour.

In no particular order, these are the swatches.





Application tip: Glide on extra layers for a more vibrant tinted colour.

The lips above are only 1 layer so it's a soft sheer colour. Loving the pinkish 03 colour and for vibrant red, 01 is in a perfect shade of red. Shade 02 and 04 are in betweens for those who prefer lighter shades of pink. When applied, it has a slight cooling effect and I love minty feeling. Also, the shape of the 'crayon' makes it very easy to apply without smudging.

The Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is fragrance free and is retailed at RM 19.90 (3g). It is made available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets starting January 2018.

January 12, 2018

Taskzon- connecting property users to agents

It's the new year and therefore a new you. I'm pretty sure at the start of the year, everyone has their own resolutions- be it to be a better person, to be richer, to buy your dream car etc. What's mine? I have many but the most prominent is buying my wedding house with the other half.

But just like you, I do not like to go through the hassle of going for site visits, looking at houses after houses, going through agents after agents, and then once they got hold of my number, to spam messages of new launching which I am not interested, and then have to filter to find the suitable home.

Lucky for me I came across 'Taskzon'. Taskzon is a property app which lets buyers/owners/tenants to use this app for free and to connect us with agents who specializes in my area of interest.

Unless you're in the property line, you're most likely not an expert in properties and don't really know the type of properties, whether it is under master title, strata title, cheap properties within a certain area, freehold, leasehold etc. So, what I would suggest is that leave those to the experts.

All you have to do is download 'Taskzon' app and they will do the work for you.

The concept of Taskzon is to match buyers/tenants/owners to agents who are that particular area specialist. When you intend to buy/sale/rent property, you would definitely have an area of interest in mind. With that, Taskzon will connect you to an agent who specializes in that area.

 Firstly, download the app in your phone. Currently, it is available in Android phones. Those with Iphones, you will need to wait a few more weeks for the app to launch in AppStore.

Then, you can sign up as a user or an agent.

Register yourself.

Then click whether you want to buy, sell or rent.
I am interested in buying, so I have clicked on 'Buy'.

Purpose and type of preference.

Then, key in what you're looking for in the property you're buying or renting.

Thereafter, you will create an 'ad' and then, your 'ad' will be spreaded to the agents who specializes in your area of preference.

Now, here's the best part. You mobile number will not be forwarded to any agents so you won't kena spam left and right. If an agent has a property which matches your criteria, he/she will private message you through a private chatroom. So your privacy is maintained.

Choose to accept chatting with the agent and if it's something you were looking for, you can then make an appointment to meet at the Property. Easy peasy! No need for research by clicking ads after ads to find your dream home =)

Benefits for users:
❖Free Registration, Free Listing
❖Saves time
- Time wasted on property research is unnecessary
- Submit your request in less than 1 minute & let Taskzon serve you
❖ Private Chatroom
- Information that has been transferred between parties are protected confidentially
❖Deal with Verified & Quality Agents
- Quality Agents : Reviewed & rated by users.
- Verified Agents : Verified by sms verification code
- Taskzon team will contact the agency of particular agent for verification

Not only does Taskzon benefits buyers/seller/tenants, but it's very useful for agents as well.

Property agents have various ways of marketing and they do spend a lot in marketing their properties. Sometimes, they have to pay more for their listings to be featured and worst if doing cold calls, sure kena scolding one. By using Taskzon, they do not have to post any listings. In fact, buyers/sellers/tenants are the ones posting their 'ad' and then use the app to match agents.

Comparison table.

Benefits of agents:
✅ Get potential buyers in the most efficient and effective way

❌ Post new listing

❌ Featured listing

✅ Extra profit via Co – Agency

✅ Time efficiency

Oh, and the plus point is that since they have newly launched this app, they have a very good promotional rate for agents.

Check out the app for yourself! Hope to be able to find my dream home through this app *crosses fingers*

For more info visit:
Taskzon Facebook page

January 2, 2018

New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone!!

In 2017 I wrote certain resolutions. Again, I did not achieve all my goals but nevertheless, I think I did pretty well last year. I would say 2017 was a rather roller coaster year. They were many ups and downs in terms of my career, relationships and just overall but at the end of it, everything happened for a reason and thank God it all ended well. I have learnt that you can't take control of everything and if it doesn't go well, we just have to put a stop and take a step back on how to rectify the situation. I mentioned that I would be making many important decisions and indeed 2017 was a year of decisions for me. There were so many to make and I hope I made the right choices. I will be closing a chapter in 2018 and will be taking the road less taken and embarking on a new journey ahead.

I also mentioned that I hoped to travel more often in 2017 and I did just that which I was very happy about but my bank account wasn't too happy about it HAHA. I went to Bangkok again, first time in the USA Houston, TexasLos Angeles, California, London, England which I managed to visit due to a transit. I also managed a local retreat at Acacia Retreat, Bentong. Then walked wayy too much in Beijing, China and finally spent 2 weeks in Seoul, Korea. Overall, I managed to experience so much through my travels and I definitely hope to travel more every year and to see the world and all its beauty =)

Blogging wise, I was very happy that I could still find time to write and even had a full page Interview with Famehitz and managed to maintain this blog with all the working and the travels that happened last year. I'm so glad this blog still kept me company during my lonely times and that I never gave up writing because this is also where I find solace during my free time. Although I did not produce many posts last year, but I still hope to continue writing and with all your support, to keep this blog alive!

