October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I'm utterly disappointed none of my friends are throwing any Halloween parties XD I'm definitely not throwing one so no Halloween for me =(( Though, I would really love to celebrate Halloween. I have never celebrated it before.

Every 31st October is Halloween day. I don't know how Halloween came about but I do know people wear scary costumes and children go trick or treating. In certain countries, it's a public holiday. But in Malaysia, mostly we do not celebrate it.

If I would go to a Halloween party, I'll definitely go as a VAMPIRE coz I'm obsessed with vampires these days haha I'm gona be as white as Edward Cullen, having cool fangs and wearing red contacts =))

For those who are celebrating, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

October 29, 2010


I'm loving sushi more and more <3 I don't know why probably because since I'm starting a healthy diet, I feel sushi is very healthy and not oily. I was not really a fan of Japanese food previously because I was not used to their raw food but after going out much to Japanese restaurants, I'm falling in love with Japanese food hehe

Just the other day I went to Sushi Zanmai in Gardens, Mid Valley. The place is more or less the same like the one in Sunway Pyramid.

So my friend must-have sushi in Zanmai is mentai. Okay, I'm no pro in Japanese food so I'm not sure what it is. Anyway she ordered that and I ordered my stuff. When hers came, I tried and I must say I really love it!!

Tamago Mentai is egg grilled with a cheesy fill on top. Delicious!! She also ordered another mentai with prawns. So from now, I think whenever I go to Zanmai, I'm gona order mentai LOL

Okay, what exactly is mentai? From what I googled, it's fish eggs. Though, I did not see any fish eggs there haha...I may be wrong! Anyway, whenever I eat Japanese sushi, most of the time I don't know what I'm eating and how to pronounce it LOL

But it's healthy! That's what make Japanese restaurants very popular in Malaysia. I like the pink ginger together with rice and their green tea. Oh, and not forgetting their desserts =p

So, if you want a healthy meal, Japanese restaurant is where you should go!

October 28, 2010


There's been a lot of scams around lately. Like where you scratch and win Rm50,000, your phone number got picked to win RM10,000, you're the lucky visitor of a certain site and will win some luxurious goods and sort of crap!

                                                       Never ever believe these things!

I still don't understand why some people still get into this kind of trap? Can't you see it's too good to be true? When some things are too good, chances are it's not true and there's a catch. These are when people start asking your account number and password so that they can bank in the so called thousands of ringgit or when people ask you to put a down payment of RM10,000 for service tax or whatever.

I have never believed in this kind of shams. Whenever I see this kind of e-mails or sms-es, I would delete them without a blink of an eye. But sending stuffs to me is fine, I can just throw them away. The scary part is when those scam people start waiting for you on the roadside and start to harass you.

I encountered this situation once. I was walking towards my college when this guy came and approach me with a pamphlet. I immediately shook my head and said no, I don't want it. But he kept persisting. He said just take only. Since he was so annoying, fine I took it. I thought by taking it, he'll go away and I'll just throw the paper somewhere.

But it turned out I was suppose to open the envelope and see whether I won anything or not. I'm like, 'No, I don't want'. He said, 'Do only. What is there to loose?' Gee, so I opened it and there it was written I won some goods. I think I won some electrical goods like a fridge or oven if I'm not mistaken.

SUDDENLY, he shouted like a crazy fellow. He said, 'OMG! OMG! OMG! I WON.. I WON.. I WON! He said I was the first person this day to win something. I'm like shocked by his shouting and I wasn't even happy. I knew from the beginning it was a scam. So while he was still shouting and telling me I have to go to Kelana Jaya to collect the goods and that it's real after showing me some newspaper cuttings to validate saying other people have gotten it FREE too, I, on the other hand, was thinking how am I going to get my way out of this.

