July 20, 2012

Body Perfect Photothermolysis Hair Removal Therapy

I'm sure many of you ladies despise your unsightly underarm hairs. So, we normally resort to measures like tweezing, shaving, waxing, etc

But these are only temporary measures and have side effects like cuts, chicken dots, ingrown hairs, coarse hair and dark patches.

So, as mentioned in my previous post, I attended the Body Perfect Workshop and was introduced to their patented technology which is the Photothermolysis Hair Removal Therapy! I went back for a complimentary treatment at the Sunway Pyramid branch.

The treatment was for the underarm hair removal. I was first given a ginger tea upon my arrival and waited for the beauty manager to attend to me. The staffs were as usual, all smiley, friendly and I think they make it a point to know all of their customer's name. I was greeted with my first name =) aaand, they actually read what I write *gasp*

I was attended by the same beauty manager who explained to me about this treatment at the workshop, Ms Carmen. She remembers me! So, I was brought into the consultation room and took pictures of my underarm for the before and after effect. Since I already knew about this treatment, she didn't elaborate further and just explained what I would experience later.

Body Perfect's promise to customers.

Since it is their private and confidential policy, I'm not posting any pictures of the overall process. I was introduced to my beautician, Ms. Yuen Theng and she walked me into a cozy treatment room. 

Okay, just one pic before it starts =))

My underarms were cleansed, shaved and cooling gel was applied. Then the machine was ready to kill my hair roots! -.- Since, it uses heat and light, my eyes were covered to protect them from the light. The beautician would count to three before she zaps the light into my roots.

So, she counted......One...........Two..........Three........................

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! LOLZ....no no, just kidding ^^

You will only feel like there's a small electric shock feeling. That's the first feeling and then subsequently, you will just feel a tiny bit of pain but only for a nano second. But, point is, you can feel it and that's why the beautician counts to three.

So it got me thinking, since this photothermolysis was supposed to cause much much less pain than IPL, I cannot imagine people going through IPL for legs and hands which have a wider area and going through 10 sessions of painful treatments -.- Seriously if you know anyone who goes through that much of pain for beauty, please salute them thank you!

Anyway, coming back, after the heat and light rays are done doing their thing, the beautician takes off the cooling gel, puts a cooling pad to soothe your skin and then apply herbal cream to make your skin moisturised and smooth.

And then...Ta-Dah!! Hairless and smooth armpits =)) It only took around 30 minutes to get it all done. I'm not going to gag you with pictures of armpits so just imagine touching your armpits which are smooth and hair-free. Yes, now don't get jealous of my armpits =p

That is only the first session. So, it's true that when they said after the first session, you will see immediate results because I did! It will normally take around 10 sessions for hair to be completely removed. I did not have any side effects, no redness, no pain, no discomfort, nothing! I was really satisfied =)

After treatment, I can put my hands up without worrying =))

Normally, for me, after shaving, it'll take 1-2 days to shave again. After this treatment, it took me about 3-4 days to start shaving again. Hence, hair was at a slower growth rate. But of course, for full results, you'll need to continue with this treatment.

So, if you want hairless underams or hairless anywhere, visit http://www.bodyperfect.com.my/ or call them and I'm sure they would be glad to help you!

Thank you Body Perfect!


  1. How much for 1 session? It seems expensive and for 10 sessions even. After the 1st session, you can shave again? won't there be like bad effects onto the treatment?

  2. Oh, one more thing, Can i do this treatment for FULL BODY there? Or they only offers under armpit?

  3. Hai there! I'm not exactly sure about the pricing. Further, there's promotional prices as well. You'll have to call Body Perfect to ask =) And yes, after the first session can shave again and there are not side/bad effects. In fact, shaving is less frequent now for me after one treatment.

    They don't only offer for armpit. You can do for other parts as well. I suggest you call them for more info ya!

  4. hi esther.. i recently made my visit to bodyperfect.
    the operation manager give me an introduction of their company and their based in hong kong. i did a few research but i did not find any company with the name body perfect in hk, i wonder what was the introduction like to you when you attended their workshop?
    they have mentioned their machine imported from italy, i do not find anything regarding hair removal machine from italy..no info about it, sigh.
    saw a women review from the net sayin they are scammers. well, would like to hear more opinions from others though.


  5. Hai Mira, I'm not sure where their company is based. I was only briefed about this Photothermolysis treatment, which they said is a patented product of their company.

    I wouldn't say they are scammers though because of their advertisements especially in national newspapers and magazines. Further, the effect of this treatment is prominent and they did not falsely acclaim the wonders of it.

    I hope this helps and I'm sorry as I don't have much info to provide you with other than my own experience =)

  6. You are lucky that you were chosen for this treatment, i will definitely check Photothermolysis hair removal solution.