March 31, 2011

Cleo's Next Top Blogger 2011 part 3

Hence, after many many shots and many other directions,
the final effect:

Then we had a group shot. For the group shot, I changed to the heels by Nose. It's the coolest heels ever. It's 5 inches high yet it was comfortable to walk! Surprising!

                                                             Fantastic pumps!

The final group shot...

I had a really fun day of three and a half hours of photoshoot!! Now I know, the hardship of being a model of knowing how to pose. It's quite hard you know!! I love all the pictures thanks to Cleo!

Finally, remember to register at to VOTE for me later on =))) Thank you!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did and the journey of the story I depicted!! Also, I just want to say how supportive my parents have been(I have the coolest parents on the face on the earth!!) and my friends are the best!! I love all of you!!

Stay tuned for the voting in Cleo!!
To be continued....

Cleo's Next Top Blogger 2011 part 2

Okay, every girl dreams to be a model one day. I think my dream kinda came true eventhough it was only for one day!! *laughs*

The photoshoot was held at Picture This studio at Sunway Damansara, PJ. All I could say was that I kinda lost my way but thank God for GPS and whoever created it was a genius!!!! LOL

I met Ms Loh Yook Hwa who was the lady in charge and we immediately went to choose outfits. She was very kind, soft spoken and nice. I tried on two outfits from F Block which were a white spaghetti fringe dress and a one shoulder toga dress. But we finally decided on the purple Miss Selfridge dress. I love all the dresses there *hearts*

                                                          Dress by Miss Selfridge      

Then I went on to hair and make up. My hair was done with big wavy curls using an iron tong. I LOVED the final effect. I've always dreamt of having such curls. It was sooo beautiful. I joked to bring the hairdresser home with me so that she could use her magic on my hair everyday *laughs*

                                                Janoah and Farra getting theirs done

Then I went on to makeup. My make up artist, Joey was very friendly. She did her magic on my eyes and the smoky effect was AWESOME!! I was really a different person after that!



I was the third person to do the shoot. There were 4 other girls which are Janoah, Farra, Anfaal and Tammy. When it came to my turn, I was actually quite nervous because it was my first time!

Okay so here's how the photoshoot went;
I was supposed to stand at one position, put my left hand on my hip and smile naturally. First take- not good. So the photographer said, tilt your head to the left, chin abit higher, left leg one step in front and turn your body to the right abit. I’m like ‘There’s too many directions!!’ The best part was the last advice. On top of all the directions, he told me, ‘Relax and be natural’ I was already stiff with the position given LMAO!!!!!!!!

Overall, I think I did good. I gave my 'best natural looking smile' *laughs*

For the final effect, stay tuned for part 3 =p
To be continued...

Cleo's Next Top Blogger 2011!!

OMG!! I'm so excited. I was chosen to be one of the five finalists of Cleo's Next Top Blogger!! For more details, see HERE

I didn't think I would stand a chance of being a finalist let alone getting a call from Cleo and going for a photoshoot *jumps with joy*

Okay, so here the story goes...
Back in February, I found the ad in Cleo about this contest and decided since I'm already a blogger, why not join. After all, there's no harm to it; just write based on the topic given and submit it.

The submission closed on 4th March. It was actually running for a month. Then on 7th March(Monday) I got a call from Cleo saying that I'm in the 'running' to be one of the five finalists. It was not finalised yet. She asked a few questions and then told me if I was selected I will be receiving an e-mail most probably late that evening or the next morning. If I don't, I was not chosen.

Late that evening, I did not receive any e-mail from Cleo so I thought, okay I guess I was not chosen. Kinda disappointed actually. But the next morning, I finally received the e-mail!! *smiles*

It says: 'Hi there, Congratulations! You’ve been selected as one of the five finalists of the CLEO’s Next Top Blogger contest'  =)))

The photoshoot was the very next day and I was excited. This was my first photoshoot after all =))) I was surprised, overjoyed, nervous, all kinds of feelings in one *laughs*

I really want to thank Cleo for giving me this opportunity! Now that I'm one of the five finalists, we'll be given a topic every month till June and people will have to vote for our writings. The one with the least votes, will be eliminated. I hope I will not be the first one eliminated XD

So, PLEASE VOTE for ME!!! Go to register yourself there and when it's time to vote, I will direct you to the page. To vote, you need to give a thumbs up in the comment. But wait for my cue ya!!! I want to thank all of you in advance *muacks*

Stay tuned for what happened behind the scenes of the photoshoot....
To be continued...