He was already saying come let's get a taxi and go to Kelana Jaya now. I'm like, 'Are you freaking serious??' I have a class to get to. Luckily, I saw my friend heading towards college too. I mouthed him, 'Help me!' So he saved me and told the person, 'Eh, got class la. We have to get to class now!' I gave the envelope back to the guy and ran away with my friend.

My gosh! Luckily, or else I really don't know what to do. That stupid guy was harassing me like crazy. I told him I didn't want the gift but he insisted that was my lucky day -.-

Actually I never should have taken the envelope. That was my mistake which in turn become a whole drama for that guy. You know when he was shouting everyone were looking at us. I was literally embarrassed! I should have walked away eventhough he kept harassing me. So, morale of the story is that, never take anything from these scammers and never ever believe whatever they say. You will never win any money or goods for free. Good things in life are not free!

October 27, 2010

Like a G6

I'm addicted to Far East Movement's 'Like a G6'......So addictive. You should hear it! I heard it first in Gossip Girl and I got hooked to it. Now, I listen to this song on average twice a day on my ipod LOLZ

So, what's a G6??
Some said it's a car, cocaine or so many other things. But an interview from one of the member of Far East Movement revealed it's a plane. Hence, the lyric 'Fly like a G6'
Get it? haha

October 25, 2010

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen's been going very wild these days. If you don't know her, she's from Gossip Girl. At least she used to be a regular but since her bizarre attitude, even the producers dropped her from being a regular and now she just guest stars once in awhile.

In the first season of Gossip Girl, she was that innocent girl dubbed, 'Lil J'. Jenny Humphrey was the high school girl from Brooklyn, didn't wear much make up and just looked sweet. She didn't make much of the headlines back then.

                                                                     Pretty and sweet

Then her character changed when she lives at the Upper East Side. She started having racoon- eyes, wearing scantily clad clothes and giving much of an attitude in the show. Somehow, reel life became real life. She does all of that outside too. She has a band called 'The Pretty Reckless' and wears lingerie during her performances. Like what the!!

                                                                Not so innocent anymore

After that, she became totally out of control. During interviews, she would swear like an adult(she's only 17 mind you) and talks about sex and masturbating! Then the most recent stint was flashing her boobs during performance:


I could see Miley Cyrus is slowly going to be like her. What's with these young performers these days...Can they be more like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

October 24, 2010

Saving the trees!!

I know everyone's been working towards saving the environment. People are using hybrid cars, no plastic bags, less paper and more electronic things, blah, blah, blah...

But being a law student, I'm sorry, trees are not our biggest fan! We need thick books, huge bulk of notes, statute books and thousands of papers for exams because it is essay-based. So when the University of London wanted to 'save the trees' and protect the environment, all of us moaned!!

Now, let's be practical, unless you have an ipad, reading would be much easier from an electronic device. But if you're reading 500 pages of notes from the laptop, your eyes will literally go blur and strained. At least with books, you can highlight it easy and take it out and read whenever you want without going through switching on the computer and getting distracted by facebook LOL

Besides, most of our assignments are written based. So it's not convenient when our e-books are in the computer. It's not like we can cut and paste it in microsoft words. But whatever it is, the university did their part in saving the environment and now our study packs are in CDs...

But not most of it. Our textbooks are still in books. Our subject guides, however, are unbinded stacks of papers. Come on, at least bind it for us if you do not want to put hard covers on it since you want to save the trees *smacks head*

Further, some regulations books and what not are to be referred online. I think by next year everything will just be in the online library and no more books to be sent from London. Last year, our consignment from London was 14kg. This year it's only 7.22 kg. They lightened it by half. Uni of London should be given some award in their actions to save the trees LOL

But of course the fees are still the same. WTH! At least when you lessen the package, give a discount to our fees too! Since they want to us to be so technology savvy why don't they conduct lectures from London and we can view via webcam here so that we don't need to go to our colleges. Doesn't transportation increases carbon footprints??

Yeah, they should really think about that. Go all out to save the environment...

October 22, 2010

110th post!!!!!!

