October 8, 2012

Oriks Crystal Water Shining Pearl BB Cream

Of all the BB creams I've tried, this Oriks Crystal Water Shining Pearl BB Cream is really unique. It not only has coverage, but it also brightens and illuminates your skin. It has this glittering minute pearl which makes your skin have that 'glowing' effect.

All you need is just a pea size.

After using, see my hand has that pearly shining effect.

Before- no makeup

After effect =) 

Good coverage with a glowing skin!

So, I've been told that my skin seems brighter these days and that I'm glowing =)
Well, actually my secret is this Oriks BB cream *laughs* (But then again, happiness cannot be faked =p)
I think this would be perfect for night time because it has some shiny particles and it'll just enhance and illuminate your skin. 

It is good for all skin types and has whitening, brightening, soothing and hydration properties among other things. It is an all in one Beauty Balm cream which is just great!

For a casual day, just put on the BB Cream and you can go out just like that with a good complexion! Or, add some gloss and you're good to go as well =) 

Only downside, there is no SPF, so remember to slap on some SPF before the BB Cream.

A hint of gloss! Almost nude face...less is more!! =)

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