March 31, 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch for hairy days

Women are a vain breed. Well, most women are and that includes me.

I, for one, am a hairy person ehem TMI maybe? But truth be told, I have been battling hair ever since I was young. I have hairy arms and legs and let's not go down south HAHA yes, now it's TMI.

But, it's okay because lucky for me (I don't know about you but yes very lucky for me!) world’s No. 1 depilatory brand Veet has recently introduced a new beauty gadget that makes hair trimming a breeze. Thank God! Hallelujah! 

When they said it's game changing it literally IS game changing! This device comes with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts, such as the eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines.

Introducing Veet Sensitive Touch

The cutting blades are specially designed to never touch your skin during usage, hence no risk of cuts! This is the most amazing thing. I have very sensitive skin and it reddens easily especially after shaving or waxing and these sensitive body parts demand skill and care. Bikini lines, eyebrows and underarms are delicate areas that requires gentle yet precise trimming, which existing tools like razors and tweezers cannot fully provide. 

See even their packaging is well thought of.
Juts need to peel at the blue arrow without needing to cut the plactic which may in turn cut you.

No bigger than an electronic toothbrush, it is convenient and easy.

What's inside?
Each Veet Sensitive Touch comes with one beauty styler, one two-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping, one bikini trimming head, two comb attachments, one styler cap, one cleaning brush, and one beauty pouch. 

The device runs on an AA battery, which is included in the packaging

The detachable heads.

2-sided trimming head: 16mm and 6mm for optimal eyebrow shaping 
with 2mm and 4mm comb attachment to uniform hair length

20mm trimming head for other body areas with comb attachment to uniform hair length

My eyebrow grows really fast and sometimes I don't have time to pluck my eyebrows. Before you know it, I have an important dinner to attend and I have not plucked my brows >.<
Luckily, I have an easy fix with the Veet Sensitive Touch. Just on the device and within seconds, my eyebrows are shaped and trimmed with the high precision head and I'm good to go. 

Before (left) and After (right).
My top and bottom of the brow was shaped easily using the 6mm blade.
The skin surrounding is slightly red but it subsided within a minute so no biggie.

For a uniform hair length, use the comb and brush through.
Move it against the direction of hair growth to trim the brow.

I also used it on my legs. Sometimes, when you shave or use an epilator, some stubborn stubbles are still intact.

Those stubborn ones need to be gotten rid as well.

Quickly run though the blade on those stubbles and...

Tadah! On the right, you can see my leg is clean and smooth and I can go out confidently!

Forgot to shave your armpits?

Again, don't worry be happy.
Just change the head to the 20mm trimming head and swipe through the armpits.
Then, put on your best sleeveless top and go out =)

Put on the comb to use on bikini lines.
It is sharp, precise and easy to use without worries of cuts.

The Pros:
-Ideal for quick touch ups
-For women who is always on the go
-Small and handy enough to be carried in a handbag
-Comes to the rescue in any hairy situations throughout the day. Simply whip out the device for a quick fix

The Cons:
-Temporary measure. The effect is equivalent to shaving so hair still grows out fast
-Sound may be intimidating. Once you on the device, it has the trimming sound and some may find it hard to go near the eyes
-The comb is a bit hard to use. Takes a bit of practising

My newest gadget while travelling. My hair grows way too fast that even within a week of travels, I am already in a hairy situation.

Thanks Veet Sensitive Touch for making me less of a king kong ^_^

Veet Sensitive Touch retails at RM119.00 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

March 30, 2017

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield

Pure Beauty, a brand developed and made in Korea with the promise of using the best of natural ingredients supported with the latest science and technology has launched a powerful new skin care line- Pomegranate Urban Shield for Antioxidant and Anti-Pollution.

With the ever challenging and busy urban lifestyle, women today would find their skin tired and lackluster complexion due to the environment surrounding. Pure Beauty's latest skin care line is the perfect solution where each product has been specifically formulated to revitalize, soothe and protect the skin while also helps to reinforce the skin's natural defenses against external aggression.

The launch was held at Glasshouse @ Seputeh

Guests were given a pomegranate drink from Juiceee!!
What a refreshing start and in line with the new beauty launch hehe

Singer and actress Maya Karin was present at the launch sharing her own personal skin care tips and regime.

She was super casual and fun during the launch!

The upgraded formula of Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield range comprises of fermented Pomegranate extract, Urban Shield Complex, Swiss Radicare, Bulgarian Rose Water and certified organic ingredient. This upgraded formula strengthens the skin barrier, revitalizes dull skin and reveals natural radiance. 

The Pomegranate Urban Shield- Anti Oxidant and Anti Pollution range contains a unique combination of antioxidant and youth boosting active ingredients to shield and re-energises the skin which revitalises and revive dull and tired- looking skin.

This range includes the fermented pomegranate extract which is a powerful antioxidant that hydrates skin and evens out skin tone. The range is also equipped with rejuvenating Phyto-Placenta to nourish active ingredient that has effect on powerful anti-wrinkle action.

I really love Pomegranate as a fruit and it can be said to be one of my top 5 favourite fruits. So to see it used as a skincare product is just wonderful. I love eating it and will definitely have no qualms using it on my skin ^_^

This new range are available at all Watsons stores nationwide including Clarifying Foaming Cleanser or Mousse, Clarifying Toner, Reviving Serum, Protective Day Lotion SPF 20, Renewal Night Cream, Reviving Eye Gel, Recharging Cream Mask and Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Wipes.

We were also taught how to use the products in our daily skincare routine.

