April 30, 2011

SaSa's bloggers tea session

I was invited to be one of the lucky bloggers to attend SaSa's bloggers tea session at Haagen Dazs, 1 Utama. The session was about the promotion of Caudalie Vinosource.

Have you heard of that French brand?? Well, I didn't at first but now I know a lot about it. Caudalie is a very famous skincare brand in France and it has made its way to Malaysia!!

SaSa has recently launched some new products from Caudalie Vinosource and you can buy the range at any SaSa stores =))

The bloggers tea session was at Haagen Dazs upstairs


When all the bloggers arrived, we were given a briefing on what is Caudalie Vinosource and how it helps in replenishing water for the skin..It is mostly made up of grape water, grape seed and everything grape =))

                         Mr. Ramone(I think that's his name) giving us the briefing. He's from France!

After that, we get to try the products provided..

I must say after trying the Creme Sorbet, I fell in love with it. Just after applying it, you can really feel the difference. My skin was smoother and it has a really nice cooling effect with a wonderful scent. On top of that, it makes your skin luminous as well =))

                   I love it =)) I'm so glad they decided to put this one in the goodie bag hehe
                            The Caudalie creme-sorbet is worth RM120 for a 40ml bottle

Next, were the delicious desserts. Since we're in Haagen Dazs, of course we were served ice cream and waffles..

We get two plates each..That's like quite a huge portion for desserts and many couldn't finish. But the desserts were very yummy...Loved it <3 The grapes were exceptionally juicy!

                                                         Met Janoah there hehe

                                                               Group picture!

                                              He was sooo popular among the ladies!!! =p

                        Lastly, me and Kate, the sales and marketing executive from Hong Kong.

I had a really fun day at the tea session. Met so many new faces and got to interact with them =)
Thank you very much SaSa for giving me this opportunity!!


April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!

Yes, I have nothing better to do other than watching the royal wedding for a good 5 hours *laughs*
Overall, it was a great wedding. I think everything was simple, from Kate's dress to the mass to the people and the entire event.

It started with the arrivals. William and Harry arrived 45 minutes before the bride. Prince William is just soo friendly and Harry waving to the people from the car. Then while in Wesminster Abbey, he was talking to his relatives, shaking hands and smiling. He definitely got his friendliness from his late mother, Princess Diana. She would have been so proud of him!

                                                               Picture: Perez Hilton

Then came Kate's mother and brother, followed by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, shortly after the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip arrived. After that, the cute bridesmaids and Kate's maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, also her younger sister arrived.

Then it's time for the bride to arrive!! When she entered the car, everyone was eyeing the dress. It has been one of the most speculation since the engagement. It was a very simple dress, with lace around the bodice. The train was medium long and she was very beautiful, smiling and waving to everyone. Her dress was designed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.
Kate also did her own make-up!!!

                                                              Picture: Us Weekly

Then her father walked her down the aisle and she was next to her future husband. Thereafter, they made their I-dos and followed by the mass and hymns.

When the mass finished, Kate and William walked as husband and wife and sat at the horse carriage. OMG!! That's like a dream come true!

You know, I never thought the actual royal wedding is like how you picture it. This is the first royal wedding I ever witnessed. I only see in movies where royal weddings include horse carriages, bodyguards everywhere, all the fans waiting for the bride and groom outside, never thought it actually happens!!

Oh, and one thing, their punctuality is awesome! Everyone was on time! I especially liked the arrival of David and the pregnant Victoria Beckham =)))

The fashion today was fuuuullllllll of HATS!! All kinds! Big hats, small hats, weird hats, ultra large hats, flower hats and soooo many more designs! It's funny that at royal weddings, everyone is expected to wear hats! LOL

The newlyweds are now called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

The highlight of the event was definitely the kiss- not one but TWO on the balcony!! Now everyone saw Awwwwwww....

Such a fairytale wedding!!! Congratulations to the both of them...May they live happily every after =))


Sephora is finally in Malaysia in Starhill Gallery!! Yesterday was the soft launch.
I didn't go for the launch but I went one day after it, today hehe...

It's really COOL!! It has so many brands from the likes of O.P.I, Benefit, Dr.Murad, Lancome, SK-II and sooo many others!!

It's like a beauty heaven for the ladies! I saw the O.P.I shatter sold there and I really wanted to buy but I refrained LOL..I've got too many nail polish already *laughs*

Maybe next time, hoepfully =p
Ladies who are very into make-ups and beauty, you should really check it out!!

