July 31, 2011


Lace is so in right now!! After Kate Middleton wore her famous lace wedding dress, so many copied it within hours!!

Replika of Kate's dress.

More lace gowns.

I think lace is just so sexy and feminine. If you wear it the right way, it'll look really gorgeous. However, if you wear it wrong, you'll look like you're wearing your grandma's tablecloth XD

Lace has been around for centuries. The open holes pattern is romantic and pretty!

Celebrities donning the lace look.

Black lace is especially sexy...

Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere and Emma Watson.

 Dakota Fanning.

Taylor Swift.

I like how it has a mysterious effect...like it's translucent and left some to the imagination *laughs*

July 30, 2011

Malaysian fans

I blogged about my trip to stadium Bukit Jalil for the Chelsea training HERE and match HERE
What I didn't mention was about the fans of Malaysia.

I read The Star's newspaper about an article in the Sports pages of how bad behaviour Malaysian fans have. I couldn't agree more. During the Malaysia vs Singapore match recently, the fans were acting maliciously by pointing lasers towards the Singaporean goalkeeper. This is not the first time such incident happened. On top of that, they kept boo-ing the Singaporean squad.

I truly believe that in a true sportsmanship, we must all be fair and if the better team deserves to win, they deserve to win. Similarly, during the Chelsea's match, Malaysian fans kept boo-ing Yossi Benayoun just because he's from Israel. You know, I kept wondering why they boo-ed him until I found out that he was from Israel. You shouldn't mix politics with sports!

Besides, since we were late, there were not many seats left and so happened we found seats at the Malaysia fans' area. I only found out a bit later because they kept cheering when Chelsea almost scored but didn't. So I was wondering, didn't they buy tickets to come to see Chelsea score? And when Chelsea scored, my area went silent. Then I heard remarks dissing Chelsea players and sort of. Okay, I  know I should be patriotic and all, but Chelsea is the visiting team for their Asian Tour and they visited here because they know they have many fans here. So, its not right to diss people and then boo Benayoun until Chelsea have to file a complaint against us -.-

But, it is also good to know that the Malaysian fans are starting to have faith in our Harimau Malaya. The sold out stadium on the day Malaysia played Singapore was a great impact to our football history. Also, if you heard the radio, there were full of supporting comments for our Malaysian squad the whole day! Just that, I think we should respect other people as well. You can always support our Malaysian team as much as you want without the need of boo-ing other people.

July 28, 2011

CariBilik.com is Now iBilik.com

Searching for rooms to rent or short term rentals?
iBilik(formerly known as CariBilik) is a Malaysian Travel Website with over 70, 000 listings throughout Malaysia!

For renters, this is the best solution website to find suitable placement and caters for those locally or even those from overseas. Some who work monthly or just here for a short vacation stay may prefer to rent rooms as hotel rooms are much more expensive. In addition, there is a homey atmosphere =)

If you click on a preferred room, you will get a description, the price of the rent, who to contact and sometimes you'll even get pictures and a map with it!

There is even a tab under the short term rentals for the 'cheapest rentals'! Hence, if you are on a really tight budget, this is the best place to find the cheapest room to rent =))

Oh, also, you can post up an ad looking for rooms to rent and you may get a reply from owners who are interested! All you have to do is to register with the website. Isn't that so convenient?

Go visit this website at  http://www.ibilik.my/

July 26, 2011

Lee Dewyze Live it Up

The ninth American Idol season winner debut album is actually quite a good listen. I'm sure many have heard the radio friendly 'Sweet Serendipity' and that's my favourite song in the album.

The album contains 11 songs and mostly dominated by mid tempo tunes..I would actually prefer more upbeat pop tunes because some songs are just forgettable. Even the title song is mid tempo.

However, It's gotta be love, Dear Isabelle, Me and my jealousy and Earth Stood Still are some songs worth listening =) All are love songs and if you're a romantic person, you would appreciate this album.

His husky voice is very prominent throughout the tracks and I guess that's why America loves him. In a way, this was quite a safe simple album and would be a good listen for a relaxing day =))

July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse dead!