Wow, it's been so fast.....This is my 110th post. I didn't actually realise until I saw how many posts I've written. I started this blog end of May/early June and now around 4 months later, I've accumulated 110 posts =)))

Writing has always been my passion aside from my other guilty pleasures. I blogged because during my holidays I was bored. Now that college has started, I can't stop writing so I continued blogging. It was really fun entering into the blogosphere.

Well, here's to another 110 posts!!!!

October 20, 2010

Keeping fit

I have been complaining a lot about how much weight I've put on recently so I've decided to do something about it. After many weeks of saying I need to diet I'm finally dieting LOL

I tell you, it's hard. On top of that, I need to exercise too. Firstly, there's too much temptations of delicious food around and then there's the laziness to exercise haha

But i got my butt off and started running around the taman in my housing area on odd days. Seriously, I have never walked around the playground and only now I found out how huge and nice the place is haha and it's only behind my house. I really felt like I was under a nutshell all these while. Besides, I didn't even know there's exercise tools provided like walking mill, sit-up bench, monkey bars and all sorts *slaps head* I need to walk around there more often! But it feels really good after you sweat it out and you feel more energetic =)

Okay, I've never ran like this for more than 3 years!! Not since high school sports. The most I ran is whenever I follow my dad to the gym in his golfcourse on the treadmill. Wow! It's been too long since I've exercised much. So, I feel like my stamina is TERRIBLE! I cannot run for long without going out of breath fast. Damn!

The most I've done these years with my college friends is to go swimming around. Even that I'm no good at. I really suck at sports! No wonder I've become lazier and lazier and putting on more weight.

Now, when it comes to food, I try really really hard to abstain from all junk foods. I really try to just rely mostly on vegetables and fruits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to keep on to this diet at least for two more weeks.

I just need to shed a few kilos. I'll maintain that weight and then I can eat whatever I want in small portions- no more binge eating! Just a few kilos. Crossing my fingers and toes!!

October 19, 2010


My current nail colour- red and yellow =)) <3
I used Skin Food chilli red colour + In 2 It yellow banana
My parents said the combination of colours looked like the Selangor flag

I guess a bit lah hahaha
I'm a Selangor-ian after all =p


October 18, 2010

Oh NO!!!!

It's sad to hear celebrity couples break up =((

I was especially devastated many years back when I heard Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt decided to file for divorce. They were so perfect!

And now, Jen's best friend, Courteney Cox is going through the same catastrophe...OH NO!!! I thought Courteney and David Arquette are sooo sweet together!!! But just recently, I was shocked when they gave a statement that they were actually separated months before. =((

They have a daughter together, Coco Riley and will remain to have joint custody. Another shocker is also Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman divorcing. This is kind of a surprise for me because she's always saying how Jordan changed her life and he's the love of her life. Oh well, sh*t happens XD

I really hope marriages in Hollywood last longer. One couple I really root for is Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. After 20 plus years of marriage, they are still going strong. They have two kids together and I think they make quite a perfect family in Hollywood =)

                                                     This is to another 20 years of marriage!

Other celebrities should look up to them! So many marriages and so many divorces these days. The newest upcoming marriage is the wedding of Russel Brand and Katy Perry which is set to be quite huge in India. India was the place where they were engaged. I hope their marriage last very long!!

                                         The happy couple in India for their marriage. Congratz!

October 17, 2010

The other guys

Many people have reviewed this show and found it hilarious. But I, on the other hand don't find it that funny. In fact, some of the jokes were kinda cliche. I don't know why LOL Perhaps, I watched this movie with high expectations considering all the good reviews. However, it was kinda disappointing.

But I like Mark Wahlberg. He looked so young in this movie. He was funny especially when talking to Eva Mendes. He couldn't believe it that she's Will Ferrell's wife in the movie LOL....I mean no one could believe it =p

The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson weren't even the main characters. They were more of like a guests appearance. Overall, it was a blah action-comedy movie.

