June 30, 2010

Say CUTE!!

What have I been up to lately? Pictures say a thousand words so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Yeap you must have guessed it right, I'm working in a kindie =)) The kids are absolutely adorable and the fact that I love kids very much, it's such a fulfilling job for part-time. These are my darlings...They are like cute little elfs to play with =) When they smile, it'll melt your heart and when they call you to carry them, you just cannot resist =p Though I don't think I can ever be a kindergarten teacher full time because I just cannot be 'bad cop'. Kids easily get distracted and are very playful and sometimes you need to scold them so that they will listen but I'm a softie for children.

Luckily, I'm just an assistant teacher and I can play good cop hehe...All the scolding and stuffs is handled by the full time teacher there =p

These kids are pretty pampered because most of them are rich. Mind you, the parents pay hundreds per month for the fees. On top of that, there's the + + for graduation pictures, camp session, charity carnivals and so on. These days, kids are so lucky! When I was in tadika, it only had a miserable see saw and merry go-round. Now, kindies have gym and TV room, computer room and wait for it....swimming pool!! Freaking swimming pool!! LOL I was shocked when i saw it.

Parents nowadays spend a bomb for their children's education to have the best. They are not even in primary school and they are already paying so much for their child. Of course as the saying goes in singapore, all parents are kiasu. If your neighbour child is going to a renowned kindie, would you want to send yours to an unknown tadika?

But does the syllabus even differ? Back when I was in an unknown tadika, I studied the same thing as the children are studying now. I mean you can't go far from ABC right? Although they have better facilites now because of technology. Children use computers nowadays. Previously, using computer is a huge no-no for kids as afraid that the child will spoil it.

Although I must say kids' songs have changed. When I went into the four-year-old class, I asked them what songs do they know how to sing. I named twinkle twinkle little star because all kids should know that basic song, right? You couldn't have guessed what they said. They told me instead, "Teacher, we know how to sing Sorry, Sorry" You know that Super Junior Korean song!!! I was speechless. Then they started singing that together with the dance from the MV. My goodness, I got a shock! These days kids do not sing Twinkle Twinkle or rather Ba Ba Black Sheep or see cartoons like Ultraman or Powerpuff girls. They watch Iron Man, Transformers and those Disney animations like Toy Story.

I just realised I'm getting old =p I'm so outdated. Kids are not like how we used to be. They are so modern with advanced technologies and parents who are willing to pay for good education and facilities. But kids are still kids when they come to crying, fighting for toys and being noisy and distracted.

Oh well, I feel like a kid all over again....

Sex and the City 2

I watched this movie 2 weeks back. Although there was much vulgarity which was not censored(surprise! surprise!) the movie was actually entertaining. Loved the fashion!! It was outrageous and unique! My favourite couple had to be Carrie Bradshaw and Mr.Big..

                                          He's the perfect guy and they make a good couple!

All girls would like this movie. Me and my girls went to watch this movie and all of us liked it. The storyline was not bad too. I’m not a follower of the sex and the city series. I heard some bad reviews from the newspaper who said hardcore fans would be disappointed. I don’t know about those fans because I’m not a follower of the character’s developments but movie wise it was enjoyable. Samantha(Kim Cattrall) was the funniest!

                  Miley Cyrus and Samantha having the same outfit at a red carpet event. Hilarious!
With her hormones jokes and her vulgar mouth, she was the comic relief. The girls friendship were tight knit and that’s the best part of the movie. When the movie ended, there was a round of applause from the audiences in the cinema. It reflected how good the movie was.

Go watch it whether you're a fan of the series or not! But remember it's 18PL =p

Finally back from the stone age!

Literally, I’m back from the stone age. The reason for the absence of me blogging is due to the fact of some streamyx technical problem I had for the past 2 weeks. To date I did not have access to the internet for 13 days. I tell you it’s torturing! No telephone line, no streamyx, nothing!! I don’t know how I survived. Luckily, there’s 3G in my phone which kept me at least up to date in facebook! But it’s quite expensive to surf using the phone. Now I know how much I actually NEED the internet. It was so frustrating without it. I didn’t know what to do. I would normally surf the net during the night and for the past weeks I just dazed into space on the bed doing nothing LOL.

