September 27, 2012

Happiness is a journey...

Prominent Malaysian YouTubers

Medias and bloggers were invited to Itallianies, Subang Empire to interview 4 prominent Malaysian YouTubers who managed to make a career out of this new platform with a steady following of fans.

Firstly, the founders of GRIM Film, Jared Lee and Roy Ajong who made this popular short film in YouTube, 'The Long Distance Relationship' which right now garnered over 407,000 views and that video made it in the Top 10 finalist of BMW Shorties 2011. With that huge success, they decided to take their love for film to the next level.

From left; Jared Lee and Roy Ajong

Next, is Joseph Germani, who at such a young age of 21, has achieved so much! GermaniProductions has over 21,000 subscribers and he is the main star of most of his videos. He loves acting, but he's actually quite shy and being in front of the camera intrigues him. If you see, he does act in his friends' videos as well and has only pursued one course of acting.

Roy, Joseph Germani and Dan Khoo

Joseph deep in discussion =)

Finally, it's Dan Khoo from DanKhoo Productions. Most of his video genres are love and romance, though he denied that he is a romantic *laughs* If he finds it appropriate, he would act in his own videos or else he would cast someone else.

Dan with Daniel

In fact, all of them are collaborating in a project together with  KYOPROPAGANDA and The Ming Thing which will be out soon early October, so watch out for that in their channels!! The theme of the video is "Change" and that's as much they could give out so as not to spoil the surprise!

All four; Jared, Roy, Joseph and Dan exude a lot of passion in these video making. Jared even quit his full time job to start GRIM Film. They are very creative and their videos are mostly inspired by their daily lives. They try to make videos with zero budget. Hence, those cast you see in their videos are all not paid. They act for free. They would ask their friends for help or sometimes even find someone in the shopping mall and approach them to act for free. One time, Jared even asked an uncle from a mamak stall to act in his video *laughs*

To make a 3-5 minutes video, their shortest production was less than 48 hours. That's actually quite fast with the acting, editing, music and stuffs! Of course, what's having a YouTube channel without haters, right? They try no to dwell so much on negative comments though they do welcome constructive criticisms. They don't focus so much on these nitty gritty stuffs and just do what they like, which is why they are so passionate. They don't bother about marketing their videos on a wider scale or try to make it viral using certain keyword search and sorts. They just come up with an idea, film it, edit it and share it to the world.

Joseph, Dan, Roy and Jared.

They mostly make revenue through advertisements to support themselves. From being YouTube stars they get invited for events, screenings and GRIM Film was even invited to Germany for a screening. They just recently did OMG Live together and they are starting to get more and more recognised for their work.

They are many upcoming projects in line for these talented guys. GRIM Film has planned a web series and Dan and Joseph are in the works of new videos as well.

So, I can't wait for their latest video which is due early October. It'll definitely be a hit among viewers! Do check their channels out if you haven't already done so!

Me and the guys!

September 25, 2012


Paul Wesley and wife, Torrey DeVitto co-hosted the Humane Society H- Couture 2012 Fur Free Fashion Show. They definitely make a handsome couple.

Can't wait for Vampire Diaries to be back!! FYI They work together in TVD, they co hosts events together and they do press junket and interviews together as well. They just work well as a team =)

P1 Says “Tukar Ke 4G” with Perks

In keeping up with day to day challenges in this fast paced modern day lifestyle, don’t we all wish for affordable high speed internet broadband that offers you the very best of services, whether you’re at home or on the go? At P1, we believe that access to broadband these days is a right and not a luxury, one simply should not put up with inadequate 3G internet services that charges you an arm and a leg.

That is why, P1 recommends you to make the change from 3G to 4G and enjoy the benefits of 4G broadband. If you are using 3G broadband mostly at home, and are an online activities lover. You will most likely face the situation of not having enough quota to use at home.

Most 3G broadband will most likely give you a lower quota simply because it was designed for on-the-go usage which is normally less intensive. Now, WHAT IF, you are given a choice to switch to 4G and with that you will get 100GB additional quota, and will have the liberty to surf your heart out at home? That’s not all, what if you’re not happy with your new 4G service once you’ve switched?

