August 21, 2014

Escaping Daddy book

The last time I read a book like this was Daddy's Little Secret. That was 2 years back. After that, I was too depressed to touch another book like that. However, I actually bought Daddy's Little Secret together with this Escaping Daddy book.

I don't know what went on in my mind when I decided to buy two very depressing books. I thought it would be a different read from my normal romance genre. Since the first book, I have not read Escaping Daddy til now. Just imagine the impact of a sexually abusive relationship story it had on me. I dare not read another like that.

But since I've already bought it and this book was collecting dust for two years, I decided to now read the story of a child who was made a prostitute by her very own dad when she was only in her teens.

Why would any dad make their daughter a prostitute is beyond me but he made her one to earn him money and even raped her himself and sometimes even watched 'clients' rape her in front of him! This is the author's real life story and what's even worst is that she managed to escape from her dad, only to go into another abusive relationship. Her husband physically abused her time to time by punching her in the face til blood spurts out and he even broke her nose.

It's probably something to do with psychology or because these victims have nowhere to go, somehow we always hear stories of the victims going back to their abuser. This is no exception. I was quite frustrated at the number of times she forgave her husband and went back to him only to be punched in the face again! Like O-M-G, stop punching your frigging wife!!!

However, she's quite a strong person. She would fight back at times, get an injunction against him, and try to start anew. Her actions fail certain times but she finally managed to gather enough courage to leave him once and for all. But that's not the end. Her second marriage didn't last but this time around, no physical abuse was involved. After many more failed relationships, going through depression, cutting and suicide attempts, she finally got through life with counselling, self help books and going back to school. She even managed to start a self-esteem course and go for holidays after saving money. Life was getting better and her two sons grew up to be nothing like her dad or her other previous husbands and they even have families of their own. She is also going to church and has met a wonderful guy who doesn't treat her like a sex object. All in all, it's good that she has her life back now, enjoying every minute of it =)

This is not a story telling kind of book. It is more of the author's life events. So the timeline could be jumbled up. Something like her biography. If you're interested to know more about how people cope with abuse, depression, suicide attempts and still come out strong, do pick up this book =)

After Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, this will be my last last book about torture. In fact, I haven't bought any of such books anymore. Now, I'm sticking to chick flick and romance! My reading time is leisure time for fantasy not heartbreak. But definitely, what an eye opener!

Deoproce Deep Cleansing Foam

Having rough skin and want to smoothen it out?
You might just find your solution with Deoproce's Natural Perfect Solution Deep Cleansing Foam.

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It is more of like a cleanser cum scrub.
Rice powder and rice bran deeply scrub and cleanse even tiny dead skin cells.
Recommended for rough and tired skin.

Rice flour and mixed cereal extracts dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Rice water helps to even the skin tone while calming irritated skin caused by cleansing. 
All ingredients are natural and it's great to know that you can cleanse your face safely without harmful chemicals involved.

3 features:
-Deep cleansing
-Pore care

Made in Korea.
For a huge 170g tube, the price of RM29.90 is rather reasonable!

 How to use:

Dispense an appropriate amount

Fully lather with lukewarm water

Wash face with massaging motion and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Skin feels really smooth afterwards. Best thing is that, it is not harsh for the skin. The small particles scrub does not scratch the skin nor irritates it but smoothen it out and cleanses dead skin cells and impurities leaving a soft skin texture.

Another plus point is the fragrance. It smells soooo good. I can't pinpoint what smell is it but after cleansing face, you can just feel the fragrance lingering around.

It is suitable for all skin types. 

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August 18, 2014

Cres Wellness Plotox Micro Facelift

It's been ages since my last facial! About time for me to pamper myself and to relax!

My stop for a pampering session is Cres Wellness, USJ Taipan.

Cres Wellness is introducing their newest facial treatment, which is the Plotox Micro Facelift. It uses nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology to combine the anti-aging factor "Green Peptides" and whitening factor "AHAS" that penetrates quickly into deep skin cells to provide nutrition to the cell. This increases the production of collagen and elastic fibers making skin look full, shiny, white and young. This treatment will provide visible results within 15 minutes! You will see a rapid repair of the ruptured collagen, reduced wrinkles, tightened eye bags, reduced pores size and lifted and sharpened facial contour. You may look 5-10 years younger with a continuous therapy for 3 months.