I was lazy to go to the cyber cafĂ© or a nearby shop with wifi because I want long hours with the internet to watch my TV shows and download songs. I can’t be sitting in the shop the whole time watching my show or youtubing…

But anyway, I’m back! I’m so happy to have my internet connection now! I could do all the things I wanted to do for the past weeks. Meanwhile, there’s world cup to keep me occupied. I’m devastated that England could not make it past second round =( They were thrashed 4-1 by Germany. Boo!! Lampard’s denied goal, bad refereeing, poor performances by the team and Germany’s great playing all contributed to England’s loss. At least no one was the scapegoat from the team to be blamed. This time it’s the referee’s and the linesman's bad decisions to be blamed. But also there are two sides to it. Germany could have won it anyway even if the goal was counted because they were the better team. On the other hand, it can be said the denied goal has dampened England’s team spirit and it was hard for them to comeback. Anyhow, what’s done is done. You cannot turn back time. Because of this game, FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter has looked into a possible introduction for instant replay for goal line situation. This is to avoid future mistakes. We’ll see whether it’ll be implemented.

On the brighter side, Spain entered the quarter finals by beating Portugal by a mere 1-0. I watched it early today morning with my dad. It was initially very boring because no one scored in the first half. I was already very sleepy and the game made me even sleepier LOL. Besides, Portugal played rather terribly. Spain had almost ¾ ball possession the whole time but David Villa only managed to score once. But I’m glad that Spain entered =)

I can't wait for all the quarter finals matches. It'll be interesting!! Now, I NEED to go download my shows and songs =p

June 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I'm really outdated in the movie department these days. But recently I'm trying to update myself. So I've just watched Alice In Wonderland. I know, this movie has been shown quite some time ago but I just didn't have the time to go watch it. Also, due to the fact I have not read the book(yes, I'm an outdated child too) so I didn't have much interest in the movie. But after good reviews of the movie, I decided to buy the DVD.

It was actually not bad! I've enjoyed the whole movie. Although I think Alice is a bit rude, the characters were really interesting to watch with funny names. My favourite character is the smiling cat, Chesire. My gosh! It is so funny to watch and cute. I like that whenever it appears, it will talk in like a mysterious way and will do a 360 degrees turn haha...Also, its stripes and eyes are in a glowy blue colour. Me like =))

                                                                Chesire, the smiling cat

Funniest character is the Red Queen. Her favourite sentence, "Off with his head!!" She's so bossy, short, ugly and has the biggest head haha

                                                                      The Red Queen

The only thing I like about her feature is her heart-shaped lipstick. Reminds me of one of Gwen Stefani's harajuku girls...

Lastly, who could forget the mad hatter! He's definitely MAD! But Johnny Depp played this character flawlessly with much emotion. He's so nice to Alice and boy, could he dance the Futterwacken.

                                                         Johnny Depp in too much make up

Compare this picture with the one below....

                                 Johnny Depp in real life- without the splash of colours on his face

He's such a great actor. He could transform into any characters in any movies. The most notable one would be Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Edward Scissorhands. All these characters are heavily made up with weird costumes just like the mad hatter. Johnny Depp plays best in weird crazy characters!! Such a talented actor he is =) 

I went to mid valley a few months back and there was this display to promote the movie. It was beautifully built to recreate 'Wonderland'...


There was a short performance to bring to life the characters in Alice. But I still feel the movie characters were much prettier, more uniquely looked and cuter haha Also there was a display of the tea party as in the movie where the mad hatter had his tea with his two other crazy friends. It looked real and it makes you want to have your tea there LOL The whole centre court really looked like something brought right out of the movie and my friends and I were fascinated!! 

Alice in Wonderland is a really good movie. Very recommended to those who have not watched it yet. If you like fantasy, all the better! 

It continues...

Okay, so it was a dissapointed draw for England vs USA =(( I was hoping for a win but fat chance...Anyway, bettter luck next time I hope. Robert Green is the scapegoat and many newspapers slammed him and putting the blame on him for the draw. Well, I think blame it on the Jabulani, the new Adidas Ball for the World Cup. It's too bouncy! The same thing happened to the Algerian goalkeeper who couldn't catch the ball because it bounced too fast. Goalkeepers should be more aware now because it's unpredictable how the ball will bounce.

