January 31, 2011

Screen Actors Guild(SAG) 2011

SAG Awards just ended! Means more red carpet fashion! Yay! *laughs*

I'll just do all girls today coz guys are normal in their suit looking sleek and handsome.

Congratulations once again to Natalie Portman for winning lead female actor in Black Swan! This is definitely HER year! I don't really like her dress so much like I did in Golden Globes though. Probably because it showed too much of her baby bump. But anyway, she's the lady of the night. I'm not surprised if she goes all the way to win the Oscars =)

More on whites...

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta. Yup, I like it! Simple, body hugging, nice with a small train.

Winona Ryder was one of the very few celebrities who wore a big dress for the awards. I do like big dresses but I feel her hair does not suit the dress. It's quite messy looking XD and that bag...

Of quite the many who wore white for the night, Amy Adams wore white the best! She looks sleek with her hair tied back, her skin was perfect and the dress is stunning! She looked the best overall. I saw her on TV and her makeup was flawless =)

Natalie's BFF, Mila Kunis was in red! It's an Alexander McQueen's piece. IMHO, she looks gorgeous! She looks young and vibrant!

Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci. You should see her back! It's fully transparent covered with lace just like her decolletage. Sexy but not too sexy! She's a married woman with four kids after all.

Hilary Swank in Versace! She looks really lady-like and beautiful. I think this is the best I've seen her so far!

Sarah Hyland is one of my favourite teen celeb. Not only she's cute but she dresses well and not too controversial. Only one thing, her hair should be made into a bun. Other than that, nice! *winks*

For the awards show, the leading actor and actress won by the same people who won for the Golden Globes; Colin Firth and Natalie Portman.

I was happy that Christian Bale won for best supporting actor in The Fighter. I want to see that show!

Till the next awards show =)

January 30, 2011


What a day it has been in the sporting world...Or rather two days!

Well, let's start from yesterday...
Li Na from China made it to the finals in the Australian Open 2011. If she had won, she would be the first Asian to ever win a Grand Slam.

Unfortunately, she lost to Kim Clijsters. She won the first set 6-3 but lost consequently 3-6, 3-6 XD Anyway, she did her best!

Clijsters was of course the better player. When she won, she was so happy she cried! Li Na, on the other hand, was a good sport and I find her interviews hilarious, joking about her husband!

Moving on, yesterday Japan beat Australia in the AFC Asian Cup 2011. They scored during the crucial extra time. That's what I don't like...They have been playing for a good 90 minutes only to score a goal during extra time?? Geez...My father watched until he went to sleep LOL

The Most Valuable Player(MVP) award went to Honda, my favourite player =)) He deserved it as he played really well during the whole tournament.

Well, today, big dissapointment for Malaysia as Lee Chong Wei lost yet again to Lin Dan. He could beat anyone else except Lin Dan! *sobs*

Lee Chong Wei lost the first and rubber set 21-19, 14-21, 21-16
He was actually quite good with a variety of moves but Lin Dan proved to be better =(
Anyhow, Chong Wei still managed to win a good US$45,000 prize money.

Finally, in the the men's singles finals for the Autralian Open, Novak Djokovic won against Andy Murray. I didn't really see the match as I was concentrating on the badminton but I did see the prize giving.

Andy Murray was so sad =( Even when Djokovic acknowledged him, he didn't even smile! During the photo session, he took a few photos with the winner then quickly went away. I guess it really meant a lot for him to win but he didn't =( Also probably due to him losing straight sets!

That's all the results I could offer so far haha...I'm only interested in these few games *laughs*

January 28, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen

Have you heard of Elizabeth Olsen? She's the younger sister of the famous Olsen twins- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

                                                          Elizabeth Olsen

When I first looked at this pic, I thought she was Mary Kate...

                                                  Ashley(left) and Mary-Kate Olsen

Now, can you spot the similarity? Mary Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins. I reckon if you put Mary Kate and Elizabeth together, people will think they're identical twins!

I used to be a fan of the Olsen twin sisters when I was much younger. Me and my BFF used to buy their book series and exchange with each other. I will watch their movies, read a lot about them and like them very much...

Until they grew big, went into University, had bad fashion sense and stopped making any movies XD Now, I don't hear much goss about them especially when they're studying and not making any buzz lately.

But their younger sister, Elizabeth is following in their footsteps by making movies which premiered in the Sundance Film Festival. I just hope she doesn't follow in her big sisters fashion sense =p

I would love to see these three sisters make a movie one day. It'll be fun I guess and make me relive my childhood days when I was a huge fan of the twins =p

manipedi time!!

For the upcoming CNY, I went to do my nails at Harmony Nails Dataran Mentari! It's one of the shoplots opposite Sunway Pyramid near Yuen Steamboat restaurant. But it comes under the name of Nail Pia. It's kinda new and because of that the ambience was really nice!

