August 2, 2010


I'm so sick of people calling lawyers 'loyar-burok'. Well, it generally means lawyers enjoy talking about things that serve no purpose a.k.a they talk too much or they like to cheat client's money by telling them that the case has a promising win when in fact it's doomed!

I beg to differ. I know some lawyers who are so polite, good, earn a decent living(without the need to cheat other people's money) and are generally honest people. Maybe some bad apple spoiled the entire perception on lawyers.

I definitely do not want to be one of those 'bad apple'. Okay, most lawyers talk too much, so do I but it's because it's our nature to argue. We are taught to argue cases so that we can win them in court. Imagine lawyers sitting quietly in front of the judge, how are we to win the case for clients? Then if we are silent, people will say we are not doing our jobs! Or not, they say we talk to much! HUH?? See the irony?!

Perhaps the perception that some lawyers do cheat client's money may be a bit true because most clients do not know the precedence of the case and lawyers do and maybe that lawyer happened to have a slow business going on, so he took the case. As I said, some bad apples spoil the entire bunch! Coz it's easy when one does not know anything about law and the other do.

Anyway, it could also be the lawyer honestly believed that he could win the case by having thought that the judge may have made a mistake previously in the precedent case. In law, honestly believed is counted. One can be acquitted for honestly believing that the crime he did was right! Of course, there are certain barriers to that. You don't honestly believe murdering someone is right in law, do you??

Well, call lawyers anything you want. But when you are in deep trouble and in time you need one, you will know how useful lawyers can be! I want to be one that fights for justice and rights. But seriously, cheating people off their money is not one of them!

It may still not change your perception on lawyers, but I just want to emphasise that NOT all lawyers are bad. Some are genuinely good and nice people!

                                                                    We fight for justice!

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