Travis McCoy

Yes, we will be alright.

March 30, 2011


I have some obsession with sky high heels lately...

Yves Saint Laurent red sky high pumps!! Oh, mummy!! These are impossible to walk with but it's sooooooo darn beautiful!!

Jimmy Choos!! The bling bling makes the shoe bedazzle and fitting for clubbing only if you can actually dance with it *laughs*

Manolo Blahnik's blue satin shoe. I have a love for satin sky high heels because it's soft and comfortable. It's every girl's dream to own a Manolo Blahnik =))))

Christian Louboutin shoe...Does the Jennifer Lopez's song, 'Louboutin' comes to mind? Hehe Soo pretty..I especially love the 'metal-looking' stilletto!!

Yes, I know sky high heels are really really HARD to walk in....BUT...they're soo pretty *laughs* I just cannot resist =p

March 29, 2011

Hangover 2

OMG!! Hangover 2 poster is out!! The first hangover movie was hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing the whole movie!! I can't wait for Hangover 2..It'll be twice the fun =pp

This time the gang will be in Bangkok...I wonder what mischief they'll get into this time!

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga

So, Twitter is quite useful after all...I got to know today is Lady Gaga's birthday!! She turns 25!

                                                      Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!!

Have a crazy night out like you usually do!!

March 27, 2011


Yes, I'm on Twitter *laughs* I have actually been on twitter for the past year but since I didn't really know how to use it, I abandoned it and found Facebook to be the better social network.

But, alas, I'm active on twitter again. Coz I've been seeing so many people using it and celebrities are using it as a platform to update their life for fans to see...

So, I decided to revisit twitter(luckily I still remember my username and password) and decided to follow many celebrities. So to date, I'm following around 50 celebrities like Britney Spears, Ryan Seacrest (coz he has the best goss in town), Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and many others!! Yes, I'm that much into celebrities *laughs*

Since I do not have the time to buy those tabloids mags and read, I might as well follow them on twitter. It's really fun you know knowing they are the one updating the twits and in some way fans get to be closer to their favourite celebs!!

But, downside is that I have never been so technologically handicapped when it comes to using twitter itself. I know how to update my stats but I don't know how to tag someone or what is the function of retweet and so many other buttons LOL Okay, don't laugh but even in FB I can be really handicapped at times(thanks to my bestie who has to show me a lot of how-tos) *slaps head*

And I don't know, for whatever reasons I have 'followers'. *laughs* I just started and I don't know much about twitter, how was I found to be followed? Haha I guess I will have to update much now, huh lol

But really I'm only active on twitter coz I wanted to follow the lives of my fav celebs. Until I know how to use more functions, will I use it to the fullest..

Till then, let me meddle with twitter hehe...
Btw, do you twit??

                                                          Such a cute logo =p

March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Today, 26th March 2011 at 8.30pm-9.30pm is Earth Hour.
It all began in the year 2004 when World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia began to look into methods to address the problem of climate change. An idea was born in 2005 and WWF Australia together with Leo Burnett started working on an idea of a large scale switch off.

The biggest Earth Hour event was held in 2010, seeing a total of 128 participating countries compared to the previous year.

To me, honestly, this Earth Hour will not save any energy and if anything will generate more energy to promote this event.
However, it is not an event to save energy, rather it's an event to raise awareness of climatic change and to encourage people to switch off your lights when not in use, put your laptop on standby when not using and off the TV when not watching. 

Therefore, I would be joining millions of people around the world to switch off my lights for one hour and I would start preserving energy when not in use. How about you??

Banner 600px X 160px
                                                 CLICK TO PLEDGE!!

March 25, 2011

MINI launch!!

I'm sure everyone knows about Mini Cooper, no? If not, I don't know where have you been living under =p It's wildly known as Mr.Bean's car *laughs* Well, the small two-door car will now be upgraded!!
I was invited to the launch of the new MINI!! It's the new 4-door Mini Countryman *winks*

It was held at Kuala Lumpur station where everyone invited got a paid ticket to go by KTM from Sentral. It's like a getaway(their tagline) and what a unique idea coz everyone were told the event was supposed to be at KL Sentral *laughs*

Some refreshments before the launch. The food was served by waiters and came in cute miniature packets and glasses like the above =))

                     Ta-da!! The new MINI that came behind a KTM!! MINI Countryman...

