March 29, 2013


Wishing all you Christians everywhere a Blessed Easter!

It is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after he died on Good Friday. 40 days of fasting, prayer and penance for Lent has ended but that does not mean we stop becoming good Christians, but if anything after this Holy Week(with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter) we should strive to be more like Him and be more prayerful and more grateful for things we take for granted each day.

Happy Easter everyone =) 
And yes, it rhymes with my name! I'll be a bit curious today when people say the word 'Easter' whether people are talking about me or wishing others a blessed Easter *laughs*

March 27, 2013

Shu Uemura OB Princess Party

Tammy aka Plusizekitten aka the one who helped me do some nip and tuck to my blog aka famous blogger aka the one who introduced me to a whole new world of blogging after our Cleo's Next Top Blogger stint and soo many things more *laughs* held an OB Princess Party in conjunction with her belated birthday and Shu Uemura's newest launch of OB collection.

Like OMG...can you just squeal at how cute the OB Collections are!!

It was held at Shu Uemura, One Utama.

Please feast your eyes with the gorgeous, fairytale-like collection:

The cleansing oil, RM290 each.

The entire collection on display. I just want to bring the whole thing home!!

The POREraser UVUB Mouse, RM135 each.

Look at Shu Uemura's lashes collection!!

Okay, so everyone was supposed to dress up like a princess following the OB Princesses theme which are Pink(Cherry Blossom), Blue(Ocean), Green(Forest) or Yellow(Moon) Princess. There's a best dressed competition and whoever wins will get Shu Uemura RM300 gift voucher!

This is supposed to be for the best dressed competition pic.
Obviously, I won't win *laughs* Pardon me, I had to rush to class later and also I went for the Talika event hence, this is as far as I can put together =) Besides, I'm a cross between the Green and the Blue princess and ended up choosing the Blue princess instead because of my blue mullet skirt which looks ocean-y XD

So, anyhow Tammy had 30 bloggers/readers invited to the party and we got to mingle. 

With blogger Angeline.

And blogger Isabel.

With Alicia, Jasslyn and Lisa. All masters of cosplaying!

Suddenly, I feel a little underdressed with all the beautifully dressed people around me hehe

There were some snacks served so we won't go hungry...


Macaroons!! My fave!

Drinks, chocs and sweets.

And then Tammy, the host, greeted us.

There was a makeup demo on how to use the OB collection and makeup tips.

The entire collection is complete with Blue Princess, Pink Princess, Green Princess and Yellow Princess!
The Blue(Ocean) Princess, Alicia, won best dressed!

We also got to draw on a Shu Uemura bag given and then we get bring it home for souvenir!
It's also a competition and whoever with the best drawing will receive RM350 gift voucher. Once again, those who are really close to me will know that I'm artistically retarded >.< so I won't even bother showing you what I've drawn(or the lack of it) *laughs*

With Tammy, the girl of the day after her Shu Uemura makeover!

Then there's a birthday cake to celebrate her belated birthday as well!

Taken from Plusizekitten Facebook page.

Overall it was a very fun and actually my very first themed party. It was amazing how some of these girls can dress up according to the theme. The OB collection was also a sight for sore eyes and everything were sooo pweeetyyy, I could die in princess heaven there >.<

Thanks Tammy for the exclusive invitation and thanks Shu Uemura for the party and the generous limited edition gifts =)

Woo-hoo limited edition Shu Uemura 24 CARAT GOLD plated eyelash curler!!! *squealssss* 

March 26, 2013

L'OREAL Sales and my FIRST BB Lips giveaway at Malacca!!

Readers in Malacca(anyone??) Here's something for you especially beauty-holics!!

Thanks to Only Beauty, the L'OREAL sales is back and this time it's in Malacca! 

