September 29, 2014

Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric with Blink-activated Moisture Technology

Alcon, the global leader in eye care and second largest division of Novartis, announced the launch of DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses in Malaysia.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus lenses feature the proprietary Blink-activated Moisture Technology, designed to provide lasting comfort with crisp, clear vision until the end of day. What's so awesome about the Blink-activated Moisture Technology is that moisture is released and oozes out from the lens with each blink of the eye. This results in a tear film, which supports clear vision and comfort. How cool is that? P/S: No other contact lens in the world has this technology yet.

I used to wear contacts before my LASIK surgery. I always had eye drops in my bag because my contacts would feel dry if I wear for long hours and before this, no toric lenses have any moisture technology or daily wears etc. You contact lenses users are really lucky nowadays with the development of technology in Alcon!

Clear vision is now comfortable even with astigmatism.

The launch was held in Majestic Hotel, KL on 24th September 2014.

Ryu Trento, GM of Alcon's ASEAN Cluster Vision Care spoke about the history of Alcon being the global leader in eye care. Alcon celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Mr Timothy Grant, the Asia Head of Regional Professional Marketing spoke about the technology behind DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric Lenses.
Because these are toric lenses, those diagnosed with astigmatism and want the comfort and convenience of daily disposable lenses without the need for lens care have the perfect solution with Alcon's DAILIES.

Another awesome feature of the lenses is the Precision Curve lens design, with 150% more parameters, enabling Optometrist to better fit the majority of astigmatic patients. With Precision Curve, the lens utilizes the blinking pressure of the upper and lower eyelids to maintain lens stability therefore providing stable vision and comfort. Now, you won't experience double vision or discomfort of the lens rotating in the eyes when blinking!

The launch by bursting the big balloon.

Q&A media session with Timothy Grant, Ryu Trento and Sandeep Tewari.

We were given samples to feel the lenses ourselves.

If you look closely, you can see lines on both the right and left sides and an 'OK'.
This is to maintain the lens' precision and stability in the eyes.

The lens is a very thin film and slippery. It's very moisturised. However, it feels thick and bouncy and would not tear easily. It fell on the floor a few times yet it still maintained its shape and balance.

The lenses can be used for how many hours necessary for each user each day. It can even go up to a maximum of 20 hours a day! So, if you're working late nights in an air conditioned room, not to worry about eye dryness or discomfort ^^ 

Further, the lenses are made up of 69% water and after usage and disposing it off, it will dry up and disintegrate making it biodegradable.

Alcon also invests more than USD 1 billion annually in research and development to deliver innovations that solve unmet medical needs. Alcon also partnered with Google [x], a division of Google Inc, in July this year to research new ways to commercialize Google's 'smart lens' technology where a microchip is incorporated into contact lenses. Now, that would be mindblowing! Look out for that in the near future =)

For now, try out Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric with Blink-activated Moisture Technology if you want comfortable lenses for RM 130 per pack of 30 lenses for 1 month. Get it from your optician starting October 2014.

September 26, 2014

The Voice Season 7

The Voice is BACCCKKK!!! I can't be more excited hehe

Last season's new judges Usher and Shakira are now replaced by pop princess Gwen Stefani and Mr. Nice Guy, Pharell Williams.

I feel this is the best season yet. I don't know, I felt that Gwen and Pharell were the missing puzzles to the team. Unlike previous judges, Gwen and Pharell were so much better IMHO.

The judges this season; Pharell Williams, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Of course, I have always loved the bromance of Adam and Blake and that never failed to make me laugh. Gwen and Pharell made the team of judges complete. I have been a fan of Gwen Stefani since forever and gosh, not only she's H-O-T, she's really good in making her pitches and such a lovely person. Of Cee Lo and Usher, I think Pharell hit it as a judge on The Voice. He is Mr Nice Guy, Mr Talented, Mr Chill Guy, Mr Happy and he is just a jack of all trades! Together with Adam and Blake, they make a hilarious team!

If I could say one thing about this season is that, there were definitely much more bickering moments among the judges. I felt that it can get sidetracked because the main objective of this show is the contestants' voice and talents. They should probably focus on the Voice more, rather than fight among themselves too much. 

