February 28, 2011

83rd Academy Awards

This is last award ceremony of the award season this year!!
It started with the Golden Globes, SAG, BRIT, Grammys and now finally the Oscars.

It was a fantastic day at the red carpet!! Everyone was gorgeous...
Colour of the day is RED

Anne Hathaway, the gorgeous host of the night in Valentino Couture! She changed to many outfits while hosting and all were beautiful! She's so pretty and have an awesome body!

Jennifer Hudson also in Valentino. She just keeps getting better on the red carpet. I would say, she's the biggest improvement.

Sandra Bullock also in red. This is by my favourite designer, Vera Wang! The colour looks great on her! When I saw her on TV, I'm like she's so beautiful!! Everyone in red was HOT!

Penelope Cruz with husband Javier Bardem. Penelope's wearing more to maroon. For a mother who just gave birth to a daughter a few weeks ago, that's just unfair to have that body! Like she never got pregnant at all!

Next, purple...

This is definitely Natalie Portman's year!! Once again, congratulations to Natalie for winning best actress in Black Swan! She's lovely in purple and this dress doesn't really show her growing bump which is good! It's flowy and very comfortable looking. Love Natalie =))

Scarlett Johansson looking sexy in lace. The lace is actually quite see through especially the behind. Luckily, her recent divorce from Ryan Reynolds didn't damper her fashion style!

Mila Kunis in lavender, a lighter shade of purple. This Ellie Saab dress is very young looking on her and very fresh.

More colours..

Amy Adams is stunning in glittery blue. Although it's simple, I really love the dress coz of it's outstanding colour.

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa. For such a young girl, it was very age appropriate. Oh, one thing, she actually helped design this dress! Cool! She's so sweet and fresh!

Halle Berry finally redeemed herself from all the other red carpet disaster. She's gorgeous in this nude colour dress.

Hilary Swank was also lovely in this feather-y dress. I just think perhaps a little accessory will be much better.

Nicole Kidman went for something different for the Oscars. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this gown. For one, all I see is white. Her skin is pale, the dress is white and nothing very flattering.  

Reese Witherspoon, on the other hand, shows that keeping it simple is sometimes better! I'm in love with her hair tied up in that style. She's beautiful =))

I'm quite shocked to actually see Aishwarya Rai at the Oscars!! What was she doing there?? But, oh, she's splendid in this earth coloured gown. She's the most beautiful Bollywood celeb!

The men were also very sleek and dressed up to the nines;

Congratulations to Colin Firth for winning Best Actor in the King's Speech- yet again! He looks good and I'm quite a fan of him!

Andrew Garfield is as neat as always. I can't wait to see him in the Spiderman's costume =p

Zachary Levi, from the geek in Chuck to this handsome man on the red carpet. You should see him sing with Mandy Moore on stage! That guy can sing!

Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford. He said that the suit was especially tailored to fit him like a glove and he can't breathe in it *laughs* Well, all for the sake of fashion =p

Biggest absence on the red carpet are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie(where are they??) and George Clooney. Also James Franco as the host didn't walk the red carpet =(

The winners as predicted all came true. It seems Anne Hathaway and James Franco didn't fulfil expectations as co-hosts like how Hugh Jackman put up a fantastic show last year. I saw bits and pieces of the award show but I was more focused on E! Red Carpet arrivals. From what I gather, Anne and James were not that funny but Anne can really sing! I say give them a break! This is their fist time and they did put up a nice show!

February 27, 2011

What a survivor!!

Have you heard of Aron Ralston??

He is a mountain climber who one day crushed his arm against a big rock while climbing in Utah in 2003 and was forced to do a one hour surgery on himself to amputate his own arm!!! Are you cringing already??

After spend­ing several days pinned against the rock, he had exhausted all options for freeing his arm, as well as his supply of water. On the fifth day, Aron finally began the procedure he'd been contemplating all along and amputated his right arm. Ooooooooouuuuuuuch!!

Finally freed, Aron was still 8 miles from his truck and he had no mobile phone. He had to rappel down a 65-ft cliff, then hike out of the canyon in the hot sun. Eventually meeting other hikers, Aron was given food and water and rescued by a helicopter search team. Aron was then taken to the hospital for surgery.