The event will be held at:

The Jetty Holiday Inn, Malacca
29th-31st March 2013

There's also a giveaway by Only Beauty!! They're giving away lipsticks worth RM29.90 each to 50 lucky fans for sharing their sales news on Facebook & Twitter! Winners need to redeem the prize at the sale in Malacca. So, if you're heading for the sales, why not participate in this giveaway?!
a Rafflecopter giveaway Aaaannndddd....the best part is that I'm holding my very FIRST giveaway!!
If you've been a reader of mine for the last 2 and half years, I have never held any giveaways so this will be my first =)

In conjunction with the L'OREAL sales in Malacca, 10 LUCKY READERS of Dreamer will win a Maybelline BB Lips lip balm each. It is to be collected at the sales in Malacca.

You can win one of these!!

This giveaway starts from now till 28th March 1pm! 
All you have to do is e-mail to your Name, e-mail and tell me if you're going for the sales in Malacca. Easy peasy huh? =)

Talika Photo Beauty Therapy

Talika held an event in conjunction with the launching of its first skincare line which transforms light energy into cellular energy inspired by aerospace energy. I know, sounds like such a breakthough, ain't it!

The Photo Beauty Therapy Line.

Talike since 1948.

All of the invitees were divided into groups and we had an ice breaking session for 10 minutes. We were given magazines and were asked to cut out pictures for a collage on a board where the theme was 'light'.

My group's board!

And then this gorgeous lady, Ms Sina flew all the way from France to talk to us about this new launching!

Since we had that ice breaking session, we found out how important light was and light signifies a lot of things. Light brings us life, energy and without it we would be in darkness.

Now light energy can be transformed into dermo-repairing energy. Talika research discovered and isolated an enzyme, a genuine miracle of nature found in blue microalgae: the Photo- Beauty Enzyme(PBE) which Talika had patented and they are the only one in the market who sells products with this enzyme.

It has the incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy and repair damaged DNA caused by daily exposure to UV rays. DNA chain breaks overtime creating gaps(dimers) which interfere with its code, prevent it from functioning correctly and accelerate the appearance of signs of ageing on the skin such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

Introducing their breakthrough technology with The Light Essence, the Anti Ageing line and the Brightening Line which will remedy these changes.

The Light Essence and the Anti- Ageing serum and cream which are black in colour.

The Light Essence and the Brightening Serum and Cream which are in white.

The Photo Beauty Enzyme(PBE) activated by light energy(literally!) and converts into dermo-repairing energy. The PBE eliminates dimers in just a few nanoseconds, allowing DNA to recover its original form and functional capacities, and skin to regain optimal performance.

The Photo Beauty Therapy products above contain only 0.2% PBE whose efficacy has been tested on human skin.

48 hours after treatment, 87% of changes to DNA caused by UVA are repaired!
Sounds really amazing!

There was a demonstration later on how to apply the products and we were each allowed to test the products ourselves as well.


Products for testing. I love the classy packaging. 

The Anti- Ageing serum.

I found out all their products are so lightweight, non greasy and easily absorbed. Even when the serums and creams were applied overlapping each other, it was still non greasy and non oily. It was truly awesome to hear about the benefits and the serum/cream had a rose scent and how fast it absorbed were all amazing!

Since the PBE will only be activated with light, whether natural or artificial, it does not mean you have to go for sun tanning or stand under the light for it to work *laughs* While you apply, if there's some light in your room, it will already be activated. Hence, it is as useful at night as it is in the morning.

I'm especially in love with the Light Essence serum, RM349 for 140ml.

It's quite watery but so lightweight and it feels just like water on skin!
This Light Essence works well with both the Anti- Ageing line and the Brightening Line.

And then we were left to mingle around and have some finger food...

It was actually very smart of Talika for the first ice breaking session as it made us able to socialise better =))
Anyway, I can't wait to try out the entire Photo Beauty Therapy range thanks to generous Talika. So wait up for my reviews on them!

Talika <3

March 24, 2013

Empro Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB

Empro has relaunched its award-winning Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB – complete with improved formulation and new, attractive, vibrant and practical packaging. The previous packaging was light blue in colour but's in an all new classy grey package.

