September 14, 2012

P1 MiFi MF230 review

Thanks to P1, I won a P1 MiFi MF230 modem and free internet for 6 months!! Woo-hoo!! If you want to know more about the modem, read what I wrote previously here

I finally got my hands on it and I must say, I love it =)

Goodie bag...what's inside?? =p

My very own P1 MiFi modem! 

Ta-dah! The pocket size modem. I immediately on it hence you can see the lights.

Or you can use the cable given to connect as well.

I immediately put it to use and I have been using it ever since.

What I absolutely love about it:
-The modem is so small and light(so convenient to bring around or hide in your pocket lol)
-It has a battery span of 4 hours while in active use and 18 hours in standby mode (That's more than enough for my daily internet usage!!)
-It has 4G unlimited speed(This is what I love the MOST as others have capped speed) So, say hello to you tube and video streaming websites!!
-I have 6GB quota each month(more than enough!!)
-Broadband connection to 6 devices altogether(My entire household can benefit from it!)
-P1 has the cheapest plan and it's so affordable.
-Also, because it's light, there are rubber grips to make it stay still. I just like how they pay great care to small details so that the small and light modem don't move or drop if a table shakes.

Further, it's so easy to use with just one button to on/off the device. This is also just plug in and play. Nothing so complicated even my 4 year old cousin knows how to use it.

The small user guide.

At first I had some trouble with my P1 account but then it was resolved quickly by @P1cares on Twitter. It was immediate response and I was happy with their service.

Overall, I'm very happy with this modem and the internet coverage is fantastic. I can watch my videos without buffering!!! *jumps for joy* This is a very well recommended product for heavy internet users who are always on the go.

Only that, just remember to check your coverage HERE as coverage signals may differ from place to place.

Oh, and so generous of P1 to put in a complimentary card reader as well =)

Thanks so much P1!!

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