                                                             See! I told you!

                            I sat on one of these super comfortable sofas with plush pillow!

The place was fully booked from today till CNY that's why I had to do my nails early. People booked one month before! Like seriously!

Anyway, so I did my manicure which includes reshaping my nails, cleaning up cuticles, massage with hydrating lotion and painted with O.P.I nail colour. Then I had nail arts done. The final effect:


I love the yellow colour. It reminds me of sunshine and whenever I see my nails, I feel bright and happy *laughs* The flower design was done very meticulously and I can never imagine myself to draw such an art! It turned out perfectly like stickers!

Then, my pedicure was done with soaking of my feet, exfoliation, my cuticles buffed and reshaped and finally painted......

Overall, it was a very relaxing 2 hours. My manicurist was very friendly, the place was relaxing and customer is served with tea and sweets =)

I was a satisfied customer!! Can't wait to show off my nails during CNY hehe
PM me if you want the number of the nail salon!


I don't know why but I feel Daneel Harris and Jensen Ackles make such a handsome couple LOL

If you don't know them- Daneel played Rachel from One Tree Hill but she doesn't guest star anymore and Jensen is one of the brothers from Supernatural.

They got hitched last year May. They look so good together. I always felt Jensen was really handsome and Daneel is HOT and when I heard they got married last year I was really happy =p

                              The couple that looks good together, stays together =p

I don't really hear any news from them but because Daneel just filmed the movie 'Roommate' with Leighton Meester, the couple came for the premiere together and I just can't help but notice they're so good looking LOL

January 27, 2011


Leighton Meester from 'Gossip Girl' at the premiere of 'Roommate'.......She looked so gorgeous. This is the best I've seen her because normally she likes taking risk and wear some 'unlikely' outfits.

Her makeup was perfect as well! The Michael Kors gown is very sleek and classy! Me likey =)

Bloggers sued

I don't understand how bloggers can be sued for voicing out their own honest opinions? Isn't it a human right for freedom of speech??

If you read today's newspaper, you will see that a blogger and Google got sued for 'defaming' a restaurant...And this is not the first time a blogger got sued!

If a blogger writes something bad, he will get sued or it'll be controversial. If a blogger writes something good, it'll be boring.

Oh well....

January 24, 2011


Yup, you read the title right!! When I first heard about candy bra from my friend, I thought she was joking! She was saying something about the bra being edible. I laughed even louder LOLZ

But she insisted she was NOT joking! So I researched and I came across this website:

She was in fact NOT joking! I was surprised!! But it's true. There is such thing as an edible bra. Woo-hoo GUYS, getting excited now?? *laughs*

The 'bra' contains 515 pieces of Switzerland fruity-flavoured candies which are being handmade into a bra! And the candies contain no fat so don't worry =) It also exudes a light sweet scent which is awesome!

Hmmm....Valentine's day is just around the corner and if you guys want to spice things up *laughs* why not try something new? This is the sweetest bra you will ever find. I promise =p Girls, you can help yourselves as well- don't candies make us all go giddy?

This is available in Malaysia as Weariton online is the ONLY wholesaler of candy underwear in Malaysia. Shop for these online in their website. Besides that, check out their facebook profile as well: www.facebook.com/wearitononline 

Seriously, it's make believe! Don't you feel curious already? As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat so why not check them out now =)

January 23, 2011

Proton Malaysia Open

The Badminton Open hosted by Proton, Malaysia while dominated by China in all the events, at least Malaysia won something in the mens single. Our last shuttler standing, Datuk Lee Chong Wei had an easy win against Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat in the finals. This marks the end of the week long event.

I was quite disappointed with our mens doubles world number one; Koo Kien Keat- Tan Boon Heong who couldn't even reach the semis and got knocked out so early in the event.

I was also bumped out when Lin Dan withdrew due to a back injury in the quarter finals. It would be quite interesting then to see him play against Lee Chong Wei. But in the end, our Malaysian shuttler managed to beat his Indonesian good friend and retained his title.

It was fun actually seeing both of them playing nice and hugging each other after the match and how Taufik pushed him away from the podium playfully. It would be a different picture between Lin Dan and him playing because Lin Dan's tactics are mostly psychological and can safely say they are not good friends LOL

So it was a good sportsmanship portrayed!
Congrats again to Lee Chong Wei!! =)

January 22, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

What kind of mother leaves her daughter out in the cold when she didn't perform well in her music lesson?
What kind of mother disciplines her children with yelling and screaming?
What kind of mother does not allow her daughters to have play dates, watch TV or play computer?
What kind of mother drills her children into PERFECTING mandarin, violin and piano at such a young age?
What kind of mother throws away unimpressive birthday cards from her daughters? *so ungrateful*

AMY CHUA is that KIND of mother!! The lady above may look quite intelligent and somewhat pretty and friendly but do not be deceived by her looks. She's the author of 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother'

This is a book about Chinese parenting. This book has gained so much publicity especially criticisms from reviewers. I, myself have not read this book but let me tell you, from what responses I've heard, I will NEVER read this book. Not only because I will disagree with 100% about what she says about parenting but also because I think if I read it, I'll just boil with anger.