Well, P1 has this base covered to your satisfaction as they have a 7-day money back guarantee risk-free policy. This is getting interesting, isn’t it? So, have we gotten your attention yet? But as smart consumer yourself, you’d probably want to know what else P1 can offer you on top of what others are offering, right? They are confident that what they are about tell you will throw your decision our way and sign-up with P1 almost instantly!

Here goes!
They have 2 more fabulous reasons why you should to switch to P1 4G, they are - A RM200 rebate plus a cordless DECT phone that comes with up to 200 FREE call minutes monthly! So what are you waiting for?! Tukar now to P1 ForHome™ Plan! Just visit for more info and make that switch to enjoy all the 4G benefits!

For those of you who use broadband mainly on-the-go, P1 has not forgotten about you. If you are a person that is constantly traveling and works out of the office a lot, you will require a stable and reliable 4G broadband connection to connect the multiple devices you’ll need to function efficiently. Well, P1 totally understands your dilemma. So, say goodbye to multiple internet plans for your multiple devices, as P1’s ToGo™ Plan will help you save at a minimum of 57% per month. 

How, you may ask?
Simple, introducing P1 ToGo™ Plan with MiFi, a personal 4G WiFi modem that connects up to 8 devices (7 via WiFi, 1 via USB cable) at only RM69 per month compared to other plans. The plan also comes with a 6GB of usage quota with uncapped 4G speed. This is a whopping 57% saving from having to pay for multiple plans which normally cause up to RM160 for 5GB of usage quota! Furthermore, the MiFi device comes absolutely FREE if you commit to a 24 months plan, while you’d have to pay over RM300 for a device for the other telco plans! 

So what are you waiting for? Tukar to 4G with P1 ToGo™ Plan now and you will receive a RM200 rebate! Visit now and register!

Now, with all these added values and bonuses, there is no reason why you should not tukar to P1 broadband services. With any of P1’s ForHome™ or ToGo ™Plans, its multiple connectivity, fast easy internet access and high speeds will allow you to get on top of all your internet and lifestyle needs within seconds! Most importantly, this tukar comes with risk free 7-day trial! Which means you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with our service after 7 days of testing it out.

Seriously, a golden deal like this does not come very often. So the wise thing to do
is to grab it while it’s hot! So, what say you? Tukarlah sekarang!

September 24, 2012

64th Emmy Awards 2012

Emmys celebrate TV actors and actresses. I'm a huge fan of TV and here are some red carpet hits!

40 years old Sofia Vergara is still hot and sexy in a teal Zuhair Murad gown.

Sarah Hyland actually co designed this beautiful grey gown with Marchesa's Georgina Chapman.

Kate Mara in Badley Mischka couture gown.

Tina Fey shows off her slim body in a Vivienne Westwood strapless gown.

January Jones in Zac Posen.

New mama, Giuliana Rancic in a Romona Keveza gown.

Julianne Hough in Georges Hobeika aqua green dress. I prefer her in long tresses though.

Heidi Klum showing off her long legs in Alexandre Vauthier.

Quite many actresses were spotted in sunshine yellow on the red carpet:

Leslie Mann in Naeem Khan.

Julianne Moore in a long sleeve Dior Couture. She won Best Actress in a Miniseries for Game Change.

A pregnant Claire Danes in Lanvin.

Kaley Cuoco in Angel Sanchez.

Julie Bowen who won Outstanding Supporting Actress for her stint in Modern Family. She's gorgeous in Monique Lhuillier. Modern Family won Best Comedy Series. Love that show!!

September 21, 2012

Maroon 5 Overexposed Tour Live in Malaysia

Maroon 5 totally rocked Stadium Shah Alam!! The band comprises lead singer Adam Levine, guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn and keyboardist PJ Morton. All of them brought their best and gave us a fun filled time!!

My tix

The Cab opened for them with hits like Bad and Bounce. They are an alternative rock band from Las Vegas and I must say, lead singer Alexander DeLeon looks quite good looking with that cap. Not much of a fan of his long hair though XD But anyway, they performed really well and got the crowd pumped up before Maroon 5 took the stage!

Alexander De Leon

Maroon 5 came in style with three executive white cars and finally took the stage at 10pm. They started off with phones ringing and we all knew it was 'Payphone'!!!!!! My favourite song of all time!! When Mr Handsome, Adam Levine started singing, the crowd went totally insane!!! He was clad just in a Tshirt and jeans and was clean shaven and just sooo H-O-T!!!! I was just screaming for him LMAO!!!