On the other hand, Germany was fantastic!! I saw the first two goals then I went to sleep haha I already knew Germany was going to win the game so it's no point staying up late. They scored 4 goals which was the most goals yet in a game in this world cup...Germany's one of my fave too beside England and Spain =p

I've stayed up two nights so tonight's gona be a rest. Tonight's game is Italy vs Paraguay. I'm a fan of neither so I'll be better off sleeping hehe

After watching a few matches these days, I found out Australia has the nicest outfit. The colour combination is just nice and it's outstanding. Yeah outfits don't matter and skills are the most important. But, it's just what I have observed haha..It's better than other countries which are mainly quite dull.

                                                        Australia's 2010 World Cup jersey

June 12, 2010

Fever starts!

Yesterday was the kick off of the first World Cup game...Weee!! South Africa vs Mexico. I was out for dinner and hell, everywhere was full of people!! People were so excited...When the game started people just did not touch their food anymore and started watching while drinking. Every 'almost' goal will be filled with shouts in the atmosphere, every tackle will have sound effects like 'oohs' and 'aahs', every yellow cards will be followed by an applause by the opposing team and every goal will be followed by SCREAMS!!

Everyone had their own opinions on which team they support, whether the goal was offside, whether the referee was bias, whether mexico or south africa played well and all sort! It's the WORLD CUP FEVER!! Everyone's having it haha

I've never actually thought football would unite so many people together to watch. You can see groups of youngsters coming in to watch the game. Restaurants and mamaks who have big screens would totally cash in loads of profits this month!

The first game was a draw which was so-so. I mean no one won or lost so a draw for a first game is fine. But the draw for the second game; France vs Uruguay was a dissapointment. France should have won! Uruguay was the underdog. Oh well, I care more about the coming game anyway which will be aired late tonight or tmrw morning- 2.30am which is England vs USA. I hope the game will not dissapoint!

Anyways, till the next game...

June 10, 2010

Teenage pregnancies

Some 14 million children worldwide are born every year to young married and unmarried women aged 15 to 19. This is sad because teenagers are supposed to be free, happy people just worrying about crushes, exams, their looks and not about their child and whether or not they have enough money to support their family and grown up stuffs...

There is this one touching story that I came across in the internet: 
I was going out with a boy for a few months,we knew each other for years.....and when I found out I was pregnant I was devastated I didnt know what to do. I told my closest friend and she said she'll be there for me. I didnt tell my family till I was 4 months. When I finally plucked up the courage to tell the father of my baby, he went mad and said to me to get rid of it or hell never talk to me again....I was so upset thinking to myself I was going to be alone......then I told my mum and she was so dissapointed but she said she will do her best to help me and my baby....it took me a while to get used to it as I so wanted to do my gcses and get a job but I knew I wanted my baby to have the best...every time I went for a scan my heart would warm up knowing something I made was inside me and I needed to be strong.....then on the 14.3.10 at 11pm my darling daughter Georgia was born and I've never been so happy...now I'm home schooled and its working fine......the father of my child still doesnt want to know but to me as long as my daughter has me and my family she'll be ok...I lost alot of friends but I gained a star I will have forever.

charley-charlotte, 15

That girl is only 15! So you see, this is one of the many stories that happened to many teenage girls around the world. Yes, she may be happy because of her cute adorable daughter that light up her life. However, it's sad that the father of the child was not responsible enough to care for the baby. Luckily, she has her mom, though dissapointed stucked with her.

I cannot imagine putting my family through this kind of hardship and dissapointment and also embarassment because of me not being responsible to have pre-marital sex. What would society think of you? What would your relatives think of you? The story above; Charley lost many friends! What would your friends think of you?

Remember this guy?

Alfie Patten, baby- faced boy, father at 13. He's 13 and he already had sex? When I was 13, I was being excited of the first time entering high school and meeting new friends and learning new subjects!!

It was proven later with a DNA test that Alfie's not really the father and it was another 14 year old guy, Tyler who is the father. But Alfie proudly told the world that he would care for his newborn girl but was left "extremely distressed" when he learned she wasn't his.

