October 31, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse mask- Halloween edition

Hello girls, how'd you like to revitalise your skin and at the same time make it functional for Halloween? Hehe well you can do it with Montagne Jeunesse peel off masks.

This Green Tea Peel off is similar to the Manuka Honey mask.

Re-energize skin with natural minerals; uplifting Green Tea, healing root Ginger and reviving properties of squeezed Lemon, to reveal a deep cleansed, toned and radiant complexion. Detox with this treat weekly.

One sachet can be used for 2-3 application.

It is gel like and it smells exactly like Green Tea. I'm a big fan of Green Tea so I'm definitely lovin' it!

Only 4 steps- Cleanse, apply, relax, peel
It will form a shiny thin film and after 20 minutes, it's ready to be peeled off to reveal a refreshed, re-energised and revitalised skin.

Slowly peel the entire mask off and it will come off quite easily.

And ta-dah! A Halloween mask hehe. Put on a costume and go out with a half-peeled mask =p
A good Halloween costume idea, no?

Happy Halloween readers! xx

October 29, 2014

Mirabella skincare set

Asian women are obsessed with being fairer and whiter.
We are always looking for ways to make us brighter to be like Snow White!

Well, Hishop is introducing the newest whitening skincare in the market.

It has a beautiful package that comes with it.
I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for packaging hehe

It's pretty in pink!

This set contains:

Mirabella Cleanser
Mirabella UV Cream
Mirabella Beauty Cream

I naturally have darker skintone than most Chinese. On top of that, I just came back from Bali with a lil' bit of tan.

So, I'm all for making my skin look whiter, brighter and fairer!

It's as easy as 1,2,3- Cleanse, Protect and Repair

Mirabella Cleanser.

Even the liquid is pink and it has a fragrant smell.

Dispense desired amount onto palm, lather with water and gently massage on face and neck. Rinse well.

-To cleanse and refresh your skin
-To get rid of clogged pores
-To balance and keep your skin well-nourished
-No harmful ingredients such as hydoquinone and mercury
-Removes excess make-up, as these oily substances cannot be removed through washing alone
-Ideal light texture face cleanser suitable for all skin types

It acts as a makeup remover as well so it's 2-in-1 which is definitely value for money! Skin feels refreshed and clean.

Mirabella UV Cream.
Although it seems oily and orange-y in colour, don't be fooled because in actual fact, it is a white cast and non-oily. 

Apply cream evenly onto the face and neck every morning/day time.

-Protects skin from UV light
-Promotes a brighter and healthy skin
-No harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury
-Prevents and treats dry skin, protects sensitive skin, improves skin tone and texture
-Active ingredients helps to protect the skin from premature aging, giving a radiant and youthful skin

I felt that it makes face a bit too white because it's a white cast. It doesn't seem naturally white so be cautious in not applying too much. Further, it's a bit drying so best if moisturiser/mist is applied before. On top of that, this UV cream does not have SPF.

Mirabella Beauty Cream.

Apply cream evenly onto your face and neck every evening.

-Whitens and lightens skin colour
-Enhances performance of the skin's nutrients
-New, safe and effective skin-whitening and brightening
-Based on natural ingredients in the skin care product formulation
-No dangerous active chemical ingredients
-Reduces hyperpigmentation
-Skin tone corrector
-Prevents premature aging signs
-Reduces age-related dark spots, skin pigmentation and freckles
-Firms up and moisturizes skin

The beauty cream is much better. The texture seems like Hazeline Snow but it does not create a white cast. It blends well into skin leaving skin fairer and brighter.

Here are the comparison pictures.

All in all, the effect is immediate. After application, skin does seem whiter and fairer. I believe in time, after more application, skin will be fairer. It suits all skin types and does not irritate skin.

Get fairer skin with Mirabella skincare set today. Normal price is RM90 for the whole set.

But get 15% discount just for 'Dreamer' readers. Use the discount code: ESTHERLKE

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Enjoy shopping!

October 27, 2014

Realash progress

Remember my post on Realash Eyelash Enhancer?
Well, I promised to check back in a month's time to see my eyelashes' progress.

So I religiously applied the liquid enhancer every night for the past month.
It was easy using the applicator which was soft and the liquid was watery-like and not glue-y.
Only one stroke was needed daily.

Here's the results after a month's usage:

#noedit (Above-before, Below-after)
Not bad, huh?
My eyelashes have quite significantly grown longer as you can see evident in the comparison picture.

At a closer look, after a month, my eyelashes are thicker and longer and I was very happy to see the results!!

With mascara!
Can you notice what a huge difference it has made?