Of course, most people tune in to see the bickering anyway hehe. If only they could tone it down a notch, it could have been better. Nevertheless, I still love 'The Voice' and the blind auditions never fail to make my day hehe

Realash Eyelash Enhancer

I have always loved nice dramatic big eyes that's why I'm always looking out for coloured contacts to make my pupils bigger, falsies to make my eyelashes thicker and longer and good mascaras for bolder eyelashes. Yes, I love my eyes feature and is always finding ways to enhance them.

And then look what came to my doorstep?

Hmm...what's inside??

A beautifully wrapped parcel.

Ta-dah! It's the Realash Eyelash Enhancer!
It's like Santa knew I wanted this and came as early Christmas gift hehe

I have been looking for ways to enhance my eyelashes because honestly, as much as I like the effect of falsies, I still do feel quite uncomfortable having fake lashes on my eyes. I'd rather have natural long lashes and a little swipe of mascara would go a long way.

Realash is the result of countless hours spent in the most advanced labs in Europe. Realash helps your body to produce real lashes with incredible density, length and strength so you look your best everyday, at anytime. In addition, Realash doesn't irritate eyes nor it causes any side-effects. It’s beauty and confidence you can rely on forever.

Realash extension liquid is approved by FDA so it's definitely safe to use on your lashes. Active ingredients stimulate lashes to grow, inhibit their fall and make them look amazingly long, dark and strong (every girls' dream!)

To ensure complete safety, Realash formula has been enriched with natural mango and papaya fruit extracts, bitter orange flowers extract and sabal palm leaves extract. Horsetail, flax and calamus extracts are a great source of vitamins E and C. These substances work synergistically to protect delicate skin around the eyes, making you look even more radiant.

Typically, eyelashes need 30 days to grow. The main problem is that most times mature eyelashes fall before new ones are fully grown and this cause a visually unpleasant effect. Engineered with innovative technology, Realash helps your eyelash grow faster and stronger. The density goes up, and your eyelashes look longer and fuller. It's a simple concept, but the visual effect is revolutionary.

A 3ml bottle can last for 4-5 months. 
Only a small quantity of Realash is needed to get beautiful lashes. Additional applications will not increase the growth.

To achieve the best results it's recommended to use Realash once a day, preferably in the evening after removing make-up, by applying the enhancer to the upper eyelid. REALASH is easy to apply and you can easily do it yourself. One stroke and your eyelashes are nurtured so you can enjoy your new, extraordinary look!

The sterile applicator is thin, flexible and easy to use.

My barely there lashes >.<

With mascara which helps the length but of course, given a chance I would prefer thicker, longer and darker lashes hehe

I will test Realash from today to see the results. Will I get results after 3 months? Realash promises significant improvement after using nightly for 8 to 12 weeks.

I will get back to you readers in a month's time and see the progress and if there's any improvement to my lashes =)

Stay tuned to find out!

For more info: go to Realash Malaysia

UPDATE: Check out my progress after one month

No More Cataract Blindness

VISTA Eye Specialist launches campaign to fight against Cataract as the #1 cause of blindness in Malaysia.

The launch was held in Dialogue in the Dark, Jaya One.

Dialogue in the Dark is a very unique place where visitors experience being visually impaired for around an hour. Visitors are led by blind guides through specially constructed dark rooms in which your senses of  scent, sound, wind, temperature and texture are put to test.

Do you know that everyone in their lives will surely have cataract when you reach a certain age?
Like no kidding, you WILL get cataract in your lifetime. 

The 'No More Cataract Blindness' campaign is important to eliminate cataract as the #1 cause of blindness in Malaysia.
VISTA together with its partners, Alcon, Dialogue in the Dark, Patlin Communications, HELP University, MSU and SEGi College join forces to raise awareness.

Cataract is responsible for 39% of all cases of visual impairments in Malaysia, making it the leading cause of blindness among Malaysians. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to treat cataract early. It cannot be prevented, but it can be treated with surgery. Treat cataract early before it turns to blindness!

