May 30, 2012

21st cupcakes!

Awhile back I wrote a post on cupcakes and that I wanted cupcakes for my 21st birthday! Not only did I get cupcakes, I was overloaded with cupcakes LOLZ!!

My main one that was specifically ordered with a specific design was this:

The theme was girly! haha with handbags and makeup! Love that Chanel bag figurine fondant and makeup =))

I also got cupcakes from my girls from Delectable by Su.

The cute sheep!!

I'm always very impressed by how they do all these cute figurines!!

Yeah I've got all of the above and more! My house is just full of it *laughs*

But honestly, cupcakes are cupcakes hehe They are nice to see, but taste, well, normal...some are nice, some are dry...but the worst part is eating all these cute figurines!! How to destroy those beautifully made fondants =(( Oh well, all I know is that I'm overloaded with cupcakes LOL

Thank you all for the cuppies and I appreciate it very very much =))

Blincon B Colour Toric lens in Green

There are very few brands out there that sell toric lenses in colour. Toric lenses are for those with astigmatism. I do have a bit of astigmatism so toric lenses are best for me.

Blincon is one of the brands that sell coloured toric lenses. It's called B Colour Toric Lens. 

There are only 5 colours available. I guess it's not very popular for those with astigmatism to wear coloured contacts so there are limited choices for colours.

I decided on the green one. I like colours that are obvious and since I already had a blue one, I chose the green. 

Green contacts

Comparison pictures below:

No contacts.

Green contacts without flash.

Green contacts with flash.

I must say although it is green in colour, it's actually very natural looking. The picture without flash cannot really see the green as well. The colour is not as obvious as I thought it would be. However, it does look quite nice in the eyes. It's like bejeweled eyes =))

Love my green eyes!

Comfort wise, it is comfortable. No irritation whatsoever even in air conditioned room. I thought perhaps toric lenses is thicker and would make the eyes irritated but I found it to be as comfortable as my normal lenses.

Toric lenses are way more expensive than normal lenses. So coloured ones are quite pricey in the market. Hence, it's actually not very worth it to buy coloured toric lenses especially if the colour is not very obvious anyway.

This B Colour Toric Lens can last up to three months. I have never worn contact lenses that can last more than one month so this is my first time. I'm quite doubtful about the hygiene, though. Extra care must be taken to sanitize the contacts.

But if you would love to try it out, then by all means go for it. Toric lenses wearer almost never have a chance to wear cosmetic contacts but with B Toric, those with astig can now enjoy coloured contacts as well with a much reasonable price than other brands.

Above right, clear contacts, left in blue contacts, below in green. Which is better?

May 28, 2012

Floral theme nails

Finally I had the time to do my nails after leaving it bare for so long!
For my fingernails, I used Sally Hansen salon effects in Girl Flower. I did a review previously HERE
I did not finish using the strips so I did another round with it =)

For my toes I used Elianto polish in 'Blue Splash' and 3D nail stickers.

Loving my new nail arts!!

May 27, 2012

Barbara Hoffmann Brush cleanser

I'm very anal about cleanliness. I like to keep my things germ free so to speak *laughs* I do wash my makeup sponges and brushes but without a real makeup brush cleanser, I'm quite hesitant whether is it really clean.

Then, I found Barbara Hofmann brush cleanser. Now, I'll never wash my makeup apparatus with just clear water or other detergent.

It's actually a huge soap in that container:

All you have to do is pour water in that container and dip your brush in to clean it:

After that, wash the brush with lukewarm water and after cleaning all other brushes, pour out the water in the container and leave everything to dry...

Do not dry your brushes with a hairdryer or under the sun. Let them soak in a paper towel. When the soap is dry, close the container and you can reuse it the next time.

The soap is very effective. It removes residue from the brush immediately as you can see leftover powder from eye shadow easily removed from the brush. All brushes retained their original form after drying. The soap is quite delicate and would not spoil your brushes. In fact, it makes them soft and fluffy!

