July 24, 2014

Payot Bust Performance

Confession: I am actually quite proud of my *ehem* decolletage. Because to be honest, I do not have a perky ass to flaunt so the only other asset I am proud of is my bust hehe

Therefore, I need to maintain my only asset (for obvious reasons).

I wouldn't want them sagging nor getting wrinkly etc because then I wouldn't have anything to flaunt!! Haha

Luckily, there's Payot(pronounced Pah-yoh) Bust Performance for bust remodelling firming care to not only care for my bust but to enhance them as well!

Bust Performance by Payot is a remodelling firming care emulsion with a light, silky, gel-cream texture that melts on the skin to tighten and visibly firm the delicate bust area. The secret is the Phytolift-Calcium complex  which acts like a genuine bust “lifter”. The tightening effect is instant, and with continued use the bust has a more harmonious curve while stretch marks are reduced.  

Active ingredients:
  • Soya Protein, a natural protein that remodels and rounds out the breasts- inflates small fatty cells and plumps up small adipocytes and sculpt the breasts.
  • Fortifying Calcium, a natural trace element to restructure the framework of the breasts- genuine bust lift that strengthens its inner structure.
  • Smoothing Horsetail extract, creates a sheathing network to strengthen breast support and help reduce stretch marks.

A penetrating oil-free cooling gel-cream restores density and tone the "natural support" system from the base of the bust to the chin. Enriched with the active ingredients, it strengthens bust support by re-launching the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restores volume and prevents skin slackening.

The bust would be visibly tightened and firmed, the decollete is smoothed, the skin looks "lifted" and stretch marks are reduced.

I was quite surprised when I first pumped the liquid to see that it was blue in colour.
However, once spreaded on skin, it is translucent and easily absorbed. It penetrates into skin rather quickly so that you can get dressed right after application.

The texture of the gel is lightweight and cooling. However, I felt that it has quite a 'herbal' smell. It was not unpleasant and it doesn't linger around so it does not bother me at all.

The gel should be applied day and night with gentle, circular upward movements, from the base of the breasts to the chin.

I can now have a better cleavage hehe
My decolletage seems firmer and more youthful and I think it's a great bust care for ladies. 
We normally just care for our face and neglect our body but it is very important to also care for our bust area and we should start young as our future self would definitely be thankful!

Thank you Payot for caring for my bust *blush*

A 50ml tube costs RM188 and you can get it at any Payot branch.

For more info, visit Payot website

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