Being a father at 13 is a huge responsibility! He's not even close to being legal. What does he know about changing diapers when he is a kid himself? Does he know the baby would cost him a lot more than his allowances he get everyday? But, oh well I guess he's taking responsibility for what he did.

Also, remember her?

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears 16-year-old baby sister got pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge in December 2007. It was confirmed later that she and the baby daddy have called it quits. So she's a single mom now at 19. Well, she wasn't as famous as Britney but after the news broke out by OK! Magazine, she's now famous for being the teenage pregnant actress! Sad, she had a potential of really doing well as an actress because of her hit TV show Zoey 101 in the US but she's taking a break to care for her baby.

Well, so to say pre-marital sex have the danger of unwanted teenage pregnancies. The numbers are getting higher each year. And the age of girls getting pregnant are getting lower! These people are so young to even know what sex is! There must be more education for the awareness of teenage pregnancies. If not, young people are destroying their future...

June 9, 2010


Leave it to Lady Gaga to make outrageous videos. If you think 'bad romance' and 'telephone' music videos are out of this world, try watching Alejandro LOL

It's so sexed up and very 18SX. I doubt MTV will show it in Malaysia. Or not it will be censored to the max! So much for the lady who just celibated herself *snorts*

I mean I love Lady Gaga's songs and her unique get up and all but this video is just too much, in my opinion. I'm not gona post a link to that video so go find it yourself! Don't say I didn't warn you before!

Those Little Monsters(Gaga calls her fans lil monsters) would be so proud of her that she went out of her already outrageous way to give fans another outlandish video. So, can the lady ever be out of surprises? Wait till her next video or her next album for that matter. I'm sure it'll surprise us more!

Roland Garros 2010

Okay, this post is actually later than expected. There a few sports that I like and tennis is one of them. This year's Roland Garros was quite interesting to watch. Firstly, it's because World Number 1 Serena Williams lost to Stosur. That was surprising since she could beat another opponent before that when she's sick. So how could she not beat World Number 7(Stosur) when she's well?

Besides, World Number 1 for Men, Roger Federer also lost huhu...Both World Number Ones lost. Then it's left to Schiavone vs Stosur in Women's Finals and Nadal vs Soderling in Men's Finals. I saw the Women's Finals but not the Men's.

Nadal and Schiavone both beat their opponents in straight sets. That's sad because Stosur was fantastic when she played against Serena and Jankovic. In the finals she did not perform very well. I was actually cheering for her but oh well..

If you see the picture above, Schiavone is not really the girly girl type. I've got to say the outfit she wore and the way she played was really unkemp-like. She's like really 'ganas' coz she shouted like a boy, ran like a boy and if she were to wear a bandana on her head, she would be mistaken as a boy. I'm not trying to discriminate her but she should really go for some grooming lesson. She 'mengganas' her way into winning the finals.  

                                                                 Francesca Schiavone

Now, the rankings a bit jumbled up, don't you think? Both World Number Ones didn't even manage to go into the finals. World Number 17(Schiavone) beat World Number 7(Stosur). However, Nadal the Number 2 did very well and won his 5th French Open Title. He will gain the Number One spot after this win! Poor Federer. It's okay I still heart him =)

June 8, 2010

MTV Movie Awards 2010

The MTV Movie Awards just finished. There were a lot of shocking happenings. But first of all, I'm thrilled because Twilight won big!! Robert Pattinson himself won 3 awards which were Best Male performance, Global Superstar and Best Kiss alongside his leading lady in New Moon, Kristen Stewart.

So some highlights of the event were:

Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Johansson!! This girl really likes kissing another girl because she previously kissed Meryl Streep. To even think of kissing Scarlett because she acted with Scarlett's husband, Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal is awkward! Just imagine Ryan kissed Sandra in the movie and Sandra kissed Scarlett at the award show!! At least Ryan and Scarlett can now have one more thing in common- they both kissed the same girl before...EWWWW!!!