He videotaped the horrifying ordeal with his videocam so as not to leave unexplained on what happened. The video also expressed his love for his parents whom he didn't tell that he was going climbing hence no one came looking for him sooner when he went missing.

Now, very much alive, Aron still climbs mountains and is as active as ever. He is a public speaker and the author of his book as well:

His story about survivorship was so inspiring that it's made into a movie...

This Oscar nominated movie depicted by James Franco is all about Aron's adventure; his horrifying ordeal and the amputation of his arm. 

The movie was quite slow initially because he was trapped with the rock and couldn't do anything but towards the end where he freed himself and fought to survive was painful to watch. He was in excruciating pain!!

I just cannot believe this is based on a true story. How one amputate his own arm still remains a mystery to me. I cannot imagine myself to even hurt any part of my body let alone perform surgery on it. But lucky for Aron, he made a smart decision. Because or else, he would have died without food and water and now he survived, got married and had one child =)

This is such an inspiring story of a survivor who fought to live. One thing great was that even after what had happened, it didn't stop him from his climbing activities and he continued to do the things he love and build a family.

February 25, 2011

OMG!! So cute!!

This video got me LMAO!!!
She is soooooooo darn CUTE!!
Not to mention soooooooo clever!!


The only entertainment I have these days are movies...So I just watched Burlesque!!
I got to say it went beyond my expectation.
Christina Aguilera was FANTASTIC!!

I didn't know Christina had it in her as an eye-popping performer and actress. Her voice was superb and I only have praises for her in this movie...

Wow, where have you been all these time, Christina?? I liked her during her 'What a girl wants' days and I like her even more now!

This movie is very stage-y meaning it revolves around performances, dancing and singing on stage. If you're not a fan of stage performance I suggest you don't watch it. I'm very fascinated with dance and performances so I was very impressed by Burlesque.

Also, it helps that it has hot eye candy Cam Gigandet:

Yes, he wears more eyeliner in the movie than I do but that's because he's working in this Burlesque place where all guys wear eyeliner *laughs* But he definitely has a great body with that 6 packs going on!

I love the whole story about a small town girl living the dream and the music was very catchy and fun!
Burlesque is a thumbs up!

February 24, 2011

Taking Law

I just HAVE to say this!!!!

To those of you who plan to be a lawyer in the future, I must say, law is not for the faint hearted. And suicidal people should NEVER EVER take law.. Don't say I've never warned you...

Yes, being a professional may be looked up to, earn a better salary and what not but....there's always a but, before you even become one, you must go through HELL-literally!

So, think twice if you ever want to take up law...

If you want to practice in Malaysia, the final Certificate of Legal Practice(CLP) will make you go bonkers before you pass that exam. You have to study 10 bulky subjects in 8 months!!!!

Oh, and before you can even reach up to CLP, the degree exams itself will drive you insane. The amount of cases, the amount of facts and bullshit you have to memorise and write a 5- page essay answer in 45 minutes is just INSANE!!?? Is it even meant for humans??

Not to mention, my college's extreme timetables are not helping-at all!! They have classes 6 days a week on a GOOD time or else it's 7 days a week classes...I mean we're not labourers! Even labourers get paid and we pay to suffer!!

OMFG!! What did I get myself into??

I'm saying this because before I took law no one warned me about all of these...I so need to spread the word out so that people will not be duped to thinking taking law is quite easy, especially not in my college-dammit!

Daphne Iking married!

The Malay Mail has just reported that Daphne Iking just got married!!! Surprise! Surprise!

With everything that's going on with legal battles surrounding her, I'm actually quite stunned she got married so fast. She's married to a Malay businessman. She converted to Islam last December and got married this year...

She has one very cute daughter from her previous marriage.

February 23, 2011

Another preggers celeb

I haven't heard anything about Alyssa Milano, till now...

Well, she's pregnant at the age of 38 with husband Dave Bugliari!

She hasn't really been up to much after her TV show Charmed ended. I used to be a hardcore fan of Charmed.

This was my first English TV show that I followed faithfully every week. Oh, going down memory lane...
Missed the three sisters with witch powers...

But anyway, congrats to her!!

February 22, 2011

Junior masterchef Australia

Junior Masterchef Australia is currently my favourite show! It's so inspiring to see young kids cooking so well!!

                                          These are the talented finalists!

