August 22, 2010


I do have minor OCD(Obsessive compulsive disorder) *laughs*

It is an anxiety disorder through repetitive behaviours or by a combination of obsessions and compulsions. My symptoms include:

-repetitive hand-washing( I have no idea why but every other time I would feel my hands are dirty and will wash it LOL)
-nervous habits (such as constant checking to see my car is locked, my phone and purse are with me, my house door is locked and so on)
- making sure my table and racks are organised ( I would feel totally irritated if they are messy)
- Inability to discard certain things although I have not used it for years because "it may be needed some time"

and perhaps some others that I may not be aware of...

Okay, I mean my OCD symptoms are not that bad...It is still acceptable. I'm sure many of you have a little of those symptoms. Last time I used to wonder why do I get very irritated when someone comes in and messes my room or touches my things without my permission and that I always wash my hands until my grandma labelled me as 'The Washing Hand Princess'- seriously *laughs* Now I know that it's sypmtoms of OCD. I discovered it a few years back when I heard David Beckham had OCD and a magazine ran an article on that. So I read it and I thought, 'Hey, I do have a few of that symptoms too' so I checked out what is OCD.

David suffers from OCD and it manifests itself through constant cleanliness and perfection of all that is around him. Everything must be in pairs, if there are three books on a table one must be added, or one must be removed.

Cameron Diaz too suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and has publicly admitted she habitually rubs doorknobs so hard before opening doors to clean them that the original paint on the doorknobs fades afterwards. She says, she washes her hands "many times" each day and uses her elbows to push open doors.

Leonardo Di Carpio, the 'Titanic' star says he has to force himself not to step on every chewing gum stain when walking along and fight urges to walk through a doorway several times, because he doesn't want his condition taking over his life.

So these Holloywood heavyweights have their own OCD problems too...It is quite a common disease among people. OCD affects literally millions of people in the world. Thus, if you have OCD you are not alone!

August 19, 2010

The case of a vomitting child -.-

Okay so you get it that I work in a kindie...So you must also get it that by working in a kindie, it comes with these kinda 'perks' of getting vommitted at LOL

It was a rather funny situation I must say *laughs* This girl was drinking water from her HUGE water tumbler coz the teacher bribed the kids that if they finished their water, she'll give sticker and you know kids- at the mention of STICKER, they ran for their bottles and gulped down a huge amount of water- for that one miserable sticker LOL

This particular petite girl for whatever reason her parents gave her a HUGE bottle also jumped at the opportunity and drank as fast as she could to finish the water. Then I saw her standing there with a pale face. So I asked her, 'Girl, are you okay?' She told me, 'Teacher, I want to vomit' XD So I told her to quickly go to the bathroom and before you know it 'UWEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

There came all the water she drank towards me. I screamed coz I was so surprised(forgive me for I have not been vomitted on before in my life XD) and ran away LOL Come on man, it's disgusting- you would have shouted too =p

The teachers there saw, were stunned(don't know by my screaming or of her vomitting on me) and then laughed at me....Alright, it was little funny but seriously! vomitting on me?? My biggest nightmare XD

So there i was looking at her- she was pale and I was shocked LOL I think I scared her a bit also hehe She would have probably went home and told her parents that I'm such a freak for screaming too loud and that I'm a weirdo =p

Anyways, I told her it's alright and the teacher changed her and moped the floor. Luckily, there was not much vomit on me coz I ran in time =p I washed up too and cannot wait to go home to get out of my clothings haha

There you have it, all in a day's job of becoming a teacher in a kindergarten =p

August 18, 2010

The Expendables

First of, I gota say Sylvester Stallone has aged soooo much!! He looked so old in the movie. I was a fan of him during his Rocky days where he was much much younger! However, I really give him props because at 64 years old he could still run, do stunts all while directing and acting at the same time!

I must say though this is an old men show haha There's Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis making special appearances- another two old men with many awesome action movies under their belts. Then there's Eric Roberts acting as villain and Mickey Rourke who are also oldies haha

I'm guessing all these oldies are Sylvester's friends that's why he roped them in in his project as he's the screenwriter for this movie. Anyhow, it was a great action movie with a little humour mixed in. My favourite actor got to be Jason Statham with his expertise in knives =D 

August 16, 2010


Recently, I read a lot on new mothers throwing away their babies after giving birth...Some babies are still with their umbilical cords attached to them...How dare the mothers!!

