January 2, 2011


I used to joke with my dad that if I were to ever drive a golf ball, one swing and either the golf ball would still be on the ground or my whole arm will will fly across the field =p

And so my dad wanted to prove me wrong that golfing isn't that hard! So off we went to a driving range and started practising =p At least he was practising and I was playing a fool *laughs*

Let me tell you; golfing is HARD! One word: Accuracy....Accuracy is very very very important. Firstly, you must be accurate to hit the ball or else you'll just hit air. Secondly, when you hit the ball, you must be accurate to hit at the centre of that tiny ball or else you'll hit the grass and the ball and it'll go sideways. Thirdly, you must hit the ball straight or else it'll fly elsewhere and you'll never know it might hurt someone else LOL

It's not easy to just hit the ball. I knew that and now I really really know that haha...Besides, even if you do hit accurately, it might not reach where you want it to go XD

Oh well, practice makes perfect! I should start practising more- or NOT! We'll see if I have the mood to drive golf balls =p

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