Speaking at the launch was from left, Mr Lim Boon Siong, Founder and CEO of VISTA, Dr Aloysius, Chief Consultant Ophthalmologist of VISTA and Mr. Stevens Chan, the CEO and Founder of Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia. 

Cataract blindness is preventable. However, people are still experiencing loss of vision because of cataract. This shows a great need for increased awareness on how cataract can lead to blindness but at the same time, there are treatment options available. Cataract should be treated early before it leads to something worst. Cataract surgery is actually one of the safest procedures thanks to the many technological advancements and innovations over the years. You don't even need to stay overnight in the hospital anymore after surgery. You can go back around 3 hours after surgery! Cataract seem to never come back to haunt again after one surgery.

The cataract-forming process can be slowed down by consuming anti oxidants. Going green has a new meaning. According to Dr.Aloysius, any fruit and veges which are green in colour has the highest antioxidants. So, readers, you know what to look out for when eating. 
Start gulping those green apples, green grapes, green pears, green vege and anything green!!

Mr. Stevens himself is visually impaired. He was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2002 and underwent a 5-year battle to fight against the condition. He gradually lost his vision in 2007 after 9 surgeries. However, he is such an inspiring person as he used his experience to prevent what he went through from happening to others by founding 2 non-profit organisations and in 2012 he founded Dialogue in the Dark and empowered the visually impaired community to reach their fullest potential.
He very graciously agreed to work with VISTA to help eradicate preventable blindness and help those affected by cataract to get a new lease of life.

Also present were student representatives from the three participating universities- HELP, MSU and SEGi University to support the fight against cataract. As part of the campaign, the student teams are to organise several external Eye Roadshows or Seminars as well as initiate a fund-raising activity for a pre-determined charity organisation.

The team with the most most effective and successful project will be conferred the VISTA Cataract Fighter Award with trophy, cash prize along with a certificate of achievement.

Student representative from HELP talking about his fund-raising project.

Student representatives from MSU sharing their ideas in creating awareness.

Patricia from Patlin(partner in this campaign), Dr Aloysius, Mr. Lim and Stevens launching the campaign of 'No More Cataract Blindness'

The partners with the students.

We were excited to be able to experience ourselves the Dialogue in the Dark room. We were given a tour in darkness on how does it feel like to be blind for 30 minutes. And trust me, 30 minutes was VERY long especially when you are not used to the darkness in a foreign place and there was even the feeling of being afraid in the dark.

The starting point before entering total darkness.
We were given a walking stick each to feel the ground to make sure if there are steps or if the ground was not level and if there's anyone in front of you.

The number one thing I was afraid of, eventhough we went in a group of 8 was- Getting Lost!
I even asked the guide that what if I got lost in the darkness and not able to get out? He assured me saying there are CCTVs LOL But yes, my fear was relevant because we were only guided by the tour guide's voice and nothing else and you should follow the voice. It really scares me when his voice was getting farther and farther and suddenly you are just touching walls after walls leading to nowhere.

It's definitely a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should experience. You would really appreciate your eyesight better. Out of the 5 senses, eyesight, to me is most important. But our other senses were put to play in the dark room when we needed to feel the environment we were in, like in a forest, bar, boat etc

Admission fee is only RM30 for an hour for adult
Youth aged 13-17 is only RM25.
Children(7-12) pays RM20.

Us with the founder, Stevens.

So, readers, eat your greens, get your annual eye checkups, check if you experience any blurness and please please please treat cataract early before you go blind and the world is a total darkness.

VISTA will be organising an eye carnival and will be held at VISTA The Curve, Klang and AmpWalk at Ampang from 10-12 October 2014; and at One City, Subang, Bangsar and Johor from 17-19 October 2014. There will be eye screenings, games and fun activities and special prices for selected packages at the carnival.

Help fight Cataract Blindness!

P/S: I even went back to Dialogue in the Dark for a second tour!

September 22, 2014

Fit for Fashion

The Fit For Fashion launch event was hosted by Pavillion(Kuala Lumpur) on 18 September 2014 with VIPs and members of the medias from Singapore, UK, Phillipines, Indonesia etc to cover a really exciting soon-to-be-on-TV reality show called Fit For Fashion.