The girl in the ad is sooo gorgeous! Makes you feel like trying the products NOW!

Thanks Empro <3

So here it is! The anti aging & moisturizing Aqua BB and Hydrating & Nourishing Aqua Gel Base.

Firstly, check out the Aqua Gel Base.

Empro – the cosmetic with skin care maker produces the award-winning Empro Aqua Gel Base – voted the best primer foundation by the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2012, helps cover your skin imperfections and uneven skin tone without clogging pores. This ultra-light gel base with high technology polymer not only hydrates and nourishes skin; it promotes skin regeneration whilst brightening your face. This amazing product will leave your skin with a beautiful pearlescent glow.

Made from natural ingredients including minerals like coral, pearl, diamond and amethyst, prolonged use of Empro’s Aqua Gel Base will improve your overall dull skin texture and most importantly, helps to protect your skin for pure, even and spotless results!

Some of the benefits of the Aqua Gel Base. Most importantly, it is suitable for all skin types. 

It is sealed so you'll know it's new and unopened. 

Just squeeze out a pea size which will be enough. One thing I like about products that only needs a pea size is that it can be used for quite long which is cost-effective!

Dab all over your face and even out.

My face turned out to be glowy with shiny particles!

Look! It has this pearlescent glow which makes dull face turn radiant.

Even without any makeup on, my face seems radiant, fresh and hydrated. Further, it has a perfumed scent so it smells wonderful! I'm already loving the Aqua Gel Base =) 

Empro Aqua Gel Base retails at RM78.80 for 50ml.

Now, on to Aqua BB which complements the Gel Base. It is now with increased SPF 30 PA++. This is extremely convenient as it functions as a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. With frequent usage, it is proven to be able to reduce fine lines and discolouration. It provides UV protection with anti-ageing, skin repair benefits whilst rejuvenating the skin.

Made from organic ingredients including flower extracts for Rose, Golden Chamomile, Plum Blossom, Marigold, Dandelion, and herbs like Japanese Ashitaba and Shiso Leaves, Chameleon and Thyme. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is very well known nowadays for its hydrating properties.

Its benefits.

Again you don't need much..Always try a little first and if it's not enough add more later. You don't want to waste and also you don't want it to be too thick. 

As you can see, the brown-ish colour can be seen which means if applied, it will look like you've worn makeup. However, it is not thick nor will it look like there's a white cast on your face.

It's is very smooth and lightweight as well. Hence, it can be blended easily. 

It is quite good in covering imperfections. This is one layer of application.

Final effect with Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB! 
Radiant, clear and smooth finish!

Loving it <3

Here's a comparison.

The 'Before' picture, as you can notice, there's uneven dull skin tone with some redness and imperfections and scars =( On the right, however, in the 'after' picture, my skin looks glowing, clear and as mentioned earlier, it's pretty good in covering imperfections without concealer! (Note: This blogger is pretty noob in photoshopping so there's no photoshop. What you see is what you get)

EMPRO Aqua BB retails at RM98.80 for 50ml.

Both can be used as stand alones however it is best used together. One can really benefit from both products in the long run. 

- Gives a glowing radiant finish.
- It is quite matte so better for those with oily skin. I don't like a dewy finish >.<
- Very lightweight and can be easily blended.
- Keeps skin hydrated.
- The BB Cream has SPF to protect skin from UV rays(which every girl knows how important that is!)
- Reduces the visibility of imperfections.
- Can gain many long term properties if used consistently. 

- My face did turn up a bit oily after a few hours but nothing a face powder or a blot or two won't help.
- There's only one shade of BB cream which might not be suitable for darker skinned people.
- With the combination of both products, it can be quite costly.

However, I really like how my skin doesn't look dull and tired nowadays especially with tons of work on my end =( With the help of the Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB, I can at least look decent and radiant! It makes me look more lively *smiles*

Now, apply a bit of rouge and gloss and you're off to go! Just a perfect finish =)

You can even buy them online at Rakuten. Check the Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB for discounts online.