July 12, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn book

Here's my continuation from my review of Eclipse. I have said I loved Eclipse so much that I needed to get my hands on Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book of the Twilight series!

I finally got my hands on it and was quick to finish reading it! As per Eclipse, I couldn't put it down as well. Breaking Dawn is a different scene altogether from the first three books. As all of you Twihard fans would know it, Bella would conceive a child and she would become a vampire.

This book depicts entirely on the change of circumstances towards the Cullen family. Bella is a wife, a mother and a newborn vampire now. Renesme, the half child, half vampire is such a great addition! The character development, the romance, the introduction of many more vampire friends and the conflict of what was to come was such an interesting read!

Although it's quite a heavy read with 750 pages, it doesn't feel like a long read at all! In fact, I kept wanting to read more. If only my law books would have such effect on me -.-

Of course, I always love a good ending. Thankfully, Stephenie Meyer concluded this book very well and every reader should be satisfied! This makes me more excited with anticipation of the Breaking Dawn movie: Part 2.

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