May 31, 2013

A Lilac Encounter with REN

As part of the TheLilacBox bloggers, I was so pleased to be invited to KENS apothecary for a Lilac Encounter with REN. Have you heard about this London based brand, REN? Honestly, I haven't heard of it hence, I was very curious to know more about this brand and I'm glad I did.

REN skincare is by London-based founders Robert Calcraft and Antony Buck. The thing that got them started was the day Buck’s wife developed adverse reactions to almost every skincare product she used during her first pregnancy. She spoke to Buck who got interested and he spoke to Robert who also got interested and from then, a seed was planted. Both men later found out that “clean skincare” products were “incredibly difficult” to make.  But the more they looked, the more interested they were and the more they were convinced there's another way of seeing the skincare market and beauty industry.

In September 2000, Calcraft and Buck launched the new skincare range that was free from synthetic fragrance and colours, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, GM (genetically modified) ingredients, sulfates and parabens. The creators named the brand “REN” which means “CLEAN” in Swedish. Starting out with two modest shops in London, the brand now has outlets worldwide, and fans include celebs like Alanis Morisette, Jude Law, Kate Winslett and Nigella Lawson.

REN skincare range is only sold in KENS Apothecary. Here's the one at Bangsar Village II (the other is at Empire Shopping Gallery) where we were invited for a simple workshop to get to know REN better.

REN products.

They have skin range for sensitive skin, blemish prone, combination skin and all skin types. 

We were served some tea while..

Terry, marketing manager of REN Malaysia briefed us about the products. 

The Lilac Bloggers listening carefully about how awesome Ren products are!

98.4% of REN products are made of natural ingredients while the remaining percentage are made of preservatives. So, it is free from any chemicals which is harmful to skin. Their bottles are recyclable and bio degradable. Even the inks for the description on the bottles are made of soy inks! That's how natural and environmental friendly this brand is!

The unique thing about this brand is the vacuum packaging for the products. See Terry taking out the vacuum packaging. It preserves the ingredients because their products contain little preservatives and have a shelf life of 2 years. 

The brand also does its bit to minimise the use of the world’s limited natural resources by donating a minimum of 2.5% of its profits to campaigns that promote a better environment and life for the less fortunate.

These are the best sellers of REN.
Max Moisture Concentrate- RM199 for 30ml
Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk- RM119 for 150ml.
Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream- RM205 for 50ml
Keep Young and Beautiful SH2C Serum- RM305 for 30ml
Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask- RM175 for 50ml

These are my absolute favourites!!
The award winning Morrocan Rose Otto Oil range made from 100% natural rose oil =))
The smell is heavenly- it gives a sweet, floral, feminine note that is utterly charming and beguiling!!!
L-R: Body lotion, body wash, body oil and bath oil.

So true!

Yes, imagine standing in this garden? *dies*
Look at how gorgeous Moroccan roses are? 
And 10,000 petals are used in every bottle of REN's Moroccan Rose Bath Oil!

My pick: The Morrocan Rose body oil.
Winner of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2009!

You just need a little and rub on your skin and just feel how lightweight and moisturised it is and of course the lovely scent!!
Moroccon Oil is said to be more expensive than Gold! But of course REN does not believe in over pricing their products. This body oil costs RM199 for 100ml.

Thank you REN for the wonderful gift =)

I immediately used the Morrocan Rose Otto body wash and bath oil.
Bathing will never been the same again hehehe
I just can't describe how heavenly the smell is until you actually try it =))
Body wash is priced at RM109 for 200ml
Bath oil is RM159 for 110ml

Had a lovely encounter with REN!
Do check it out at Kens Apothecary!

Special thanks to The Lilac Box- the only premium brand beauty box in Malaysia. This is a Lilac Bloggers initiative and so happy to be a part of the team =)

May 27, 2013

Cure Influ Block Candy

Just wana share with you readers some candy which I find to be very interesting hehe
I got this pack of candy from the Cure launch and since Cure is from Japan, we had some gifts in the goodie bag exclusively from Japan, which means it's not sold anywhere here so if you're not interested, I understand if you don't want to read further LOL

Anyway, this Cure Influ Block Candy is interesting because it claims to protect the consumer from getting infected with viruses and bacteria. The candy is made from swallows' nest and it contains the Sialic acid, which blocks viruses and bacteria (for real??!!)

Protecting the throat is important in maintaining our health. Hence, this candy, which is NOT a drug, where people who want to avoid medication can take this sweet to prevent infection. It is not easy to keep viruses away and if you routinely require a healthy throat, just pop this candy in your mouth.

