September 22, 2014


 You know you grew up...
when you start thrashing all those stuffs that don't matter now but mattered a lot when you were much younger.

Stuffs that made you reminisce your childhood, stuffs you collected and thought was cool during student days, the arts and crafts you made previously, the gifts you had during your 13th or 14th birthdays etc
I have an accumulation of those stuffs since more than a decade ago!

I spring clean my room once or twice a year and every year I will slowly throw the things that are not useful or important to me now. Of course, there are still 'treasures' that I treasure since Standard 5 but slowly throughout the years, I am trying to accumulate less things so that I have more space in my room LOL

I used to collect stickers, erasers, cute notepads, posters, keychains, soft toys and those girl stuffs haha I am slowly giving them away or some have gotten too old to use and are thrown away. I felt like I have slowly outgrown my childhood but it's nice to sometimes remember how childhood used to be and laugh at those memories. 


Loads and loads of keychains.

Hundreds and hundreds of posters.

I used to collect posters of my favourite actors or actresses and go crazy over TV series and would not miss an episode of One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and the likes.

These days, I have thrown my posters away, do not follow episode by episode of any TV series anymore(because I just do not have the time) and do not buy magazines monthly like I used to and tear pages which has my favourite TV star on the pages.

TV series are substituted with reality series like The Voice or The Rachel Zoe Project because if you miss one episode you can still keep up.
Seventeen and Galaxie magazines are now substituted with Cleo and Female magazines(read in saloon while someone does my hair)
Mary Kate and Ashley books are substituted with Twilight and 50 shades novels.

Gaahh...I AM growing up!!

I realised that I have outgrown all these while I was cleaning my room! Look what spring cleaning can actually do hehe

These days, I collect...
makeup and skincare! Haha I don't think I will ever outgrow them because these are stuffs I use everyday of my life! Good thing I'm starting to throw my other stuffs to make way for more skincare or makeup LOL

One part of my collection.
I'm so glad I was born a girl^^

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