October 15, 2010


What is the FIRST THING about serving customers? Answer is: Customer is always right! And if you thought for a second to dispute any customers, go back to rule number one!

I was in sungai wang the other day with my friends. So we were shopping around and then decided to go to the highest floor as it has more choices. Then we entered a shop and me and my girl friend wanted to try a few dresses. So we were trying while the guys waited outside. We came out and were analysing our dresses. We were kinda noisy and kinda long.

Then we went back inside the dressing room to change back to our clothes. While we're changing we heard the shopkeeper saying like we all very long and told us 'Jangan main- main ah!' My gosh!! Suddenly, the room became silent and we were speechless!

Then me and my friend came out and my friend was still deciding whether she wants to buy the dress. I've already decided not to buy coz my dress was too sexy LOL Then my friend asked our guy friends out there about who said, 'Jangan main main'? They all just eyed the shopkeeper. So my friend said loudly 'Main-main ah? Kalau main-main, tak payah beli lah!!!!!' LOLZ

I didn't get to see the shopkeeper's face but sure like 'cha dao' redi hahahha And we walked out of the shop. So RUDE!!!! Do you want to earn money?? How dare you say things like that to your customers. The dresses are not that cheap you know. You think buying clothes take split seconds to decide?? Think we have no money, just playing dress up in the room? She definitely doesn't deserve our money. I hope the shop owner fires her for her rudeness!!

But of course not all shops are like that. Some shops are so good treating us very well. Haihz I didn't get the name of that shop or else can blacklist her hehe

I haven't come across that many rude shopkeepers. But I do remember at one time me and my family were at Genting and we wanted to eat steamboat. This steamboat shop at first not many business so they were like saying, 'Come and eat here. Come! Come! Come!' So okay we ate there. Then business started to build up and there were quite many customers queing up. We were almost finished with our dinner but haven't finished just yet when the same waitress who invited us put new cutleries on the table already and waiting to clean our table. We were like, 'Excuse me! We haven't finish eating!' But since the waitress was impatient redi we just finished fast and paid. Just look at them. When no business, treat us very well but then want to 'halau' us when there are others. Mangkuks!!

In Penang, we wanted to eat some desserts at some roadside hawkers. So we sat inside one restaurant but the shopkeeper said we cant bring outside food in so we had to change shop. Fine, we changed shop and somehow that shop doesn't allow it too and we had to sit at the roadside. But the thing is we wanted to buy dessert from the roadside hawker at the same time eat some food from the inside shop! My goodness!! No wonder those shops have no customers sitting in there coz they can't tolerate outside food. Seriously? What's the problem? You're earning our money as well!! Now, you won't earn a single cent from us and we came in big groups. Serve you right!

My friend related her story that at one time she went into the shop 'Che Che New York' just browsing through some bags. She's around my age and so the shopkeeper thought she doesn't have money. She was looking at a particular bag when the shopkeeper came and told her proudly that it's worth RM600. She said as if it's not worth looking because you don't have money to buy. My friend didn't even ask the price and she didn't like her attitude so she walked out empty handed. The next time she came with her mom both of them carrying Louis Vuitton bags, the same girl treated them very well! Look at the double standard!

For such a nice branded shop like that, spoilt by rude shopkeepers! It's okay, I still love Che Che. It has such cute bags. But if I come across rude girls in there, I wouldn't buy from that branch! Or maybe I should and show it in their face!

These shopkeepers should know they are supposed to treat customers well so that you'll get good business. People won't crowd around your shop with such rude behaviours. Next time when you encounter such people, just tell them in their face that they are so rude like my friend did in sungai wang. She deserves such treatment! I came across one such customer in an optical shop scolding the optometrist for being so rude and she shouted at her in front of so many people! Just imagine how embarrasing!

Thus, next time if you become a sales person, treat your potential customers with the right attitude!


