March 27, 2015

Citicars- Service cars at your convenience

My car is one thing I can never live without. I have been driving ever since I got my license. I don't know what I would do without it. But, to be honest I have never serviced my car-ever *hides face* Haha I leave it all to my trusted dad! But this time, I took my own car to service. And you know why? Because I get to shop at the same time ^^ Heee

Citicars is a new chain of car servicing service that let's shoppers shop while they leave their vehicles for service. How convenient is that?  Read more to find out and there's even a promotion code for you readers!

So I took my car to Empire Shopping Gallery and while I did my shopping before GST, I placed my car under the trusted care of the mechanics at Citicars. 

Citicars opened its first outlet at Sunway Pyramid and after that branched out to many major shopping malls. You can find Citicars in Gardens Mall, Paradigm Mall and many other malls from now onwards.

Citicars is a first of its kind new concept of lifestyle car servicing where they bring the “Need” of the consumer to a shopping mall’s car park! Just send in your car for service, go shopping, dine, go for a movie, buy your groceries or simply enjoy quality time spent with loved ones in the shopping mall and conveniently drive home safely in your fully serviced and reliable vehicle. It's like killing so many birds with one stone! Haha

So my car was serviced with the RM198 package (semi synthetic)
As you can see, it's a member price.

But it's so easy to be a member. You just need to fill in a form and within seconds you're already a member of Citicars. No annual fee or whatever fees chargeable to be a member!

You can choose your preferred engine oil such as Montaz, Wurth, Shell Helix, etc.
I chose Montez oil brand because it comes with additional cleaner and booster. This is a special promotion ongoing for Montez.

My RM198 package(which I felt it's a very reasonable price) includes:

1. Genuine Montez Engine Oil.
This can last my car for another 7000km before my next car service.

2. Montez Engine Tune Up Flush for a longer engine life, smoother quieter engine among other things.

3. Montez Engine Booster to help restore engine efficiency to optimize fuel economy.

4. Montez Injector Cleaner to reduce harmful black exhaust emissions and improve engine performance.

5. Original Filter

6. Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points check

They really do check thoroughly and at the end of the service let you know which needs repairing.

7. Vehicle Diagnosis using a special bluetooth technology where if it's plugged in the car it will immediately know whether your car is 'sick' and needs 'medicine' =p
This gadget is really cool!

8. Nitrogen gas for tyres because nitrogen gas is light and you can feel the difference while driving.

9. Antirust for older cars which has started to rust.

10. Windshield washer top up

11. Air Filter Cleaning service

12. Service History Booklet will be given to list down what was done to the car.

There are also comfortable seats with air conditioned environment for customer's convenience...

...where you can camwhore and selfie hehe

So after an hour of shopping, I came back to see the report after the inspection and diagnosis. Seems so professional huh?
They listed down what are the parts of my car I need to pay attention to.
If I need them to change then they will do it immediately but no forcing. It's totally up to you.

I felt really comfortable with the person in charge there as he explained things to me one by one and since I'm a noob in all these, I might have asked some stupid questions but he was very patient and I felt at ease leaving my car for service at Citicars.

I successfully serviced my car for the very first time! Hehe
Thank you Citicars for helping people like me to service cars in shopping malls! I'd rather shop and leave my car rather than wait in those mechanic shops, sitting on a stool sweating and wait a couple of hours for my car to be ready >.<

Interested to service your cars with Citicars?
Quote 'estherlai007' to enjoy:

Free Tyre Alignment
Free Tyre Balancing
Free Nitrogen Air

Total Value Worth = RM120*

*With purchase of 1 tyre or 1 service package
Promotion available only in Paradigm Mall and Sunway Pyramid.

Wee~ Citicars making life easier!

For more info, visit:

March 25, 2015

Time to Shop at Taiwan!

From my previous post, you would know that Taiwan is in one of my bucket list to travel.
I make it a point to travel to at least 2 countries a year.
I travelled in the first half of the year already and right now I'm looking to travel to another place for the second half of the year.
And of course, you read my mind! I'm thinking to book a flight to Taiwan!

I mean, if you can't figure out from the title then let me say it again!
Taiwan is a shopping heaven and I'm a shopaholic!!
Match us together and you have a match made in H-E-A-V-EN!!

I've seen many of my friends who went to Taiwan and came back with many shopping bags. I'm definitely jealous and vow to go to Taiwan myself and carry those shopping bags back to Malaysia hehe

Taiwan is very well known as an excellent shopping destination. Famous for its night markets and huge shopping malls, it is a hub for shoppers, bargain hunters and tourists. Their clothes and bags are affordable and you could break a leg shopping especially when I go absolutely crazy for clothes and bags.