So here I am at the USJ Taipan outlet.

Very spacious and nice setting.

The room was pretty cozy and just the right temperature.

Changed into the tube gown and ready for my facial.

I love how they have a bolster on the bed for underneath your legs for comfort =)

The Plotox Micro Facelift consist of these steps:

1. Cleanse

2. Double cleanse

3. Mist spray

4. Scrub mask

5. Head massage(which was sooo good!)

6.Face steam

Cres' face steam is cold and refreshing!

7. Then time for Extraction (I was very surprised that this time my extraction was not painful at all! I normally cringe when it's time for extraction but my beautician was sooo good that she managed to make it not painful at all. She was so delicate and so careful and also because I reminded her that my skin is sensitive and will easily be red. This is the first facial after so many years that I actually liked extraction because it was so bearable and my blackheads were gone in minutes ^^)

8. Concentrate serum applied to reduce redness and to rejuvenate skin. The effect was immediate because the beautician showed me a mirror for comparison. My skin was brighter and younger looking as compared to the previous dull skin.

9. Repair serum for skin healing after extraction

10. Machine is used to massage skin for better absorption of serum

11. Face massage(I actually dozed off!)

12. Cooling Mask

13. Shoulder massage

14. Skincare application

Overall, I had a fantastic time =))) I enjoyed the facial and the massages so much. My body felt so relaxed! My face is so much smoother as well. 

Above: *hides face* Forehead so much bumps of blackheads -.-
Below: Aside from the one red mark not healed yet from extraction, my other blackheads were gone and no redness! YAY! (picture no edit)

The Plotox Micro Facelift costs RM525 but since Cres is celebrating their 11th anniversary, check out their promotion starting from RM899 which is a package plus free product.

August 14, 2014

Pizza Hut- New and Improved!

Who loves Pizza? *raises hand*
It is my childhood favourite food! If my parents ever bring us to go Pizza Hut, I'll be super excited =))
I have known Pizza Hut since forever. Who can forget 755-25-25?!

Now, Pizza Hut has come up with new and improved recipes *yums*
Pizza Hut Malaysia is committed to being at the top of their game as the number one choice for pizza, with their pledge to serve the new and improved Pan Pizzas with a satisfaction guarantee! Yeap, you heard it right, Satisfaction Guaranteed, or you will be replaced with another, for FREE!

Pizza Hut Malaysia held a food tasting event for the media at Pizza Hut, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

The Pan Pizzas are now guaranteed to be freshly prepared, have only the best ingredients and have a great taste. Customers can now choose from 16 delicious toppings! That's a whole lot of toppings to choose from! 

In addition to the new and improved Pan Pizzas, Pizza Hut is also introducing 18 new items which include an array of appetizers, pastas, rice, beverages and desserts. Plus the 3 new Pan Pizzas, that equals a whopping 21 new items in the menu! I am full just hearing the numbers, what more tasting all 21 items!!

Come, let's take a look at the mouth watering food in Pizza Hut's new menu!

Warning: Tons of food pictures hehe *drool alert*

A whole bunch of medias gathering round the food table busy taking piccies!

Three brand new pizzas were introduced which are the Meat Lover's Pesto, Pesto Chicken and BBQ Chicken.

BBQ Chicken.

Pesto Chicken.

Meat Lover's Pesto.

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Fettuccine.

Chicken and Cheese Roll.

Cinnamon Twist.

BBQ Wings.

Fizzy Berry.

Chocolate Tiramisu Twist.

Ben Ibrahim was the host of the day!
Very funny and nice person =)

Senior General Manager of Pizza Hut Malaysia, Mr. Low Kang Moon, welcoming the media.
"The exploration of different pizza experiences has inspired our team to come up with many flavourful ideas. Our renewed commitment to make our Pan Pizzas even better includes the freshness of the crust, perfecting our blend of tomatoes, herbs, spices and oils for the special pizza sauce, and discovering more incredibly flavourful, fresh, and healthy toppings for our pizzas".

It's food tasting time! *hungers*

This is my FAVOURITE new pizza, the BBQ Chicken!!
Love the BBQ sauce, the right proportion of chicken, cheese and sauce which made it the perfect pizza for me =))

These are the two new pizzas with Pesto flavours. If you don't know what Pesto is, let me educate you a little bit hehehe. I didn't know what Pesto was also until Andrew, a writer from the same table, who is in love with Pesto, told me that it is a sauce of a mix of basil.