I'm sure most of you would have read about the news someone receiving RM55,000 in damages after suing Pizza Hut having found a cockroach leg in her spaghetti bolognaise. She had diarrhea and vomitted after eating the spaghetti.

This is how serious it could be if you find any foreign objects in your food. Courts are being very harsh to impose such high damages to deter shop keepers from taking hygiene lightly. It was also reported that Pizza Hut had such incidents before and this is not the first time.

Goodness, I though fast food outlets are much cleaner. Must be careful next time when I eat at Pizza Hut. Better check my pizzas, spaghetti or chicken wings for any insects LOL

The worst thing I've ever found when eating outside is just insects in my drink. Then the waitress would take it back. But I'm not sure if they just scoop it out or get me a new drink LOL Another time was having a fly in my food. But that wasn't the cook's fault. The fly actually landed in it and somehow died or it died and the wind flew it in my food *laughs* Most of the time, we don't find anything in our food but we'll get food poisoning after eating out. I've had many of such incidents. But we cannot prove anything, can we?

At one time, I was with a group of friends in a restaurant and my friend ordered chicken chop. When it came, my friend started to slice it into small pieces. Then suddenly we all saw blood coming out of the chicken. EEEWWW the chicken was not cooked!! Gosh, how do these cooks prepare food??

You cannot really trust outside food but sometimes you do not have a choice. But moral of the story is if you do find any foreign objects like maggots, flies or cockroach legs in you food, sue the outlet. You may never know how rich you'll get just by finding some small insect in your food *laughs*

October 14, 2010


Congratz to Koo Kien Keat-Chin Ee Hui, Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong and Elaine Koon for adding into our gold medals tally in the final day of the Commonwealth 2010 games!!

Wow, after watching for 5 and the half hours, watching the badminton event simultaneously with the rhythmic gymnastics, Malaysia grasped 8 medals in one day! Elaine Koon was fantastic with her apparatus and she won gold for hulla hoop beating Australia which was a surprise! She also won one silver and two more bronze in ball, rope and ribbon respectively.

                                                            A very promising gymnast!

Yesterday, she also won bronze after adding up all the marks for rope, hoop, ribbon and ball. Although Malaysia missed out on getting a medal on the team event as we didn't do too well. Elaine didn't make any significant mistakes and she was very elegant and flexible!

On the other hand, our badminton team performed very well. Only Wong Mew Choo lose out on the gold medal and obtained a silver after Indian player, Saina Nehwal who beat her in the team event beat her again in the individual event =(( Mew Choo lost in the rubber set- again!

                                                     Saina- tough fight for Mew Choo

However, our mixed doubles, men's singles and men's doubles all won in straight sets. Very well done to our Malaysian badminton team. So proud of them =)

Yes, I'm a sucker for badminton and gymnastics until I could stay up to 5 hours watching these events. I have been watching these two events everyday till midnight with my family. But today the finals events are earlier and not at night because the closing ceremony will be at 9.30pm. I guess I will be watching the closing ceremony too *laughs*

October 13, 2010


Eminem recently told 60 Minutes magazine that he doesn't cuss at home. Wow, seriously??

                                                          Bad boy gone good at home!!

It must be hard to restrict yourself at home then right? I mean all his songs have at least a few F words in it. Trust me if you listen properly, all his songs have profanities. Just listen to his newest songs, 'Love the way you lie' featuring Rihanna, Beautiful and Not Afraid and you'll know or google the lyrics.

He has three daughters and yes I don't expect him to curse at them but wouldn't the F bomb may sometimes come out if you're talking to your friends at home or perhaps when some things don't go your way?

Have you seen 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'? My, these ladies cuss at home like nobody's business especially foul-mouthed Khloe Kardashian:

                                                        She cusses at anyone and anywhere!

I mean even their mom Kris Kardashian says the F word like nothing in front of them. Such good example huh? Btw, they have two teenager sisters at home hearing all these! How can they not pick it up? Children learn very fast!