If you have read the above 'What kind of mother' statements without knowing it's from a book, you would have thought, it's a sad case of child abuse somewhere in a rural area with poor parents. But no, it's a real life story of how Amy Chua disciplines her children the 'Chinese' way where strict rules are almost a MUST to educate children to be successful! Seriously????????!

She's a freaking Yale professor and she still brings her children up the old Chinese way? My gawd, luckily I'm not one of her daughters or else I would have ran away from home at a young age itself! I will never condone to corporal punishment, neither yelling nor hitting children. Those who know me well, will know that I am strictly against all of these.

Even when I was teaching part time, I always reminded myself never to scold students harshly, embarass them or punish them. I'm just not that kind. I'm the kind who tells you properly but sternly, who advises but not yell and who will never ever hit children.

That's why I'm so against everything Amy Chua has ever done to her children. Let me warn authoritarian parents, when your children grow up and are able to think more maturely, they will never forgive your ways and you will ended up with your 'Chinese ways' and in the old folks home...Well, yell and scream all you want when they turn 40, see who's the authoritarian now??

I am not a parent and many may think because of that I don't know much about raising children, but I'm a human and humans are not be treated like that! She calls her daughter 'Garbage' when she does something wrong for heavens' sake!

I was born in a Chinese family myself and my parents have never laid a hand to hit me-EVER! Well, I can safely say I turned out well myself. Chinese parenting from the olden days is NOT the way to raise children in the 21st century!

January 21, 2011

New layout

Yeah, it's a new layout =)) It's all red- I don't know why but I'm feeling the red colour probably because of the coming Chinese New Year and also because red makes me feel bright and happy LOL

I need happy stuffs around me because I'm gona have a terrible hectic timetable which makes me depress XD

Another thing I wana clarify is that you may find some posts which makes you go '???' because it's not something I would write about. Well, some of the posts I get credited for but it's not known to readers. However, I would also like to add that all posts are written by me and it's ori and if I reviewed something it's purely my opinion unbiased and something I've used and researched about, not something I just write for the sake of writing.

Yup, that's all...Btw, it's my 175th posts =))
Thanks for reading!!

American Idol season 10

American Idol returned yesterday for the 10th season!! I'm not really a fan of American Idol but due to the buzzworthy news around about the new judges, the new concept and how it's going to be bigger and better, I was kinda excited when it first premiered on Star world yesterday!

I must say that it was definitely different especially without the laser tongue, Simon Cowell! The show has become much less serious and more light hearted.

Jennifer Lopez had a REALLY hard time saying 'NO' to contestants. That was quite 'unbearable' for me to watch because she made it seem like a pity show where she felt pity for some people and then felt bad and said 'yes' eventually....That was so wrong...she gave them false luck and if they flew all the way to Hollywood and found out they actually had not much talent they would be devastated!! But she was really nice though..much less of a diva like how the tabloids potray her.

Steven Tyler, on the other hand, was pure crazy haha..I mean he has always been as the lead singer of Aerosmith with his 'shouting out of his lungs' thing he always do =p But he was great! I really liked him...he was nice as well...

Randy as a judge for 10 years now, has not changed much. He's still the 'dawg' everyone calls him...I find him very funny whenever he hears someone sings so badly- you should see his expressions...The others would just look away or look down but Randy, he will stare and then laugh. He's hilarious!!

Overall, the 'new' American Idol is too 'nice' so to say. No one was mean among the three judges. Where's the fun, then?

January 20, 2011

Rich Dad Poor Dad

When I first saw this book lying in bookstores, honestly I thought this book was all about a fictional story of a rich dad and a poor dad LOL

Boy, was I wrong! I actually got this book as a gift and it's the best gift one could ever have. Seriously speaking, I would have never bought such a book myself but since it was gift I was 'forced' to read it =p But it definitely opened my eyes on what financial situation all of us are today!

Robert Kiyosaki, the man in the pic above talks about learning from his rich and poor dad. How he combined both advises(mostly from his rich dad) and made him a successful and rich person today. What he teaches in this book is not something you learn in school and about how to manage your finances with assets!

I'd say go buy and read this book. And if you have read it, buy it as gift for someone else =)
It's really worth it!

January 19, 2011

Where to find apartments for rent in Penang?

Are you from Penang?? Do you find it hard to rent apartments, condominiums or houses? Especially if you're a student studying in Penang, you may find it hard to hunt for places to rent. Well, if you do, there's a solution website!!

