July 31, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish

Want to get patterned nails but lazy to do it yourself? How about using a magnet to do it for you?

Magnetic nail polish

I wrote about this newest nail polish trend HERE whereby a magnet is used to gravitate the iron powder in the nail polish to your desired pattern. 

So, I bought this magnetic nail polish from SaSa and tried it myself!!

Naga Magnetic Nail Polish in Green

I chose my desired pattern magnet from a few other patterns.

All you have to do is put one coat of nail polish and quickly put the magnet on top of your nail and wait for like 10 seconds for the magnet to work its magic! Repeat on all fingers. That's all!

The final effect!

It's super easy. Just try not to touch the magnet to your nails and you don't even need to put a top coat because it's already shiny and thick as it is =))


  1. Liiiikkkkeee!!!! <3

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