March 23, 2011

Lady suits

Lady suits are fast becoming trend nowadays. Many celebrities are wearing it to functions because it exudes power, confidence and it's quite stylish actually.

Annalynne Mccord from 90210 is so stylish in this white pantsuit!! I love how she tied her hair up and the white colour is so clean looking!!

Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl also in a pantsuit. This is the classic man black suit. She even coupled it with a tie!! I think the suit may be not the right size for her so it's quite unflattering..

Blake Lively, another counterpart of Gossip Girl, posing for Vogue magazine in this sexy suit. She looks HOT!!

Oooh, this is how you wear a suit!! Ellen Pompeo wearing a shining black suit. It's superbly stylish and it's so good-looking!!

At the recent Oscars, Anne Hathaway, one of the co-host, changed into many outifts. A tuxedo was one of it. This tuxedo was custom-made for her by Lanvin. Besides her red carpet siren red dress, I think this came a close second as best dress!!

And most recently...
Mary Kate and Ashley both wore pantsuits to the CFDA awards. They were not dressing their best lately with oversized dresses but these pantsuits really brought back their fashion style!! Mary Kate(right) especially looked great in the black suit with the Prada bag.

Drew Barrymore was spotted last week at L.A's intermix party in this outfit. She mixed it up into an urban hip style. I'm not really liking this look but I love the Yves St. Laurent black platform shoes!!

So, what do you think of ladies in suits?? I think if a lady wears it right with a tight fitting, it can look really good. Otherwise, suits should best left to men and ladies are much more gorgeous in gowns =))


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  2. Lovely suits, I have a few in my wardrobe, esp with black colors.

  3. Cool!! Would love to get some when I start working =))