July 29, 2014

Crop tops

Crop top is quite a trend now. In recent times, many celebrities are donning cropped blouses showing some skin at the midriff.

Taylor Swift with matching blouse and skirt.

The same with Lily Collins.

Selena Gomez kept it a lil bit more sexy with a corset like cropped top.

Jennifer Lawrence mixing and matching black and white.

Taylor again proving that cropped blouses are not only for casual but could also be for a night/glam look.

The trick to showing skin and still keeping it classy is to not show so much til borderline slutty. So pair a crop top with a high waisted bottom. Either a high waisted jeans/pants or skirt will do the trick. Keep it higher than the belly button and just show a lil' peek-a-boo at the midriff.

I am actually loving this trend!

Here's my take on it...

For a walk on the beach, I paired a crop purple top with a loose leopard print skirt for a casual breezy feeling overlooking the sunset ^^

July 25, 2014


Raya holidays just kicked off! Here's wishing all Muslims a blessed Raya!

To those who are travelling, pleaseeee be safe! This is supposed to be a happy festive season, so don't let any unlikely events to happen(if it's avoidable).

Have fun enjoying the long weekend!
I'll be away too...My very first holiday in a long time!! =)

July 24, 2014

Payot Bust Performance

Confession: I am actually quite proud of my *ehem* decolletage. Because to be honest, I do not have a perky ass to flaunt so the only other asset I am proud of is my bust hehe

Therefore, I need to maintain my only asset (for obvious reasons).

I wouldn't want them sagging nor getting wrinkly etc because then I wouldn't have anything to flaunt!! Haha

Luckily, there's Payot(pronounced Pah-yoh) Bust Performance for bust remodelling firming care to not only care for my bust but to enhance them as well!

Bust Performance by Payot is a remodelling firming care emulsion with a light, silky, gel-cream texture that melts on the skin to tighten and visibly firm the delicate bust area. The secret is the Phytolift-Calcium complex  which acts like a genuine bust “lifter”. The tightening effect is instant, and with continued use the bust has a more harmonious curve while stretch marks are reduced.  

Active ingredients:
  • Soya Protein, a natural protein that remodels and rounds out the breasts- inflates small fatty cells and plumps up small adipocytes and sculpt the breasts.
  • Fortifying Calcium, a natural trace element to restructure the framework of the breasts- genuine bust lift that strengthens its inner structure.
  • Smoothing Horsetail extract, creates a sheathing network to strengthen breast support and help reduce stretch marks.

A penetrating oil-free cooling gel-cream restores density and tone the "natural support" system from the base of the bust to the chin. Enriched with the active ingredients, it strengthens bust support by re-launching the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restores volume and prevents skin slackening.

The bust would be visibly tightened and firmed, the decollete is smoothed, the skin looks "lifted" and stretch marks are reduced.

I was quite surprised when I first pumped the liquid to see that it was blue in colour.
However, once spreaded on skin, it is translucent and easily absorbed. It penetrates into skin rather quickly so that you can get dressed right after application.

The texture of the gel is lightweight and cooling. However, I felt that it has quite a 'herbal' smell. It was not unpleasant and it doesn't linger around so it does not bother me at all.

The gel should be applied day and night with gentle, circular upward movements, from the base of the breasts to the chin.

I can now have a better cleavage hehe
My decolletage seems firmer and more youthful and I think it's a great bust care for ladies. 
We normally just care for our face and neglect our body but it is very important to also care for our bust area and we should start young as our future self would definitely be thankful!

Thank you Payot for caring for my bust *blush*

A 50ml tube costs RM188 and you can get it at any Payot branch.

For more info, visit Payot website

July 23, 2014

Amante Charity Fair

How would you like to pamper yourself and at the very same time donate to charity?

You can now by supporting Amante's Charity Fair!

Amante Nail Spa is a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs and they will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair! The Charity Fair is in support of underprivileged children in Good Samaritan Home.

Good Samaritan Home is a non-profit charitable children's home committed to serve the poor and needy children in our society. Its aim is to provide for the physical, spiritual and educational well-being of the children. The home started operating in January 1999 with just one child and currently house 32 children and another 30 children in the Extension Program. 