I fooled so many people by questioning them if I was wearing falsies or not. All of them including my family said I was using fake lashes LMAO. They were surprised when I told them it's my own natural lashes! Some even wanted to test by pulling out my lashes hehehehe

I will continue using Realash for another 2 months because Realash produces best results in 3 months. I can't imagine how much longer can my lashes grow hehehe *excited*

Visit Realash Malaysia to get yours today!

Update: My progress after Three Months

October 25, 2014

Last week

Sad that my holidays are coming to an end ='(
I think I pretty much did what I really wanted to do before the end of the year. Some things from my bucket list have been ticked off and ate and gained weight as always during holidays!

More foooddd pics hehe

Went to Tous Les Jours, Empire Subang TWICE in a week for their brunch menu which was so yummy!

Eggs Benedict.

TLJ Breakfast set.

Price was reasonable, food was good and if you take the set options, it comes with tea/coffee.

Next was Boat Noodle, Jaya One.

It comes in a very small portion for every bowl hence why you can see pictures of people eating bowls after bowls of noodles. The noodle was very flavourful and if hunger strikes, I think one person is able to eat 20-30 bowls!
It costs RM1.90 per bowl. There's a choice of beef/chicken and two types of sauce. Again, I revisited this place a second time in a week haha

I have a habit that if I like a place so much, I will visit it again and again hehehe
Hui Lau Shan is another place I have revisited many times lol

The mango feast set has the combination of all my favourites. I love the chewy ball, the coconut noodle and the ice cream cake. Of course, mangoes are the main recipe and HLS always serve sweet mangoes<3

One restaurant that was on my bucket list was the Revolving Restaurant in KL Tower, Atmosphere 360 degrees.

It's a restaurant that slowly revolves around so that you can view Kuala Lumpur in 360 degrees.
If you are the kind that gets sea sick quite easily, you might not really enjoy eating in a revolving restaurant because although it revolves quite slowly, some people do get dizzy and feel nauseating. Also, pay extra caution of your seat number. You might get your food at the buffet table and find out your table had 'moved' because it's revolving hehehe.

Food wise, there was a wide array of desserts that caught my attention haha. It was mostly Malaysian food but nothing to really boast about. The food was just okay but it was the spectacular view and the revolving restaurant that made it on my bucket list hehe

Ah well, whad'ya know! I went back to Dialogue in the Dark for a second time as well! 

This time with friends around me to share my experience with them and since previously, it was a half tour, this time I went for the full one hour tour. It was still definitely a scary experience to know nothing in the dark and be so insecure. You should try it at least once and it keeps you humble.

I am a redhead once again! Although red fades quite easily, somehow I am still really drawn to this colour. So every once a year, I will always get my hair dyed red in a saloon. Although I know in a month or two, it will turn copper >.<

Focus on hair colour. Ignore my moo cow froyo #ilovedesserttoomuch


Now, everytime I wash my hair, it's like I'm draining and dripping blood all over >.<
But I still love it!! Red suits me the best IMHO =)
Read my hair colour journey HERE

October 24, 2014


Blake Lively spotted with her baby bump making a debut in a gorgeous Michael Kors gown at the God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards Gala in NYC.

Hot mama!!
I last saw her in the teenage drama, Gossip Girl and can't believe she's going to be a mom now. 

She was also spotted in a low cut cleavage showing skintight Gucci gown as she walked the red carpet at the 2014 Angel Ball with husband Ryan Reynolds.

Basking in all the pregnancy glory of glowing skin, enlarged assets and an adorable bump!

Awwww...their child would definitely have good genes =)

October 22, 2014

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Perfume launch

Givenchy recently launched their latest Eau De Parfum, Dahlia Divin in Sephora, Sunway Pyramid where they had a display station with makeovers.

Grammy winning singer, Alicia Keys is the ambassador of Dahlia Divin and this is Alicia's debut as an ambassador for a perfume.

Beautiful girls were giving out samples to the public for a sniff on the sweet smell of Dahlia Divin.

We were also given makeovers using Givenchy makeup.

Getting my makeover done.

Using all round Givenchy products.


Photo session after the makeover.
The dresscode was gold
Gold dress from Kitschen
Jacket from Applemints
with a bottle of Dahlia Divin perfume

Every instant picture taken after the makeover is hung on a 'tree bowl' with a written comment on what 'Gold' means to you.

That's me and me hehe

This golden fragrance envelopes with its divine golden hues for a lasting enchanting memory. A quick sniff of the perfume gushes a sweet note that composes of Golden Fruit (Mirabelle Plum), White Flower Bouquet (Mainly Jasmine), Sandalwood, Vetiver and Patchouli which exudes Luminous, Elegance and Timeless-ness.

Sephora now carries Dahlia Divin from Givenchy nationwide starting this October.
Check it out in stores.