October 31, 2012

OnlyBeauty- Freebies to your doorstep!

It's true when they say the best things in life are FREE!! Aaannd that's what OnlyBeauty is about! It is an online concept of delivering free samples right at your doorstep! Yes, you heard that right =) Excited much? I mean who doesn't like freebies? And there's no extra charges, no small prints or whatsoever, just real free samples delivered for you to try out!

All you'll have to do is sign up for an account and look out for the day's freebies and if you're interested in that sample, click apply now.

You will then be directed to another page where you'll need to enter a code and hit apply sample. You're done!

Now, just wait and hope that you're one of the successful applicants. To find out whether you're successful, click on the tab at the right which says, 'Successful Applicant List' and you'll be shown the list as below:

If you're successful, your sample will be delivered in 3-10 days at your doorstep =) It's that easy! After that, happy trying it out! You can then write a short review about it at the website!

Some of the participating brands:


Now, you can enjoy free samples with just a click!
Do check out OnlyBeauty and start applying for samples today!
Visit their Facebook page for daily updates.

October 30, 2012

LACMA Art + Film Gala 2012

The purple carpet was filled with gorgeous celebrities dressed up to the nines! Most outfits were sponsored by Gucci and it was a good fashion day! Gucci outfits never fail to impress!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley in a beautiful sleek green halter gown.

Amy Adams in a sunshine yellow tube gown.

Evan Rachel Wood is sparklingly gorgeous!

Chris Evan looks dapper.

Minka Kelly is gorgeous in a black halter gown.

Robert Pattinson looks sleek and sharp!

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux, not in Gucci but both in Tom Ford. Look at that plunging neckline! She still has it! =)

Spotted! Halloween edition

Celebrities played dress up during Halloween weekend! Out of all, I only found two interesting costumes...

Kim Kardashian as a mermaid!! Looked so different, no?? But not bad for effort!

Jessica Alba with hubby, Cash Warren and daughter, Honor as the Incredibles...How cutteeee =))

October 29, 2012

Rene Furterer dry shampoo

I've never done any tutorial before..So well, today I'm going to show a tutorial on how to use a dry shampoo. I'm specifically using Rene Furterer dry shampoo with absorbent clay.

I'm one person who don't wash my hair everyday because I'll feel all the good nutrients will be stripped away. Therefore, I wash my hair every alternate days. Sometimes, because Malaysia has very humid weather, even on alternate days my scalp will feel oily.

So if I wake up on mornings where I feel my scalp is oily, I'll turn to my emergency help- my dry shampoo!! This shampoo cleans hair without water and with the absorbent clay powder, it'll absorb the excess oil and leaves hair lightless. It's definitely perfect for a quick fix.

Rene Furterer dry shampoo.

Now first you've got to shake well...

Shake really hard so that you don't want any residue to be seen on your scalp. Sometimes if you shake not evenly, a coloured powder can be seen on your scalp so be sure to shake really well...

Then get your parting straight so that your scalp shows. FYI, all should be done on dry hair.

Spray at least 10 inches away from scalp...

Then leave on for awhile. After that, pat your scalp so that it absorbs well...

Then use a comb, preferable a wooden massage comb...

And comb your hair well...

And ta-dah no residue and less oily scalp!

Then go to the next section of you hair and spray...

Repeat above steps with patting and combing. Don't have to spray all round your head as mostly the oily parts will be the top scalp so just use it in three or four sections and you're done and off to go!

Good for a quick fix!!

I really like it as it absorbs oil and leaves no residue or pungent smell. It's lightweight and easy to use with the aerosol spray and very convenient as well!

However, it should be pointed out that dry shampoos shall not be used as a substitute. It's just for a temporary fix. After coming back from outdoors, it's best to cleanse it off with the normal shampoo and conditioner.

Hope this helps!


October 26, 2012

SUEN Jewellers

You know when they say, 'Diamonds are girl's best friend'? Well, that phrase cannot be any more true! SUEN Jewellers had an exclusive party for a few bloggers to introduce SUEN jewellery and their partner brands and the launch of their latest collection.

If you have not heard of SUEN before, let me introduce some background history. SUEN, founded in 2010, is after the name of the owner(who is very beautiful and friendly by the way) and they are like an 'umbrella' company for many other brands of jewellery such as Lalique, Daum, Love Diamond and many others. They have their own collection as well and their signature is limited edition pieces hence, there is no catalogue for their exclusive pieces. Once sold, they will create other new lines.