Some babies are found alive while some unfortunate ones are found dead. Time and again, even after the government threatened to treat baby dumping that causes the child's death as murder, some mothers are still not afraid. Seriously, after nine months of pregnancy and taking care of the baby in the womb, the mothers did not even feel a certain connection of love towards her own child to do such an outrageous act??

I may not be in a position to judge such matter as I've not gone through it but I do know that it is very WRONG to dump your infants like a piece of garbage. What have they done to deserve such ridiculous gesture from their moms? They were only in this world for probably about a few hours and their moms have thrown them away!

Maybe the pregnancy was a mistake but you should have thought about that while having unprotected sex. Teenagers nowadays just want to satisfy their hormone needs without thinking for a second what are the consequences when one gets pregnant. Maybe the moms weren't in their right mind when they threw their babies away and will probably regret later. Well, you had nine months to THINK what you wanted to do with the baby. At least, put it up for adoption. Even NGOs have set up the country's first baby hatch in Malaysia for anonymous mothers to leave their unwanted newborns. The babies will be taken care of by better parents.

I have a soft heart for babies and I'm strongly against treating your child like animals. Even animals have a better life! If teenage moms are in serious dilemmas, seek help and make a good choice for your baby. Maybe you do not want to care for the baby but some childless couple will happily care for it! But do not dump your babies for others to find floating in the river, in the garbage dump or in some jungle somewhere...

                                                      STOP the dumping of newborns!

August 15, 2010


The English Premier League season just kicked off yesterday =) It's the start of a new season- yet again!

I'm a Chelsea fan!! Have been supporting Chelsea ever since I've known football LOL

So, it was a delight when Chelsea's first game of the season ended with a bang! Chelsea won 6-0 against West Brom WOOHOO!!! I was surprised considering their strings of defeat during pre-season games and also their lost to ManUtd in the Community Shield. Anyhow, it was great and I hope they conitnue winning till they lift the cup once again next year=) Btw, they were the winner last season hehe

Here's again to another football season after World Cup!

August 14, 2010


I'm currently addicted to....

Cadbury Chocettes!! Man, I flooved these...Despite my cough, I still do eat those chocolates coz it's just too good hehe...I pop one into my mouth everyday and  it melts perfectly giving the milky chocolate-y taste =D I love chocolates in general but plain chocs are my biggest weakness =p

 Next, I'm also addicted to..

Katy Perry!! I love her current fashion sense of quirky-ness...She's too darn cute in her outrageous colourful outfits!! You MUST see the California Gurls music video. You'll be in awe. She's soo pretty with her cute-sy costumes and the music set is superbly gorgeous with those ice creams and candies. It's like you're in paradise =) I do think however, some parts like her nude scene with the cotton candies are a bit too much but well, she knows she's gorgeous and so she had to flaunt it LOL


I just watched Toy Story 3 and this is a scene from Toy Story 3 which I can't get enough of. The scene was just too beautiful with colourful toys, cute bear and if you see to the left Barbie with the love of her life, Ken =)) and the place was full with different other toys!! It was really COOL and the ending part was fantastic where all of them were having fun in this daycare place...


Very addicted to bags nowadays be it designer or not although I already have tons of them *laughs* Bags just make me go weak in my knees whenever I see them on sale while shopping LOL I'm currently loving the big tote where I can just stash all my stuffs in it =p


addicted to FOOD in general. At one time, i kinda lost my appetite for whatever reason. Somehow, I found my BIG apetite back hehe I have been eating too much lately. I find myself being hungry all the time LOL especially with the Ramadhan bazaar around here nowadays, my family will buy lots of tid bits from there and we'll have a food galore *smiles*

So, there you have it. I'm addicted to lots of things but mostly those colourful cute-sy things like Katy Perry hehe...Colours just make me go ga-ga so it's not surprising that I do not own much black stuffs. My addiction to food needs to STOP-like now but I'm working on that. I'll post something if I'm successful =)

August 13, 2010


Watched Killers and A-Team on DVDs....

First thing I'm gona say is that Ashton Kutcher is freaking HOT!!! I've always thought he was a good looking dude but this movie blew me away. He worked out for this movie and it really showed...I was really going ga-ga over his looks *laughs*


The movie was so-so...The plot was a bit weird but if not because of Ashton Kutcher acting, I wouldn't have watched it. That said, he and Katherine Heigl make good comedy =p

The A-Team was a remake of an old film. I didn't watch the original film but I thought this movie was CRAZY- in a good way. This is because the guys are just plain crazy LOL They do stunts nobody could think of and it was funny in that way...