It was reported that singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her house. She's only 27 years old. This is really shocking!! RIP.

Steven Tyler- Feels So Good!

The newest song by the American Idol judge is sooo addictive. I love this song! It's catchy and it's fun!

Can you spot Nicole Scherzinger in the video? Hehe
I loved the part where they were clapping hands together =)))

July 23, 2011


I just want to give a reminder to all of you who have a bank account with Maybank.

Maybank DO NOT send out e-mails so do not be fooled by spam e-mails supposedly sent by Maybank. I have received so many of such spam e-mails asking me to update my profile by clicking the link given.

Whoever clicks on that link and logs in through that site, your password will be known by that con site. So do not log in at any site other than by typing yourself: maybank2u.com.my

Many people have been scammed by such e-mails and without them knowing they have made their password known to the scammer. After that, who knows what they'll do with your money. So many people have fallen prey and lost so much money being conned.

And the most convincing thing is that, the phishing site looks exactly like the real one. Seriously. You wouldn't have guessed that it was fake. Luckily, Maybank reacted and has updated its website so that it's harder to copy the page.

So, please do not click on any links from e-mails claiming to be Maybank!

July 22, 2011

Chelsea vs Malaysia

The match I have to say, honestly, was not as awesome as I expected it to be because the score was quite disappointing. Chelsea only scored one goal and even so it was controversial.

However, I must say, hats off to the Harimau Malaya for putting up a good defense. They were playing very well that day.

Bukit Jalil was filled with so many fans- either Chelsea or Malaysia! It was so hot, so sweaty, so noisy with horns and the atmosphere was just fantastic!! It was a really good experience =))

Andres-Villas changed his whole team after the first half and we got to see all the Chelsea players LIVE!! It was awesome *smiles*

Torres failed to put in a goal but Didier Drogba scored through a free kick.There was no replay at the stadium unlike on TV but it was said that it didn't cross the line. We also celebrated late because we had to confirm the lines man's call haha..But all the Blues fans went crazy =))

It was a once in a lifetime experience to watch my favourite Chelsea players on our very own homeground!! I had loads of fun taking in the atmosphere and seeing those hunks so near!!

Outside the stadium many were selling Chelsea's merchandise, food and drinks...It was a chaotic atmosphere needless to say!

It's really good for the three big EPL teams to have an Asian Tour for their fans. We appreciated it a lot =))

July 20, 2011

Chelsea! Chelsea!

Chelsea IS HERE in Malaysia!!!!!!! And I was there to watch them train yesterday =)) hehehehe
That's like the most exciting moment to see Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Peter Cech and many others right in front of my eyes!! Unbelievable. It's like so surreal! These people I only see on TV but they were right there on the field training!

Since it was last minute, I did not bring my camera so have to rely on my handphone cam...



I think not many fans were there as compared to Liverpool's session. Nevertheless, it was noisy and the whole Bukit Jalil stadium was filled with excitement =)

The Blues captain, John Terry led his team out with deafening screams from fans. However, it was very obvious one was absent when the players came out. Fernando Torres has not come out yet and the fans were going crazy already! They chanted Torres! Torres!Torres! and he finally made his appearance with much joy from his fans- especially ME!! hehe He definitely has more fans than the others!

Their training led by new coach, Andres-Villas was fun to watch! They trained in many small sessions with different styles. I was in awe the whole time =) It was like living in a dream *laughs*


I could see much clearer though than my hp cam pics hehe...still waiting for my friend's pics with zoom effects =p

It was actually a last minute thing to go to the training. The training started at 7pm and I only knew I was going at 5.55pm and by 6.10pm I was already on my way to Bukit Jalil haha It was pretty much a rush decision yet a very memorable moment =))

Chelsea will play Malaysia tomorrow, Thursday at 8.45pm in Bukit Jalil. I will be attending the match!! *excited*

I hope both teams will play well!!


UPDATED!!! More pics from the training!!!