At Penang apartment rentals you can find any kind of properties to rent and there are many areas to choose from such as Batu Ferringhi, Georgetown, Gurney Drive and many others . It's so convenient and easy. The site provides pictures, descriptions and prices for easy viewing. On top of that, if you're really interested, you can send in your contact details immediately to the person in charged.

These are examples of some of the rentals...

Beautiful, right? Makes me want to go to Penang and rent one of those myself LOL

There are over 100 properties for rent so you can browse through among many choices and decide which suits you best =) The price mostly ranges from around RM600 to RM5000. I mean there are of course some luxurious one that will cost till RM10000 as well.

Besides that, the website does not only confine to properties in Penang. There are links for properties for sale/rent around Malaysia as well. That's what makes this website extra special!

I think it's a very useful property website. Go check it out-NOW!! =))

Back from hiatus

Finally, TV shows are coming back from hiatus!! It's been too long without my guilty pleasures =p

Well, Grey's Anatomy has came back faster than most of the TV shows on the first week of January actually..

Now, I'm just waiting for the rest of the TV shows I'm addicted to, to come back ASAP...
You know when they say, addiction is a disease; I think it's true =p
It's an un-curable disease LOL

January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

The Golden Globes just finished airing. Congratulations are in line to The Social Network, Glee and Natalie Portman among others =) I saw the red carpet and the awards show on E! and Star world respectively. Everyone were so gorgeous!!

Here's some sneak peek on the red carpet as always...

Natalie Portman, best actress for motion drama picture in Black Swan...She's glowing not only because she's pregnant but probably because of her nomination, being recently engaged, finished shooting the intense 'Black Swan' AND 'No Strings Attached' with Ashton Kutcher! Wow! What a busy lady! By the way, she's so gorgeous and her acceptance speech was hilarious!

Love Lea Michele's OTT gown. I'm a sucker for huge gowns especially if it's PINK! And yes, congrats to the cast of Glee for winning best television series!

Jennifer Lopez in a simple white gown by Zuhair Murad. IMHO, she would look better without that shimmery 'shawl'...Can't wait to see her judge in American Idol which would be screening soon!

Ooooh! Megan Fox was HOT in her Armani Prive gown! She looked better in TV though and picture does not do her justice LOL..She was one of the presenter of the night.

More on the some beautiful ladies of the night..

                                      Eva Longoria is a simple black gown with a mermaid finish

                               Olivia Wilde in another huge gown. I feel the hair was too casual.

                                   Scarlett Johansson looked like an old Hollywood glamour.

The colour emerald green really stood out for the night. Quite a few wore this colour. Mila Kunis certainly nailed it with her one shoulder gown.


Finally, Angie in COLOUR! She's normally in white, black or nude colour. Another celeb who wore emerald green! Although nothing really flattering about this gown, she and Brad looked like an IT couple =))

I so LOVE Catherine Zeta Jones' gown! It's by Monique Lhuillier and Monique always has the best gowns =)  It's so glamorous and she's stunning! Michael Douglas looked healthy as well after his recent cancer-free diagnosis.

What a shocker! I think Heidi was one of the very very few celebs who wore prints for the ceremony. Erm , me thinks it does not really suit an award show XD

The men in suits..

Andrew Garfield, the next Spiderman looked handsome and sleek . But I can't help but feel the suit is abit tight, no?

Robert Pattinson...I may be bias coz I'm in love with the twilight saga but he does look exceptionally clean and neat =)

I don't know why exactly is Justin Bieber there among other adult celebs. He was a presenter though and his hair looked different...hmm...no further comments!

That's about it! The Golden Globes pretty much took away my whole morning LOL

January 14, 2011

Chinese New Year fashion

Is it just me or is this year's CNY fashion a bit blah??
I don't know, I've been looking around shopping complexes lately, flipping through magazines and newspapers and found out the trend these days are big  and long blouses. Nothing flattering and the colour palettes and not exciting XD Maybe I'm looking at the wrong places...

I will anually wear red or pinkish dresses/cheongsam every year but I'm making a change this year.

 Since I couldn't find any nice red dress, I decided to go with purple this year LOL

Anyway, now that I'm back to college, I can't wait for CNY to arrive for the holidays =p
Have you done your shopping??

January 11, 2011


Word has it that Victoria Beckham is preggers!! Woohoo! If it's a girl, I'm sure she's so gona doll her up like how Suri Cruise is haha

Anyway, congratulations to the Becks family =)) If you don't already know, I'm a huge fan of David Beckham and any good news for him is a good day for me LOL

                                                                Make it 5+1 this year...

And i can't wait to see Victoria being fat and in maternity clothes. She's always so thin and skinny. I've never seen pictures of her during pregnancy before...

David Beckham, on the other hand, is getting older yet more handsome LOL I'm crossing my fingers and toes that he'll be able to play for Tottenham Hotspur!