Overall it was good movie. I always enjoy good action movies with awesome plots!! This is one of them...It seems to me 'The Expendables' is a bit like A-Team and I hope Sylvester Stallone does not dissapoint =p

August 11, 2010

Nail arts

For those around me, they would know how much I love decorating my nails with bright colours! I would change my nail colours every week without fail. But of course, I do not have the skill to do nice nail arts only I could mix and match colours on my nails.

I browsed through the net and found some really cool nail arts:

These are hand drawn and takes a long time to do! You know I'm really astonished how people could do nail arts so neatly and precise. I would wobble if I drew anything on my nails. Even mixing three colours on my nails took quite some time to master.

I really want to learn to do nail arts. Going for a manicure at a nail saloon is quite pricey, in my opinion. Besides, nail arts cannot last that long. We wash our hands all the time and sometimes washing plates may peel it off. So it's not really worth it spending RM50+ and having it peel off in a matter of days.

I have over 20 colours of nailpolish LOL and most of them are bought as a gift for me because friends and family know that I love nailpolish *smiles* It would be nice if I could do something artsy with those colours but I'm still learning to perfect mixing colours on nails...Hmmph if only there's a part time course on nail arts haha

I love beautiful nails =D My toe nails have never seen the light of day without nail polish ever since I was 7 years old haha...I think I got that from my mom XD When I was schooling, I always remember I look forward to paint my nails during school hols because you can't do that during school days.

Now that I'm out of school, I could do my nails every week. I know sometimes it's bad for the nails. Nails will turn yellow if you do not use the proper brand. Even so, if you paint your nails all the time it'll still make your nails unhealthy. But whatever, if you take good care and trim your nails frequently, I guess it'll be just fine hehe

All in the name of beauty =)

August 10, 2010

Gory pictures

It got me to smirk when I saw The Star's front page yesterday. It stated that during the Raya 'balik kampung' instead of just telling people to be careful on the road, the government is putting up huge gory pictures of accident scenes to deter people from driving recklessly. Seriously?!

                                                                 From 'The Star'

Gee, I wonder where they got the idea from. Oh, wait didn't they come up with the same thing for smokers on ciggarette boxes? And how well did that turn out? Are the number of smokers going down after their campaign? Even raising prices did not deter those smokers!

I asked most of my smoking friends about how they feel when they take a ciggie and saw that gory pics of lung cancer and those disgusting over-exagerrated pictures on the box? They merely answered me, it doesn't affect them at all. What's inside the body burning cannot be seen and unless they are happy smoking, who gives a hoot about those pictures? LOL

So, I think the gory accident pictures will not do much help. Yes, the government is doing something to lower accident cases. After all, every single year instead of people celebrating the festivals, some families have to prepare for funerals for their loved ones due to horrific accidents on highways. Sad, isn't it?

Actually, it's all about the driver. If the driver really loves his family and himself, he would not drive recklessly. Besides, he should also know his limits. If he's too tired, why continue driving and risking lives on the road? Further, talking on the handphone is one more thing. Most accidents happened while the driver's on his hp.

If you don't think you're good enough of a driver, don't drive. Let someone else who is trusted and more careful to drive. There are precious lives on the road and if you are not careful, it may harm not only you but others and loved ones.

So, drive carefully on the road- SERIOUSLY!

August 9, 2010

Teen Choice Awards 2010

The Teen Choice Awards 2010 just ended and there were so many winners from gazillion categories. Some were multiple winners in one night. Fashion wise, it was very blah because there were just too many unflattering cocktail dresses that didn't stand out one bit!

Ashley Greene

Emma Roberts

Kim Kardashian

Selena Gomez

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Lea Michele- The only nice dress from the lot, IMHO
There were too many winners to list down so I would just list the ones that I was rooting for.

Choice Actor, Drama: Robert Pattinson, Remember Me
Choice Romantic Comedy: Valentine's Day
Choice Actor, Action Adventure: Channing Tatum, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Choice Chemistry: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, New Moon
Choice Drama: Gossip Girl
Choice Actress, Drama: Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl
Choice Actor, Drama: Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl
Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The Vampire Diaries
Choice Actress, Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Choice Actor, Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
Choice Male Reality/Variety Star: Lee DeWyze, American Idol
Choice Breakout Show: The Vampire Diaries
Choice Male Breakout: Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
Choice Female Breakout: Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Choice Villain: Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
Choice Country Artist, Female: Taylor Swift
Choice Single: "California Gurls," Katy Perry
Choice Hook Up: "Airplanes," B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams
Choice Movie: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Choice Movie Star, Male: Robert Pattinson, Eclipse
Choice Movie Star, Female: Kristen Stewart, Eclipse

AND.......wait for it.........................

