January 22, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

What kind of mother leaves her daughter out in the cold when she didn't perform well in her music lesson?
What kind of mother disciplines her children with yelling and screaming?
What kind of mother does not allow her daughters to have play dates, watch TV or play computer?
What kind of mother drills her children into PERFECTING mandarin, violin and piano at such a young age?
What kind of mother throws away unimpressive birthday cards from her daughters? *so ungrateful*

AMY CHUA is that KIND of mother!! The lady above may look quite intelligent and somewhat pretty and friendly but do not be deceived by her looks. She's the author of 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother'

This is a book about Chinese parenting. This book has gained so much publicity especially criticisms from reviewers. I, myself have not read this book but let me tell you, from what responses I've heard, I will NEVER read this book. Not only because I will disagree with 100% about what she says about parenting but also because I think if I read it, I'll just boil with anger.

If you have read the above 'What kind of mother' statements without knowing it's from a book, you would have thought, it's a sad case of child abuse somewhere in a rural area with poor parents. But no, it's a real life story of how Amy Chua disciplines her children the 'Chinese' way where strict rules are almost a MUST to educate children to be successful! Seriously????????!

She's a freaking Yale professor and she still brings her children up the old Chinese way? My gawd, luckily I'm not one of her daughters or else I would have ran away from home at a young age itself! I will never condone to corporal punishment, neither yelling nor hitting children. Those who know me well, will know that I am strictly against all of these.

Even when I was teaching part time, I always reminded myself never to scold students harshly, embarass them or punish them. I'm just not that kind. I'm the kind who tells you properly but sternly, who advises but not yell and who will never ever hit children.

That's why I'm so against everything Amy Chua has ever done to her children. Let me warn authoritarian parents, when your children grow up and are able to think more maturely, they will never forgive your ways and you will ended up with your 'Chinese ways' and in the old folks home...Well, yell and scream all you want when they turn 40, see who's the authoritarian now??

I am not a parent and many may think because of that I don't know much about raising children, but I'm a human and humans are not be treated like that! She calls her daughter 'Garbage' when she does something wrong for heavens' sake!

I was born in a Chinese family myself and my parents have never laid a hand to hit me-EVER! Well, I can safely say I turned out well myself. Chinese parenting from the olden days is NOT the way to raise children in the 21st century!

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