Since it's quite a huge bar of soap, depending on how many times you wash your apparatus, it can last a few months. It retails for RM55 at Shins stores. Quite reasonable since you can reuse it for a long time. A recommended product =))

May 26, 2012

Setia City Mall

Setia City Mall newly opened last week on 17th May and it is located in Setia Alam, Shah Alam. Wherever there's a new shopping complex in town, I'm always curious and wanted to check it out!

It's a big mall, safe to say, biggest in Shah Alam. However, it's quite isolated. It's that big building in a huge piece of land with no buildings beside it.

But it's easy to find if you're familiar with Setia Alam. Since it's new, there are many shoppers especially on weekends, however bonus point for this mall for building many parking bays! You don't need to have a headache finding parking there.

There are also a variety of shops there. Many restaurants especially and all are full! Chatime is like filled with people queuing up! There's so many shops like Daiso, Inglot, MPH, Watsons, Uniqlo, Padini Concept Store, SaSa and the anchor tenant is Parkson.

It's quite a good shopping place. A combination of some high end shops as well and it's a bit like Subang Parade. A GSC cinema will be opening soon so I think this mall will be quite a good attraction especially during school holidays.

Go check it out =) For more info: Setia City Mall

Men in Black 3

If you have not watched the first two installments, I suggest you better skip this one out. Luckily for me, I did watch the first two so I was not very lost about what happened in MIB3.

This time around, Will Smith travelled back in time to save his good friend, Kay(Tommy Lee Jones) only to meet the 29-year old version of him played by Josh Brolin. The entire show was reasonably entertaining, not very humorous, not too boring, not too much action or lack of either, everything was okay...

But I would not recommend a fourth installment. They should end the franchise here XD It was a good run, though!

Josh Brolin, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

My rating: 3 stars

However, I did like the OST of this movie. Very catchy by Pitbull-Back in Time.

May 25, 2012

Amarin Heavenly Thai, Mid Valley

Amarin Thai is a nice restaurant with friendly staffs, good food, cozy environment and if you want a place to sit and chat, this is a much recommended place!

It's very much Thai! The second you walk in, you're even greeted with a 'Sawadika' which means Hello in Thai. My friends and I went there to celebrate my pre birthday celebration =)


One of the House specialty drink

I will recommend this House Specialty Drink- it's a blended coconut drink

Rice with meat and egg 

Pineapple fried rice- one of the popular food

Food wise it is spicy! Especially the Tom Yam Kung. I'm not kidding when I say spicy. Luckily, we Malaysians love spicy food so we're fine with it. But, if you're not into spicy food I say you should just stick to the desserts *laughs*

Cendol with ice cream

I definitely recommend this sorbet ice cream dessert in a coconut shell!
This is a MUST try...Very refreshing and delicious!

Pricing is a bit high end. If you order food, drink and dessert, it will cost you around RM40 per person. But it's quite a big portion so I guess it's reasonable. The food comes quite fast and the staffs are very efficient. 

Cozy romantic ambience. Thank you guys!!

The ambience is very cozy. There's sofa chairs with huge soft pillows to hug! The lighting style is romantic. The above picture was taken with flash. The real lighting in there is quite dark. 

But it's a nice place to chat. We had our own space to have fun and take pictures. It's not a very crowded restaurant so you won't bug others and they won't bug you. I'm very much in love with the environment =)

Check it out if you're interested!

Blog Birthday!!

My Blog is officially 2 years old!!!! Hehe..Actually it turned two 2 days ago but I was busy with my finals XD

Having this blog is my proudest achievement thus far. I love writing and I'm so happy I could pour out my thoughts in this space and having people read it is even more of a blessing =))

I know I have been lacking this month in terms of posts because it was a busy month but now that I'm freeee I'm going to make up for it =)))
My blog birthday coincides with my birthday week as well and it's just going to be a week full of celebration!!