Ipad 2

Ipad 2 is launched today! I'm quite a fan of gadgets and would love to have an ipad 2 hehe
But since I already have a laptop and a handphone with wi-fi, bringing that huge ipad around is quite a hassle actually LOL

Anyway, was at Lowyat today and crazy amount of people were queuing up for the ipad 2. Also, I saw this couple bought so many ipad 2 at once. I think friends asked them to buy XD

The ipad 2 is lighter, slimmer and has two cameras, one in front and one behind. So cool huh!!

Everyone has gone ipad crazy!! Apple is driving techies all around crazy with their iphones, ipads, itouches and ipods *laughs*

April 28, 2011

Celebs with brains

You know, I really admire celebrities who not only succeed in show-biz but also make education a priority. I know most celebs are drop outs and some only finish high school but there are a handful which I truly admire.

Take for example James Franco...

He is an Oscar nominee, was an Oscar host, a successful actor, director, screenwriter and producer but do you know, adding to it all, he is also currently a Ph.D student in English at Yale University. Not only that, he has been accepted into another doctorate programme at the University of Houston which he will pursue a Ph.D in literature and creative writing in September 2012. Now, may I ask, where does he have the time to do it all???? He is sooooo SMART!!!

Besides that, another Oscar nominee and winner with brains is Natalie Portman:

She has always been very dedicated in her studies. She even skipped the premiere of one of the Star Wars movie so that she could study for her final exam in high school. She graduated from Harvard university with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2003. She was quoted as saying, "I'd rather be smart than be a movie star!" Well, good choice because not only she can add Harvard into her resume, now she's also an Oscar winner! She didn't really miss out on anything actually!

Next is Dakota Fanning who is a child star. From young, she has been a very promising actress yet she chose to finish high school and go on pursuing her education in college.

Look no further, even in Malaysia, Yuna, the singer-songwriter and Andrea Fonseka, Miss Malaysia both finished their law degrees in a local University and Singapore respectively before embarking on different paths..

Yuna, has become Malaysia's most influential singer online, and is now signed by a label who is based in New York!! Okay, if you are signed in New York, you know you have really made it!!!

Andrea Fonseka, who was Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 is now the national director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation(MUMO) and is the one responsible for revamping the entire pageant.

And then we have Willow Smith, the rising singer with famous parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith dropping out of primary school to pursue her singing career...

Oh well, at the end of the day, it's really your own choice...Some people take the road less taken while others are not necessarily risk takers...

But, what I learnt from the likes of James Franco and Natalie Portman is that you can really have the best of both worlds if you work hard and prioritise!

April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

Me as much as many other girls in the world cannot wait for the over-hyped royal wedding!! I can't wait to see how beautiful Kate Middleton will be in her wedding gown walking down the aisle!

The royal wedding will be this coming Friday and E! Channel and NTV7 will be airing it live in the afternoon starting at 4pm and 4.30pm respectively *excited*

This is like a fairytale dream come true *so jealous* Who would ever thought marrying a prince charming one day will ever come true XD

Well, it did for her! And both of them look quite like the perfect couple =))

So, are you going to watch the royal wedding as well??

Isabella junior masterchef winner!!

I wrote about a similar post here : junior masterchef
I wrote that I wanted Isabella to win and she actually won!! Mind you, on top of all the other workloads I have to do, I stayed up till 2.30am just to see who won Junior Masterchef on Sunday *laughs* Yes, I'm that crazy!

The proud winner

The two incredible finalists, Jack and Isabella were not even cooking like kids!! But they are only 12! -.-
The final two challenges were hard but both of them came out successful! Especially the pressure challenge where they had to make a dessert only adults can do...

This is called pear perfection created by awesome chef Adriano Zumbo. It looks soo complicated, no? All I know is that the the green thing is called choux pastry and they need to have a pear jelly in it with biscuit crumbs underneath and all sorts of complicated stuffs *laughs*

Both Jack and Isabella did great. Jack even scored some 11/10 marks for his pear perfection!! But he lost out on his first dish. He's a really good cook, nevertheless!

Isabella actually came into the competition with her twin sister, Sofia. Both entered the 12 finalists but Sofia did not manage to go into the final two- or else it'll be a sibling competition! Both sisters dream of opening their own restaurants and both can cook equally well..

Such inspiration these kids give to other people!!
I didn't know kids could cook this well until I saw this show. And every week they surprise me even more with their techniques and skills!

All of them who entered the 12 finalists but got eliminated came back to cheer for Isabella and Jack. All of them were very supportive and I reckon these kids will have a very bright future ahead!

April 26, 2011

Spot me!!

Wheee...I'm kinda excited today coz I was told my pics came out in the May issue of Cleo magazine. Although, it was only a small section of the magazine, but still!! Hehehehe
Yeah, I'm like a small girl all over again hehe

                                              The group picture was as the editor's note

                                                        The last page of snapshots

Thanks Cleo once again!!!
I will always treasure these memories =))