September 10, 2014

Lucy movie

The average person uses only 10% of their brain capacity. What if someone reaches 100%?

Well that someone is Scarlett Johansson who is Lucy in the movie. The movie seems a bit too surreal, which can be seen as somewhat ridiculous especially towards the end of the movie. This is because when Lucy reached 100% brain usage, she did supernatural things. I was thinking more of like becoming an ultimate genius when you reach that level, but no, she turned out to be superhuman instead. It's borderline crazy sci-fi head- scratcher movie *laughs*

But the stunts were good and Scarlett was Black Widow all over again with her fighting skills. Overall, it was somewhat entertaining if not for some questionable scenes.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Do you know Dolphins use 20% of their brain capacity? Why do humans only use 10%???

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