May 7, 2013

Nature Republic Aqua Hydro Treatment

Thanks to OnlyBeauty, I got to review Nature Republic's Aqua Hydro Hair Treatment. 
It comes in time because I have been looking high and low for a good hair mask. Genetically, ever since young, I do not have silky smooth hair. My hair is wavy and a bit coarse and quite hard to tame especially after a hair wash. It needs to be blowed dry to keep flyaways in check. 

Since I don't blowdry my hair to prevent more damage, I want a mask that will leave my hair tame, soft and silky =) Also, since my hair has been subjected to a lot of chemicals due to hair dyeing, a good mask is needed!

Nature Republic's Aqua Hydro Treatment.

The wordings are hard to see though. There are a variety of masks in Nature Republic but the blue 'chop' is the Aqua Hydro Treatment.

After shampooing, leave on for about 3 minutes.

You'll know it's new when it's sealed.

Following the name, it's aqua blue in colour. The colour's so pretty and the smell is even nicer! It has a very nice fragrant smell ^^

Just apply it on the hair focusing more at the ends.

I have been using a variety of masks for years now, and I was thinking after one wash it won't make much difference just like my other hair masks. However, I'm not lying when I say it only needs one wash to see the difference!

I love comparisons, so here's two for you!

At the 'before' picture, the ends are dry and coarse. Mind you, that picture was taken even after hair serum and hair mist and it still looks dry and dull *facepalms* However, in the 'after' picture, after just one wash, you can see the difference! That hair was not blowed dry nor any serum/oil/mist was added. The ends look so much healthier and doesn't look like it has split ends =)

Similarly, in this comparison picture, a closer look at my dry ends and how it was saved by this Nature Republic's hair mask.

Wee~ Finally, I found my hair mask. I can stop searching *laughs* This one is definitely for keeps. Further, the scent is really fragrant and I love hair that smells nice. After washing my hair, my mom came to my room and she immediately detected the smell and asked me, what's that lovely smell? =)) 

I'm loving this mask overall. My hair definitely loves it more ^^ I don't even need to fuss about with any additional hair oil or serum to make my hair look shinier or glossy. All I need is just one mask!

A 150ml tube costs RM35.90 at all Nature Republic stores.
Thanks Nature Republic and you can like Nature Republic Facebook page.

Special thanks to OnlyBeauty for providing for this review. It is an online concept of delivering free samples right at your doorstep with no charges whatsoever! You can also like OnlyBeauty Facebook page.

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