Choice Athlete, Male: David Beckham (soccer)

LOL I didn't know they gave such an award in Teen Choice haha...Congratz to D.Becks though. He's always an idol to teens especially ME *giggles*

So, if you would have noticed, the Twilight cast and the Vampire Diaries cast won big!! I guess people are still not over the vampire craze!! Teens are obsessed with it, so am I =D

Overall, as far as I'm concerned there were not much scandals or anything big that night. No celebrity punching the other(!), no divas, no fashion mishaps, nothing much really. It was a bore I guess...If you're not a vampire fan, I guess you would probably doze off halfway through the ceremony hehe

Well, hope next year's would be better =)

August 8, 2010


Have you heard of the famous rock candy brand 'Sticky'?

Sticky firstly originated from Australia and now there are confectioners in Singapore and in Malaysia! Malaysia's first outlet is in 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya. I actually didn't know that until I googled it. It opened in November, 2009.

I came to know Sticky through a friend. The first time I saw the rock candy, I thought it was too cute! The taste was also very nice. However, I didn't ask where she bought it. After awhile, I asked around where could I get rock candies. No one knew until another friend of mine went to Singapore and bought Sticky candies for me*hearts*

                                             I own the exact cherry rock candies~YUMMY!

I really want to drop by 1 Utama now to visit the 'Sticky' shop. You can customize your very own candies too =) But the minimum weight for cuztomized candies is 6kg! That's alot of candies and many more cavities to come LOL

How nice would it be to eat candies that have your name cuztomized into it hehe Sticky have so many flavours and designs to choose from. The unique thing about this rock candy is that it is hand made, thus their logo caption is 'traditional handmade yummy'

It does not need to be refrigerated nor would it melt and contrary to its brand, it's not sticky. It's very easy to eat. Just take a candy and  pop it in your mouth and cherish the taste *laughs*

Try one and you cannot resist more! It really is addictive =D

August 7, 2010

First impressions

I think first impressions are important and can be deceiving too...See, at one point me and my friends were talking about how their first impressions affected other people's outlook on them.

Hence, why first impressions can be deceiving. One can look like a quiet, friendly lady but it turned out she's a b*tch! I know one like that from my work place. This lady boss from HQ came to visit and she's young, pretty, friendly looking and does her work quietly. We thought she's such a nice person. Boy, were we wrong! It turned she's such a fussy b*tch...Sorry for my language and out of no respect for a superior authority but I can't help it. She comes in one day and she starts complaining about teachers, about how we work, how we dress and our etiquette. Seriously?! Our own boss who's on leave had said nothing previously and who is she to barge in like that? Anyway, she's just here for the meantime and being a fussy pot no wonder she's not married!

Besides that, while others can look like a 'bad boy' or have that scruffy look, doesn't mean he's not a smart person with a great attitude! Or while some can look like a genuinely nice gentleman may turn out to be a pervert! Well, some say I look like a nerd, seriously how wrong are they! I do not even have 10% of nerdiness in me haha

You know this guy? One look and you may think he's a normal dude with a crazy hairstyle. FYI, he's Tim Burton, notable film maker for movies such as Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Planet of the Apes, Batman returns, Edward Scissorhands and the latest Alice in Wonderland. Who knew this guy has such a creative mindset, earning millions of bucks and a director most actors want to work with!

On the other hand, first impressions are important as aformentioned. When you go for a work interview, you only have one shot to ace that interview and get your dream job. Hence, strike your million dollar smile and be at your best behaviour. When they hired you, it's really hard to fire you later when they find out how deceiving that smile of yours is LOL

So to say, if you are judging one from first impression always remember the phrase, 'Do not judge a book by its cover' and if you want to make a good first impression, always have the right attitude. It's really hard to fake attitude. With a good attitude and manners, you will go very far...

August 5, 2010

More movies

Frankly speaking, Angelina Jolie looks better in the poster than the entire movie. She looked skinny and old! But enough of her looks, not really a fan of her so-called sultry lips anyway but the stunts in the movie was fantastic! For a woman to fight the entire security team is awesome! The storyline has a twist in it and it was not bad. I wouldn't say it was superb because it was somewhat predictable with the 'heroin winning all the fights' but it's a good watch.