Okay, I'm not saying I don't cuss because I do at times but not to the extreme. I also admit sometimes when my parents are at home I may have slipped some 'SH*T' or 'What the Hell??' but these are considered very minor in profanities language(LOL) but not on purpose! So I think Eminem is really good setting a fantastic example to his children but I'm sure he may have slipped a few F bombs here and there sometimes(but he's trying!)

Although he's not setting good examples in his music. How do you expect people to follow the lyrics in your music without cussing? I'm sure when his children grow up, they'll definitely hear their dad on the radio and if they don't hear him cussing at home they'll hear him in his music. No difference LOL

But at least he doesn't cuss at them unlike the Kardashians. For Khloe, F you is normal language used daily =p And guys these days cusses like nobody's business too. Girls are also keeping up. I'm not dissing these people but seriously? For every single thing there is a need to cuss. I do not get why! -.- And yes, I do get irritated when people cuss non-stop like a few profanities for every sentence! Especially when you can cuss in different languages like English, Bahasa and Chinese(especially!) In one language there are so many profanities and adding all other languages, imagine how much bad words there are! *smacks head* No wonder people don't use normal words these days...

I think due to many people cussing around the world, there's this No Cussing Club in the net. There's a challenge to not cuss for the longest- one year(LOL) I'm sure many will fail in this challenge haha Check it out HERE

Try not too cuss too much! It spoils your vocabulary and manners!!

October 11, 2010


I got my black henna!! *hearts*

The only thing I like when nearing Deepavali in Brickfields is that there's always a henna booth where you can do your hands there. And every year ever since I started studying there I'll go get a henna. I love all these arts. I'm drawn to them LOL I need to get a real tattoo one day =p

So you can either choose the red henna or the black henna. The red henna is made of inai and it'll turn out orangy like normally how you see Malay or Indians have on their hands. It costs RM5 per hand but doesn't last long. I did the red henna last year and it only lasted a few days. Moreover, it's not very visible.

However, the black henna which cost RM10 is much nicer. As you can see the above pic, it's very visible and last longer. I think it's made of ink? But I'm not too sure. You can also choose out of the ample designs there on which suits you best.

It's quite weird right for a chinese to have something drawn on her hand haha...Btw, I'm the only chinese getting my hand done. The rest were either Indians or curious foreigners. But whatever, it's what I like hehe Now, I'm so into it. I'm actually contemplating on getting my other hand done haha...Oh well, probably next year lah =p

So if you're passing by Brickfields, do drop by there. It's near the monorail station =)

October 10, 2010


McDonalds McShakers is back!!!!!!!!!! This time; cheese flavoured....YUMMY!!!!!!

I'm sooooooo craving for more right now!! I ate only twice ever since it came back and I need to eat more of it before the time expires XD

It taste like cheezels and abit like super ring =)) very addictive I must say!!

                                               MMmmmmmm.....definitely LOVING it!!!!!


YAY!! Congrats to our Malaysian badminton team for winning a gold medal =)) Malaysia won 3-1 against India in the finals of the Commonwealth badminton team event. I was actually waiting for the finals to see our players in action. We were already hoping for a few golds in the badminton events and this was one of it!

I watched the game from 9.30pm till over midnight on Friday. The first to play was our mixed doubles. Koo Kien Keat partnering Chin Ee Hui managed to win after the rubber set and it provided confidence to the Malaysian team. Because it was homeground, India did receive a lot of support from the spectators whereas Malaysia just had the support from our own badminton team. However, the team was overjoyed when they won the first game.

Then came our men's singles world number one; Datuk Lee Chong Wei who won in straight sets. I mean it was expected as he is the best! That meant putting Malaysia 2-0 with just one more to win. The Indian player did quite well in the first set with a close fight 21-18 because he found Chong Wei's weak spot and Chong Wei kept doing the same mistake but in the second set he was cleverer and did not fall into the same trap and won 21-7.

