February 6, 2013

Ma Cherie Moisture range

Ma Cherie consists of two full range of hair care. One is the Air Feel range which is highly concentrated on volumnizing while maintaining the soft and silky texture of hair and the other is the Moisture range which is ideal for dry and unruly hair.. Each range consist of a shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

I am using the Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

The cute travel size bottles!

Shampoo and Conditioner.

At first whiff, it smells really sweet and fruity because of the Champagne Honey Glee. The shampoo and conditioner are also slightly pink in colour =)) Formulated with repairing and moisturising ingredients, this range repairs and controls dry ends to produce richly smooth hair that is silky to the touch. 

I must say I'm really in love with Ma Cherie products!! Even after one washing, I could feel the difference and my hair was less unruly and moisturised. Further, after washing hair, my entire bathroom smells heavenly *laughs* Anyone who went in after that asked what's that lovely smell!

That's the beauty of Ma Cherie and its Champagne Honey Glee fragrance. The sweet and romantic scent will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated all day long. 

This is best to be used with Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Spray! After that, everyone would want to start smelling your hair *laughs*

The travel size package retails for RM12.90. 

The medium size bottles- RM26.90 for Shampoo and Conditioner and RM39.90 for Treatment.

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