February 9, 2013

Marie France Bodyline

Malaysia's leading beauty and slimming provider, Marie France Bodyline, organised a brunch session at Marie France KLCC, with some bloggers in its effort to educate them on achieving a slim silhouette in a safe and healthy manner.

Themed "Woman behind Women- Weight Loss Journey, Slimming and its Effectiveness", the event was led by Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Marie France Bodyline, Amy Quek Swee Li. She kickstarted her career in Marie France Singapore in 1989 as a Consultant and was promoted within a span of 2 years as General Manager of both Singapore and Malaysia. In June 2012, she was the first female to helm Marie France Bodyline as CEO. She played a pivotal role in the expansion of Marie France Bodyline in Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.

CEO of Marie France Bodyline, Amy Quek Swee Li.

"Marie France has always strived to be at the forefront of beauty technology and we have always stayed abreast of what's fresh and new in the slimming industry. Keeping up to date with the current needs of our customers is a must. Ultimately, client satisfaction is our utmost priority and we ensure our clients walk out of our centres happy with their treatments and with full confidence in their bodies," beamed Amy.

Just ask any woman what does she want? Most would say they want to look good and feel confident in their own body. Even slim and young people can benefit from Marie France! The objective of the session was to address the inaccuracies and misconceptions of slimming treatments, and how far these treatments have progressed in terms of technology and effectiveness.

The treatments here are built to increase one's metabolic rate because sometimes our bodies tend to go into sleeping mode and these equipments help to stimulate the body to wake it up for targeted spots reductions. Further, these treatments also help shape up the body for a slimmer silhouette. Besides that, doesn't mean you're slim, you're eating healthily. There are nutritionists in all Marie France outlets to guide you on healthy eating habits.

The three pillars of Marie France Bodyline are:
1. Innovative equipment
- They only use the best technology for clients. Throughout its existence, Marie France Bodyline has continuously been introducing latest innovations to their slimming treatments, which are globally recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and medical professionals all over the world.

2. Cheerleaders
-To cheer on clients for encouragement on their journey to a better lifestyle. These are trained consultants that will help counsel clients and act as a support to reach your goal.

3. Help clients' expectations to be realistic
-This is not a one stop magic centre. You cannot go for one session and expect to lose 10kg immediately. At Marie France, they will consult you and have your body analysed with a machine, and then start with baby steps by taking up a package that is most suitable and comfortable with you in your journey to realising your goal about your body.

They have also recently come up with 'Price Transparency' at all centres starting from September 2012. This means, you will only get one price about your treatment cost and it will be the same at all centres. Customers will be well informed about their packages and pricing upfront minus any hidden costs. You'll get what you pay and all you need to do is just focus on the treatment and not to worry about whether the consultants are charging the right prices and whether there are hidden costs. In their dealings, it is important for Marie France to be transparent as it builds their trust in the brand.

I know most of your woes are about pushy consultants making you buy expensive packages which will burn a hole in your pocket! However, in Marie France, because of the price transparency where you'll know what you'll be paying for, there will be no pressure from the consultants and most importantly, know what you want first before going in and you can always start with baby steps by trying out smaller packages before committing to bigger ones.

A firm believer in wholesome beauty and a philanthropist, Amy ensures Marie France gives back to the community whenever possible and she does this on a personal level too. Since last year, Marie France Malaysia has embarked on a CSR campaign by working together with the Single Mothers Association of Malaysia in its effort to provide job opportunities for single mothers.

Other than the 20 Marie France centres in Malaysia, Marie France also operates a network of centres in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau and Brunei. They have more than 20 years of experience in helping individuals to lose weight naturally.

What I'm most excited about is that Marie France have some recent inventions which are Cellu Check Plus, a revolutionary medical diagnostic system which provides a clinical analysis of fatty deposits and Acoustic Radial Therapy(ART), a proven method of combining high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vacuum technology which metabolise fat cells and reduce the occurence and appearance of cellulite. These state-of-art, revolutionary diagnostic systems are also certified by WHO and has garnered much attention from medical professionals all over the world.

The ART helps women of all ages in fighting cellulite issues, caused by hormonal or age related laxity of the connective tissues. The treatment can be administered on the common problem areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs, abdomen and love handles, ultimately leading to a circumferential reduction in these areas. It is a non invasive treatment which combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology. A suction force will stretch and squeeze the targeted tissue to break the grid structure of the fat cells beneath the skin. The body will enjoy more efficient blood circulation and the skin will appear firmer. It only takes 30 minutes for one session. On average, visible slimming results can be achieved within 6 to 12 treatment sessions.

We were each given a complimentary ART treatment =) Can't wait to lose some of the fats after CNY *laughs*

The treatments in Marie France are safe and not painful. Some customers even fall asleep while doing the treatments. It's slimming while pampering yourself! All Marie France Bodyline's slimming programme are 100% safe, all-natural, offering holistic weight loss without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills.

"Though women would generally prefer an effortless weight loss fix, however, in Marie France, we encourage our customers to follow our holistic meal and exercise plans in order for them to see maximum results from their weight loss regime and enjoy better health as a whole too", concluded Amy.

After that, we were ushered for lunch at Du-Viet restaurant serving Vietnamese cuisine.

After lunch, we had a tour inside Marie France KLCC.

The lounge area.

The consultation room. 

There's the female treatment room...

And a separate male treatment room! Yes, Marie France caters for male clients as well =)

The VIP room.

The VIP resting room.

The lockers for personal belongings.

There's a free hand wax treatment after every session for clients.

The cozy and comfortable room for treatment.

Resting room for non-VIP clients.

Thank you so much Marie France for the tour and all the information! Will be back for my ART treatment =)

For more information, please log on to www.mariefrance.com.my or call 1-800-22-8222

UPDATE: My ART experience!

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