June 8, 2010

Vampire craze

Girls' are going crazy over vampires these days...I know I am! After the Twilight phenomena vampires are catching up haha

Let's see, there's the Twilight saga. Edward Cullen is the epitome of being a vampire. He's a romantic, every girls' dream guy, have super strength and super everything and definitely not forgetting he's very white and handsome! LOLZ

Then there's True Blood. It's a television series drama that is being aired on HBO. If Twilight is more to teenagers, True Blood caters more to adults. It is way more gory, more blood and villains, dark and twisted. It's the cliche where Sookie, the human falls in love with Bill, the vampire and her life is turned upside down. However, in this series there's this Tru Blood drink which substitues for human blood. It is picking up among viewers though, that is why season 3 is going to be aired in America soon.

Next, the newest series which is The Vampire Diaries which I've covered in my previous post. This is more to teenagers and is also based on the cliche where the human falls in love with a vampire. The vampire, Stefan is similar to Edward Cullen because he's a vegetarian and doesnt drink human blood. This show is more to the vampire brothers over one girl.

Recently, there's this movie: The vampire assistant. Another vampire movie.It's about this boy who got bored of his life one day and decided to make a change. He didnt know that change was about to be his biggest adventure in life.

In actual fact, though many vampire movies and TV shows are catching up these days, vampires are also quite popular in the last century. Remember Buffy the vampire slayer and the spin-off Angel?

Also, there were many movies about vampires too. Underworld is one of the famous ones. Kate Beckinsale was a vampire who fell in love with a werewolf, which was ironic...

Besides, there's Interview with the vampire which starred Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst who was just a little girl.

These are some memorable ones. There were many vampires shows that were made. So actually, Twilight made vampires popular again!

One thing about vampires are that the facts varied in different shows. In some shows, vampires can be under the sun, in some they will burn to death. In some, vampires' invitation to houses can be retracted, in some it cant and once a vampire is invited it'll be forever. Also, some shows depict vampires as being very white creatures because they are dead and no blood is running through their veins for colour, however some just show vampires as normal human beings. In addition, some vampires sleep in coffins, some just don't sleep. So you see, there are many varied facts and sometimes it gets confusing because you see one show which is like that and another which has different facts.

I've read many vampire storybooks too(yeah I'm definitely sucked into the vampire craze!) and the same thing happened. Other storybooks potray vampires differently. Yes, it's just a fiction but at least get your facts right whichever it is! LOL...

According to a survey, there are as many as millions of twilight fans. Why are people so crazy over a vampire story? Well, partly because it's a love story and also the fantasy of being in love with a vampire. Well, if there's an Edward Cullen in reality, he would totally be mobbed by girls. Robert Pattinson is being mobbed by fans all over the world and some even think he really is a vampire and asked him to bite them according to an interview *laughs*

Vampires don't exist! It's just a really good fantasy to be with one or be one. Either way, we'll never know how it is because we're all humans and as sucky life can be, we're gona stay human! Now, that's sad coz I would really like to know how it is to have a vampire boyfriend =)

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