Adam Levine <3

(Sorry for the bad quality pics...taken by phone coz no cameras were allowed in actually)

They performed quite many songs, both old and new ones. From hits like This Love, She will be loved, Harder to Breathe, Misery to newer ones like One More Night, Moves Like Jagger, Daylight and Lucky Strike, we were all so excited to sing along! He was also very grateful for the crowd support and kept thanking us!!

He even did a little rendition of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back' and out of a sudden a little 'Oppa Gangnam Style' came about as well LMAO!! Their flow was very well planned I must say. It was quite fast, from one song to another and it just went on. No awkward breaks in between so we all just went with the flow which was really good!!

They only took one break and when they came out, Adam Levine was on the drums and James Valentine was on vocals!! They performed 'Seven Nation Army' and it was sooo good!! I mean the switch was quite a good change.

Also, if you didn't know, Adam Levine is super talented. He's a fantastic singer and plays instruments!! I knew that from The Voice. That night, he showcased his talent with drums but when he was on the guitar and started playing with James Valentine and Mickey Madden, the crowd went crazy!! He did that many times. I think all girls were starting to melt =p

Adam Levine on guitar

Of course, his bandmates were very talented as well. They each performed a solo when Adam was introducing them one by one. Such talented people in a band *hearts* Further, the lighting and the spotlights made it all the more dramatic and the light effects were really good. It just blended very well with the songs.

PJ Morton

James Valentine

The amazing spotlights

I had the free seating tickets and at the start of the show we were all seated and singing along. However, towards the end almost everyone were standing and dancing along with Maroon 5 *laughs* That's how good they were. I was actually quite hesitant to stand at first coz I would be blocking the behind person but then all of them started standing and dancing and my friend and I joined in together haha

After 1 and a half hours, they ended the night with Moves Like Jagger in style and we were all satisfied. They took their bow and ended the show.I came out a bit deaf and a bit of a sore throat LOL Adam Levine really got me swooned for that night. I lovee himmm sooo mucchhhh!!!!

My souvenir =))

Back story;
I just wanna share how I became obsessed with Adam Levine hehe It all started with The Voice and my exams. Yeah, what a weird combination, right? *laughs* So one day, I came back from a really tiring night class and I was being pissed due to lack of sleep and entertainment. Then I on the TV and guess what's on? It was The Voice and I really enjoyed the Blind Auditions and I started watching it every week after my classes. Then I You-Tube it and started seeing previous episodes. I loved Adam Levine since then not only coz he's hot(but duh!) also due to his passion for genuinely coaching people and his talent while performing.

I mean I knew Maroon 5 since High School but never a big fan. I know how to sing to their songs but not really obsessed with it. But a 180 degrees turn came about when I heard 'Payphone' from their latest Overexposed album. Maroon 5 first performed it live on The Voice. I was hooked on it immediately and feeling damn, why have I not liked them before?? They were soo good!! And I've got to say this. Believe it or not, that song 'Payphone' probably kept me sane the entire time I was having revision and exams and also probably the reason how I got through my exams really well =))

Because...I listened to 'Payphone' on repeat at least 10 times a day, every single day when I was revising my notes!! Yes, I was addicted to it and everytime I needed something to kickstart my study habit, I listened to it and it somehow pumped me up to start revising -.- Whenever I start getting sleepy or lazy and starts giving up, I'll just listen to that one song and I'll be studying again *laughs* It's like a motivational song LOL So much so, not only I would have memorised the notes for exams but also I got the entire lyrics in my head already before exams hahahaha

Then I started listening to other Maroon 5 songs and I started loving all of it. Of course, when I heard they were coming down to Malaysia, my heart skipped a beat and was so adamant to see them live!! Payphone and Adam Levine will always have a special place in my heart hehe and yes, I've not gotten bored of Payphone yet =p

That night was truly a dream come true =)

September 19, 2012

End of hiatus..Wee~

Finally, all of my fave TV shows will be back!! I am sooo deprived of all of them!! I had to see repeats on terrestial TV and I was bored. I need new storylines.