Next is the women's singles and representing Malaysia is Wong Mew Choo playing against Saina Nehwal. Saina is ranked third in the world so Mew Choo was the underdog. The first set was a very close fight with Malaysia winning 26-24. I thought this game could go on forever coz it was taking too long. But Saina won the second and third set giving hopes to India. Saina was actually quite good. Mew Choo was the only one who lost in the team event- Twice. Another time was against Singapore. Better luck in the individual event!

Finally, our men's mixed doubles world number one; Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong sealed the deal. They won in straight sets. KKK did many mistakes in the game and it was unbearable to watch because TBH had to keep saving him. TBH's smashes were killers and cannot be taken by the Indian players. Probably Kien Keat was tired as he also played in the mixed but whatever it is, Malaysia still won and obtained the gold medal!

The team was particularly calm during their matches. However I could see the Indian players were quite serious as they might be under pressure to win especially since it was homeground. But silver for them is quite good as most of them are not high ranked.

Anyway hope that we could obtain more golds from our badminton players in the individual event this week.

October 8, 2010

One Tree Hill opening credits

One Tree Hill is in season 8 now *smiles widely* This is my favourite guilty pleasure of all time!! Word has it that this may be the last season but we'll see about that. Since season 1 to season 4, OTH had its opening credits  'I don't want to be' sung by Gavin DeGraw. However, from season 5 to season 7 the producers decided to axe it out.  Now that Season 8 just came back from hiatus, they decided to bring back the opening credits but with a twist. Each episode will have a different rendition of 'I don't want to be' by different artists. So, after 4 episodes I have heard different renditions of the theme song. I thought it was pretty cool. It's something different =)

Youtube has disabled the embed code due to copyright I suppose, therefore I can only give the link to the video.

The original opening credits by Gavin DeGraw may be seen HERE

In the second episode, the opening credits was done by Kate Voegele. See it HERE
Kate is a guest star on and off in OTH. She's playing a musician 'Mia' and Kate has sang many songs for OTH in the past.

The third episode, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy sang the theme song. See it HERE The song is quite catchy and dancy!
FOB has been quite an influence in OTH. They had an appearance before in the past seasons and Pete Wentz(bassist) also acted in a few episodes previously.

                                                                      Patrick Stump

Susie Suh sang the opening for the fourth episode. Check it out HERE
She's a Korean who was born in Los Angeles. I don't know who is she but her voice is very nice! My favourite rendition so far!!

                                                                           Susie Suh

There are many more episodes to come. I can't wait to hear many other renditions of the theme song. It's interesting to hear different artists with the same song mixing and singing it differently =)

October 7, 2010


It seems like Australians are bagging a lot of gold medals from the Commonwealth! Especially in the ladies gymnastics games...But they really do deserve all these gold medals. They were superbly good!! I stayed up till 1.30am just to see these girls in action =p I really do love gymnastics!! How I wish I've learned it when I was young. I want to be able to 'fly' too doing somersaults, flips and twists...

                                                                 Fantastic Australians!

They were too good. They were so graceful while doing all those stunts so much so they were like swans *smiles* I especially like to see when gymnasts are on the beam:

coz it's so nerve-wrecking. Imagine this: These girls somersault, jump, twist and turn on that small beam! Seriously, for me to just walk on that beam would be a hurdle what more jump and and 'fly' on it LOL Some do fall unfortunately but you really can't blame them...It's so freaking small!! How to balance? Besides, nerves are kicking in when you're being judged.

However, I must say kudos to those Australians. Not even one fell. They were perfect on it! I can't say the same for our Malaysians though. One fell at all stunts probably because she was very nervous and lost balance but we didn't do too bad. In the team event, we got fourth place.

The girl to look out for is Lauren Mitchell, the team captain of Australia:

She was just perfect in carrying out all her routines! I really liked her. She made gymnastics seem so easy. She won a gold from the team event and another for the individual event. She deserved it.