Good Smaritan Home has always believed in good education for the children's future. Orphans can dream too. Every child deserves an education and education is the tool to succeed. They already have 8 students in college and two have graduated as Male Nurses and they are working in Singapore now. The other 2 are taking law; one in the second year and another just finished 3rd year. 2 more students are studying culinary arts, one doing Business Admin and another in the second year of ACCA. This goes to prove that if you nurture these children properly and provide them a good environment, they are very much able to have a successful future in life!

Good Samaritan Home needs approximately RM 5,500 per month for children's tuition and examination fees. Your contribution will definitely help those children at Good Samaritan to a better future.

Amante Charity fair aims to improve the quality of life and education support to those underprivileged orphans and the relief of need.

Details of the Charity Fair:

7 September 2014
Amante Kota Damansara @ Dataran Sunway, Level L3, Central Park (multi storey parking), No.3-03, Jalan PJU 5/13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
10am to 6pm

In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchase the Amante Charity Coupon booklet for RM35. Inside the booklet has 7 X RM5 cash vouchers where you can purchase treatments, activities, food and games at Amante Charity Fair and there's a BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment for FREE!.

25% of the sale proceeds will go to the Good Samaritan Home. Amante hopes to raise RM80,000 to help theese children. Amante believes by helping to raise funds for this home would make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school, providing basic education to those who need it most.

How Can You Help?

1. Purchase the Amante Charity Voucher booklet from the nearest Amante outlet. Visit www.amante.my for a list of locations near you.

2. Don’t have time? You can transfer/bank in to Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd (MAYBANK ACC NO. 512491131743). Send transfer note/bank-in slip to amantecharity@gmail.com with name, e-mail address & mobile number. You can collect your Amante Charity Coupon Booklet on 7th September, 2014 at the Amante Charity Fair and utilise it there and then.

So come join Amante on the 7th September, 2014 at Amante Kota Damansara to show your support for these amazing young children and to Good Samaritan Home =)

Cres Wellness 11th anniversary

Remember my post on CRES Wellness?
I have been a fan ever since and CRES Wellness is now celebrating their 11th anniversary and there's a special treat for each and everyone of you!

Firstly, let me introduce CRES Wellness. It is the founder of Cellnique Paramedical, a beauty salon who provides every ladies' needs. CRES stands for “Confidence”, “Relaxation”, “Elegance” and “Sophistication”; which are every ladies' “dreams land”. CRES provides skin care treatment, body spa and massage facilities as well. CRES salon has more than 30 types of beauty treatments, using CELLNIQUE products and 11 years of extensive experience in beauty. CRES is definitely trustworthy, making ladies more elegant, charming and attractive.

CRES would also like to introduce their newest facial treatment, which is the Plotox Micro Facelift. It uses nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology to combine the anti-aging factor "Green Peptides" and whitening factor "AHAS" that penetrates quickly into deep skin cells to provide nutrition to the cell. This increases the production of collagen and elastic fibers making skin look full, shiny, white and young. This treatment will provide visible results within 15 minutes! You will see a rapid repair of the ruptured collagen, reduced wrinkles, tightened eye bags, reduced pores size and lifted and sharpened facial contour. You may look 5-10 years younger with a continuous therapy for 3 months.

That being said...

You (Yes, YOU READERS!) are cordially invited to CRES Wellnes open day/anniversary sales held on 2/8/2014 -3/8/2014 at 9 branches throughout Malaysia. During the celebration, every customer can enjoy up to 70% discounts and offers by CRES. The most exciting part of the event is the lucky draw gifts and cash vouchers worth more than RM 1million which are all waiting for you to win.

If you want to be a new member, all you have to do is click HERE which will bring you to a page to fill in your details like below:

After submitting your details, you will receive an email with a voucher that entitles you to a 70% discount for the listed treatments and with any purchase, you are entitled to a FREE Cellnique Body Plush Velvety Veil(250ml)

Start pampering yourselves =)

For more details, please contact 
CRES Hotline: 016-2077126
Email CRES care line: crescareline@creswellness.com

Jusco Cheras Selatan(03-90763369), 
The Gardens(03-22876369), 
Bukit Tinggi Klang(03-33240828), 
Metro Prima Kepong(03-62507868), 
Puchong (03-80751289),
 Jusco Seremban II (06-6015828),
 Jusco Bandaraya Melaka (06-2921951), 
Taman Desa Tebrau JB (07-3577012).