The first one to come back is The Voice Season Three!! YAY!! I get to see my favourite coaches fight it out to get the best singers on their team.

I absolutely loved the coaches performance in the Season 3 opener. Man, were they good and entertaining!! And the blind auditions were so much fun!! The coaches' bickering were the best =))

Next will be Grey's Anatomy on September 27th. Can't wait to know what happened to the cast after that horrific plane crash!!

Then on 8th October will be the return of Gossip Girl's final season, Season 6. This will be the season of Chuck and Blair. Like finally!! They should have done it earlier and because they didn't, ratings we so low that this will be the final season for closure >.<

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 will come back on October 11th!! I especially can't wait for this one! What will happen to Elena?

Ooohh can't wait for all of my guilty pleasures =))

September 18, 2012

The five-year engagement

This is another funny show. Got the DVD and Jason Segel is the best comedian! I love him from How I Met Your Mother! He co-wrote this script and was one of the producer as well. He and Emily Blunt were perfect for this movie. They have great chemistry!

Since it's called a 5-year engagement, you must already know there's bound to be some glitches along the way to postpone the wedding that long. I really love the storyline and how Jason and Emily got through it all  and though the ending was predictable, it was such a sweet love story. 

The best part about this movie is what I found out AFTER watching it! They actually created a full website for their so called wedding. Tom(Jason Segel) and Violet(Emily Blunt) had their very own 'faux' website to update about wedding stuffs.

This blog is hilarious. They added in funny comments, pictures, videos and if you did not watch the movie, you would have thought Jason and Emily were getting married in real life, only that their names were changed to Tom and Violet!! Check out

This is by far the best promotional stunt for a movie one can do. To have that faux blog and doing all those videos really needed a lot of effort and kudos to the team for making it happen.

This movie is actually quite long but it was all very entertaining. I hope to see Jason and Emily work with each other again in other movies =))

September 16, 2012

Mary Chia facial

Thanks to Mary Chia, after attending their VIP party, I was invited back for a complimentary facial =) I went to their branch at Sunway Pyramid.

It's along Marrakesh row

The consultation room. Love the deco...It's all red and pink!

The reception

I already had a skin analysis with them previously which was quite horrifying and a reality slap to my face *facepalms* I think of all the moisture test, pore test, skin evenness, texture, etc, I only passed TWO -.- It's bad and I was horrified!

So anyway, the beautician suggested a facial that will suit my skin condition which is the Purifying New Facial(PNF) It's for hydration as my face is dehydrated >.< I was also given a small cup of herbal tea.

Then I was brought to my room which was quite small but very cozy. 

The pink bed hehe

I must say due to all the towels and blankets, it made the bed so fluffy and so soft and just absolutely comfortable!! I almost doze off during the facial. 

The equipment

The silky pink robe...soo comfy =)

My facial is actually worth RM250 and includes:
-Face Massage
-Shoulder and chest massage
-Softening gel(to soften the blackheads)
-Steamer(to open up pores)
-Eyebrow Shaping
-Hydrating ampoule
-Cooling mask
-Hydrating ampoule again
-Ultrasound(for better penetration)
-Double aloevera cooling mask
-Moisturiser with sunblock
-Head and shoulder massage

My face mummified!! *laughs* This is the double aloevera mask.

It took around 2 hours for everything to be done. It was so relaxing especially the massages. Such coincidence as well because I was still nursing my aches and soreness 2 days after Skytrex  and the massage totally helped to release some tension =)

Further, the beautician was very friendly and explained each step. I liked it that way so that I was not at loss at what they were putting on my face. The room temperature was just nice although it got colder towards the end. The lighting was dim and I really enjoyed the entire process!! My face, although a bit red from the extraction process, but at night it was all gone and my face looks cleaner, supple and smooth =)

After I was done, they were not pushy to wanting me to sign up for their packages. In fact, they even gave me a goodie bag!

How cute is this ribbon bag?? =)

Only thing is that I wished that room has a locker for my bag and stuff. Also, mostly they speak Chinese but you can request for English speaking. And there's no washroom inside Mary Chia. If you want, you need to go outside and use the shopping complex's washroom. But it's not far.

But it was very generous of them for this complimentary facial! They have some promotions going on. So if you are interested, you can visit Mary Chia