Fit For Fashion, the first-of-its-kind reality TV series which will be hitting Asian TV screens soon, has unveiled its celebrity line-up and contestants ahead of the show's official premiere which is on 16 October 2014.

The contestants will be competing for USD 100,000 top prize and the series will premiere across Asia on StarWorld, Asia's leading entertainment channel. All of the contestants live and work in Asia in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines. However, many also originally come from further afield with the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Russia all being represented. 

These 12 contestants, plucked from all walks of life, will face a range of fitness and fashion challenges which will push them to their limits over the course of the show's 10 episodes. They will be guided and motivated all the way by Fit for Fashion's team of celebrity judges which includes Louise Roe(Host), Christine Bullock(Trainer), Mitch Chilson (Trainer) and Todd Anthony Tyler (Fashion Photographer).

The inspirational stories that will unfold as the contestants transform before the viewers' eyes are intended to help audience members find their own motivation and exercise their right to go further in life through fitness. Fitness is becoming a fashion statement in its own rights and it also gives people the confidence, energy and self-esteem to improve thier lives-something the show will try to convey in a fun and entertaining way.

The contestants will use Fitness First's training principles and innovative new training programmes to help them get fitter and go further than they (and the audience) thought possible. 

Gorgeous host of the launch, Patricia K gave an introduction.

Speech by Mr. Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia.

Speech by Mr. Riaz Mehta, President and Founder of Imagine Group, the producer of the show.

Speech by Mr. Ray Kyles, Acting British High Commissioner.

The UK Government's GREAT Britain campaign and its Shopping is GREAT pillar are sponsoring the fashion element of the show. The GREAT Britain campaign will be using Fit for Fashion to highlight the UK's position at the cutting edge of international fashion and its reputation for trendsetting, inventiveness and creativity. 

Speech by Madam Chong Yoke Har, Deputy Director General(Planning) of Tourism Malaysia.

Tourism Malaysia has been supporting the show as it offers an opportunity to showcase a variety of Malaysian destinations during Visit Malaysia Year 2014. The show was primarily filmed at Tanjong Jara, a luxury beach resort in the beautiful east coast state of Terengganu, where the contestants were based, but other locations will also feature during the run of the show.

Mr.Simon, Mr. Riaz, Madam Chong and Mr. Ray Kyles, symbolically destroying the 'Wall of Excuses'.

This was the 'Wall of Excuses'. Found any of your excuses for not exercising on the wall?
'Why bother staying fit? I'm skinny enough'
'I am not that fat'
'I'd rather spend my time watching my drama series'
'My clothes still fit me'
'I don't have a workout buddy'

The 'Wall of Excuses' breaking apart.

Revealing Fit For Fashion!

Following the 'destruction' of the 'Wall of Excuses', we were shown a video featuring inspirational stories from 8 ordinary Fitness First members who have already ditched the excuses and 'gone further in their search for a healthier life. In recognition of their achievements, these 8 members from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore were flown in to take part in a mini catwalk where the modelled clothes supplied by some of the leading British retailers supporting Fit For Fashion.

'To achieve your goals in life'
'To live your life without regrets'

'To unleash your true potential'

'To find your confidence through fitness'

Don't let disability deter you from being fit!

Really inspirational people who took one step further to be healthy in life!

And then came the introduction of the celebrities of the show.
Unfortunately, due to working obligations, Louise Roe, the host of Fit For Fashion, couldn't come to Malaysia. She's a celebrity host who previously hosted Fashion Star, Plain Jane and additionally co-hosted E!’s live coverage of the Royal Wedding. As a cast member of MTV’s The City, Roe put her fashion journalism skills to use, hosting trend videos and designer interviews for She has fronted modeling campaigns for Adidas, Italian fashion label Hogan, Reiss and Bloomingdales, and has appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model, E!’s Chelsea Lately, NBC’s The Nate Berkus Show and GMTV, 

Chrstine Bullock, however was in Pavillion and she's the gorgeous trainer of the show!
My gawd, just look at her. I think I might have a girl crush on her!
Christine was voted LA Racked “Hottest Trainer of 2013” (no surprises there!) Christine has been teaching fitness from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles for over a decade, although she has been in the fitness world her entire life. She can be seen on E!, America’s Next Top Model, VH-1, California Life and PopSugar. She is recognized as a top fitness model representing the world’s elite brands. Christine has been featured on the cover of Europe’s biggest fitness magazine Sport & Fitness, as well as featured in Men’s Health with a full-page interview. 