                                         People checking out the new MINI

                                         The pass...It was an exclusive event.

Finally, the goodie bag given when you're going back. It has a travelling bag, some miniature perfumes and body wash courtesy from Davidoff.

I had a really fun time there =)) 
Thanks MINI for inviting!!!

March 24, 2011

RIP Liz Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor passed away yesterday at the age of 79. She was best known for her role in Cleopatra.
Truth be told, I don't really know her well because she's not in my era where the likes of Miley Cyrus and Bieber blooming...

All I know is that she was a very famous actress with an old Hollywood glamour. She's a legendary screen actress!

                                            Liz Taylor when she was much younger

May you rest in peace.

March 23, 2011

Lady suits

Lady suits are fast becoming trend nowadays. Many celebrities are wearing it to functions because it exudes power, confidence and it's quite stylish actually.

Annalynne Mccord from 90210 is so stylish in this white pantsuit!! I love how she tied her hair up and the white colour is so clean looking!!

Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl also in a pantsuit. This is the classic man black suit. She even coupled it with a tie!! I think the suit may be not the right size for her so it's quite unflattering..

Blake Lively, another counterpart of Gossip Girl, posing for Vogue magazine in this sexy suit. She looks HOT!!

Oooh, this is how you wear a suit!! Ellen Pompeo wearing a shining black suit. It's superbly stylish and it's so good-looking!!

At the recent Oscars, Anne Hathaway, one of the co-host, changed into many outifts. A tuxedo was one of it. This tuxedo was custom-made for her by Lanvin. Besides her red carpet siren red dress, I think this came a close second as best dress!!

And most recently...
Mary Kate and Ashley both wore pantsuits to the CFDA awards. They were not dressing their best lately with oversized dresses but these pantsuits really brought back their fashion style!! Mary Kate(right) especially looked great in the black suit with the Prada bag.

Drew Barrymore was spotted last week at L.A's intermix party in this outfit. She mixed it up into an urban hip style. I'm not really liking this look but I love the Yves St. Laurent black platform shoes!!

So, what do you think of ladies in suits?? I think if a lady wears it right with a tight fitting, it can look really good. Otherwise, suits should best left to men and ladies are much more gorgeous in gowns =))

March 22, 2011

McDonalds Free Breakfast!!

Print out the coupon above and spend a minimum of RM5 at McDonalds and you'll get two big breakfast free in Malaysia!!

How cool, huh? I tried the big breakfast before. The hashbrown was nice and the sausage was okay. The only thing was that the egg was quite tasteless. I just needed a bit more chilli sauce.

So this time around, I'm gona ask for more chilli sauce packets hehe Since obviously, I can't finish two big breakfast myself with an additional of the RM5 purchase, I'm going to share it with my friends =))

Can't wait!! Do print it out...It's really worth it!!

March 20, 2011

Balloons XD

I have a little secret XD
I'm SCARED of really scared! It's kind of like a phobia to me *slaps head*

I don't know why. I also don't recall any bad incident with me with balloons. Just that I'm very afraid and scared of the possibility of a huge ass balloon bursting right at my face! Everytime, I go near a balloon, I have this thinking that it's going to burst and I'll get scared =((

It's really a shame coz at this age I'm still scared of balloons.

Balloons are really fun but just don't let it get close to me. I'll admire it from far especially those shaped balloons. But put many near me and I think I'll get a panic attack that all of it will start bursting!!

Have you played this balloon game; where whoever blows a balloon and burst it first, wins?? Yeah, when I was young, I would avoid every possibility of that game. My goodness, it'll just scare the hell out of me. Even when I see people playing, I get scared. At one time, I was forced to play this game coz there were not enough people. I blew the balloon as small as your palm and didn't dare to burst it. Rather, I just closed my ears for other contestants to start bursting theirs XD Yes, I'm that afraid!!

This 'thing' is called balloon phobia. It really does exist. It's a recognised mental health phobia *laughs* Okay, so I'm not alone *huge sigh of relief* hehe Now, how do I cure it? It seems hypnotherapy will help...Well, until then I'll just avoid being near balloons especially huge ones...

                         Aww pretty pink balloons. Too bad I can only admire from far XD

March 19, 2011

Britney Spears is back!