Really nice packaging!

All in Japanese though but we had a separate pamphlet in English.

These candies are extracted naturally and are 100% natural!

I thought it seems like some herbal sweets and might not be nice to eat but turns out..

It is blueberry flavoured and just like any candy only with good benefits ^^

First time I heard of a candy which can prevent viruses and bacteria. So, you know if you happened to sit beside someone who has been sneezing and coughing non stop, just take one candy and hope you're prevented from catching his/her flu. Cool, right? *laughs* Normally eating candy is because we want something to chew, now it has added benefits! The Japanese can sometimes be so creative! It's even suitable for all age groups, from children to seniors.

This is definitely something which is beneficial to me because I cannot afford to get sick now. So, when I think I might be catching a flu or something, I will immediately turn to this candy *laughs* I don't know whether its effectiveness is proven, but prevention is better than cure, right? =))

If you're on your way to Japan, you might want to look out for this hehe
The website is all in Japanese, but if you can understand,

May 24, 2013

I Anti Cellulite with Celmonze!

For 11 years, Celmonze(pronounced as Celmonz, without the 'ze'), a French brand, has made it their business to bring hope and beauty to women through its brand of facial treatments and skincare products. In a move to further reaffirm women of their worth, Celmonze launches “Phenomenal Woman”, a 3-Step Body Contour System created to restore total wellness inside out.

"More than a slimming programme, the 3-Step Body Contour System is a holistic therapy. It’s designed to get your health and body back in shape with ‘Shape Up’ spa wellness program, ‘Slim Up’ anti-cellulite treatment and ‘Firm Up’ body firming system. Combined, this programme works to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, decongest and detoxify while stimulating collagen and elastin,” Adealine Wong, Celmonze Training Manager explained.

In conjunction with the launching of Celmonze’s “Phenomenal Woman” body wellness programme, Celmonze organised a media session at Fresca, Gardens Mall to promote its 'I Anti Cellulite' campaign.

The products used for the 3-Step Body Contour System.

However, on that day, we were specifically introduced to the 'Anti Cellulite Body Oil'

Already waiting for us at our place.

Ms.Yuki was the emcee of the night.

The General Manager gave her opening speech.

And finally, Ms. Adealine Wong, the training manager spoke to us about cellulite.
So, do you know what is cellulite? It is a very common problem among the ladies!

Yeap, that's cellulite *covers eyes*
Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, and usually occurs after puberty.

There are four stages of cellulite where the fourth stage is really at its worst(like the above pic)! The earlier stage is where you can see formation of orange peel skin. You must be wondering what causes cellulite? Well, there are actually many factors combined; not eating healthily, stressful life(Yes, stress is the root cause for everything!), not exercising and of course hormone factors plays an important part in cellulite development.

But not to worry, there is a solution to it! Celmonze's Anti Cellulite Body Oil helps to smoothen the skin, breaks down fat and maintain good blood circulation. 

Kim Low, 1st runner up of the Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012 is the campaign ambassador.
She has super long legs and she admitted, even at that body figure, she has cellulite at her thighs *gasps*
Clearly, there's no hope for me -.- Cellulite spares no one!
But after using the Anti Cellulite Body Oil, it will help reduce cellulite and prevent further development.

Kim Low, shares her beauty secret in reducing cellulite, “After shower, I massage Celmonze Anti-Cellulite Body Oil on specific areas of my body. It performs 3 core actions I needed to bust cellulite. The 1st is to promote good circulation, the 2nd is to eliminate toxins and the 3rd is to breakdown fats.” 

There's even a demo on how to use the oil and massage with the bottle. 
The bottle is a special bottle that would not hurt the skin nor cause blue black.

Kim with the Celmonze ladies.

I look so short next to her *laughs*

We had some starters, soup and main course at Fresca restaurant all thanks to Celmonze.

All of these would only increase our cellulite development LOL but...'s okay, I can now prevent and slow down it's development with my own Anti Cellulite Body Oil! =)

All you need is just four to five drops on your palm...

And massage it on desired areas and use the bottle in a circular motion. You can also hit the bottle lightly on the thighs to break down fats.

The bottle will not hurt the skin. There might be some redness but it'll go off fast.
It has quite an aromatic oil smell and it's not sticky. Further, you will not feel any warm or burning sensation.

The Anti-Cellulite Body Oil retails at RM268 at any Celmonze outlets.