Nothing changed in the food department hahaha...I am still gaining weight >.< But I loved that I managed to tick off certain restaurants in my bucket list such as The Orchid Conservatory, Majestic KL, Fuego Sky Dining, drinks at Marini's, tried omakase fine dining at Babe and so many others. No wonder, I stopped weighing myself HAHA But luckily I still managed to be consistent with exercising at least once a week.

I am super blessed to have people who love me surrounding me. I am so grateful for the many things that happened last year and one of those things...

...is being engaged to the love of my life =)) I'm still contemplating whether I should do a blogpost about it hehe because it's very personal to me <3

This is another exciting journey to go through. Planning my own wedding is something I am looking forward to and it's so exciting yet scary #leveluptoadulthood

2018 will be a very eventful year I reckon. There are so many changes happening and I hope to brave through all of it and come out smiling and living my dreams =)

December 30, 2017

KFC Chizza- the perfect mashup!

KFC Malaysia has raised the bar! Bringing Malaysians the one-of-a-kind product innovation- featuring the best of chicken and the best of pizza in the much talked about KFC Chizza.

KFC Malaysia organised a Chizza party with the screening of Pitch Perfect 3 at GSC Nu Sentral.

In this invite-only party, guests were given a set of Chizza combo together with popcorn combo. Just nice for dinner x movie time.

Time to dig in!

A perfect mashup of crowd favourites- crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken fillet and popular Pizza toppings, the KFC Chizza is truly befitting its tagline of a "Finger Lickin' Good Pizza". With rich tomato pizza sauce, juicy diced pineapples, onions, herbs and gooey mozzarella cheese topped over the ultimate crust of a succulent KFC Hot and Spicy chicken fillet, it is the perfect 'pizza' that will leave no crust behind.

I am a fan of Chizza! Truth be told, I have tried it even before the Chizza party and I have already loved it. Thing is, I am not a fan of pizza crust and everytime I eat pizza, unless it's a cheesy crust, I will throw the crust away (wasteful). So with this Chizza, there is no crust to waste and the combination of the Hot & Spicy chicken with the tomato pizza sauce are a perfect match. I'm also glad that they made it with the Hot & Spicy chicken because that's my favourite =)

Yup, it's Finger Lickin' Good! 

Enjoyed every bit of it and then just nice, it's movie time.

Pitch Perfect 3 is another mashup movie just like Chizza!

The songs were fantastic and Rebel Wilson totally killed it in this 3rd installment. I wanted to watch it when it first premiered so I was glad KFC invited me for the screening. Turned out better than expected and laughed from the start to the finish. The songs were good, the plot was good, the humour was great and everything about it was very enjoyable.

Thank you KFC for the invite. I enjoyed the night very much =)

Starting from RM7.90, KFC Chizza is available a la carte and in combo meal. Combo comes with fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink. For a bigger eat, Chizza Box is available with a piece of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken, fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink.

Available nationwide since 21st November 2017, while stocks last.

December 29, 2017

December- the end of 2017

It's the last month of the year. Wow, time really flies! Before we know it, 2017 is gone and we are welcoming 2018. Still managed to cram more food into my tummy for the end of the year hehe

Back at Tiger Tiger Sunway.

Nasi Lemak Volcano. Super filling!

Indomie with buttermilk chicken. This is more for me because I couldn't finish Volcano by myself haha


Nasi Lemak at Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

Hot wings at Empire also. This was really yummy. If I am not that hungry, I would just buy wings for my meal hehe

Watermelon coconut drink from Hui Lau Shan. Their new selections look good and taste good.

Street Churros. A bit disappointing.

Kim Gary. Was craving for some cheesy baked stuffs and ended up here. Yums!

Haraju Cube. Not as good as last time.

Was really craving for some crab curry and managed to wallop one big plate at Pelita, Jalan Ampang HAHA...Oh it was soo good. Went back with a happy stomach =)

Firm's Christmas party at Cork's Out TTDI.

Chicken chop.


Salmon Bruschetta.

BBQ dinner with friends.

Ooh lala the lamb was so good!

Secret santa gifts!

Dinner at Busaba Thai, Sunway.

This Lychee Mint was very refreshing.

Sago appetizer.

Mmm...Pad Thai is something I would come back for.

Tom Yam

Duck meat.

Stuffed crab!! Was sooo full with so much good food!

Caught Jumanji and it was not as scary as the original movie. This version was more laid back, funny and more for kids. But nevertheless, still enjoyed it.

Managed to catch a glimpse of Santa this Christmas as well hehe

At KLCC and this year the decorations in most of the shopping malls were very beautiful.

Christmas nails!

My toe nails were a matte sweet pink colour which I am obsessed with.

Christmas day! Dress from Zalora as a gift from the BFF <3

I had a fabulous Christmas and will be welcoming 2018 with an open heart to new adventures next year.

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year and may all your resolutions be fulfilled =)