The B*tch is back! That's what she said in V magazine- better than ever!
Okay, the song is catchy and good just like the old Britney's songs...She did grow bigger but that's forgiven because she had two sons XD
The song is from the album, Femme Fatale(however you want to pronounce it)
I can't wait to hear more songs from that album!!

March 18, 2011

World Sleep Day!

Did you know, today 18th March 2011 is World Sleep Day??
I never knew this day existed until I read today's newspaper LOL

The message of awareness for World Sleep Day is that a good night's sleep is vital for the health and well-being of people of all ages. Sleep is a basic human need—a crucial component of healthy living, much like breathing, eating and remaining physically fit.

The World Association of Sleep Medicine(WASP) is committed to researching and solving sleep problems in both children and adults. It dedicates its efforts in 2011 to educating the world on important sleep topics, including improving the sleep of both adults and children.

Sleep deprivation can lead to:
-low energy
-decrease attention

So, people sleep well for a healthier lifestyle! While you're at it, dream well too =p
Now, go back to bed! It's World Sleep Day after all *laughs*

Help Japan!

Oh boy! Can Japan take a break already??
With the twin disaster of earthquake and tsunami, then the radiation and now blizzard? It's becoming a quadruple disaster!!

This just complicates search and rescue operations!!

Please do your part as a kind citizen by donating to Japan.
There many websites now with means to help Japan. Go to these:

And do pray for them!
This is not an easy circumstance to come back from...


I love L'OREAL hair products especially the leave ons...
I also like using different products from L'OREAL to see which has the better effect =)

I have frizzy coarse hair and sometimes it's quite unmanageable. So I bought this product which is what I'm currently using; the smooth intense leave-in hair mask.

This is my first time and I really loved how it moisturises my hair! Very fast effect as well. After towel-drying my hair, I applied it and when my hair dries, it feels smooth and soft =))

The texture(above) is like a cream but no worries because it would not stick to your hair and leave clumps of residue neither would it harden your hair. Indeed it's the opposite effect! It nourishes and smoothens hair so that it's more manageable.

Oh, it's has a great smell too! This is by far one of the most effective product I have ever tried. Others don't really leave your hair soft and smooth after application. Worst, some even harden on your hair!

So, I say go have a try!! L'OREAL is a renowned brand so you don't have to worry =))

March 16, 2011

Burn Notice

My current guilty pleasure is Burn Notice..

While my other shows are on hiatus now, I turn to Fox TV on Astro to watch Burn Notice which is currently showing Season 4. It's really addictive I tell you.

Michael Westen got a burn notice to his name while he was a spy and is now freelancing and helping people out using his skills. This show has a lot of action, very James Bond-ish and quite funny actually.

Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar(above) have fantastic chemistry on screen. I love them both. They hate each other as much as they love each other *laughs* I watch this show every morning after I wake up. It's like coffee where if I don't watch it, something feels not right =p Yes, it's that addictive. TV shows tend to have this kind of impact on me. That's why I have many others added to my TV show guilty pleasure XD

On top of that, I got my brother and mother addicted to this show as well *slaps head* It's going on to season 5 now overseas and if only I have the time, I could watch the whole of season 4 on DVD. I guess I'll just keep the suspense then.

March 15, 2011


Patrick Dempsey and wife attending a benefit at John Varvatos' store. It's been quite long since I've seen the Grey's Anatomy star attending any event lately. He looks casually rugged-ly handsome *laughs* Oh, McDreamy!!

March 14, 2011


Finally, our very own singles shuttler, Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in the All-England title finals.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the game as I was busy but when  heard, I was overjoyed. It's about time he triumph against Lin Dan!
He's been working so hard this year and it really paid off.

March 13, 2011

Japan's earthquake + tsunami

Eventhough, I've never experienced an earthquake before or tsunami, but I do know that having an 8.8 magnitude of earthquake is already bad enough, what more with the addition of tsunami -.-
I have no words to describe that combination.

Calling it superbly disastrous is actually an understatement having looked at videos and pictures of the aftermath!
I don't know how the Japanese are going to bounce back from this devastation but all we could do is pray for them so that God will give them strength to go through this tragedy and move on.
Our prayers are with you, Japan!

To donate, please go to this website:
It's just RM3!! Do support!

March 12, 2011


How many pillows do normal people sleep with actually??

Just wondering...
I think I got too many on my bed*laughs*
Having 4 pillows and one tiny bolster too many??