There will be a special promotion and an ‘Experience and Win’ contest to reward customers. Now when customers purchase the Anti Cellulite Body Oil, they’ll receive a 60 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Therapy worth RM300, for FREE!

Customers are also encouraged to try Celmonze’s “Phenomenal Woman” body wellness programme or purchase selected body products to join the ‘Experience and Win’ 2013 contest. In just 4 easy steps, participants will stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of a 5D4N stay at Hardrock, Bali. Other attractive prizes include 10 Special Prizes consisting of pampering body care products worth RM1000 plus an anti-cellulite treatment worth RM788. 50 consolation winners will receive a voucher for body care products worth RM250 and a detox and whitening body treatment worth RM388.

The ‘Experience and Win’ contest begins on the 5th of June and ends on the 4th of August 2013. The Facebook contest starts from 8th August to 30th August. Winners will be judged based on contest and Facebook entries. Contest forms are available in all authorized Celmonze dealer outlets. Terms and conditions apply. 

Visit their website at

I Anti Cellulite!

May 21, 2013

L'OREAL sales at Seremban

Calling beauty-holics! Thanks to Only Beauty, the L'OREAL sales is back and it's coming soon at Seremban!! 

The event will be held at:

Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Hotel, Seremban
25th-26th May 2013

There will be discounts up to 63% on beauty products so make sure to make your way there this weekend!

May 19, 2013

Pink N Proper SS13 Collection

Fashion lovers, this will be a post for you! Pink N' Proper is an online website which sells gorgeous clothes and they're debuting the collection for Spring/Summer 2013! I bet you girls would want to see this lovely collection and there's even a discount code for you readers!!

If you don't know about them, let me do some introduction. Pink N Proper is founded in August of 2011. They are one of the only few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, ASOS, Vero Moda, Coco’s Fortune, Boohoo and many more. Their mission is to expose and introduce Malaysians to branded products that are not usually found in local retailers. They specialize in current fashion trends ranging from classy dinner dresses to casual work wear to formal meeting wears. Plus they deliver worldwide! Caught your ears yet? =)

For this newest collection by Pink N' Proper, get summer-ready and spoilt with choices from trends such as pastels, florals, chiffons, edgy and delicate embellishments. Get ultra feminine, yet stylish and edgy. Brands brought in for this SS13 collection are from Rare London, Coco’s Fortune, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris, and ASOS. They collaborated with Fashion Blogger Average Angeline.

You can browse through the trendy collection here.
Some of the lovely pieces that caught my eyes are...

This pastel pink is so easy on the eyes and loving that puff sleeves!

Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red (RM159)
This is definitely for the ultra feminine and the flowy skirt is fun and flirty =)

The dip hem trend is still in and the combination of black lace top and chiffon-like bottom makes it versatile!

Rare London Embellished Cut Out Dress in Blue (RM139)
I absolutely adore cutout dresses because they are unique and an added plus point is that lovely embellished top.

If you can't have Herve Leger, this luxurious bandage dress with pearl trimmed shoulders will do just as fine!

Coco's Fortune Quilted PU Pearl Bomber Jacket (RM179)
Studs are so in trend now! Girls in biker jacket rocks!

This long cardigan captured my eyes because it's something new with the fringe detailing. It's flowy and airy and perfect for our weather. 

ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink (RM179)
Mamma Mia!! Great for prom night if you're opting for a short dress and even for a hot date as well *winks*

It's versatile as can be used for semi-formal or formal occasion and the pink hue is really sweet looking. 

The floral printed top with criss-cross back and a bandage bottom is a perfect combination!

And my very favourite out of the collection is...

I mean this feminine dress is sooo ME!! It's girly, fashionably chic looking and that light pastel hue makes my heart melt! 

The pleated sweetheart bandeau top and dip hem bottom seems really romantic.
If only I had an occasion to wear this dress, I would have totally bought this!!
Can't take my eyes off this dress <3

See more of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection here

Now, as I mentioned, there's a discount code for you readers =)
All 'Dreamer' readers get a 10% discount on any items in Pink N Proper, even on sale items!
All you have to do before checkout is key in the code 'Dreamer' to be entitled for a 10% discount. If you just love the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, use the code and buy your favourite outfits!

See this badge on my side bar. 
You can use this code until 31st December 2013.

For more information:
Sign up now on their Website for promotions, Weekly Wednesday bargains, Sale, Member’s Only Events, Fashion Inspirations, and more!

Enjoy shopping!!