They have three stores along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar and all have its signature interior design. I must say, their stores are not just any normal stores. It's like a lounge and the ambience is just so comfortable and have a romantic setting which is soo beautiful. Any girl who walks into any of their stores will fall in love =)

As I said, the store is like a lounge and they have comfortable seats for customers and tables to display their sets of jewellery.

We were seated in like a 'dining' setting.

One thing unique about SUEN is that because of this setting, they allow customers to book their place for private parties such as proposal parties, engagement, birthdays, etc.

We were first treated with some afternoon tea.

Cute and delicious Wondermilk cupcakes!


Cute salads in cups.


SUEN's famous coffee.

After that, we were briefed by the organiser, Ms. Kat Leong. She's really knowledgeable about the jewellery in SUEN and such a friendly person and took very good care of us all =) She has been working there for 13 years and I guess I understand why she likes it there so much! Imagine being surrounded by dazzling crystals and diamonds every single day. Which lady wouldn't come to work excited?

Kat briefing us about the history and the stores. 

We were then brought around for a tour. Everything there is just amazing! Firstly, we were introduced to Lalique, one of the brands under SUEN. Lalique is from France and SUEN is the sole distributor in Malaysia. The crystals are very well polished and have a matte finish.

Lalique's crystal table.

The crystal light.

Lalique even has its own line of perfume.

Vases and decorations.

Lovely jewellery.

Kat giving us details about the jewellery collection.

Crystal plates. It's so white, polished and beautiful!

Then we were introduced to Daum. Daum is more colourful as compared to Lalique.

Colourful vases and decoration.

Then we went to the other store where most of the diamond collections were displayed beautifully. The interior design looks very lavish as well.

FYI, the lady in white in the above pics is the boss, Suen =)

There's a piano there as well!

There's even an upper floor.

Hodel jewellery from Switzerland.

Then, we were brought into the Love Diamond boutique which is by far the most gorgeous place!! Surrounded by beautiful diamonds and just simple but lovely setting, it's actually really romantic. This boutique even had a surprise proposal before!! Well, as I said before you can organise private parties here.

The Love Diamond. Even the brand's name is lovely!

Cute chairs and designs.

Most chairs in that room are heart-shaped =))

Exquisite diamonds.

Customers being attended to.

There's a super huge mirror to camwhore =p

No doubt that Love Diamond is the most popular brand among their customers for engagement rings. It's got to do with the cut. Love Diamond is quite special in that their diamond cuts are so intricate that it will sparkle anywhere. Of course, you don't want to be wearing diamonds that do not sparkle, right? And yes, seeing the diamonds being displayed there, I was in awe. It's just dazzling! Guys, take note! If you are proposing, Love Diamond should definitely be considered!!

We were then presented with a collection of white gold and platinum bands.


Platinum and white gold looks the same where you cannot differentiate between the two just by seeing them. However, platinum is much heavier and that's how you can tell whether it's platinum or not. Of course, platinum also costs three times more -.-

Kat explaining to us the differences.

SUEN was also launching Le Reve newest collection in Malaysia on that day. They specially flown in guests from Italy for the launch. This line was also launched in Shanghai. 

Le Reve

Mr Samuel from Italy presenting the collection of jewellery to us.

One of the collection is the 12 Chinese Zodiac necklaces. The pic is the snake zodiac.

The rooster zodiac.

The necklace is unique as it has a plate behind for engravement. So it's quite a memorable piece for a special occassion if the date or names are engraved on it. Chinese would love it for weddings!

The most eye catching extravagant design has to be the dragon necklace! It's so huge and heavy yet done with excellent craftmanship! Here's Reiko with that one of a kind design.

Mr.Samuel said it took around 2-3 months to complete this necklace! It contains champagne diamonds, orange and yellow sapphires among other gems. It costs well...let's just say it's a six digit number =p

Gorgeous butterfly ring!

Frog and butterfly rings! These are definitely attention grabbing rings!

Snake necklace. Quite scary to wear actually -.-

Squirrel ring.

Another snake necklace.

Beautiful elephant ring.

All the designs were stunning!! All of us girls were beaming and in awe struck. Excited much to see so many enchanting jewellery at one go!
I definitely went back happy! 

Thank you so much to the people in SUEN for the lovely tour and the generous goodie bag with limited edition goodies =)

Visit SUEN Jewellers for more info.
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