So, who is salt? Well, watch and find out...

The last song was really about a father-daughter relationship. Somehow, the hype of Miley Cyrus dating Liam Hemsworth overshadowed the story into thinking that it was a romance story. Well, it has its romance moments but I thought it was too rushed.

The storyline about the father-daughter connection however, was touching! This movie is really a DVD kind of movie and if you're not a fan of Miley Cyrus, I suggest you not watch it. Everything was about her and sometimes her annoying voice gets to me. Mind you, I'm not really a fan of hers.

Oh well, more movies and more DVDs to watch =)) I can't wait fot Step Up 3 in 3D...The preview seems very interesting!

August 4, 2010

People differ!

After one and a half months teaching in a kindie, I found that some children are so easy to teach. Teaching them is like a breeze and it's every teacher's dream to be able to pass your knowledge to your children easily. However, some children are a headache to teach! Like seriously, they are slow, get distracted so easily and just cannot be taught using the 'nice' way.

Some children are naturally clever, I must say. You teach them anything they will follow. They are like sponges and they pick up very fast. These children are easy and you do not have to pay very much attention to them. Although sometimes, they do get jealous when they see the teacher teaching other children attentively. But give them compliments like 'Clever Girl!' and they will be happy =D

On the other hand, the poor students who cannot keep up with their friends are left out and are behind syllabus. Their friends could count all the way to 20 and backwards but they are still stucked with numbers below 10. Maths, is the subject that has many children grumbling. These children are not stupid but just a bit slow. Give them English, Chinese, Bahasa, Science or colouring any time and they will finish up fast and correctly! 

Oh, this reminds me of how slow I was in Maths during school haha...Bless my teacher and my father for having the patience to teach me LOL Even I'm losing my patience with these kids who just cannot get it and sometimes I'll just do the math for them and ask them to go home and practice haha

Reading, too is a hassle. Some children are pretty good with words. Some still cannot pronounce what 'T-H-E' is! Even 6-year-olds...There's this one child who is still stucked with book 4 when her friends are already reading book 22. I'm not kidding and she's going to primary school next year! How to keep up?

One more thing, parents should not leave all the teachings to the teachers. They should guide their child at home and do their homeworks with them! Not leave them in the doom because kids cannot do it all by themselves. Don't expect them to recognise words magically, right? Someone has to teach them! Teahers can only do so much.

As the title per se, people do differ whether in personality, mind development wise, characterictics and so on. Not everyone is the same. So, some may need more attention than the other and some may gather more attention than others due to their personalities or nature.

Well, God made us this way and this is how we are supposed to live. Thus, we have to live life at its best taking what's given to us.

August 2, 2010


I'm so sick of people calling lawyers 'loyar-burok'. Well, it generally means lawyers enjoy talking about things that serve no purpose a.k.a they talk too much or they like to cheat client's money by telling them that the case has a promising win when in fact it's doomed!

I beg to differ. I know some lawyers who are so polite, good, earn a decent living(without the need to cheat other people's money) and are generally honest people. Maybe some bad apple spoiled the entire perception on lawyers.

I definitely do not want to be one of those 'bad apple'. Okay, most lawyers talk too much, so do I but it's because it's our nature to argue. We are taught to argue cases so that we can win them in court. Imagine lawyers sitting quietly in front of the judge, how are we to win the case for clients? Then if we are silent, people will say we are not doing our jobs! Or not, they say we talk to much! HUH?? See the irony?!

Perhaps the perception that some lawyers do cheat client's money may be a bit true because most clients do not know the precedence of the case and lawyers do and maybe that lawyer happened to have a slow business going on, so he took the case. As I said, some bad apples spoil the entire bunch! Coz it's easy when one does not know anything about law and the other do.

Anyway, it could also be the lawyer honestly believed that he could win the case by having thought that the judge may have made a mistake previously in the precedent case. In law, honestly believed is counted. One can be acquitted for honestly believing that the crime he did was right! Of course, there are certain barriers to that. You don't honestly believe murdering someone is right in law, do you??

Well, call lawyers anything you want. But when you are in deep trouble and in time you need one, you will know how useful lawyers can be! I want to be one that fights for justice and rights. But seriously, cheating people off their money is not one of them!

It may still not change your perception on lawyers, but I just want to emphasise that NOT all lawyers are bad. Some are genuinely good and nice people!

                                                                    We fight for justice!