February 28, 2013


Remember my previous post on hometuitionjob.com?
Well, the website has been upgraded and there are more tutors and jobs available now! It is more interactive as well and it's just great because home tuition is becoming more and more popular these days. If you're a parent and you're too busy to send your children for tuition, this website provides for available tutors and their subject expertise.

If you're a tutor or want to be a tutor, this website provides you all available jobs around your preferred area in just a click. Currently, they are looking for tutors for A Levels Chemistry tuition and if you fit the description, sign up now as a tutor!

You can find tutors and jobs all around Malaysia from certain places in East Malaysia to West Malaysia, from northern states like Penang and going down south to Johor. Home Tuition in Johor Bahru is also expanding and yes going down south some more, it has recently expanded overseas to...

And the furthest expansion is....

Wow! Home Tuition has really gone through a lot of upgrade in these few months. Now those in Singapore and India can benefit from the website as well. Any Singaporeans or those in India?? Just sign up for FREE as a tutor to find jobs, manage your home tuition career, pass on knowledge and earn money of course! Or if you're a parent/student, you can find tutors in subjects that you/your child are weak in, in the hope of improvement. 

These websites are very convenient as they can match tutors according to your needs, view tutors' photo and their profile, tuition rate guide if you're not sure what is the market rate for a particular subject and best of all, the admin is ever ready to help you should you need assistance =))

They have also been bitten by the social media bug and you can 'like' them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for live updates. 

Chek out www.hometuitionjob.com now!

February 27, 2013


I love masking! I try to put on a mask once a week or once a fortnight if I'm busy. 
This time, I'm using Yellow Ocher Essence Mask from MJ Care. Thanks to Beauty 7-11 for the mask =)

So what is Yellow Ocher? It is also known as Loess and it's a type of soil. I know right! First time using soil as a mask LOL! Loess contains infrared and negative ion. Negative Ion can bring out the positive ion dirt from our skin and infrared can activate the skin, have anti aging properties and brightens up face.

It's mostly in Korean but there's English instructions as well.

After cleansing, put on for 20 minutes. It's a normal essence mask and it's quite a perfect fit.

Felt really refreshed after it. It has a slight fragrance attached to it but not too strong. Just the way I like it. It's also suitable for my oily skin.

But the best part is that it's so affordable. It only costs RM3! Beauty 7-11 sells their masks at a discounted price. They not only sell masks but other beauty products as well.

February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013 red carpet

I've always loved the Oscars, because it brings out the best of celebrities, fashion wise!
The Oscars award is the biggest award one can win in film. 
This year is no different as the stars put on their best dress and shun on the red carpet! 
The tube gown trend doesn't seem to die down from the SAG awards

Charlize Theron in a pure white structured Dior Couture column gown.

Jennifer Aniston in a bright red Valentino gown.

Amy Adams in a huge Oscar de la Renta gown. 

Jennifer Garner in purple Gucci custom-made especially for her, alongside husband Ben Affleck whose film Argo won Best Picture.

Jennifer Lawrence in a soft pink Dior Haute Couture.

Anne Hathaway, wore a pale pink Prada.

Look at that sexaay back!! She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserables.

Catherine Zeta Jones in a gold Zuhair Murad dress, alongside husband Michael Douglas.

Jessica Chastain in a custom Armani dress.

Olivia Munn is stunning in Marchesa. By far, my best dressed! The colour, the corset and the structured skirt are all so perfect!

Nicole Kidman wearing a L'Wren Scott dress, alongside husband Keith Urban.

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen.

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton.

Kelly Rowland in a white and black Donna Karan Atelier.

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille. The intricate floral details at the bodice, and the ombre colour at the hem makes the dress quite special!

February 22, 2013

First time voter

So look who I saw in the neighbourhood?

Well, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim giving a speech for the coming election.

I'm not into politics, really. If you had seen me, I was a bit of an outcast there *laughs* But I will be a first time voter this year! *a bit excited* =p
And so I just went with family and heard him talk to see what he had to say and decide to whom I should vote for LOL
But he was pretty hilarious I must say. He jokes about himself, things, other people and he got the crowd going!

You know he arrived when the lion dance starts.

Also some fireworks display. The neighbourhood had not been that lively- ever!

He wrote some Chinese words and lou sang with some of his counterparts.

The crowd!

My place is governed by the opposition and hence he had soo many supporters!! I have never seen such atmosphere before in my life. They were shouting 'Reformasi!' and all were so ignited when he arrived. I was actually scared with some really hardcore politics people that might ended up in a brawl -.-

It was my first time at any election speech and first time hearing him speak. Now, after hearing what he and his party has to offer, now I think I would like to listen what the other party has to offer hehe
So, is Najib coming to Shah Alam anytime soon? *laughs*

February 21, 2013


Here are some sponsored outfits by www.nile.com.my 

Wore this long blouse for the Zombie event before class. It's casual and very chic!
It has pockets as well!
Leggings are my own. 

