July 27, 2012

London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics will begin from today, 27th July 2012! The opening ceremony will be hours from now and it will end on August 12th.

Are you excited? I love seeing games and it's not everyday where you can see gymnastics, synchronised swimming, diving, equestrian, etc on TV. So yes, these are the sports that I'm looking forward to watch apart from the usual badminton and football.

The Malaysian contingent departing to London!

But it's quite hard to catch the games because of the time difference between Malaysia and London and that would mean the repeat of EURO 2012 wee hours if you want to watch the games live =( (Why always like that one??!!)

But anyway, all the best to the Malaysian team and hopefully they'll bring back many gold medals for our country.

For more info on London Olympics:CLICK HERE

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