Now I want to see synchronized swimming. I just love all these gymnastics- related games. They perform such beautiful art!


Have you read the recent news about a python causing a fatal accident and a monkey kidnapping a baby then dropping it to its death?

Eewwww seriously animals should remain in the jungle! Not in our concrete jungle..Where do they even come from? Just imagine finding out your baby was stolen by a monkey, bitten and thrown on the ground? More so, knowing that you cannot charge anyone for murder because it's an animal. But the monkey was shot dead several hours later.

I mean I'm not a fan of animal cruelty but I think the monkey deserved it for acting so violently! The python mentioned also died during the accident. I think it was run over by the trailer. A passenger was killed in that accident XD

                                                                       Such tragedy!

I wonder what will be on the front page tomorrow. An iguana attacking a resident??

                                            Careful girl! You'll never know what happens next..

So people, beware of mad animals! You may never know when that mad brain disease will attack them and in turn they might attack you to death!

October 6, 2010

Blue black yellow purple

So after one week, my 'tattoo' has changed so many colours haha...Somehow this is the first time I've seen my skin colour transformed into all kinds of shapes and colours =p It hurts so bad by the way! I was limping for 6 days and only on the 7th day I'm much better after much cold packs and traditional chinese oil...

So here goes:

                                                              From reddish bengkak

                                                       to blackish, purple-ish yellow LOL

                                                          to largely yellow purple-ish

But the worst transformation is near my knee:

                                                                    From yellowish to

                                                                  Dark red patches
But the thing is all the black, dark red colours part are not as painful as some yellowish part. Somehow when it turns to a different colour it means it's getting better. So I'm still waiting for those yellow colour parts to turn other colours LOL That will mean my leg will turn a nice shade of colours in time to come XD

But now that I could walk, yay! It's shopping time *winks* No more limping to class or whatsoever though some part still hurts a bit when I walk =(

Anyway, now that I've felt how it was like to not being able to walk properly for the past week, I feel the pain of the disabled. Seriously, walking like an old lady is no fun at all...You cannot walk fast, cannot reach a near destination without cringing everytime you start walking, not being able to climb stairs(btw, my college is not disable-friendly) and not being able to drive a manual car(luckily still being able to drive an auto car)

To those who take your legs for granted, I think you should now thank the good Lord for your two legs!! It's so much easier to do things with two good healthy legs!! Trust me!

October 4, 2010

XIX Commonwealth Games

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the 19th Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. If you have seen it on TV, I'm sure you'll be left in awe! It was a very colourful ceremony indeed.

I must say the Indians were very creative in performing. I really loved one of the performance where while these dancers were dancing suddenly a white cloth were placed on top of them and they painted it there and then! It turned out to be a picture of a hand with 'inai'. You know it's an Indian culture to put 'inai' on their hands. It was soo awesome that they painted it so fast and the camera was showing those people quickly painting the cloth and then it slowly came out to be a beautiful art! =))

I also loved the part where a few men artist were drawing something from sand and it turned out to be a picture of Indians carrying their flags and marching. They were so fast! It was something different. I have never seen performances where people draw and paint there and then at the ceremony. Normally, these things are done before the ceremony LOL But the fact that they could do it so fast and done beautifully made the show even more spectacular.

Another highlight is definitely A.R Rahman performing marking the end of the ceremony.

He performed two songs and the last song was the famous 'Jai Ho' made popular by 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The dancers were fantastic in performing and it was a good song for the finale because everyone could relate to it since 'Slumdog' has gained international fame.

Overall, kudos to the creative director of this ceremony for making it a fantastic show! Thousands of people were definitely involved in making this ceremony a huge success!

Now, I can't wait to see my favourite games being played. I love gymnastics, aquatics, badminton and athletics. 71 countries are participating and good luck to all of them! Hope so Malaysia will do us proud =)