April 25, 2011

KAO Malaysia Premium Beauty Care Roadshow!!

KAO Malaysia will be having a roadshow at Sungai Wang Plaza from the 28th April till 2nd May 2011. You definitely do not want to miss this chance!!

Everyone is invited =))
The roadshow will be showcasing three of Kao's premium beauty care ranges- Liese, Biore and Asience. I love all three brands! I have personally tried Asience shampoo range and it smoothens my hair! Biore is definitely very popular among the ladies for its skincare range. I have yet to try the Liese dye but from what I heard, it does good for your hair as well!

If you visit the roadshow, you will get a FREE hair check and hair style consultation. Besides that, a Free trial on all KAO easy-to-use skincare and hair care products are available to all shoppers. You can experience and do-it-yourself before purchasing with KAO professionals hair stylists and product specialist stand by for consultation.

Cool isn't it? That's not all, Liese Mr Bubble mascot will be there to give away free gift as well. 
So, do drop by the roadshow whenever you're free! 
Don't miss this chance!!


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