July 18, 2011

working outfits

Working outfits are supposed to make one look like someone important, right? Since you are going to work, contributing to the economy and earn money...those important things =p

Well, ever since I've started interning, I'm quite interested in office wear nowadays. I've been finding the best outfit to wear to office. Since I've just started, I do not have much to start off with. So I wanted something nice yet reasonable. Those office wears from Kitschen, Zara and so on are out of my price range XD

I mean a normal quarter sleeve blouse with a knee length skirt or trousers are what usually defines office wear. However, wearing that everyday can be quite a bore. My working place is actually quite liberal in their outfits. People can come wearing short skirts, sleeveless blouses, long blouse with leggings and it's fine. Mine you, I'm working in a legal firm!

So, I find it quite interesting how they mix it up and come to work. So, going to office will not be a bore anymore. You can still come to work and be fashionable =))

It's not a surprise that I'm obsessed with dresses. So I'm practically banned from going near any shops which sell dresses hehehe..

I've purchased some conservative office wear dresses but I love these styles the most:

Dresses such as these are very very chic. It's corporate style yet fashionable =))

High waited skirts are the top choices for working ladies. Couple it with a plain blouse and it's a perfect combination for office wear!

I also love blouses which have a twist in it. The normal shirt blouse is so normal, thus, to mix it up, it's fun to have like a ribbon attached to it.

Pantsuits are also quite popular. If you feel, you're not in the mood to dress up, just put on a pantsuit! It's easy and comfy =)

What do you wear to work?? =))

July 16, 2011

Jennifer lopez and Marc Anthony call it quits

Why? Oh, why?? I thought they were so good together =((((

Especially their stints in American Idol where Jennifer was the lovely judge and he was one of the mentor and they were teasing each other during the show. Also, they performed a song together as well and now they're calling it quits?? >.<

They have a set of twins together- Max and Emme, 3 years old. I just don't understand Hollywood couples. Splitting up is like such a norm there. Can't they at least work it out?

Hmmm...Do happily ever after really exist?

B.liv Shrink and Tighten

I mentioned Bliv products in my previous post HERE Now, I'm going to review the Shrink and Tighten. I use this in the morning coupled with 'Off with those Heads' in the night.

I found that I have large pores recently especially near my cheeks area. Since I heard reviews that this is the best product to tighten pores and works well with 'Off with those Heads' I decided to give it a try.

I apply it every morning before applying my BB cream. After two weeks. I felt that my cheeks area are smoother and my pores are starting to shrink =) 

                                     BEFORE:                                                                AFTER:

As you can see, the pores did not close entirely just that the pores are getting smaller. Now, my skin is smoother as well as compared to the rougher surface previously. It is less visible and I'm a happy happy girl *laughs* 

- It has a lemon-y smell.
- Fast absorption
- It's non sticky and not oily so putting it before makeup will not ruin your foundation
- You don't need much just a few pea-sized pumps on your pores
- Produce results faster than any other products!

- Again it's the price =( It's RM139.90 for a 30ml bottle. However, when I saw B.liv was having sale and the Shrink and Tighten was on 20% off, I thought this was my chance for a good bargain and grabbed it. 

I'm also happy to see results. Again, I'll have to finish the bottle to really see better results. But overall, I think B.liv products really give customer satisfaction. 

July 13, 2011

Kate Middleton: less is more

 If there is one thing I've learnt from Kate Middleton is that less is definitely MORE! All her dresses are very conservative yet chic and elegant. You don't have to dress so overly sexy, with too much accessories or make up which looks like a drag queen.

Her dresses are simple, little or no accessories with neutral make-up. Even her hair is styled naturally wavy =) She's everything how a girl should dress. A perfect example of a princess indeed!

My, don't you just love her?? I'm so in love with her style and how she carries herself =))

Another person, however a fictional character, Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl is rather conservative as well. Her counterpart, Serena van der Woodsen may be flaunting her boobs in much sexier dresses with cleavage showing, but Blair dresses like old Hollywood glamour.

She even wore the same dress as Kate Middleton in one of the GG episode..

Ironically, Blair wore this Jenny Packham dress when she was about to become a princess, engaging to a prince =)

More from Blair Waldorf:

It goes to prove, you don't have to show off much skin to be beautiful. You can still be conservative and be fashionable!