July 25, 2012

P1 MiFi MF230 Personal 4G Modem

Packet One Networks(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd or most fondly known as P1 recently launched its new MiFi MF230 in conjunction with 'The Dark Knight Rises' movie blockbuster. What convenient timing, I must say! A great blockbuster with an even better 4G Modem!

You must be wondering, what is a Mifi? Well, MiFi means my personal WiFi. It is a modem best suited for those who appreciate an affordable broadband connection for all their WiFi-enabled devices while on the go.

Which MiFi you ask? Well, definitely the P1's MiFi MF230! The MF230 Personal Hotspot Modem is a portable 4G modem with built-in rechargeable battery. It is a modem which can serve broadband connection to six devices altogether, which include five via WiFi and one via USB port.

P1 MiFi MF230 modem

I for one am a very heavy internet user. If I'm at home, I spend most of my time on the computer blogging, social networking, etc If I'm outside, I'm itching on my phone for 3G internet and if I have a laptop with me, that's it, I'm hooked! So, it's just so convenient to have a portable modem which is so light(62 grams to be exact) to carry around with me and have my own personal hotspot.

Now, we have different internet plans for our home use, office use and for our phones(worst if we have more than one phone!) Further, to have so many internet plans at one time is pricey and paying more bills on top of your other utility bills makes it such an inconvenience. So, with the ToGo plans which are the new postpaid Broadband On- The- Go plans by P1, offers not only best value for money, but also discounts!! With my WiFi you can use just one plan whether you're at home, working in the office or outside meeting people. Just bring alone your pocket-size modem! It's that easy.

Just pay RM100 for an upfront one-off payment for the modem and then with a monthly fee of just RM39 for the ToGo plan, you can have access to your MiFi modem and start surfing internet on the go! You can have the option to upgrade to unlimited 4G speed and up to 10GB usage quota for only RM1.30 per day! This is by far the cheapest plan yet!

ToGo plans

On top of that, as part of the campaign, any P1 MiFi with plan purchase comes with exclusive 'The Dark Knight Rises' merchandise for a limited time while stocks last.

Cool merchandise consisting of T-shirt, cap and a poster!

Caught your eyes already? So, why not check out what P1 MiFi MF230 has to offer by visiting their site and start having your own personal WiFi today!

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