In a previous MTV movie awards show, Britney kissed Madonna too(left) Now Sandra followed suit(right)
MTV movie awards is gaining reputation for some girl on girl action *laughs*

Then there's the famous dance of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez....Now, this one is soo freaking awesome! If you saw Tropic Thunder then you would notice that Tom Cruise could actually dance! I was shocked!! But he's soo awesome like that. Tom Cruise reprised his role in Tropic Thunder as that fat, bald guy with beard, Les Grossman and danced away with Jennifer Lopez who looked super hot by the way! You can watch the dance below:

Next, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won Best Kiss again! Last year, they didn't manage to kiss because Kristen turned away. But this year, fans would be happy because they actually KISSED!

                       This was last year. You've got to watch what happened this year on TV

On the fashion side, some did well on the red carpet, some failed miserably...

Kristen Stewart clean up pretty well nowadays. Previously, she used to look really awkward on red carpets and dresses very ruggedly but this time she nailed it! It's chic and very comfortable looking.


My goodness! I don't think a pantsuit is appropriate for this kind of event. Besides, LiLo couldn't pull it off...Sorry! Try better next time.

Wow, striking blue hair- really? Normally, I would go ga-ga over hair colours but not this. She just looks like a clown to me. I really love katy perry's music and quirky fashion though but not this one =(

The Hilton sisters did not bad! Paris' feathered tube dress was actually kind of cute! Nicky's draped dress was so-so though I give her props for nice hair, make up and posture *winks*

I love Anna Kendrick! I think she's so cute! This dress was age appropriate considering she used to wear dresses that's meant for older women. So, yeah she did good this time!

Zac Efron's get up is stylish, I must say. He is one of the few guys that really know how to dress up well alongside Chace Crawford. That hair could have been a little bit nicer, though. I like the messy spike hair look =)

The glam lady is back! After becoming a mom, she doesnt dress so outrageous anymore until now. She could actually pull this off, in my opinion..She looks beautiful!

Last but not least.....

                                           Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith from the 'Karate Kid'

Erm, I'm speechless. I don't know what to say about their outfits. I'll leave it to you to judge for yourself hehe

Remember to catch the show on TV. I'm not sure when it is airing but do watch it. It's surely entertaining! That's all about the MTV Movie Awards 2010...Till next year =p


Good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people, am I right? Because of karma; what goes around comes around. But I'm sure everyone's heard of bad things happen to good people. Why bad things happen to good people?

Imagine this- you did nothing much in the past days to cross anyone, you were well behaved and then poof! there goes your handbag. It got stolen! Or same thing where you did your chores, did well in school and then suddenly your house is on fire! and all your belongings got burnt in the fire. You must be left wondering...What did I do so bad that I deserve this? I'm sure some have come across this path in life where life put you down so hard that you start questioning things!

Well, if bad things happen to good people, why be good anyways? Isn't it easier to be mean? Isn't it easier to say whatever you want to that person who swore on you rather than sugar coat everything you say? After all, being good doesnt really have much perks and as the saying goes good people finishes last! So why be good?

There are many mean people especially in television. Okay, you must be wondering why do I always relate back to either celebrities, movies or TV shows. Well, it's easier to relate to them because they are known by almost everyone. If I do relate to some mean teacher from high school, only my high school friends and I could relate to that and not others. If I were to relate to someone mean from TV like Simon Cowell, now, who doesn't know him?

He's the mean judge in American Idol who speaks what he feels without sugar coating any criticisms. He has a sharp tongue and it can make people cry. However, what he says is true and honest 98% of the time. He may be mean but he's straightforward without beating around the bush. Well, he's mean but boy, is he rich! He has just been offered a huge lump sum of money to judge in X Factor and that's the reason he's leaving Idol. Also, he was even given a tribute at the Idol season 9 finale and was very much loved by everyone. Paula Abdul, the nice lady did not get that! Ha, so much for being nice, Paula...

Next, if you have watched The Devil Wears Prada, you will know Meryl Streep played the mean editor of a magazine. Poor Anne Hathaway who played her assistant. She had to think one step ahead of her boss so as not to make any mistakes.

But guess who is boss? Meryl Streep and as mean as she may be, she's still the editor, the rich lady, the one who gets anything she wants and known by all...