If you don't already notice, I am very cheerful LOL Finals are over and I could finally have time to myself to pursue my passion!

Here's to more blog birthdays to come!! Thank you readers <3


May 21, 2012

Billboard Music Awards 2012

Billboard Music Awards' white carpet...

Carrie Underwood stunning in an elaborate Oscar de la Renta gown.

Katy Perry looks vampy in a Bluemarine dress.

Taylor Swift gorgeous in an Ellie Saab gown with a lace bodice.

Julianne Hough in Kaufman Franco cocktail dress. Simple and sleek!

Chelsea Champions League 2012 winner!!

I cannot believe it! I saw them here when they came to Malaysia! Read HERE and HERE and they went all the way to win the Champions League against Bayern Munich!

It was truly a great night for Chelsea fans. All odds were against them, as it was not home ground and Bayern scored the first goal 8 minutes before the final whistle.

But, Didier Drogba, the man of the night, scored an equaliser 3 minutes before full time and scored the determining penalty kick which made Chelsea the winner of the 2012 Champions League =)))

You know, when he was here in Malaysia, I saw him scored the winning goal against Malaysia as well hehe...

Terry, captain of Chelsea, though didn't play due to suspension shared the excitement and lifted the cup!

I bet they were partying the whole night LOL..Di Matteo should definitely be Chelsea's coach full time after guiding this club to the FA Cup and Champions League!

Congrats Chelsea =)) Bluess all the wayyy!!

May 17, 2012

#20 Your dream job

This is a difficult one! I have many dream jobs. I want to work in so many fields. I have tried many types of jobs before and worked with so many different people. However, my ultimate dream job is to be an...

Entrepreneur!! Preferably in the fashion business =)
If you have read my blog, you would know that I'm a lifestyle blogger but my main focus is fashion. That is my passion and would love to do something I'm passionate about. How nice is it to go to work but like not working at all?? Surrounded with clothes, accessories and fashion! *dreams*

Finally, after THREE months, I finished the 20 blog challenges *laughs* Yes, such a slow poke. Too many distractions =p

Here's a recap:

#1 A photo of yourself two years ago.

May 15, 2012

Long sleeve gowns

This 'long sleeve gown' trend is seen quite often on the red carpet these days. I think it was very well started by Kate Middleton's famous long sleeve lace wedding gown! Even until now she's still rocking this trend!

Let's see how it all started...

Kate Middleton wore this long sleeve blue dress for the announcement of her engagement with Prince William. Within minutes, this dress was replicated in every part of the world!

The Alexander McQueen lace dress! Who can forget this?

Kate's second wedding dress with a long sleeve coaty.

Kate Middleton in a lace Temperley evening dress.

She was recently photographed in this cream coloured Roland Mouret dress.

And this trend is seen every other time on the red carpet. You can see how Kate Middleton influenced this trend..

Uma Thurman in a blue long sleeve gown. Was the colour inspired by Kate's engagement dress?

Charlize Theron in a lace dress. See the similarities with Kate's Temperley dress?

Kristen Stewart at the Snow White premiere wearing a Marchesa lace gown! Just WOW!

Kate Hudson is sparkling in this purple long sleeve number.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a floral Valentino Couture.

JLo in a Maria Lucia Hohan gown at the 'What to expect' premiere.

Naya Rivera at the Fox Upfront with a beautiful pink dress! Love that skirt of of the dress!

At the recent Met Gala Ball, celebrities mixed it up with a sexy back. Since it is all too covered up, the 'long sleeve' trend now can be sexy as well with a low cut or cut out back.

Rihanna in Tom Ford.

Cameron Diaz in a Stella McCartney metallic gown.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley as the face of Burberry Body in Burberry! Gorgeous!

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe collection.

I reckon this trend will last long as it is fashionable, not too revealing, very appropriate and you can add a little sexy to it, if you want, with a backless number.

Love the long sleeve trend as much as I do? Yay or Nay?