Another lace number! For more lace dresses by Nile, read HERE 
Wore this for the Marie France event. 
I'm loving the long sleeved lace. It's so gorgeous and keeps me warm in air conditoned room and yet not too hot for the Malaysian weather. 

Long Sleeve dress again! Dual coloured tone and soo comfy in air conditioned room =) Got many compliments for this dress *smiles* It kinda accentuate your figure!

A casual party dress! Great for a girls night out casual party! I love the striking blue colour. It's soft and silky as well! Get the same dress HERE

Here's a versatile jacket! It's long so it can be a dress and you can have a blouse inside 

It can just be a normal sweater. It's soo comfy, it'll keep you warm and cozy! Get yours HERE

Thank you Nile <3 <3!! Read more about them HERE and do visit www.nile.com.my for more gorgeous outfits! 

They are having maintenance now though so if you want fast delivery, order after 27th February =)


February 20, 2013

Early mornings

I've always been that person who sleeps past midnight and wakes up around noon =p
Never been much of a morning person! In fact morning classes can literally just make me doze off but evening classes don't. But I found out, people who wakes up early, are very much more efficient. They wake up early, do their errands and by noon they are done and can catch up on more important stuffs.

So, I thought perhaps I should try the same. Just maybe wake up 1 hour earlier than my usual time. Not much but nevertheless, I got to finish up some errands all before lunch! That's quite efficient I think. Usually, only after lunch I'll be dragging my butt to do the things I'm supposed to, but waking up earlier makes me a bit more efficient #truestory I'm a bit more productive these days *laughs*

As they said, the early bird catches the worm and too much rest leads to laziness.
Try waking up a bit earlier rather than rushing for things....I bet your productivity level will increase in no time =)

February 18, 2013

Sooo True!!!

How I spent CNY?

As every Chinese, I spent Chinese New Year with food, food, food and more food!!!! The guilt is starting to set in when I see my bulging tummy =(( Now, I have to avoid bodycon dresses -__-

Anyhows, here's another food post hehe

Yee sang, meat and veges!! Now I see meat, I runnn!!!! I'm going vegetarian for the next weeks!!

Seriously delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese topping *slrrp*

The mandarin oranges basket that I decorated ^^ All the 'lokam' this year are really sweet!

Cookies!! If you can see the choc container, it was filled with chocs and before CNY, it was gone -.-

More cookies! Love playing with the fortune cookies hehe All these containers were refilled a few times already! 

Choc moist steam home made cake *slrrp*

Macaroons anyone? ^^

Look what I saw!! My cousins iphone cover *laughs* How cuuttteeeee!!!

My OOTD- orange-y peplum dress and #make for 1st day of CNY. 

The much needed break was such a relief from all the hectic-ness!! It was a week of celebration and now it's back to reality XD Hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as well!! 
So, when's the next break already? XD

February 13, 2013


It's that time of the year again where gifts, chocs and flowers' prices are hiked up because of the high demand! I've always loved Valentine's, well the atmosphere of it actually =)) Love is in the air in the month of February!! <3

It's a celebration of love so everyone, any age and whatever relationship status you are, all should celebrate Valentine's!! =)) Cherish your loved ones, be it your parents, your family, your other halves, your friends, etc In this world full of catastrophe, sometimes all you need is some of these love =)

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead. 

February 12, 2013

Grammys 2013

So many awards shows this month back to back. Yesterday, the Grammys was held at the London Hotel, West Hollywood. Here are some of the celebrities' arrivals at the Grammys...

Carrie Underwood rocked a classic black Roberto Cavalli gown and a 381-carat diamond necklace. She said the necklace is worth more than her *laughs* She won Best Country Solo Performance for her song 'Blown Away'

Nicole Kidman in a gold shimmer Vera Wang.

Natasha Bedingfield is wearing an EMERSON by Jackie Fraser-Swan gown from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Taylor Swift in a white J. Mendel number that featured silver sequined straps. She opened the Grammys with her performance of 'We are Never Ever Getting back together'

Rihanna wearing a custom red Azzedine Alaïa dress. She has definitely cleaned up her act and is well put together for the Grammys!

Katy Perry in a plunging Gucci gown.

Carly Rae Jepsen in a Roberto Cavalli dress.

Beyonce took a different path from usual and wore a fitted black-and-white jumpsuit from OSMAN by Osman Yousefzada. Beyonce picked up the award for Best Traditional R&B Performance for her song “Love On Top”.