If you're a Gleek, then you would be familiar with Sue Sylvester. Jane Lynch is the perfect actress for Sue. She played it so perfectly. Sue is the meanest teacher of all teachers. She has only one goal: to bring down the Glee club! She goes out all the way and does everything to achieve that goal. She has the best punch lines in Glee. She's fun to watch but really mean. Celebrities normally say playing the mean role is always more fun! Jane, in real life is actually nice...

Lastly, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She is deemed the B*tch! She has minions in school to do her dirty work and does whatever she says. She ruled Constance(her high school) and was named Queen Bee. She speaks her heart out without a blink in the eye and you wouldn't want to mess with her. She's the typical high school mean girl that you may find even in your own high school...She's got the money, good fashion sense, the guys, good education and anything she puts her mind into!


I'm not saying, you should be mean because being mean is more fun, and doing good has less perks. But don't these people feel a pang of guilt after saying something mean? You do feel something right when you said something that shouldn't be said but it was too late because it was a spur of the moment. Then the guilt comes in. Sometimes, i do wonder whether Simon Cowell goes to bed thinking whether should he have said those mean things to the contestants? Probably not because he has been doing that for nine seasons haha

What I am saying is that, you cannot be good all the time because then you will be taken adavantaged of. You cannot be mean all the time because of your conscience. Strike a balance!

Vampire craze

Girls' are going crazy over vampires these days...I know I am! After the Twilight phenomena vampires are catching up haha

Let's see, there's the Twilight saga. Edward Cullen is the epitome of being a vampire. He's a romantic, every girls' dream guy, have super strength and super everything and definitely not forgetting he's very white and handsome! LOLZ

Then there's True Blood. It's a television series drama that is being aired on HBO. If Twilight is more to teenagers, True Blood caters more to adults. It is way more gory, more blood and villains, dark and twisted. It's the cliche where Sookie, the human falls in love with Bill, the vampire and her life is turned upside down. However, in this series there's this Tru Blood drink which substitues for human blood. It is picking up among viewers though, that is why season 3 is going to be aired in America soon.

Next, the newest series which is The Vampire Diaries which I've covered in my previous post. This is more to teenagers and is also based on the cliche where the human falls in love with a vampire. The vampire, Stefan is similar to Edward Cullen because he's a vegetarian and doesnt drink human blood. This show is more to the vampire brothers over one girl.

Recently, there's this movie: The vampire assistant. Another vampire movie.It's about this boy who got bored of his life one day and decided to make a change. He didnt know that change was about to be his biggest adventure in life.

In actual fact, though many vampire movies and TV shows are catching up these days, vampires are also quite popular in the last century. Remember Buffy the vampire slayer and the spin-off Angel?

Also, there were many movies about vampires too. Underworld is one of the famous ones. Kate Beckinsale was a vampire who fell in love with a werewolf, which was ironic...

Besides, there's Interview with the vampire which starred Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst who was just a little girl.

These are some memorable ones. There were many vampires shows that were made. So actually, Twilight made vampires popular again!

One thing about vampires are that the facts varied in different shows. In some shows, vampires can be under the sun, in some they will burn to death. In some, vampires' invitation to houses can be retracted, in some it cant and once a vampire is invited it'll be forever. Also, some shows depict vampires as being very white creatures because they are dead and no blood is running through their veins for colour, however some just show vampires as normal human beings. In addition, some vampires sleep in coffins, some just don't sleep. So you see, there are many varied facts and sometimes it gets confusing because you see one show which is like that and another which has different facts.

I've read many vampire storybooks too(yeah I'm definitely sucked into the vampire craze!) and the same thing happened. Other storybooks potray vampires differently. Yes, it's just a fiction but at least get your facts right whichever it is! LOL...

According to a survey, there are as many as millions of twilight fans. Why are people so crazy over a vampire story? Well, partly because it's a love story and also the fantasy of being in love with a vampire. Well, if there's an Edward Cullen in reality, he would totally be mobbed by girls. Robert Pattinson is being mobbed by fans all over the world and some even think he really is a vampire and asked him to bite them according to an interview *laughs*

Vampires don't exist! It's just a really good fantasy to be with one or be one. Either way, we'll never know how it is because we're all humans and as sucky life can be, we're gona stay human! Now, that's sad coz I would really like to know how it is to have a vampire boyfriend =)