A simple Google definition of Pesto would be: crushed basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil, typically served with pasta.

So, now that you know what Pesto is, you would also know that not many people like the smell or taste of basil leaves. It is more of like, 'One man's food is another man's poison'. See, Andrew really liked the Pesto pizzas, some of us however, not so much. Honestly, I had mixed feelings. For one, yes, it is unique because nowhere else serves Pesto pizzas here, but on the other hand, it only caters to a certain taste bud.

Simply said, if you like Basil, you will love the new Pesto Pan Pizzas creation! Any Pesto lovers out there?

I am in love with the Creamy Foundue!
The garlic bread was soft and the mushroom soup was so creamy and yummy!!
This was a great appetizer! Totally recommended =)

The sharing platter had a mix of bread, chicken stick, chicken and cheese roll and drumettes.
My favourite was the New Orleans Drummettes! It was soft, perfectly roasted and so delicious and tasty. The chicken and cheese roll is another to look out for served with salsa sauce!

The Hut's Platter is a different mix with potato crisps, tempura prawn and a somewhat bruschetta.

The Chicken and Cheese Baked Rice was yummylicious. The rice was baked to perfection and it was still sizzling when it was served. It was cheesy and creamy with marinated chicken slices and roasted sliced mushrooms.

If you like seafood rice instead, then you should opt for the Flaming Prawn Rice.
It is topped with juicy prawns, crabsticks in Arrabiata sauce, topped with Mozarella cheese.

By the time the pastas came, my stomach was already filled to the brim!
But I still dug into the Pesto Chicken Spaghetti.
Again, this is a Pesto pasta just like the pizza so if you're a fan, you'll love it =)

This Pollo Arrabiata Spaghetti was creamy and cheesy and the combination of spice was just right!

Tiramisu Treat drink.

We all had a small shot glass each. At first smell, don't be surprised because it smelled a bit like playdough. However, once you taste it, it's really good! The combination of mint, yoghurt, soy milk and tiramisu syrup was actually not bad! This could be my favourite drink from now on because I love anything with mint!

Lastly, our long awaited dessert! Totally worth the wait!
This was the perfect ending of the night.
No matter how full my stomach was, I could not leave without tasting the Molten Lava Cake!
I am a dessert girl and if all the other food fail but the dessert is good, I will still go back a happy child hehe

Just look at that! *wipes saliva from mouth*
The combination of the soft cake, the chocolate lava, almond nuts and the cold ice cream is a dream dessert for any dessert loving person. The whole table agreed that the lava cake was a perfect ending to the night!

I definitely went back a happy child =))
Not only the food was great, but the drinks and dessert topped it off for a great food tasting event!

Now let's take a peek into Pizza Hut's newest menu selections:

While we were stuffing our mouth with food, we were being interviewed, played trivia games and had an Instagram contest.
The Instagram contest put our selfies mode to play!
The first three people to post an Instagram selfie with a pizza and tagged @pizzahutmalaysia and hashtag #guaranteebest and #pizzahutmalaysia will win gifts.

So, of course, I quickly selfied this and posted on Intstagram.
Didn't even have time to edit the pic hence, the lighting wasn't good.

Guess what? My quick effort and my selfie practices before this paid off hahahaha (sans fast editing skills)

I was the very first person to post the picture!!
(sorry for the blurry pic)

And this was what I won! A limited edition power bank *loves*
I absolutely love it <3
Totally need this since my phone is my life!

For the great food, great night, friendly staffs and for the additional 2kg in my weight lol

Can't wait to try out Pizza Hut's newest menu?
Head on to the nearest outlet with your friends and family!
In line with the new promotion, a contest will be held from 12th August 2014 to 10th September 2014 offering irresistible prizes such as RM 1,000 cash daily and a grand prize worth RM10,000 cash. To participate, customers will have to obtain a minimum purchase of RM30(one entry per receipt) that must include any Pan Pizza product. Participants are required to submit their entries via WhatsApp or through regular mail. T&C applies HERE

For more info, please visit Pizza Hut Malaysia website
OR their FB page