September 21, 2012

Maroon 5 Overexposed Tour Live in Malaysia

Maroon 5 totally rocked Stadium Shah Alam!! The band comprises lead singer Adam Levine, guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn and keyboardist PJ Morton. All of them brought their best and gave us a fun filled time!!

My tix

The Cab opened for them with hits like Bad and Bounce. They are an alternative rock band from Las Vegas and I must say, lead singer Alexander DeLeon looks quite good looking with that cap. Not much of a fan of his long hair though XD But anyway, they performed really well and got the crowd pumped up before Maroon 5 took the stage!

Alexander De Leon

Maroon 5 came in style with three executive white cars and finally took the stage at 10pm. They started off with phones ringing and we all knew it was 'Payphone'!!!!!! My favourite song of all time!! When Mr Handsome, Adam Levine started singing, the crowd went totally insane!!! He was clad just in a Tshirt and jeans and was clean shaven and just sooo H-O-T!!!! I was just screaming for him LMAO!!!

Adam Levine <3

(Sorry for the bad quality pics...taken by phone coz no cameras were allowed in actually)

They performed quite many songs, both old and new ones. From hits like This Love, She will be loved, Harder to Breathe, Misery to newer ones like One More Night, Moves Like Jagger, Daylight and Lucky Strike, we were all so excited to sing along! He was also very grateful for the crowd support and kept thanking us!!

He even did a little rendition of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back' and out of a sudden a little 'Oppa Gangnam Style' came about as well LMAO!! Their flow was very well planned I must say. It was quite fast, from one song to another and it just went on. No awkward breaks in between so we all just went with the flow which was really good!!

They only took one break and when they came out, Adam Levine was on the drums and James Valentine was on vocals!! They performed 'Seven Nation Army' and it was sooo good!! I mean the switch was quite a good change.

Also, if you didn't know, Adam Levine is super talented. He's a fantastic singer and plays instruments!! I knew that from The Voice. That night, he showcased his talent with drums but when he was on the guitar and started playing with James Valentine and Mickey Madden, the crowd went crazy!! He did that many times. I think all girls were starting to melt =p

Adam Levine on guitar

Of course, his bandmates were very talented as well. They each performed a solo when Adam was introducing them one by one. Such talented people in a band *hearts* Further, the lighting and the spotlights made it all the more dramatic and the light effects were really good. It just blended very well with the songs.

PJ Morton

James Valentine

The amazing spotlights

I had the free seating tickets and at the start of the show we were all seated and singing along. However, towards the end almost everyone were standing and dancing along with Maroon 5 *laughs* That's how good they were. I was actually quite hesitant to stand at first coz I would be blocking the behind person but then all of them started standing and dancing and my friend and I joined in together haha

After 1 and a half hours, they ended the night with Moves Like Jagger in style and we were all satisfied. They took their bow and ended the show.I came out a bit deaf and a bit of a sore throat LOL Adam Levine really got me swooned for that night. I lovee himmm sooo mucchhhh!!!!

My souvenir =))

Back story;
I just wanna share how I became obsessed with Adam Levine hehe It all started with The Voice and my exams. Yeah, what a weird combination, right? *laughs* So one day, I came back from a really tiring night class and I was being pissed due to lack of sleep and entertainment. Then I on the TV and guess what's on? It was The Voice and I really enjoyed the Blind Auditions and I started watching it every week after my classes. Then I You-Tube it and started seeing previous episodes. I loved Adam Levine since then not only coz he's hot(but duh!) also due to his passion for genuinely coaching people and his talent while performing.

I mean I knew Maroon 5 since High School but never a big fan. I know how to sing to their songs but not really obsessed with it. But a 180 degrees turn came about when I heard 'Payphone' from their latest Overexposed album. Maroon 5 first performed it live on The Voice. I was hooked on it immediately and feeling damn, why have I not liked them before?? They were soo good!! And I've got to say this. Believe it or not, that song 'Payphone' probably kept me sane the entire time I was having revision and exams and also probably the reason how I got through my exams really well =))

Because...I listened to 'Payphone' on repeat at least 10 times a day, every single day when I was revising my notes!! Yes, I was addicted to it and everytime I needed something to kickstart my study habit, I listened to it and it somehow pumped me up to start revising -.- Whenever I start getting sleepy or lazy and starts giving up, I'll just listen to that one song and I'll be studying again *laughs* It's like a motivational song LOL So much so, not only I would have memorised the notes for exams but also I got the entire lyrics in my head already before exams hahahaha

Then I started listening to other Maroon 5 songs and I started loving all of it. Of course, when I heard they were coming down to Malaysia, my heart skipped a beat and was so adamant to see them live!! Payphone and Adam Levine will always have a special place in my heart hehe and yes, I've not gotten bored of Payphone yet =p

That night was truly a dream come true =)


  1. went to the concert as well. LOVED IT! x)

  2. same feeling... i got to like Adam ever since i watch The Voice... hehe

  3. True Adam got famous because of The Voice!