All the products smell really good and it's not pungent- which is something I love.
Works great especially for a person like me who is always on the go and exposed to the pollution outside daily. Must be super kiasu to protect my skin to look youthful and glowing even until I'm old! Hehe

With Fish and our products!
My currrent fave at the moment is the Clarifying Foaming Cleanser. Anything with foam makes me happy =)

Can't wait to try the products from this range at home.

Thank you Watsons and Pure Beauty for the invite <3

March 23, 2017

Homemade Dried Fruits

I love fruits and I am a big fan of all kinds of fruits.
However, I have never tried dried fruits before, not like these...

Introducing homemade dried fruits which are fresh fruits that have been dried but still maintaining it's texture

You could see from the picture that there are 4 types of dried fruits here because the texture still maintains- orange, apple, grape fruit and star fruit..

Don't they still look soo beautiful even after drying?
These dried fruits are homemade so you can be sure:


Most importantly, it's healthy and just like normal fruits. But because fresh fruits can't be kept long as they will spoil although refrigerated, but these dried fruits can be kept up to 6 months.

You can eat it as a snack or like me, I like it best as an addition to my drink.

Two slices of apple in my cup of water for some taste.
But, wait for it, the best part is eating the slices once it has absorbed in the water.
Still feels crunchy and sweet! The natural sweetness is preserved from the fruit itself because there is no added sugar.

Another alternative is to mix it all and add some tea leaves for a fruity tea.

I made one pot for my family.

I added all four types of dried fruits, tea leaves and hot water and the aroma really came out.
Something nice is brewing...

My family enjoyed it and my grandma even asked for more! She said it's so healthy and nice to drink =)

You may eat the apple slices just like that as snack but I felt soaking it in water and eating it after that is much nicer. The rest like orange, grapefruit and starfruit, you can add it in your drink or mix it altogether with tea for a fruity tea.

It comes with a ziplock bag so it's convenient. You can even bring it to office or out for a picnic with friends. I personally brought it to office and pop some in my water bottle for a refreshing taste.

There are other fruits as well and the price list is as below:

Red Apples 50gm RM12 
Green Apples 50gm Rm12 
Banana 80gm Rm12 
Star fruits 50gm Rm12 
Lemon 50gm Rm12 
Oranges 50gm RM12 
Grape fruits 50gm RM12 
Pineapples 80gm RM15 
Golden pear 80gm Rm15 
Dragon Fruit 100gm RM22 
Kiwi 80gm Rm22 
Tomatoes 50gm RM15 
Mushroom 30gm Rm15 
Others: Upon request

Want to place your order?
Kindly Whatsapp or SMS: 017-5340425
For more information, please visit

March makeover

March was basically a superr busy month for me.
It was all work work work and work. Didn't have much time for lunches in between so weekends were what I was looking forward most.

This is also the month of change!! I changed my hairstyle(will get to that shortly), will be moving and decorating my own office room(will reveal that once that is done), changed my phone, changed my car and I had a change in mind about my career. There was so much self reflection in between, frustrations about decisions and hopefully the months ahead will get better.

Anyway, back to the normal FOOD frenzy!! What interesting things I ate this month? Hehe

The other half was craving salted egg pasta so we popped by 103 Coffee Workshop at Sri Petaling to fix his cravings.

It was really good! Salted egg with curry flavour is a fantastic combo.

Cherry tomato wrapped with bacon as snacks. It's interesting because the tomato burst in your mouth with the succulent bacon on top is perfect for appetizer.

My all time fave! Green tea frappe.

Beef rice with runny egg...

..and look at that egg. Mmm yumss! Now I'm hungry haha
It was really good and we finished all dishes with clean plates.

Celebrated a birthday and saw this durian cake...
Looks real no?
First time seeing it in real life and it could really fool people.

Also, first time trying out Pablo cheese tart

It's delicious with it's runny cheese but price wise, it's expensive for a cheese tart!

I love Pan Mee and was introduced to Go Noodle.
Boy, was it crowded and we had to queue just to get seats -_-

But, alas, it was well worth it.
Totally fixed my pan mee craving and will definitely be back for more.
Portion was good too for RM10.

Back at Jyu Raku, SS15 for the monthly Japanese fix haha
Flying fish is becoming the usual and my favourite too.

Tried this famous restaurant, Jeff Lee Kitchen at Sungai Buloh for lau shi fun

Funny thing was I didn't find the most famous dish nice

However, the porridge was good

And the cold paku pakis was unique and delish!

We also tried the roast duck..

..and the pork ribs.

The restaurant was crowded as well and it seems you need to book during Chinese New Year!

One of the weekend, a really good place to just chill on the sofa is HOPP Cafe, Sunway Nadayu.

Ordered drinks with..

Chicken Paella..

..and cheese toast sandwich.
This turned out to be really good and would definitely come back for more of this
The cafe was cozy and the sofas were so comfy I could sleep there hehe

Wanted something refreshing and I think I haven't been to Snowflake for a year now so finally decided to drop by to get the classic snowflake with taro balls.

 The Third Letter cafe, Bukit Jelutong has such a unique name.
They serve good food, have good environment and it's halal attracting much crowd during lunch time.

Flat white

This is called the Ed Sheeran.
I don't know why it is named after the singer but it was really good so I didn't care LOL

And of course, I did my hair!

I wanted to bleach my inner hair and dye it blue as hidden colour but because my hair colour was previously dyed red and it was uneven...

At the end of the day, it turned out to be multiple colours which was much more than I expected haha
I was actually quite happy with it. I initially wanted blue, but I also didn't want to bleach many times, so ended up, there's purple, blue and slight green LOL

And if I put it in front, it's purplish blue.
I always wanted to have some exotic colour and it's quite trendy now so might as well do it while I'm still young hehehe But due to my profession, I can only do it as hidden colour so it's not so prominent.

April is a month I am very much looking forward to. Til then xx