December 30, 2017

KFC Chizza- the perfect mashup!

KFC Malaysia has raised the bar! Bringing Malaysians the one-of-a-kind product innovation- featuring the best of chicken and the best of pizza in the much talked about KFC Chizza.

KFC Malaysia organised a Chizza party with the screening of Pitch Perfect 3 at GSC Nu Sentral.

In this invite-only party, guests were given a set of Chizza combo together with popcorn combo. Just nice for dinner x movie time.

Time to dig in!

A perfect mashup of crowd favourites- crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken fillet and popular Pizza toppings, the KFC Chizza is truly befitting its tagline of a "Finger Lickin' Good Pizza". With rich tomato pizza sauce, juicy diced pineapples, onions, herbs and gooey mozzarella cheese topped over the ultimate crust of a succulent KFC Hot and Spicy chicken fillet, it is the perfect 'pizza' that will leave no crust behind.

I am a fan of Chizza! Truth be told, I have tried it even before the Chizza party and I have already loved it. Thing is, I am not a fan of pizza crust and everytime I eat pizza, unless it's a cheesy crust, I will throw the crust away (wasteful). So with this Chizza, there is no crust to waste and the combination of the Hot & Spicy chicken with the tomato pizza sauce are a perfect match. I'm also glad that they made it with the Hot & Spicy chicken because that's my favourite =)

Yup, it's Finger Lickin' Good! 

Enjoyed every bit of it and then just nice, it's movie time.

Pitch Perfect 3 is another mashup movie just like Chizza!

The songs were fantastic and Rebel Wilson totally killed it in this 3rd installment. I wanted to watch it when it first premiered so I was glad KFC invited me for the screening. Turned out better than expected and laughed from the start to the finish. The songs were good, the plot was good, the humour was great and everything about it was very enjoyable.

Thank you KFC for the invite. I enjoyed the night very much =)

Starting from RM7.90, KFC Chizza is available a la carte and in combo meal. Combo comes with fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink. For a bigger eat, Chizza Box is available with a piece of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken, fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink.

Available nationwide since 21st November 2017, while stocks last.

December 29, 2017

December- the end of 2017

It's the last month of the year. Wow, time really flies! Before we know it, 2017 is gone and we are welcoming 2018. Still managed to cram more food into my tummy for the end of the year hehe

Back at Tiger Tiger Sunway.

Nasi Lemak Volcano. Super filling!

Indomie with buttermilk chicken. This is more for me because I couldn't finish Volcano by myself haha


Nasi Lemak at Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

Hot wings at Empire also. This was really yummy. If I am not that hungry, I would just buy wings for my meal hehe

Watermelon coconut drink from Hui Lau Shan. Their new selections look good and taste good.

Street Churros. A bit disappointing.

Kim Gary. Was craving for some cheesy baked stuffs and ended up here. Yums!

Haraju Cube. Not as good as last time.

Was really craving for some crab curry and managed to wallop one big plate at Pelita, Jalan Ampang HAHA...Oh it was soo good. Went back with a happy stomach =)

Firm's Christmas party at Cork's Out TTDI.

Chicken chop.


Salmon Bruschetta.

BBQ dinner with friends.

Ooh lala the lamb was so good!

Secret santa gifts!

Dinner at Busaba Thai, Sunway.

This Lychee Mint was very refreshing.

Sago appetizer.

Mmm...Pad Thai is something I would come back for.

Tom Yam

Duck meat.

Stuffed crab!! Was sooo full with so much good food!

Caught Jumanji and it was not as scary as the original movie. This version was more laid back, funny and more for kids. But nevertheless, still enjoyed it.

Managed to catch a glimpse of Santa this Christmas as well hehe

At KLCC and this year the decorations in most of the shopping malls were very beautiful.

Christmas nails!

My toe nails were a matte sweet pink colour which I am obsessed with.

Christmas day! Dress from Zalora as a gift from the BFF <3

I had a fabulous Christmas and will be welcoming 2018 with an open heart to new adventures next year.

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year and may all your resolutions be fulfilled =)

December 15, 2017

Celebrate Christmas at Armada

It's that time of the year again to experience the magic of Christmas. Armada Petaling Jaya offers a sumptuous meal in a beautifully decorated venue prepared by the team at Utara Coffee House to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

So pretty I can't

Begin the festive offerings that will definitely build an appetite and satisfy any festive cravings. Feast on an abundance of Christmas delights during Christmas and on New Year's Day at their lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes.

The decoration is so festive. I like!

Hi Mr Snowman.

We started off with Seafood Cajun (Poached seafood with cajun sauce) and smoked salmon with Tuna Rosettes.
Started off very well I must say. Love everything on this plate and wiped clean hehe The sashimi was smoked just nice and the cajun sauce goes very well with the seafood skewer.

Clam Potage Soup with Garlic Flakes and Bread Roll

Now, I must say that this clam potage soup was da bomb and my favourite among all that I can't help but get a second serving. It was creamy, tasty and the clams were generous. The bread to dip in it goes well =)

Spanish Seafood Rice
Unfortunately, there was too much peas in it which is not something I fancy. But do away with it and scoop the rice underneath with the seafood was yummy. I like paella and though it's not an exact Spanish version, the rice is good as the main dish to fill our Asian stomach.

Roast Leg of Lamb with Provencale.
I liked the lamb with the mint sauce combo. Not much of a meaty person but I'm a sauce person hehe. If the sauce is done right, I'm good.

Sliced Roasted Duck with Capers sauce.
It was marinated well and soft and tender but the sauce was not my cup of tea.

Traditional Roasted Tom Turkey with Chestnut, Dried Fruit and Bread stuffing.

Yay! Only when it's Christmas we get to eat turkey. The bread stuffing was quite unique and soft as well.

Mousseline Potato was also another fave. Soft and creamy <3

Estofado Rabo (Oxtail Navarin)
I quite like this Oxtail stew. Among all the meats, this one with gravy was a relief because there was too much cut meat on the table.

Pan Fried Fish Grenobloise

With a combination of lemon, butter and parsley sauce. I'm not a big fan of fish but this was nicely done. And the side Crab Cannelloni was good.

You must be thinking right. They have sashimi, paella, all types of meat and now fish. It's a fushion of everything!

Dessert timee!! Been waiting for this.

Christmas pudding with custard sauce
Fruit Mince Pie
Classic Yule Log Cake
Carrot Cake in glass

Out of all, the log cake and carrot cake was a hit to me.

There were some hits and misses this time as well but their buffet spread has improved this year I must say.

Christmas and New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner (24th December 2017 & 31st December 2017)

RM88+ per adult
RM62+ senior citizen
RM44+ per child

Christmas Day Hi-Tea Buffet (25th December 2017)
12 noon to 4.00pm

RM75+ per adult
RM55+ senior citizen
RM33+ per child

New Year's Day Hi-Tea Buffet (1st January 2018)
12 noon to 4.00pm

RM68+ per adult
RM48+ senior citizen
RM33+ per child