December 30, 2017

KFC Chizza- the perfect mashup!

KFC Malaysia has raised the bar! Bringing Malaysians the one-of-a-kind product innovation- featuring the best of chicken and the best of pizza in the much talked about KFC Chizza.

KFC Malaysia organised a Chizza party with the screening of Pitch Perfect 3 at GSC Nu Sentral.

In this invite-only party, guests were given a set of Chizza combo together with popcorn combo. Just nice for dinner x movie time.

Time to dig in!

A perfect mashup of crowd favourites- crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken fillet and popular Pizza toppings, the KFC Chizza is truly befitting its tagline of a "Finger Lickin' Good Pizza". With rich tomato pizza sauce, juicy diced pineapples, onions, herbs and gooey mozzarella cheese topped over the ultimate crust of a succulent KFC Hot and Spicy chicken fillet, it is the perfect 'pizza' that will leave no crust behind.

I am a fan of Chizza! Truth be told, I have tried it even before the Chizza party and I have already loved it. Thing is, I am not a fan of pizza crust and everytime I eat pizza, unless it's a cheesy crust, I will throw the crust away (wasteful). So with this Chizza, there is no crust to waste and the combination of the Hot & Spicy chicken with the tomato pizza sauce are a perfect match. I'm also glad that they made it with the Hot & Spicy chicken because that's my favourite =)

Yup, it's Finger Lickin' Good! 

Enjoyed every bit of it and then just nice, it's movie time.

Pitch Perfect 3 is another mashup movie just like Chizza!

The songs were fantastic and Rebel Wilson totally killed it in this 3rd installment. I wanted to watch it when it first premiered so I was glad KFC invited me for the screening. Turned out better than expected and laughed from the start to the finish. The songs were good, the plot was good, the humour was great and everything about it was very enjoyable.

Thank you KFC for the invite. I enjoyed the night very much =)

Starting from RM7.90, KFC Chizza is available a la carte and in combo meal. Combo comes with fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink. For a bigger eat, Chizza Box is available with a piece of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken, fries/wedges and a regular carbonated drink.

Available nationwide since 21st November 2017, while stocks last.