March 11, 2015


From being outdated with movies to watching two movies in a week haha That's a record!
So my second movie this week was Chappie.

Going inside the cinema, I had no idea what this movie was about. Because it was a last minute decision and it was the latest movie in town, we just bought the tickets and went in.
But we were surprised at how good this movie was! I mean a crowd of 7 agreeing this was a good movie can't go wrong hehe

You might actually draw some similarity with Real Steel where Hugh Jackman acted as well but storyline differs.

Chappie is a robot with a human's conscience.
Dev Patel was the character in the movie that created Chappie.
Hugh Jackman was the villain who wanted Chappie dead. Now you follow the story?

Not quite. In between the killing and the rivalries, Chappie's behaviour was the key to this show's success in my opinion. How Chappie was trained from a 'kid' to shooting with guns, to acting like a 'gangster' was really hilarious. And because he was somewhat human, he has feelings as well and there are certain scenes which was quite touching considering this is a robot we're talking about.

Chappie was entertaining. I think kids and adults could very well enjoy this show.
My rating: 4 stars

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