They never fail to impress me challenge after challenge. Kids aged 12 could bake cakes, cook any kind of dishes based on the themes given and decorate in such a professional manner.

I don't think even when I reach age 30, I could cook as well as them-seriously! To quote one of the judge to the contestant, 'You're too young to cook this well.'

They're so cute, so talented, so inspiring that it makes this show so good to watch! If I were to taste what they cook, I think I'll be even more impressed. But looking at the judges' faces when they taste and their comments, their dishes all taste really delicious!!

How could a 12-year-old cook so damn well?? I just watched an episode where they were all supposed to bake a 4 tiered chocolate cake...

This challenge is about precision where they were all supposed to follow one single recipe and produce the exact same cake as above.

I really love this challenge because some contestants had a disastrous cake YET they all managed to be innovative and still come out with a delicious cake. For example, some cakes did not come out right from the oven and was too soft to cut but they somehow put on their creativity hat and had more icing so that the cake would not fall off. Some forgot to put some ingredients in or used the wrong ingredient but finally managed a great end result as well. Even at so young, they are all sooooo clever!! *jealous* Put me in that situation at 12 years old and I'll come out crying...

Besides that, all of them are competitive but strong in the sense that even if they lost a challenge they don't start crying and there's a good spirit among all of them.

My favourites are...

Isabella...She makes delicious dishes. She's very calm, a nice girl and an all-rounder. I hope she wins Junior Masterchef!

Pierre is the best looking guy in the group with a really cute smile *laughs* I know he's younger but can't a girl like younger guys? LOL Anyway, not only he's good looking, he's very good in the kitchen as well. He definitely has a bright future ahead not only with his cooking skills but also with his looks hehe

Lucy is just a dash of happiness!! She smiles all the time! She can speak very well too like an adult. Her specialty is baking. Even though she messes up, she'll just keep smiling and repair what was wrong. Such a nice girl...

Everyone in the group has a bright future ahead. They are all good cooks and even being a finalist prove that they can really cook like a pro!!

Do watch it and you'll be impressed as well =)

Updated: http://estherlke.blogspot.com/2011/04/isabella-junior-masterchef-winner.html

February 21, 2011

That lucky girl!!

Ashley Greene celebrated her 24th birthday with that super awesome cute cake!!!!!!
I want one of that myself!!!!!

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has become a household name after her Black Swan movie earning her many awards and great reviews. Gone were the days where she used to be bald for the movie V for Vendetta..

Remember her back then?

Now, she has longer hair with more mature roles

She came out with two movies back to back this year with Black Swan and No Strings Attached. The latter is more care free while the Black Swan was very intense. She said so herself that due to the ballet training and long hours on set, she lost a lot of wieght filming Black Swan. But now that she's pregnant, she gained all that weight back.

I feel Natalie Portman is comfortable with nudity and sex scenes. The two movies above are very 18SX. The first movie had a lesbian scene with Mila Kunis while the second movie is of course following the title purely of sex with Ashton Kutcher.

One thing I admire about Natalie is not only she is a pretty face and a good actress. But she has the brains too! She graduated from Harvard with a psychology degree back in 2003. She's a smart gal!

Oscars are coming and I hope she wins the coveted Best Actress award!

February 18, 2011

Yay, baby!

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are going to be second time parents-SOON!
Jessica Alba spilled the news herself saying her daughter, Honor is going to be a big sister...
I think they are such a lovely family =) Almost like Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri *laughs*

The Green Hornet

Okay, I'm really outdated in movies lately. I have not been going to the cinemas. It's really surprising but time is of the essence here and all of it are devoted to classes and more torturous classes. 

However, I found time to finally watch the Green Hornet. The starting part was kinda boring and some parts I found it ridiculous but after that, like middle of the movie to the end, it was really entertaining especially watching the gadgets, the action and I find this movie to be hilarious!!

It was funny from the start to the end. Jay Chou's english was not bad actually! Seth Rogen really lost the pounds and he looked so much better nowadays. One thing, his character was kinda mean XD

Overall, it was a good movie. Very entertaining.

I really love this quote from the movie:

“It’s not dying that you need to be afraid of, it’s never having lived in the first place.”

It cannot be any more true!


I came across an interesting article on moles...

