January 4, 2012


I'm obsessed with ultimately cute and pretty cupcakes!! I can't get enough of them. Nevermind it doesn't taste good, if it looks pretty, I'm obsessed *laughs*

I love shaped cakes as well...especially Barbie or fairy shaped cakes *hearts* I get so jealous when I see kids have awesome cakes. I never had one of those =(

Ooooh don't all of these look sooo pweety??!!!!! I wonder how to eat it? I mean firstly, to even start cutting it will break my heart, then to eat those fondant fairies in your mouth? Gaahh...I don't have the heart to LOL

But yeah as you probably figured it out, I am too old for these princess cakes. So, let's go back to pretty cupcakes instead haha

I love handbag, makeup and shoes themed cupcakes! It's all very girly stuffs so just bare with me *laughs*
Aoki Lee, Kimora Lee Simmon's daughter had her 8th birthday cake with a Chanel theme *so epicly jealous now*

 Saw the big 'A' for her name on top, with the black and white theme, with a Chanel shoe, sunglasses and gloves <3

But, as I mentioned, I was talking about cupcakes!! Yes I'm getting there....
On top of that cake, Aoki, true to her fashion sense, although only at 8, had every guest at her fashion show/birthday party, being treated to a 'SHOE'! 
Okay, the shoe is edible, almost like a fondant design on a cupcake only that this 'Shoe' is HUGE(see below)

...with fries and fruits!!!!

Doesn't it look soooo YUMMY!!!! Chocolate shoe for each guest *dies* She's one lucky girl!!!

There are so many pretty designs below to feast your eyes on as well...

My 21st is quite long more to go but I already had it in my mind for quite some time and I want shoes, makeup and handbag as the main cupcake theme! I am very specific about my vision of the cupcakes(like it's something really important LOL) and it's actually quite important for the baker to make it right or else I'll throw tantrums *laughs*

Hopefully, she will make it right and I can has my own pweetty cupcakes as well!! Weee~

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