Todd Anthony(left) and Mitch Chilson were also present and they are definitely hot eye candies for the girlsss ^^

Celebrity fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler, is highly recognized in both Asia and globally. A key figure in the highly successful first season of Asia’s Next Top Model, Todd’s notoriety as an expert in his field and candid remarks on the judging panel earned him a plethora of followers and fans who avidly support him in his fashion career. Breaking into the fashion industry as a model, Tyler was once highly sought-after by the blue chip brands of menswear. After modeling full time from Japan to Milan, Tyler began to pursue his lifelong love affair with photography, this time from a different angle. With 20+ years of combined experience on both sides of the camera, the Canadian-born photographer uses the lens to push the boundaries of style and creative exploration.

Mitch Chilson is another trainer alongside Christine. No stranger to being on TV, Mitch has hosted numerous television shows, including SuperModelMe, Mega Kids and currently, Fit for Fashion. Not only a trainer and coach, Mitch has also been a professional athlete in his own right, and is a two time ESPN Martial Combat MMA Champion winning the 147lbs Threpprasit Stadium Muay Thai Championship in Thailand. He also has a solid base in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is 1 of only 7 Muay Thai instructors outside of Thailand certified by the Grandmaster of Muay Thai Kru Yodtong Senanan. Mitch all round skills in fitness, physical health, mentoring and professional competition, make him the perfect all round co coach to make our contestants Fit for Fashion!

Those three eyes candies plus Louise Roe as host will make anyone watch this series =)

The time came to unveil the contestants of the show. Not all could make it for the launch but 7(out of 12) of them revealed themselves for the first time!

Through the GREAT Britain campaign, a variety of leading British brands have gotten involved with the show and their offerings will be showcased across the Asia Pacific region. These brands include Clarks, Debenhams, Ted Baker, Fred Perry, T.M Lewin, Laura Ashley, STORM London, Reebok, Boots, TONI & GUY, Kenwood, MINI and British Airways among others.

The fashion show was sponsored by some of the brands mentioned above.

Kristina Pakhomova, 22

Jerald Foo, 27

Chelsey Hall, 27

Matthew Kosub('Matty'), 28

Citira Corrigan, 33

Shiva Nithiabala, 37

Vanessa Ammann, 25

The medias were then brought to GSC Cinemas, Pavillion for our viewing of the first episode of Fit For Fashion. The first episode will only be shown to public on 16th October, so we had to sign an NDA so that we do not reveal what happened in the first episode.

The first episode was full of excitement and suspense. I really enjoyed it and it was actually quite a dose of humour in it. All of us really enjoyed the episode. Sorry guys but you just gotta watch it for yourself to see what happened and who got eliminated (my lips are sealed!)

Media Q&A session with the VIPs.

Media Q&A session with the contestants.

Refreshments time and we got to mingle with the contestants and celerbrities =)

Jerald Foo is one of the friendliest guy there. He is an engineer! Ah-ha, beauty with brains hehe

With the celebrity handsome trainer, Mitch Chilson!

With gorgeous emcee, Patricia K.

The celebrity photographer, Todd Anthony.

With contestant Citira Corrigan.

And the most gorgeous of all women. Seriously, she is one of the hottest lady I have met in my life. Trainer Christine Bullock definitely deserved her title of “Hottest Trainer of 2013”!!

Do watch the pilot episode and premiere of Fit For Fashion this coming 16 October on Star World. Trust me, you do not want to miss this. This is an entirely different kind of reality show mixing fitness with fashion and really interesting to see the transformation in the contestants.

For more info, visit their website: Fit For Fashion
and 'Like' Fit For Fashion FB