I find it ridiculous that every mole that you have on your body has different meaning. I mean, seriously, how does one dot on your face or on your hand define your future??

Your future is what you make of, not dependent on your moles!!

But anyway, here's what I gathered.

-A mole on your eyebrow happens to be good! It indicates, intelligence, creativity and skill
-A mole near you eye signifies money, luck and good friends
-A mole below your nose signifies that you will have many children and grandchildren
-A mole on your ear lobe indicates high IQ, both brain smart and street smart

*laughs* Believe if you want. The reason I don't put bad things mole signifies is because, I don't believe one mole could bring you bad luck or weaknesses. You shouldn't prevent yourself from achieving something just because a mole does not allow you to. Pfft!

                                                Cindy Crawford and her famous mole!

Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are called melanocytes, and they make the pigment that gives skin its natural color. Moles may darken after exposure to the sun, during the teen years and during pregnancy.

It does not appear to signify anything!
However, if you believe what it signifies, I am in no position to rebut that!

February 15, 2011

200th post!!

Thank you all for reading!! Muacks <3 I never thought for this blog to last this long actually. Honestly, when I started blogging last year June, I just wanted to try the blogging world but now that I found my passion for writing, fashion, some causes I support, I can't stop blogging *laughs*

Anyway, I just wanted to share this. I've been having some obsession with prints lately. Like I just love handbags that stands out with prints.

My latest obsession is 'Juicy Couture'

Juicy Couture bags are very unique! Their prints are just vibrant and lovely. And the bags are included with these unique keychains which makes it so special. Oh, juicy couture, I'm going to get you-soon hehehe

Next is Coach Poppy

Coach Poppy prints are very unique as well. It has more prints than the normal Coach brand. It's very colourful, stands out and has less of that monogram 'C' all over it. I love Coach Poppy collections =))

Guess handbags are also quite fun-looking. Although some are a bit dull with the 'G' signs but most of it are really nice.

                                                           Oh, so lovely!!!!!

Guess purses are nice as well.
Che Che New York is another cute brand. It has all those unique and one of a kind girlish prints.

                                                    That dog is so adorable *laughs*

Their signature print is in the form of a 'cat'. And they have this Hello Kitty collection as well which is uber adorable!!

I love prints so much as compared to those monograms handbags. Perhaps because I'm young but maybe when I get older I will turn to the classier side of things with monogram prints hehe

Louis Vuitton

                                                    Yup, the wording says it all...

Another brand is Gucci

Now, I have to really save up if I want to own even one of these bags. It may be nice but the price is also very nice *laughs*

February 14, 2011

53rd Grammy Awards

Well, the 53rd Grammy Awards happened to fall on the same day as Valentine's in Malaysia. Of course, in L.A it's one day before.

As usual, here are the red carpet fashion:

               Selena Gomez looking so poised, young and beautiful! Justin Bieber is so lucky! =p

 Bieber is in all white! His performance with Jaden Smith for 'Never say never' was awesome!!

                                        Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier. Elegant as always.

                                 Diana Agron in an LBD. Very classy =) Love her pumps!

                      Jennifer Hudson is in good shape! The dress hugged her in all the right places!

                                               Matthew Morrison from Glee in smart casual.

                                                         Heidi Klum stunning in gold!

Rihanna picked this dress right off the runway! Very revealing...During the awards show, her performance with Eminem for 'Love the way you lie' part 2 was great!! I love that song.

                            Ciara looked like she's in a superhero outfit. I'm so envious of that legs!

Katy Perry all set even with wings!! LOL She sang two songs at the show and she debuted some snippets of her wedding video during her 1st song which I don't know what's the name coz it's new. She and Russel Brand looked so happy! They were so private during the wedding ceremony, so it's nice for her to share some clips with her fans =)) Then she dedicated 'Teenage dream' to all Valentine lovers...

Aaaand last but not least, Lady Gaga arrived nothing less than spectacular as always in an EGG!!! *laughs* It was supposedly planned for her performance 'Born this way' where she will crack out of that egg. You know like born out of it XD

Okay, how does she breathe in it? The lady won best pop vocal album unsurprisingly but her performance at the Grammy wasn't very intriguing in my opinion.

Lady Antebellum won big at the Grammy's!! They won record of the year among others!! Congratulations =))

That's all folks!