CRES Wellness Official Website: http://www.creswellness.com/
CRES Wellness Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/creswellness

July 20, 2014


One tragedy after another. This is really saddening to watch. The fact that 298 innocent lives in MH17 was just shot down ruthlessly is painful to digest.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

Hopefully real answers can be found and that those who did such things are brought to justice. Not forgetting the still missing MH370's mystery will hopefully be solved soon.

This is a time of solidarity with the people who are mourning and not a time for speculations. May the family and friends who are grieving find strength to go through this period of gloom.

Germany + Football + Hugo Boss

Equals these awe-strucked pictures!
I didn't know the German team had a campaign with Hugo Boss until they won the World Cup when these pictures went viral.

I'm such a huge fan of the German team ever since I started watching the World Cup in high school.
I was really happy they won this year's World Cup =)
They totally deserved it.

Not only can these Germans play football so well, but they look extremely delicious in suits as well!! 


I just cant...I'm speechless! So. Good. Looking.
Men in suits make me melt and knees go weak hehe
I think Hugo Boss was so clever when they hired the entire team for this campaign.
After the World Cup, I'm sure Hugo's sales went high up!

Tokyo Luxey Beauty Box

I recently introduced Tokyo Luxey in my previous post.

And Tokyo Luxey have their very own beauty box! Woot Woots!

It is their TV Show "TOKYO-LUXE" Special Edition Gift Box!
It costs $32.00.
Click HERE for more information.

Keen to find out what's inside?
All products are from Japan!

These are some of the products in the beauty box.
If you don't already know, Japanese products have the cutest and nicest packaging =)

Make It & Co Organic Aroma Washing Oil and Balancing Day Cream.

The wash oil is made of organic soybean oil with essential oils.

Just rub a small amount on dry skin or on make-up and massage gently. Rinse with lukewarm water. It leaves your skin feeling supple and emollient.

Then apply the Balancing Day Cream accordingly.

It is a light and moisturising cream with witch hazel flower water and apricot kernel oil.
It tones up pores and prevents the skin from dry damage.

Fleur De Mer Essential Cream
This is not included in the beauty box.
You can purchase separately from Tokyo Luxey HERE

This is a day and night cream for normal skin. Acting as a foundation for beautiful skin, this cream restores radiance to the skin with perfect moisture and elasticity.
Powerful moisturizing effects result in youthful, lustrous skin. This light-wearing cream’s characteristic is its smooth feel on the skin. 

Just apply a small amount and it easily absorbs into skin making skin feel velvety.

YAY! Skin is now prep for make-up!
All the products above did not overly dry my skin nor make my skin feel oily.
It is a great base to now apply makeup. 

First up, Japan's No.1 Multi Award winning BB Cream, Evangelist BB Cream with SPF 31 PA ++
The cream has concealing ability as well as skin care benefits that come from its beauty ingredients, such as placenta and EGF. 

It's moisturising properties make application easy when it glides easily on skin.

It is so light that you will even forget you are wearing it!
It also gives skin a slight glow.

24h Cosme Around the Clock Natural Powder Foundation.

This powder foundation can last for 24 hours with no harm to skin.

Just gently apply all over skin to create a matte effect.

Next is Ohyama Metal Magic Liner.

If you like to add a little sparkle to your eyes, this is perfect for you!

Just apply your normal eyeliner first and apply the sparkle directly above the liner.

A sparkly effect perfect for a normal day out or add on more for a party night out.

This is Japan's most famous mascara!
Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara.

This is their patented curly wand.

What's so great about this wand is that it captures all the eyelashes at one go because it follows the eyes' curve.

Result: A volumising effect!

Lastly, KOJI Lash Concierge delicate falsies to complete the look!

Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of falsies because to me mascara is enough.
However, I'm now a convert because of KOJI!
Man, this eyelashes are so natural and so delicate and you wouldn't even realise you're wearing falsies yet having the perfect lashes!!

Just look at how delicate and natural it is!

Use the glue provided and gently stick it on.

Gorgeous! Gorgeous.
I love me lashes!!

The Final Look:

Purely Japanese products from the beauty box <3

Which means...
More selfies =p

It is so natural and you never knew they were so many steps involved to come up with this look.

And of course, what's Japanese if not for that "peace" sign =)

Me love ALL the products!!
I've always been a fan of Japanese products.
They never let me down.


The transformation!

Thank you so much Tokyo Luxey!!
If you're a big fan of Japanese products and can't get your hands on those products here in Malaysia, head on to Tokyo Luxey and get yourself your very own beauty box =)