September 27, 2012

Prominent Malaysian YouTubers

Medias and bloggers were invited to Itallianies, Subang Empire to interview 4 prominent Malaysian YouTubers who managed to make a career out of this new platform with a steady following of fans.

Firstly, the founders of GRIM Film, Jared Lee and Roy Ajong who made this popular short film in YouTube, 'The Long Distance Relationship' which right now garnered over 407,000 views and that video made it in the Top 10 finalist of BMW Shorties 2011. With that huge success, they decided to take their love for film to the next level.

From left; Jared Lee and Roy Ajong

Next, is Joseph Germani, who at such a young age of 21, has achieved so much! GermaniProductions has over 21,000 subscribers and he is the main star of most of his videos. He loves acting, but he's actually quite shy and being in front of the camera intrigues him. If you see, he does act in his friends' videos as well and has only pursued one course of acting.

Roy, Joseph Germani and Dan Khoo

Joseph deep in discussion =)

Finally, it's Dan Khoo from DanKhoo Productions. Most of his video genres are love and romance, though he denied that he is a romantic *laughs* If he finds it appropriate, he would act in his own videos or else he would cast someone else.

Dan with Daniel

In fact, all of them are collaborating in a project together with  KYOPROPAGANDA and The Ming Thing which will be out soon early October, so watch out for that in their channels!! The theme of the video is "Change" and that's as much they could give out so as not to spoil the surprise!

All four; Jared, Roy, Joseph and Dan exude a lot of passion in these video making. Jared even quit his full time job to start GRIM Film. They are very creative and their videos are mostly inspired by their daily lives. They try to make videos with zero budget. Hence, those cast you see in their videos are all not paid. They act for free. They would ask their friends for help or sometimes even find someone in the shopping mall and approach them to act for free. One time, Jared even asked an uncle from a mamak stall to act in his video *laughs*

To make a 3-5 minutes video, their shortest production was less than 48 hours. That's actually quite fast with the acting, editing, music and stuffs! Of course, what's having a YouTube channel without haters, right? They try no to dwell so much on negative comments though they do welcome constructive criticisms. They don't focus so much on these nitty gritty stuffs and just do what they like, which is why they are so passionate. They don't bother about marketing their videos on a wider scale or try to make it viral using certain keyword search and sorts. They just come up with an idea, film it, edit it and share it to the world.

Joseph, Dan, Roy and Jared.

They mostly make revenue through advertisements to support themselves. From being YouTube stars they get invited for events, screenings and GRIM Film was even invited to Germany for a screening. They just recently did OMG Live together and they are starting to get more and more recognised for their work.

They are many upcoming projects in line for these talented guys. GRIM Film has planned a web series and Dan and Joseph are in the works of new videos as well.

So, I can't wait for their latest video which is due early October. It'll definitely be a hit among viewers! Do check their channels out if you haven't already done so!

Me and the guys!

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