Taipei 101 is a massive upscale mall. That's my number one place to visit! It's pretty huge and it's a world class shopping centre featuring luxury goods and brands.
Besides that, the scenery is supperrr gorgeous!

Taiwan's endless night markets are another tourist hub. The night markets are great for browsing street food and street shopping. It seems you might be able to find anything, some you never knew existed haha Street shopping seems to be never ending. There's just so much stuffs and sometimes 5 hours into shopping, you might not have covered the entire area yet HAHA

Several theme streets have even sprung up, exhibiting exciting blend of history and style, including Taipei's Ximending and Kaohsiung's New Juejiang commercial area, attracting different consumer groups. Other venues, including the weekend jade markets and the computer lane in Taipei's Guanghua Digital Plaza are good places to find unexpected bargains.

Feeling the excitement already about Taiwan's shopping heaven. I could be giddy just thinking about all the shopping I'm going to do there ^^ Not to mention, since it will be my first time, can't wait to experience the culture, the scenery and a whole new different environment in a unique country.

It'll definitely be a dream come true if a few months down the road, I'm bragging about my trip to Taiwan ^^ Well, one can dream right? hehe
I'm a dreamer afterall...

If you, just like me is interested in visiting Taiwan, do visit these websites:

March 24, 2015

Taiwan Travel Fair happening at One Utama

I love travelling around and Taiwan is definitely on my list of travels!

Now, everyone can eat, shop & go on two wheels in Taiwan!
Before that, grab the best travel deals at Taiwan Travel Fair!
It's vacay time =))

Whether you are considering a first or subsequent visits to Taiwan, there’s never a better time to tour the island than in 2015! Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur (TTBKL) is organising its first-ever Taiwan Travel Fair in Malaysia. With the theme of “Time to Enjoy Life”, it will be held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, where the public can get the best deals for Taiwan travel at this one-stop event from 25th to 29th March 2015.

With the first Taiwan Travel Fair, TTBKL hopes to present great value travel deals to Malaysian families. They have tied up with top Taiwanese and Malaysian travel agencies to offer a variety of exciting packages and the most attractive travel deals for all destinations in Taiwan. This also includes customised packages or tours specially-catered for Muslim visitors.

For visitors of the fair who purchase any tour package from participating agents, they stand a chance to participate in a lucky draw for every RM500 spent. Prizes include Taipei return flight tickets sponsored by China Airlines and Eva Airways; and East Asia cruise on Star Aquarius, Star Virgo and Aquarius liners sponsored by Star Cruises. So do make a date with them and visit the Taiwan Tourism Fair to bring back these fabulous prizes!

How awesome are these prizes?

Based on a survey conducted by Taiwan Tourism in 2012, the top attractions for inbound tourists are sights and sceneries, food and shopping. As such, the Taiwan Travel Fair will also highlight three major experiences under the theme of “Time to Enjoy Life”:

Time to Eat

When it comes to food, Taiwan has it all. Dine like royalty without paying a king’s ransom for it. From juicy seasonal fruits, sumptuous traditional Chinese dishes, healthy vegetarian dishes, icy desserts to creative tea drinks, Taiwanese cuisine makes full use of local ingredients and age-old techniques to surprise and satisfy your palate. Don’t forget the world-famous night markets, filled with the enticing aromas of delicious street food and snacks!

Time to Shop

Taiwan is a shopaholic’s dream come true, with many large shopping centres and chain department stores in all four corners of the island. Shop for anything you want, from high-quality made-in-Taiwan 3C products, to famous highland tea and handmade weavings. For the fashion lover, all kinds of affordable clothing, leather goods and branded products are at your fingertips. In Taiwan, you are sure to find just about everything you want. Ahhh, the shopaholic in me is itching to go already!

Time to go on Two Wheels

These days, the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) trend is gaining popularity as people begin to be more health and eco-conscious. Taiwan is well-known for its LOHAS practices, and there is no better way to experience it than to travel along the breath-taking coastal highways by bicycle! Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and appreciate the simple yet wonderful things in life with your loved ones.

The Taiwan Travel Fair will be held at the Oval concourse in 1 Utama Shopping Centre from 25th to 29th March 2015. Opens 10 am daily. 
For more information, visit Time for Taiwan TTBKL FB page !

