May 13, 2013

Vanity Trove- May's Awesome Wholesome!

Thank you once again for this beautiful surprise, Vanity Trove!! I was very excited to receive this parcel! Been having a terrible week and it put a smile on my face =) Love having surprises right at my doorstep!

May's theme is 'Awesome Wholesome' and when I first carried the box, it seems wholesome because it's so heavy! Heaviest beauty box I've gotten so far! It made me all the more excited to see what's inside ^^

VT and its signature white box with a red 'drawer'


Looks wholesome doesn't it?
So many things and can you spot full size items?? Weee~

Firstly, discount vouchers.
This is a RM20 discount voucher by TNS Skin Lab. 

HiShop RM25 cash voucher for purchases of RM50 and above!
Not only can I use it for myself but I can share it with you readers as well because it's valid for multiple transactions!
Valid till 15th June 2013.
Discount code: VT0513

Mary Chia complimentary treatment voucher.
Validity period is only 2 months from now though, so gota use it fast.

Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum. (RM56 for 50ml)
The first full size item! It makes me happy to see this because this is definitely something I'll use.

It is lightweight and smoothes and tames tresses. 
It contains a combination of organic essences of Sesame and Olive oils.
What did I say about organic products being the 'in' thing now? hehe

Pure South Goat Milk Body Lotion (RM59 for 255ml)
This is a sample size yet I think it'll take awhile for me to finish it. 

It is creamy and dense and once again made organic as it's made from fresh goat's milk and scented with plant extracts and pure essentials. It is optimal for skin cell renewal =)

Heaven On Earth Essential Oil (RM50 for 5ml)
This is a 1.5ml sample of Lavender Essential Oil. It was this that made me panic a bit when I opened the box because the smell was so strong I thought one of my products leaked *laughs* 
The smell is a bit overpowering and the minute I opened the package I could already sniffed it hence one or two drops would suffice for me.

Tilley Goat's Milk Soap (RM12 for one bar)
Another full size item which I'm excited about because I'm not a 'bar soap' person as I've been using gel body wash all my life so it'll be fun to try this out.

And my favourite product of all!
Avene Thermal Spring Water (RM19 for 50ml)
This spray is perfect for sensitive skin and soothes and refreshes skin after every spray! It has so many good benefits and can spray anytime, anyday and anywhere needed!
For this month's trove, subscribers will either get this spring water or a 3-pc trial set (containing gel cleanser, moisturiser and SPF protector) but I'm sooo glad I got this one because it's what I want most! 

Did you find something missing? No samples? No sachets? P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!
This month's Trove has not a single sachet sample! Thank goodness because honestly, my sachets are piling up and I don't know what to do with them as it's quite a hassle to use products from sachets.

Besides that, saw that almost all products are organic based? It's because the Awesome Wholesome theme wants to channel inner peace and bring out your outer beauty. Hence, VT went organic this month for a healthier body.

So far, looking at last month's trove and this month's trove, I realised VT doesn't give every subscribers the same products. Some might get different products from a particular brand which is great because it stays true to their motto which is 'Beautiful Surprises'! Therefore, even if your friend had gotten her trove and you saw it, you might still not know whether you'll be getting the exact same products =) That's the best part about surprises! Further, this May edition is a vast improvement from previous troves. They did away with samples and focused more on full size products!

Thank you so much Vanity Trove for this blogger's collaboration and keep up the great work!!

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