March 23, 2015

The Voice Season 8

The Voice is now in Season 8! This time with the come back of original coach Christina Aguilera with Pharell Williams and veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

I'm always excited to watch The Voice Blind auditions because it cracks me up with the judges' bickering. After watching 8 seasons, I find the best judges pairing has to be last season's, Season 7. I'm probably a huge fan of Gwen Stefani hence the biasness but I felt Gwen and Pharell make a better duo rather than Christina and Pharell. Adam and Blake will forever have their bromance going on where nobody can interfere hehe

This season sees many talented singers trying to win the judges' attention by having them push their buttons. Adam had quite a slow start in the first 2 episodes. Lady luck was probably not on his side but Pharell, on the other hand, has been winning many people's attention with that Mr. Nice Guy personality. To be honest, I really like him too. He is wayy too cool to be true sometimes!

The Voice with the crazy bunch of judges.
My all time guilty pleasure ^^

March 22, 2015

Of overpriced ice creams...

Aside from Jipangi ice cream, another lousy ice cream shop is Milkcow.
All these overpriced, overrated ice creams are just wasting people's money.
There is no difference in paying RM11 for a cup of Vanilla ice cream with some toppings at Milkcow or paying RM2 for a McDonald's sundae cone -__-
In fact, I think McDonald's ice cream is better.

Their best seller is Honeycomb but I didn't try that.

I took the one with white chocolate chip toppings.

After the first bite, I decided there is nothing special about this. I mean I'm a dessert person. I lurrvee my desserts and I have always been on the look out for yummy desserts. Milkcow just didn't come up to my standard and mind you, I do not have that high of a standard in food anyway.

Whatever soft ice cream they're trying to advertise to customer, it's just a gimmick IMHO.
Never buying another cup again.

I was also intrigued by The Last Polka ice cream flavours. They cater to Malaysian taste and have unique flavours ranging from Teh Tarik ice cream to Salted Gula Melaka. I couldn't resist a cup and bought mine from Whisk, Empire.

A cup costs RM7.80.

Teh Tarik flavour.

Hmmm...colour looks like teh tarik, taste like teh tarik but...nothing to scream about. It tastes somewhat super less sugar teh tarik ice cream. I could feel the teh tarik taste but it was very mild.
Seems like a normal cup ice cream only with a unique name to it.

Another disappointment. Maybe the Salted Gula Melaka might give my taste bud a kick but not this and it's RM7.80. Would I buy another cup for a different flavour? Maybe not...

Any suggestions for good ice cream shops? So far most have been quite disappointing to me.

Malaysia's Largest Mass Rinsing event with Listerine

How was the weekend?
I spent mine being a part of Malaysia Book of Records!! Haha
Well, a very very tiny part lol

Listerine held a mass rinsing event at One Utama yesterday, 21st March 2015 to make it into Malaysia Book of Records for the most number of participants in a Mouthwash Rinsing Event in conjunction with World Oral Health Day.

Anyone and everyone were invited to join in the event by rinsing their mouth in the provided booth. If you happened to walk around One Utama, you can just rinse your mouth at the event and you will have received a FREE bottle of  Listerine Mouthwash, discount voucher and certificate for your participation.

Ben from Fly FM was there to host the event.

So here's my cup of Listerine to gargle.

Follow the steps:
Rinse for 30 seconds and do not wash with water.

After that, there's FREE dental checkup and I had my teeth checked after probably years of not visiting the dentist hehe..Luckily, the dentist gave me the A-Okay and said my teeth is healthy! Wee! *pumps fist in the air*

Yay! My first certificate for participating in a mass event to set a record in Malaysia Book of Records ^^

On a side note, if you're walking around One Utama this weekend, just next to the Listerine event is a Dutch Lady event. Pop by to play some interactive games with your whole family and redeem a goodie bag =)

Try out their ice blended milk with toppings as well

Enjoy your weekend, readers =)

March 11, 2015


From being outdated with movies to watching two movies in a week haha That's a record!
So my second movie this week was Chappie.

Going inside the cinema, I had no idea what this movie was about. Because it was a last minute decision and it was the latest movie in town, we just bought the tickets and went in.
But we were surprised at how good this movie was! I mean a crowd of 7 agreeing this was a good movie can't go wrong hehe

You might actually draw some similarity with Real Steel where Hugh Jackman acted as well but storyline differs.

Chappie is a robot with a human's conscience.
Dev Patel was the character in the movie that created Chappie.
Hugh Jackman was the villain who wanted Chappie dead. Now you follow the story?

Not quite. In between the killing and the rivalries, Chappie's behaviour was the key to this show's success in my opinion. How Chappie was trained from a 'kid' to shooting with guns, to acting like a 'gangster' was really hilarious. And because he was somewhat human, he has feelings as well and there are certain scenes which was quite touching considering this is a robot we're talking about.

Chappie was entertaining. I think kids and adults could very well enjoy this show.
My rating: 4 stars